Monday, November 22, 2010


POLICE have begun operations in Port Phillip to catch dangerous drivers and prevent mayhem on the roads during the silly season. What is 'mayhem' on the road?

Supt Michael Casey said Operation Raid would target drug and alcohol affected drivers from November 26 to December 12. What silly season occurs from the end of November to the beginning of December? Doesn't the silly season refer to the Christmas/New Year period? The wool is being pulled over your eyes. It is time to wake up to the lies that are being told to keep you in a state of fear, in a state of depencancy on those whose purport to look after you, but actually are preying and capitalising on you for their own benefit. This is why we need to have independent media outlets such The Mikiverse, because the corporate press doesn't support the community, it is dependent on income strains raised by corporate advertising. And, even so-called 'local' papers such as the Port Phillip Leader are actually owned by, as we comprehend it, Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd.

“Our mission is to remove all impaired drivers from our roads through increased enforcement of breath and drug testing,” Supt Casey said. Supt Casey may be lying outright, or, he may be relaying what he thinks is reality. The truth is that this is nothing more than a revenue raising effort by the corporation entitled VICTORIA POLICE on behalf of the ROADS CORPORATION, who trade under the name VIC ROADS. The Corporations Act clearly states that corporations must prioritise profits above everything else. This is why the Police are so 'gung-ho' about making the roads safe. They have a vested interest.

“Port Phillip is a recognised hot spot based on alcohol-related road trauma levels and analysis of data on licensed premises in which drivers had last consumed alcohol.

“The high volume of people travelling through the area puts Port Phillip on the police high-risk radar.” Translation; there is much income earning opportunities to be preyed upon in this area. Did you know that on average, between 98.5% and 99.5% are inconvenienced by Victoria Police's efforts to raise revenue? That's right, the overwhelming majority of road users are inconvenienced so Victoria Police can catch between 0.5% and 1.5% of 'guilty' motorists. Of course, you can't be guilty of anything until you are convicted in a court that presumes your innocence, and this court shall be a court with a jury, not a Star Chamber like the Magistrates Court is.

But Supt Casey said the area was also ranked among the highest in the state for the number of interceptions conducted.

Drivers can expect to be breathalysed on roads leading into and out of St Kilda.

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