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This is the transcript of Frank’s most recent radio program from the University of Ucadia. There is a lot of good info here, if you are not familiar, and find this interesting, go and check out the radio shows @ talkshoe which airs on a thursday morning -Melbourne time- as well as the websites
Frank: We have some exciting information and I want to follow up on the updates to the deed of certificate, the certificate of acknowledgment which we have been discussing and which came out of the research on the recording of wills and testaments several months ago. We will also be talking about the birth certificate and the fact that we now have a remedy where we can now actually re-record the birth certificate as property to the estate. We will talk about that as well. I want to share with you some information about promissory notes and how the information we are discussing in terms of will and testament, example, the recording of the will and testament, the birth certificate, and how this can lead to our ability to finally get some remedy in terms of promissory notes ahead of any tracing in their system.
I want to share and discuss with you this question of public record because we have mentioned quite a bit about public record. And, or course we have public record when we speak of Ucadia. I want to talk about what the public record actually is and what are we distinguishing between the corporate and the public. And, I want to talk to you about the bankruptcy cycle of 70 years for the estates and 10 years for the corporations and how this ties into their rules of registration, bills of sale and title and then I want to talk to you about October 31st and what we are planning to do. It’s called the Ritus Verum for the 144 Truths and how this ties into the almost 500 year of Martin Luther and what he did with his 95 Thesis. There is a lot get through and the format for those new to the call, for the first hour or so, I will get through the topics with you and the second hour I will invite you to ask questions. Type the word Question or press *8.
All this information is derived through research and from sharing information that comes to us and it is not meant to be legal advice. Always consider very carefully what you are doing. And, don’t simply take this as advice. Always seek other opinions and let’s get started. I want to start about talking about the certificate of acknowledgment and the research that we uncovered many months ago on the recording and the certificate of recording in their system. what is it, why is it important. I want to raise this (issue) because there has been quite a bit of excitement around the internet and there are a number of people that have taken the information from Ucadia, claiming it as their own, which we don’t make rules and say you have to mention Ucadia but there are people who have taken the registration knowledge, the certificate and acknowledgment knowledge and are claiming it as their own and they are presenting it without giving any provenance to the information, any understanding, any comprehension and competence to the use of that knowledge and that concerns me greatly.
So I want to talk about that so we get back to the reason why we use certificates of acknowledgment and why, without them as proper certificates of title, we have been getting things recorded without any real effect. The reason I want to share this is because of the explosion of interest and because there are people who are once again back into the old school game of saying ‘believe me, I am the guru, I am the Messiah, you don’t need to be competent, just point and click. We are back to the bad old days where people are simply accepting remedy, doing it without knowledge and without competence. Ucadia and has always been about competence and restoring the law. While people come and listen and are unfortunately going away and being dishonest, the real problem/crime is that they are promoting incompetence and they are not giving provenance.
Let’s talk about the provenance: what we are speaking about is when one goes to a recorder, one goes to a land office and seeks to find remedy against the bank, against someone that is claiming
1property, one who is trying to get you kicked out of your home, one that is trying to pretend that you are intestate without a valid will. We discovered that the recording process is the key to the commercial system today. If one obtains a perfected certificate of acknowledgment, certificate of title and one has that properly stamped and recorded, then one has then title and is able to defeat a bank or an institution that does not have title. What we discovered is that what they give us is not a proper certificate or acknowledgement if we don’t ask, it is not a certificate of title. What they give us are copies, abstracts, and they don’t give us what we need. Where does this come from? well, it actually comes from the origin of what is there instrument in the first place and what their instruments are in the first place are based on indulgences.
Later on tonight we will be talking about what we will be doing on the 31st of October and the 31st of October is significant in history because almost 500 years ago Martin Luther issued his now famous 95 Thesis against the very thing we are talking about, indulgences. If you ask someone today about indulgences they will say that is some medieval financial instrument created by the Roman cult, catholic church to sell credits to heaven or something relating to credits, sins, or selling the forgiveness of sins. What most people don’t realize is that indulgences haven’t disappeared; every financial instrument issued under the western system is an indulgence.
An indulgence has two components: the remission and the remittance. You might have seen the word remittance on certain bills, large instrumentalities or you may know it by its other common name, a receipt or another common name, a certificate of remittance. Those are the two key operative components apart from the prayer built into the remission. Every negotiable instrument today remains at its heart an indulgence. In fact the canon law of the Roman cult states quite openly that indulgences are still in effect today. Indulgences are alive and well and you can see the law that drives them today, it’s all in plain sight. What we have been doing is focusing on the first part which is perfecting the deed, the remission and forgetting about the second part, that completes the deal, the remittance. I’m sorry because we raised indulgences and we spoke about the question of indulgences over a year ago. But, it was only in the discovery in trying to provide remedy for you as we complete Ucadia in the area of will and testament and in the uncovering of the wills act that states quite clearly that unless a will is recorded you do not have a valid will and we discovered the trick of how they are converting all of us into a state of intestate where we are regarded as not only being dead but dead and having no will. It is what is going on with recording.
Last week I explained to you that the word record actually means the process of creating property. the word record comes from 2 Latin words: res and cordus; property and cordus and cordus means body, mind and soul, heart, so the word record actually means to create property. So recording is the ritual that creates a property. If I take a notice and I get it recorded I have created property. If I take a take a deed, all a deed is doing is acknowledging and perfecting an event. That is all the deed is doing, is perfecting an event, perfecting the intent, the agreement but the property is not by the deed, but by recording the deed in their system. This is what the corporate system is based upon in their world, the recording. If it is not recorded then it has no existence. And, this is an important difference between the old world which their instruments and rituals are based on, the old world of the notary public who held documents in due course. Some of you may know that holding documents in due course is the origin of what we now call the public record. They held them in a folio and they were supposed to record the documents. It was the notary who did the ritual of the record, the creating of property in their own folio. Then what they did was to use the centralization of records upon the bankruptcy of the British Empire through to the concepts today with the Rothschilds taking control from 1816 onwards. When they centralized the records, the whole process became central. And the longer did the notary and the notarization of documents play a central role in the creation of property. it all became centralized and that is what we are dealing with today which is the creation of the corporate registers.
When we request a certificate of acknowledgement and when the top part of that provides us with an extract of what has been put into their record, then what we is a perfected certificate of title. Title merely means an extract of the record, of the name. when we have the notarized certificate of acknowledgement we have a perfected certificate and perfected ownership. What we have learned is that we need to make sure that we have witnesses to the event, that it is notarized for proof, and that we get an extract of the record from their record so we have a true extract. We need to combine this together into an instrument. Unfortunately the same people who have taken the same knowledge and the research that comes from many of you, as I am aggregating a lot of the research that comes, has not only taken the research and claimed it as his to become his own guru. He is also using terms like ‘living man and living woman’ to claim that the system will recognize you as a living man and living woman. In fact what they are doing is pressing the buttons out there in terms of ‘freemen and free women’, in terms of people who have followed the sovereign movement to try to whip up their guru status.
The system will not recognize you as a living man or living woman. It will not recognize you. Ucadia does, but the system won’t. even if you get a document with a stamp. You are merely putting words in that will ultimately cause documents to be withdrawn because there is a fatal flaw. Why is there a fatal flaw? Their system cannot recognize a living man and living woman. If you have seen a document stamped, signed, sealed and delivered based on the Ucadia knowledge, now stolen and used by others using these terms, then those terms will cause those documents to fail. Why can’t they recognize the living man and the living woman?
Their entire system is based on converting us all into fictions. Unfortunately this is causing great harm, because not only is the information being misused but it is incorporating people’s philosophies which are fatal. In fact, you don’t need to be recognized as a living man and a living woman. That is the craziness. The only key remedy you need to apart from stopping your home from being taken is to insure that you are recognized in the public record as the occupant of the office of general executor. If they recognize that you are the occupant of the office of general executor then you can control the court proceeding and walk into those court proceedings if you have to. Normally you should (walk into the court proceedings) because they are presuming the role of being either the agent or the role of trustee. As general executor you are the sovereign of your own domain, your own estate.
So, all these issues of living man and living man by people who have stolen information and are claiming it as their own without any provenance to it is unfortunately going to and is already starting to create enormous damage. It is a distraction away from what is relevant and what is doable in their system. the system will concede if you get on the public record that you are the occupant of the office of general executor. That is what you need to do. Understand that their system is based on estates, on testamentary trusts and the estates within them the res within them is created by the Roman cult. What do you think we have been doing for a whole year here? We have been working to collapse the master trust of the Roman cult. It’s been out in the open and every week we talk about it. That is what we have been doing. A number of who have helped and participated on the Feast of Pentecost in the collapsing of, the termination of Romanus Pontifex, Roman Pontiff, the first testamentary trust created after Unum Sanctum. This was the first master trust created in 1302. then in what was created in 1455 was Romanu Pontifex which is the testamentary trust that was created by and for the Roman Pontiff and for the Roman Cult. We issued the documents and collapsed that. Then we moved on August 15, the anniversary of the creation of the Jesuits, to collapse Attorneae Regis, the 2nd master testamentary trust in which all trusts and the entire system is built—all of it is built. And you helped on August 15th for that collapsing. And now coming to, almost 500 years since Martin Luther issued his 95 Thesis we will complete the job in the collapsing of the third and final master trust convocation created in 1537. And that was the creation of the system we are dealing with today.
So it is extremely unhelpful when people steal information and claim it as their own. that is fine. But when they then mix it with their own belief system and send it out there so that people are signing living man and living woman documents. What are trying to do is restore the law as was promised, as is foretold and prophesied and complete the job which we started many years ago. So there is a provenance in Ucadia when we speak of these things. If someone can’t tell you the provenance, that gives you the hint. If they say they discovered this because they found it in Bouvier’s, Blackstones, that is utter rubbish. There is nothing in Bouviers, Blackstones, and Black’s that gives you a hint as to how their system is designed. Do you know why there are symbols of
keys and without them the information is meaningless and no one can go to the information and make sense of it unless you have the key. They do not give you that key. If someone says that, they are an out and out liar. Hopefully we can distinguish between who are either paid and deliberate disinformation agents or those who become that because they are allowing their egos to reign supreme and they are mashing up the information. I am sick to death of these misinformation agents and the parasites and tonight we will make sure we don’t call them parasites anymore because they are not worthy of being called parasites. They are not parasites, they are parasitoids.
Wikipedia (Jesuipedia): parasitoid: this is what we will call these Askenazi, the elite families, the Sabboteans, these people who even today refuse to wake up; they are the parasitoids. The parasitoid is an organism that spends a significant portion of its life history attached to or within the single host organism in a relationship that is, in essence parasitic. Unlike a true parasite, however, it ultimately sterilizes or kills and consumes the host. The author didn’t add on this definition is the obvious. If the host is killed and the parasitoid is still living in there then the parasitoid has committed suicide . That is why we need to call them parasitoids; not only are they feeding off us but ultimately they are quite prepared to commit suicide than see a healing. It is not a symbiotic relationship and the banks are not looking at sustainability. The banks are gouging us to the point the banks will kill themselves. That is exactly what is happening in Europe. That is exactly what is happening in America and it is unstoppable. They are parasitoids who will kill us and themselves before they will see any change. I hope and pray that people who work for the elite those who are called the knights, the Canites, the Shabez Goy (?) will wake up and realize they are working with insane people who will kill them, their families, their children and every body else. There is no symbiotic relationship. That’s enough about deeds and people misusing information.
Let’s talk about Birth Certificates and promissory notes and what we can do when we have the will and testament recorded and most importantly we have notice of the appointment of office of general executor recorded, the existence of our role as the occupant of the office of general executor recorded. Some of you have proven that we are not able at certain levels with many county recorders in America and quite possible a state or provincial level in other countries to record our will and testament, even though the corporate codes state an obvious absurdity that one cannot record a will unless it is admitted into probate. Think about that; one cannot record a will unless it is admitted to probate. What is probate? Probate is the proving of a claim in the absence of a will. That is what probate is. It’s deliberately obscured in Black’s and Bouvier’s and the same texts where some people say you can find answers, but in those texts it is deliberately obscured because probate court ultimately exists because there is no recorded will. And so claims go into that court against the estate and are determined by the judge, sitting there and appointed in an ecclesiastical position by the archbishop, by the clergy to perform the role of executor dative. So here in these county offices they have the absurd and untenable claim that you cannot get a will recorded unless there is no will, unless there is proof of no will. I don’t know how they got that there but that is what they have so it may end up being that we have to fall back to the older parts of this system where they do acknowledge of how the proof of the existence of a will is acknowledged. That is acknowledged in what they call publishing. Their system is prepared to acknowledge that the publishing of a notice is sufficient in a gazette to the existence of a will. By publishing we can then record our notice based on that publication to the appointment of the office of executor. It turns out the London Gazette was one of the traditional forums as a gazette for the publishing the notice of the recording of a will, the existence of a will. So when a will has been perfected and notarized, a notice can be published in a gazette to say that a will has been perfected on this day before these witnesses and notarized and duly notarized and that appears to be sufficient in their system, that the publication of the existence of a will is sufficient. And then we can record the notice of the appointment of the office of occupant of general executor referring to that public notice to overcome the obstacle that at a state and a county level they will not let us record the notice of the existence of the will. Remember whenever they see the word ‘will’ their hackles get up and you have already proven the difficulty of that step.
Why is this important? It’s important for a number of reasons. This is important because if you have any dispute then you have on the public record proof of the existence of the appointment of general executor and then you can begin to act in the role of the office of general executor. In past weeks we have spoken of the power of the office of general executor. We mentioned the fact that if one is a general executor of their own estate then you are sovereign of your estate. You are head of state. it is why we state in our will and testament that we are ally of the queen of Great Britain and the commonwealth, so we can call on the queen, the ally, to assist us if we face subjects and corporate agents that are not performing their jobs properly. Also, if we are dealing with the probate court, clearly there cannot be a probate court if there is a will. Clearly the appointment ecclesiastically of a probate court deal with the matter of our estate when there is on the public record the existence of a general executor is a serious breach of fiduciary duties on their behalf. And they have no jurisdiction whatsoever, none to act on those points. Anyone that is sitting in the role of executor is absolutely at risk of being the executor de son tort.
There is enormous power in being in the office of general executor when one knows who one is. As we have said, and it’s worth saying again, the role of general executor is one of the most difficult roles you will ever experience. Why? Because one must know the canons of law that are posted on One must be competent, and one cannot be a general executor if one acts in the manner of vindictiveness, childishness, acts as guru, one allows their ego to run rampant, one acts purely for selfish reasons and aggrandizement and if one seeks to make money from others, or seeks to enclose property to which they have no right, entitlement. All those actions will mark those that are not demonstrating in the role of general executor. Mark my words as the system wakes up will see those things and make clear to you that you are not demonstrating competence in the role. If you are not demonstrating competence you cannot be a general executor. It is a fail safe. If you want to be sovereign in your own affairs, act accordingly.
You want to be free of their system? Read, study and be competent. Don’t be lazy and don’t simply point and click and presume that you can do it in 5 easy steps. If you are facing problems, yes, you might be in crisis. But if you are facing crisis today it didn’t come yesterday. If we are facing a crisis today that might be the catalyst to cause us to get our affairs in order but it doesn’t mean we can cut corners as a general executor. Before I talk about Birth Certificates (BC) I did say I want to explain what public record is because we use the term public record over and over and public notice, but what do we actually mean and what does it mean in their system? if you look at the statutes that created the concepts of rolls and records, beyond the parish, beyond the Vatican and if we go back to the ancient Roman times, then what we find is that the public record is the rolls of the higher estate as opposed to the rolls and the registers of the lower corporation. What do we mean by that? In their system at the moment, the countries are effectively estates and those estates have been declared bankrupt under the trickery of the Rothschilds and the other banking families. The parasitoids. Every 70 years the estates have been turned over in bankruptcy. Within those estates they have trading entities. And those trading entities are the corporations. And, the corporation has been running out of bankruptcy and I have used different years before. But we are now pretty certain that the bankruptcy turnover is ever ten years. Every ten years they are liquidating the corporation within the 70 year cycle of bankruptcy of the estate.
Here is how they do that: before they liquidate they do a stock take. The stock take is the census. So the census is the way in which they do the stock take. And once they do the stock take then they liquidate and then they reform the new corporation and the corporations are registered into Delaware through the SEC. So, the public record is merely the record of the estate which is still within the Roman system, still within their control but that is what the public record is for them. Now the fail safe if we don’t nominate the public record being the estate record or the state rolls is that it will go into the corporate record. That is what we mean by public record.
Before we get to BC I want to get back to form and what form we are using and I want to talk about administrative law and fiduciary law. Then I will get to the BC and promissory notes. I am doing this partly in reaction to the dialogue that is going on in the chat as we are talking on talkshoe and I think it is very valid. When we are speaking about the occupant of the office of general executor there are a number of people who have spoken about the role of executor. I have paid homage to them in the past so I won’t name them now. For some reason they have not extended their knowledge to recognizing that there are many roles of executors within the Roman system. we identify them in positive law. If you want to look at the different roles that there are in terms of executor please go to, then positive law and then down to article 270, executor.
VII. Law 7.5 Potentiality of Law Article 270-Executor Canon 3045 Executor is the term used to
define the most potentially powerful level and source of Official Power within any valid system of law based on trust. The power and authority of the Office of Executor is called Dominium.
Canon 3046 --The word Executor comes from the Latin exsecutor meaning “one who speaks for himself, is his (their) own commander and manager". The Latin word itself is derived from three primary Latin words ex meaning "by reason of, through or in accordance with", se meaning "himself, herself or themselves" and cutis meaning "skin (flesh)".
Canon 3047 By definition, an Executor is appointed by the creator of a Trust. There are only four valid methods by which an Executor is appointed being By the Grantor, By the Testator, By the Deed or By the Tenor: (i) By the Grantor is when an Executor is appointed by the Grantor of a Trust; or (ii) By the Testator is when an Executor is appointed by direct naming by the Testator of a Will to manage and administer the decedents' estates in executing the will of a Testamentary Trust; or (iiii) By the Deed is when an Executor is appointed in accordance with the terms of a Deed of Trust such as granting the power of appointment to one or more beneficiaries of a society possessing a valid system of law and elections; or (iv) By the Tenor ("to the tenor") and traditionally called is when an Executor is appointed in absence of clear instruction by Deed, Grantor or Testator based on one or presumptions that if found to be false immediately dissolve any presumed powers.
Canon 3048 There are six (6) main types of Executors based on the legitimacy of their Authority and the manner of their appointment: (i) Exsecutor Generalis, also known as "General Executor" is the highest form of Executor having complete Authority and Dominion over the Trust and its Assets. There can only be one General Executor for a Trust; and (ii) Exsecutor Ab Episcopo Constitutus, also known as an "Executor Dative" is an Executor appointed by ecclesiastical authority to administer the estate of a deceased who did not leave a will (died intestate) ; or (iii) Executor Testamentarius, also known as a "Testamentary Executor" is an executor appointed by a Testator; or (iv) Executor Nominatum , also simply known as a "Executor" is an executor appointed by a Grantor, Testator or through terms of the Deed; or (v) Exsecutor Lucratus, also known as an "Executor" is an Executor that possesses the assets of the Testator by law, based on one or more presumptions on account of some undischarged debts that do not permit the assets to be released to a named Executor/Beneficiary; or (vi) Exsecutor De Son Tort, also known as an "Illegitimate Executor" is a person who acts like an executor even though s/he has no authority to do so.
Canon 3049 The word Executor is equivalent to the words, ranks and positions of Monarch, Emperor, Leader or Head of State. However, the word is not equivalent to hereditary or life appointment. Hereditary dictatorship is an abomination of all civilized law and expressly forbidden in all its forms.
Canon 3050 The ancient purpose and legitimacy of a Executor was to temporarily concentrate power and authority of Dominium during a period of crisis or conflict to direct and manage the affairs of office holders entrusted into service, otherwise known as "trustees".
Canon 3048 has 6 types of executors that are recognized in their system See above. You have the general executor. You have the Exsecutor Ab Episcopo Constitutus who are the ecclesiastically appointed dative to oversee probate and to administer an estate where they did not leave a will. You have a range of different roles of executor. There is always a danger and I don’t why this is a thing, but the danger that when people don’t say things right, include their own presumptions that it causes people to get into great difficulty. There are two ways where they put people into great difficulty. One is they claim their own forms as the remedy. They claim a private form will be recognized in a public manner in the Roman system. they claim a private form will be recognized in a public manner in the Roman system—that is the biggest proof of being incompetent, being an idiot and a lunatic you can possibly do to the Roman system--to come up with a private document and try to get it recognized in a public manner.
When we did the Ecclesiastical Deed Polls (EDP) I made it clear to everyone that prior to the work that we have now done on will and testament and prior to the work we have now done in recognizing what the certificate of acknowledgment is, and the records of their system are, and prior to this forensic work, the EDP is a private document issued under private law. It is issued under the laws and statutes of the covenant of One Heaven. And in no way did we ever claim that private document could be construed as a public document in their system. what we were doing is we were using the private ecclesiastical nature of it to appeal to the private side in their system, that is taking it out of the public arena and meeting in chambers. It was meant in many ways, and one thing that the EDP did was that it was an historic turning point at the end of the age of Mithra, ending the claim of blood, ending the claim that they have any legitimacy and superiority in their instruments but it was never intending to pretend to be a prescribed form of statute. So, when individuals take a prescribed form and play with it and break it outside of its prescribed form it is no longer a public document in their system. it is in a private form.
If you try and lodge private forms into the public then this is where so many people get into trouble. That is why if the name of the form is called a ‘deed’, it is a ‘deed.’ If the name of the form is ‘certificate’ then it is ‘certificate.’ If there are prescribed words, those are the minimum words that must be present. Minimum and not maximum words that must be on the documents. So yes, there are examples of many people over time who have gotten into serious trouble with knowledge. But the most common failures is that people have promoted private form into claiming that it will be accepted into public forum where it won’t be.
I want to talk about administrative law and fiduciary law before we get to BC and Promissory notes. The frustration that many have had when they go to court is that they go in and say I will bind you to your oath and I appoint you fiduciary. and, the judge laughs and continues on. This has been a frustration over years if not decades. I want to explain how this works. Have a look, and this is out of the forensic research we are doing and completing, if you look you find that the penultimate law that underpins the corporate system in terms of their procedures is what they call administrative law to the point that we see the word, administrator as one who is appointed by an executor and don’t think twice, we think it is normal. When we talk about trusts and the obligations of being a trustee we call that trust law. We have almost forgotten this word fiduciary. this word, fiduciary, is almost removed from our comprehension. Before the role of the agent and agency was introduced in the 19th century, before they raised administrative law above fiduciary, fiduciary law which states in its opening premise that in fiduciary law the trustee must serve the interest of others ahead of themselves. The interest of the beneficiaries is ahead of their own interests. That was the law under which all the trusts were administered.
When they introduced the concepts for the corporate system of the agent through letters patent and through warrants they created the concept the concept that the executor could issue their powers to a particular man, woman, or person for a prescribe period of time. It was forming a temporary trust. In that process they would indemnify them. There was no obligation in that model at all. There is no obligation in that model to serve your interests ahead of theirs. To serve the interests of the beneficiary ahead of theirs. So it’s a perfect marriage and it means an agent has the powers that they need from the executor and they are indemnified by the executor to do their jobs. When we encounter a judge that is fulfilling a role that is defined by deed or trust, and they are holding a fiduciary role, they are also appointed as an agent. Unless you remove the presumptions of agents first you cannot get to their fiduciary obligation. Unless you remove the presumptions of agency first you cannot get to them in terms of bonding them to perform their fiduciary obligations. This is how all officials are getting away with almost blue murder because of the agency role.
How do you get rid of the agency role? We have mentioned this before. There are 2 presumptions of agency: 1. if you attend court the presumption is you are accepting the judge as your agent. He is there and has his sign up (to do business) and is sitting there as a private contractor open for business as the arbitrator. The presumption is that you have appointed them as your agent. So to defeat their presumption you state I do not recognize you , acknowledge you and in no way have I appointed you as my agent. 2. they have been appointed by letters patent or warrant. Their second presumption is that they have been granted by letters patent some agency powers by a higher power. Unless you produce here and now the warrant or patent under which you are claiming agency r authority, I refuse to recognize or acknowledge that you have any agency or agent jurisdiction.
Now we move on to the fiduciary. As you are appointed into a fiduciary position, 9----I hereby bind you to your oath and appoint you fiduciary or call on your fiduciary obligations to hear this matter. That is a bit of a mouthful so let’s go through it again:
I do not recognize you, I do not acknowledge you and in no way have I appointed you my agent. Unless you can produce for me this moment the warrant or patent upon which you claim authority that I might see the executor who makes that authority and by what claim the executor makes that authority, I do not recognize you and I do not acknowledge you in any way as an agent having jurisdiction. But, as you are an elected official I bind you to your oath and I call on you to serve in your fiduciary capacity. There isn’t a judge, county recorder, it could be any of those roles, they are doing this double game. They have agency powers and they have fiduciary powers. Anyone in those positions will know clearly what you have done; the game is up and they know that. this would apply to the bailiff, policeman, sheriff on your property. they know that. we started tonight and I want to come back to it. This is the difference between Ucadia and people who take this information and steal it, and claim it as their own. here we are trying to explain the provenance, the logic and why is this important, why does this work, why are they getting away with it. This is opposed to simply blindly pointing and clicking. I hope when you hear this again you will see how important this is and you have to extinguish any presumption of agency before you can get to fiduciary.
BC is an extract from the records in their system and it is a certificate of title. It is why there has been so much confusion in terms of what is going on and in terms of what does the BC represent. Why do you remain a pauper under the presumption of intestate and why do you remain effectively a slave? There is nothing you can do effectively with the BC. The BC is a valuable token but you do not ever had original title. All that changes if you were to follow what we have been discussing in terms of will and testament and being competent and understand the reasons why in terms of the recording of your will and testament and in terms of recording the appointment of the office of general executor. Once you have proof on the public record of the estate record in their system that you are the office of occupant of general executor then you can go and get an apostilled BC and then with that one can go and have that recorded as the property of the estate.
Why does that work and what does that mean? It turns out that under the Bankruptcy laws, we have been approaching the argument of the BC in many respects from the wrong angle. What they are doing every 10 years is reconstituting into a new corporation the slave rolls; that is the census and this is the core property of the corporation everu tem years. So it is the corporation that is claiming you as property, not merely the estate. That changes everything. If it was merely the estate that claiming you as property I could see there would be difficulty in this. Being that it is a corporation that is being folded and a new one started every 10 years and recorded with the SEC then it is fair game. It is fair game for our estate to claim this property and not some corporation, a temporary trust created in bankruptcy to claim you name, you body as their property. we can take the apostille BC and have it properly recorded so that we obtain for ourselves a proper certificate of title, certificate of acknowledgment of the recording of the res into our estate. They cannot deny that it is rightful property of the estate. They can argue about all the hidden trusts and a general executor does not make presumptions. We don’t know how much money is in those trusts, we don’t know what is going on with those trusts and but we do know the corporation is claiming the slave name as property and collateral every 10 years. So we can get that and have it recorded rightfully as property of the estate in which you are the occupant of the office of the general executor.
Once you record the BC and you have proper title to that property, you now have very valuable property in your estate and rightfully so. As general executor you can now move forward onto the next phase. I will mention this and I caution you please not to rush forward on your own things but to think about the significance of this. Once the BC is recorded as the rightful property of the estate and you are in the office of general executor, we know they won’t trace and perform the tracing on the estate. That is fine. If they won’t then you have property against which you can issue a promissory note and guess who has to endorse that when you give notice and instruction to them to commence the tracing? They can argue the tracing may take years and indeed it may take years, but you have things to do. In the meantime they can endorse the promissory note against the estate for which will be deposited and drawn down in a bank in a bank account for the estate, and they can insure that the bank will allow the account to be established. That promissory note can be deposited in the bank, they can endorse it while the tracing is taking place. There is a legitimate way to get a promissory note endorsed and actioned by the bank. There is more and more remedy as their system falls apart and as the system breaks down. Ucadia is not about and has never been about making money. sometimes I wish it was because I have used up everything I own in Ucadia and I have made nothing in this. It is about restoring the law.
Oct 31 is the key date in terms of continuation of restoring the law. Let me talk about what is proposed for October 31st and the bigger picture. I mentioned last week I wanted to have something ready to share tonight on what is to go out on October 31st. This is something all of us can utilize and hopefully some may find a way to publish, some may put on a church board, some may go to a court notice board or other places of public notice, some may post it to officials as a form of public notice. So hopefully many can hear on October 31st the restoration of law and the collapsing of the Roman cult, their claims where they claim we are their chattel and property. the date for October 31st is the anniversary of Martin Luther almost 500 years ago where he is supposed to have nailed to the door of the All Saints Church is 95 thesis against the indulgences. That is supposed to have heralded the Reformation. If you believe in the King James Bible then you have to thank Martin Luther and what we are about to recreate as the event. If it didn’t happen then that document would not have existed. If you are Protestant, Church of England, Lutheran, Baptist, or any of these groups that looks to some other connection to your faith other than through Rome then Martin Luther is the catalyst. We are talking about the recreation of an event 500 years ago. That is how long it has been.
I want to share what is being proposed so you understand why it will take a couple of more days to get ready. What has been proposed is that the instrument to be published is called Ritus Verum —the 144 Truths. This title will be a document that still enables the collapsing of the 3rd and final trust of the Roman Cult but it is chosen in honor of Martin Luther, in honor of the concept of the protest movement, in honor of the founders of these great countries, in honor or our grandparents and ancestors, in honor for the documents and what we believe what they are and are not when we talk about the Declaration of Independence, in honor of what we claim to others that we are. If we are true in any way and not a double agent, or a disinfo agent, if we are not crippled by our ego, not someone who comes on to make mischief, if we truly are someone who stands for anything then this document needs to be a matter of truth, a statement of truth and what the hell we believe in. It needs to be a statement that honors the intentions, image and history of Martin Luther. The 144 truths will take a few more days to pull off. These are coming from the canons, which provide the bedrock of the truths. It’s a form of logic and argument. What you find when we talk about the perversion of the world, it’s not simply the perversion and how wrong it is for them to claim we are their chattel and slaves, and that they racially consider us to be less because of our skin, or our religion, but so many of their arguments in their system are based on flawed logic and on fallacies.
It is a maxim that the created cannot be greater than the creator. This is fundamental common sense. yet, the whole system of international law is based on that flawed premise. This is lunacy and stupidity and that is what their system is based on. Let this document and I’m urging you that we get this published, let it be something that is worthy for you to take part in because the logic is sound, because the statements are true, because it heralds the end of the circular arguments, madness, presumptions and lies that they have put against us. I hope and pray you will find the documents worthy to act on. has a new section: you will find this document by this Sunday and it is a box on the homepage that says Ultimas TriRitus Robatum Romanus—it’s a black box on the website homepage and you will see it for October 31st. see that box on the homepage of Ultimas – final TriRitus_-- three writs Probatum—these are writs of probate Romanus – against Rome. the final 3 writs of probate against Rome. that is what we have done in the last 12 months with your help.
We have ended their 3 trusts and ended it as far as anyone can possibly make it clear and this final document will bring it forward.
Ultimus Triritus Probatum Romanus is three sets of official and sacred writs issued throughout the year 2011, signifying the collapse and termination of the master trusts established by presumption by the Vatican, also known as the Roman Cult and their leadership through the Khazarian/Magyar leadership of Venice. Ultimus Triritus Probatum Romanus stands for "The final three times writs of probate against Rome" and is the formal title given to the collection of these writs issued.
We are less than 2 months away from the Day of Judgment for the ruling elite. Normally I’d be concerned when we speak about these things as when you do it appears at once that we are going back against logic and common sense and we are talking about the kind of imaging they have used against us – fear. We have nothing to fear in terms of day or year of judgment which is prescribed and defined in the covenant and the articles of one heaven. The year represents that if you believe that life continues beyond death, awareness cannot be killed, our minds are ethereal and so the essence of we can never die, only our bodies can die, if you believe anything in the covenant of One Heaven and the harmony of spirit, the re-balancing of spirit, then the day and year of judgment is a calling. The ruling elite have been given sufficient public notice. The flesh for whatever reason still refuses to yield and if we are dealing with group that is equivalent to parasitoids that risk destroying this earth through scorched earth and risk killing all of us, and themselves because of some mental illness, then the spirit world, the Earth herself, indeed all levels of awareness including the sun, will not permit that to happen. It is not our job, duty or responsibility to worry about the parasitoids.
From the day of Judgment if they have been given sufficient notice then under the covenant they will have agreed and openly consented that they shall be dealt with and judged spiritually. What does that mean? If you look at the definition of binding article 121 of the covenants, it makes clear what the contractual agreement of binding is. It is 121 article 4. I know there is more to life and I know there is spiritual support and spiritual awakening. You feel it and all of us don’t need Ucadia to tell you that. if the covenant means anything it is: don’t fear these parasitoids and their madness; they will be dealt with and they will be judged and in two months that phase of change will start.
Article 121 - Binding 121.1 Binding Binding is when a confession and willing consent is given by a living man or woman - who has demonstrated contempt and injury to the Covenant of One Heaven or its most sacred instruments and authorities – to enter into a private contract between their spirit and other spirits to call upon all the most ancient Great Spirits, Arch Demons, Demons, Arch Angels, Angels and all departed spirits to bind their flesh and mind until
they are hounded to physical death, including the bringing of all manner of disease, of wretched pain and illness until their departure from the physical world in order to free their spirit, also known as their soul.
As a Binding is a private contract of spirits, it cannot be summonsed, requested, demanded, invoked or implied by another flesh being. It is entirely the decision of the spirits enacting the binding and is reserved for only the most grave of circumstances as listed within this Article. Therefore any such false summons, demand, invocation or other claim shall have no effect and place such a living man or woman in dishonor. Once the spirit is free from the departed flesh, if the flesh and blood was unwilling to be redeemed, the binding ensures that dedicated spiritual support remains to assist in the education of the spirit, assistance in care and redemption as no departed spirit may be condemned nor forgotten. 121.2 The Three (3) Conditions of Binding The Great Spirits and Forces of Heaven have chosen to support only three (3) circumstances and conditions by which Binding shall be permitted: (i) To those who are directly named or implied in direct dishonor in accordance to one or more of the Seven (7) Writs of Divine Dishonor issued upon the Day of Divine Judgment; or (ii) To those who are directly named or implied in direct dishonor in accordance to one or more of the One Hundred and Forty Four (144) Divine Summary Judgments issued upon the Day of Divine Judgment; or (iii) To those named as defending party to a Great Divine Writ who then deliberately dishonors such as sacred instrument. Unless a circumstance complies to one of these, then a Binding shall not be permitted and any such claim shall be a grave injury to united Heaven. 121.3 Spirits called to action through the sacred agreement of Binding When a spirit (soul) enters into a private contract with the Divine and all the spirits of Heaven, then they immediately enact two terms of the contract: (1) For all guardian angels and attendant spiritual protection to stand aside and no longer assist in day to day actions that maintain life in the flesh and (2) Call upon a formation of the most formidable angels and demons to replace their guardians and dedicate every moment towards the pain and eventual death of the flesh.
The absence of guardian spirits –even without the arrival of the most formidable angels and demons—means in reality that no longer shall any spirits help the body shift at night when breathing stops. No longer shall any spirits warn of dangers when walking or attending to duties. No longer shall any spirits warn of obstacles.
Instead, the most formidable angels and demons shall dedicate every second of every day to disturb the mind, disturb the sleep, to provide misdirection, to cause doubt, to distract when performing duties and to ensure the flesh is oblivious to all manner of present danger.
Alpha 999: my question this week is on the will; how do you add in there that you are claiming wards of your estate, your children for example. Can you put a section where you are claiming this child is a ward of this estate? 
Frank: there is no limit in any of the public statutes, the estate statutes, that I can see that prevents you from not being able to name your ancestors or kin or your children. You have to make sure you identify them and the filial relationship and they are included in your will. Once the general executor and guardian has been named and the will is executed and there is published and a record of the appointment of the office of the general executor, then the guardian for the infants or children of your estate is the general executor. If that is you, then you are the guardian of your own children lawfully, legally.
Alpha: then you are legally claiming then as property of the estate. 
Frank: no, you are claiming them as wards. A ward is a type of property and I had difficulty getting my head around that. they say a ward is not technically property, but it’s a fine line. 
Alpha: it sort of trumps them from saying they are the wards of the government and they are the administrators or executors of the children. 
Frank: the whole presumption of that is the absence of a will appointing a general guardian.
Roberto: did I hear you correctly that acting as the administrator of the general executor for the estate or legal person and signing such a document will not be recognized until you have perfected your will and testament? Is that correct.? 
Frank: firstly, a general executor doesn’t sign unless he or she is granting a right. That is the first thing. From here on in you never sign as a general executor unless you are granting a right in the form of a warrant or letters patent. General executors should not go witness. Secondly you don’t want to act as an administrator. An administrator is an agent so you don’t want to mix that up and you don’t need to act as administrator. You can act as administrator on behalf of someone else if they requested you to act on their behalf because they were unable or did not have the proficiency that you do in, for example, pursuing a matter with the courts. So, absolutely the general executor can appoint an administrator. You may act as an administrator on someone else’s behalf. In your capacity for your estate as general executor you generally don’t sign. The question of signing and recognition of signing, you can start involving this procedure today. I urge everybody to adopt that procedure and in applications they don’t permit these executions without there being a signature. In that case you would put Frank R. or Frances R. that is your signature as a general executor and we spoke last week about surnames? You would not include your surname. You don’t want to be bound as a slave. They claim the surname until you get the BC into the estate.
Roberto: you probably heard someone here in Canada had success by going into the court as administrator for a friend’s case with the tax office. It was a big case and they were looking a prison and half a million dollars fine. He was successful representing his friend by putting him under his newly created sovereign nation. They had him for 2 hours in court trying to gain jurisdiction and ultimately he was successful. I am thinking that with sovereign nation of Ucadia it should be the same in empowering all of us and we are not under their jurisdiction. 
Frank: the reason and I assure you and thanks for sharing that, the frustration of Ucadia is this: it could be operating as a sovereign entity today and could be have leadership today acting in the capacity of general executor and then fiduciary. that would create a top down entity. Promises were made to you and all those who haven’t heard of Ucadia that Ucadia will only come to life from the ground up; the financial system will only come to life from the ground up. and that I will receive no benefit directly from this at all. It will come from the grass roots and not from the top down. What Ucadia has through the spiritual connection is that whole spiritual realm supporting from the top down, but the flesh brings this to life from the bottom up. the frustration has been to finish the financial and it can’t be done until I finish the canons of monetary, economic and trade law. Without those you are asking people to use things without all the rules in place. You know $10 million dollars is a huge amount of money. but it is nothing to the parasitoids and they can punch it into their computers. If the rules are not in place they could turn on and make Ucadia legitimate like a finger snap. But Ucadia would be captured into their system and would just be another extension of their system. 
Roberto: thank you, you are very wise and honorable. 
Frank: thank you for everything and what you are doing.
V: I’m from Turtle Island: is there a symmetry between the Roman cult and Jacob and Esau. Would you know of one they are using today. 
Frank: give me more information. 
V: it’s concerning the birthright that Esau gave up to Jacob. I wonder if there is a symmetry and I know they use symbolism and they may have used a canon to twist it to their own advantage. 
Frank: the Bible is the most brilliantly designed legal instrument. The 66 books of the bible is their bedrock and rule of law. So, all the core precedents and provenance that they claim has all been brilliantly included in the Bible. The short answer is yes. 
V: that was such a relevant even that happened at that time, I was sure that it would be. It is the symbolism of the birthright and Esau not having a concern. 
Frank: what I would say is that I want to pay homage to anyone that knows the word of God for those who have studied the bible and believe it in that sense that this should be enough to stand. If the corporations had not been created in the 19th century then that would be true. If you think about everything we have been speaking about in the last few weeks, it has been because of the overlays of the corporate code and malfeasance that we don’t get remedy purely on our knowledge of the origin of law in the bible. So, I just want to qualify that. 
V: you did go over that last week and the week before.
Question: re: post office—can you talk about the significance of the post offices around the world and the power structure and posting documents. 
Frank: the post office is the private agency that connects the estates together and was created by one of the noble families connected with the ruling elite. The international laws concerning posts between estates is treated very seriously. What makes the post office effective as opposed to the postal service is that it demands the fiduciary law and fiduciary actions are followed by those that have been elected into office in handling the post office. If they don’t there are severe penalties. The post office system around the world is a private franchise, so it is private. It is directly connected into Rome and is the connection between all the estates. Even if the corporation has overlaid the internal courier service they call the postal service; if you identify mail fraud with elected officials, even if they are hiding behind their agency indemnity, if one calls on the post office one can get a proper investigation for postal fraud.
Question: transcript of the call? Yes and they are available at
Morpheus: Monita notes, letters of removal from Ucadia.. 
Frank: I’m not sure what you mean by the question. Add in more and I’ll get back to it.
Ron: do you mind if I explain what is going on with the will and testament package. I’ve been creating word documents so everyone can edit their own documents and they are ready to complete or filed with the county recorder and this is along with the will and testament document. He released the document to 8 people for input and editing and he has received a lot of information and is going through the documents to correct them. The real problem is that we are working with people in Idaho and as part of their recording function will not accept any document with ‘will’ on it. They say that no will can be admitted unless it is by order of the probate court. Yesterday we tried to get a notice of existence of ‘will and testament’ recorded and it was rejected because it had the word ‘will’ in it. Now I have created the Affirmation. Ron will call back.
Question: in rejection notices that list an argument against the presumption of the cour how does the unlimited jurisdiction established in the supreme court of Victoria apply to the courts in the US? 
Frank: it is the same concept that they are formed by letters patent that effectively gives them immunity. There are two presumptions of agency and one is you appoint them as agent and the 2nd, particularly in courts in Australia and in Canada, where the judges are officially appointed by letter patent, that instrument gives them a warrant and a claimed agent powers over any fiduciary obligation. So, I would suggest that in those cases the arguments that say I do not recognize you as an agent is going to be more difficult and this emphasizes the importance of getting on top of perfecting your identity as the occupant of the office of general executor. As proof of what I said, just remember what happened in Canada which has a lot of similarities with Australia. In Canada it is very difficult for people to get remedy and there is a demonstration of what happens when one perfects ones position in the office of general executor and then the correct appointment of administrator by warrant. The system will recognize those powers without having to get into the debate of agent/fiduciary, the dual capacity of the judge. I hope that answers that question.
Pete: excellent talk and I want to put in my two cents. I was listening to a talk show with someone named Roger Sayle. Do you know his work? 
Frank: No. Pete: he perfected a document using an affidavit and it pertains to folks in the USA and he uses a provision of the 14th amendment and essentially when that amendment was passed, the Romans like to lie. That only applied to the slave and to the ones living in District of Columbia. People have been tricked to voluntary slavery in which they claim they are a resident of the state or a US citizen. He has claimed to have used this since 1992 and he uses it to be nonresident alien and it’s gives him some protection. 
Frank: I want to add something here. An affidavit effectively cedes any or your authority or claim in terms of being a general executor or standing. You cede all authority when you sign an affidavit. They may cede the point that you are regarded as a nonresident alien, you are not regarded as a sovereign and the head of your own estate and you can’t possibly get the equivalent to the office of general executor with an affidavit. There are two choices and they always give you two choices. Look for the word affirmation in their statutes. They explain affidavit and never explain affirmation. I want to say that if his claim is true, and I am not disputing it at this point, then affidavit is the very worst format and it’s a deposition. A deposition is a deposit to the judge and to the BAR. That is why a judge can decide if they want to accept it or not. You have deposited or given to them. I’m suspect on that point alone, but it’s interesting to see the words are being raised in other places. 
Pete: I didn’t think it would be applicable to Ucadia but maybe this is a stopgap for some folks in the US. Your signing away the farm to them. 
Frank: the reason I jumped on a few things on the call tonight: it’s about people using information and putting a spin on it. We are dealing with a monster that eats people up and has chewed up so many good people and ground them to dust. You could cry for the rest of your life with the injury that this organization, this monster has done to good people. To play on the side and say you will test this and that, it’s dangerous and things works that they want to create the impression that it works. Things work sometimes because people get blind sided at the local level and they put something through and they will fix it up later. Absolutely everything we have done in Ucadia has always been premised that it has a provenance to it, there is a reason for it, there is knowledge and competence to it and there is research. I am concerned with things like affidavit. 
Pete: I wanted to throw this out and get your initial impression. You have a much greater understanding of the canons. I wanted to draw it out to you for your initial impression. One other question if you read it, it sounds racist and it applies to white people. 
Frank: I’ll have a look at it. 
Pete: For what it’s worth I’d like to have some input on it. Thank you for all you are doing for us.
Alpha 999: you were mentioning a bit ago about the post office. I’m thinking of the fact that when you notice the existence of the will, could you register mail the notice of the existence of the will to specific people such as the clerk of the court on a matter you are dealing with? 
Frank: yes, the post is another form. It’s all about making it irrefutable. Whenever they want to publish they will publish in the gazette and send it through the post and they will do a number of things to make it official. In their system they are using notice, record, post as different examples of that. What I want to do is nail it in the way that people have a process based on competence and so that they don’t have guess 20 questions on what they have to do. I haven’t spent enough time on post to give a definitive answer. But in theory, absolutely. 
Alpha: I have a matter coming up and I wanted the notice of will to be on the public record. Basically I know that registered mail is the public record. Especially if you deliver it to the people you are dealing with. (note taker: see additional post on registered mail).
Question: is sending a document to yourself by registered mail a good way to have it recorded in the public? 
Frank: yes. (note taker: see additional post on registered mail).
Question: can you record something with a Canadian embassy in a foreign country? 
Frank: I don’t know and I will take that on notice.
Frank: Michael says that registered mail is private post. I did say that I hadn’t done enough research of first class and registered mail. We need to be very careful here. I don’t have any more material to give you. I think that First class mail has a connection to the traditional estate post where registered as Michael just said would still be private. Please be very careful and hopefully Alpha just heard this part.
Ron: in regard to mailing the documents back to yourself, we are trying to create a number link that a court could go back and get your document. The preferred method is to get them registered or filed into the county recorder so you could reference a file number that you can reference in other documents. If you mail to yourself there is no number to track back to for the court or the recorder’s office. 
Frank: good point. 
Ron: We are starting to reference on a, say a rejection notice for a court hearing, and we are putting the number of the recording of the office of the general executor. We are not giving them the document, we are just referencing the number.
You really need to think about using the post because in the end using the post will not serve you well. I don’t know if Idaho is the only state with this problem of not taking anything with the word ‘will’ in the title. So I came up with another document called an Affirmation which is designed like an affidavit, but it is titled affirmation and it contains the same information as the notice of existence of will and testament in affidavit form.
Ron: With Frank’s permission I will place the entire will and testament package on the U of U website and I will do a mass emailing to get it out to everybody. All the documents are in word so you can make changes and there are instructions. It’s all structured in separate folder so you can find the documents easily. It’s been a hard process to put the whole thing together. I’ll have this done in a couple of days, and I’ll put it in the download of U of U ( under the download section and I will title it Will and Testament package or something like that). Give me some input on the affirmation. 
Frank: Ron, I don’t people realize and I hope you don’t mind my saying this but what makes Ucadia different from a lot of other groups is the collective effort and the willingness of people to share information. I know people are enormously grateful for the tireless work that you do. Thank you for all you are doing and your research. 
Ron: I’ll respond to guest 9---do not ever try to record the will, we are recording the one page notice that will is in existence and certain people are in possession of the certified copy of the will—spouse, two or three successors for the general executor position and that is it. The will is 14 pages long and the notice is only one page. Inside the package will be the notice of appointment of general executor. So there are only 2 notices that are one page each to file and it’s self-explanatory.
Lee: on the Monita notes with the Ucadia material, how far are we with these now? 
Frank: the short answer is that the Monita and the money is ready but the rules will not be completed for another week to week and a half. Without the rules I am concerned that we would be unleashing a system that even within a week or two would cause abuse. We want to minimize any possible risk of abuse even if it is a remote risk. I believe we should be strict with it. That is why the help on promissory notes, will and testament, the help on the role of being the general executor is so important. It gives us some ability and remedy once the Ucadia community and financial system are turned on. I would like to have it there because I need it at a grass roots level. But I have not been able to get past the fact that without the rules and this being rock solid, any example of misuse can be used as an argument to show the system is flawed. That is the long answer.
Ray: I’m getting magic jack and finally got a good line to talk and hear you. I have contacted people from the UFO (?) having the same problems we are and they are in agreement. Phil Burns and Linda Molten Hall (?) from the UFO community and they will try to cooperate with us with what they are doing to build a new government and get information out and get things out correctly. They are having the same difficulties we are having. I spoken to several people within their group and they are very interested and I will pass the call number on to them. I explained that we need to at least to start a cooperation. Everybody is an automatic member, so it’s all good. You don’t have to register and a lot of people are worried about that. 
Frank: I’m glad to hear your voice and I know you have gone through some major health issues. It’s great to hear you are up and about. 
Ray: I’m back to work again. If you will call me tomorrow night I have some things to talk about. There are difficulties on getting through. They are playing with my house phone again. There are a couple of things happening in this area I’d like to talk about and it’s about the movements here. I’m within 90 minutes of Washington. There are a lot of bases within 1⁄2 hour from here. 
Frank: Ray is doing fantastic work with the indigenous tribes on Central and North America.
Lynn: On the will and testament wasn’t the old term testamentum and wasn’t will added with some trickery? What if we use the affirmation discussing the testamentum? They use testimony all the time. Just a thought. 
Frank: in terms of the creation of the model of probate, testate, trust, administration that the corporation and the corporate courts use to conduct 95% of all court cases, all of it is a product of the Wills Act of 1837 and the concept of Will and Testament. So you are absolutely right. Testamentum and the word affirmation have a similar provenance. The challenge we have is in Ucadia we state that one does a testamentum and not a will. We identify the provenance and the history of it. The challenge in their system is to overcome the presumption that we are intestate and without a will. The problem is they created the legal fiction and sealed off every door at the corporate level it appears to do something about it. I think the idea of using affirmation to accomplish some of the things may be an avenue. Publishing of notice in gazettes may be another avenue. Ron has said we don’t need to record the will just the notice of the existence of the will and that is under their own rules. That is the issue on the public record that is determining whether we are intestate. 
Lynn: I agree, that was just a point I wanted to bring up. 
Frank: it’s a good point and the connection between the two is really a good point to raise. Thank you for the synopses you do. Lynn: thank you and I do it all for the learning; I’m pretty selfish about it. I’m listening, typing, so I am glad to do it.
Question: is the county recorder the same as the clerk of the court? 
Frank: in some cases yes and in some cases I’m not too sure. The clerk of the court tends to also be the county recorder and could be town clerk as well. it is a role wearing more than one hat.
Greg: I wanted to comment on an observation on a presentation made yesterday on the 14th amendment issue and as far as Ucadia is concerned put this to rest and I’d like your comment. It’s my view that the 14th amendment was the stepping stone to creating the District of Columbia act and the legislation afterwards. To sum it up I would say that Abraham Lincoln’s War between the States, or the War of Northern Aggression, The Civil War was the beginning implementation into the transition to the corporate government, and was something that had been working for quite some time even during the Andrew Jackson administration with the battles with the central banks, and then the final capitulation with the war. Just to tie it together the 14th in the first decade of the 19th century said no one with title of nobility could hold public office, and I’m not clear to this day whether Abraham Lincoln was an esquire when he was elected president which also make his presidency completely illegitimate. Once he completed his issuing of marshal law on executive orders and those continuations through today, and you take the initial civil acts and the legislation that was put through weren’t strong enough to bring the south back under the control of the north, as far as their legislatures go. So the 14th amendment was the next step to try to bind the south under the control of the north. Then the 1871 District of Columbia act and the implementation of those which was then the full completion of the full corporate take over. We have talked about California having 2 constitutions. There was the pre-civil war constitution and then another was in 1879 where it became a corporate state. Idaho was always established as a corporate state. So it is my conclusion that what many of the researchers who have written on the 14th amendment is pretty much irrelevant. Even though the 14th amendment was part of the stepping stone, solving the 14th amendment problem isn’t solving the ultimate issue of having this corporate system recognize anybody as having standing. 
Frank: standing as we have discussed and as you know is a term that directly relates to the function of probate court. It means that either you have brought a claim to the court against the estate and by virtue of the claim you have standing because you are the one bringing the matter. Or, you are appointed to the estate in the capacity of the executor or administrator, or fiduciary. If you don’t hold any relationships and we don’t if we are standing there as the defendant then you have no standing. I agree absolutely that the 14th amendment was a stepping stone. When you look at how they implemented the concept of enemy of the state at the beginning of the 20th century, and that is before we had the concept of alien was brought in. They went way beyond the 14th amendment by effectively declaring everyone an enemy before they declared everyone a criminal. We talk about the system and I said this a few talkshoes ago, and I want to say this again because there may be new people on the call and new people monitoring the call, I believe that every society and every member of society must as a matter of duty contribute to that society. But I have a fundamental objection to a system of contribution called taxation based on the premise that to in order to make it ‘legal’ it declares each and everyone one of us a criminal. I object to that system that perverts the law and perverts me in order to make a contribution effective. And that, of course, allows a swag of people who can easily afford to contribute to nothing but rape and pillage society. I consider that to be a system that is fundamentally evil. So, the thinking of the switch over time for the congressional act for the constitution of the District of Columbia, that is no means relevant now as they have gone way, way beyond that with declaring us enemies of the state and in the case of IRS and the tax offices, declaring us criminals. I know there is more that you can say, Greg so thank you for sharing.
Ron: I need to get these points out: every state and possibly every county has a different format; it’s called margin formatting for a document to be filed and you have to check for the format margin requirements. If you don’t put the margins properly they will reject the notice. Then you have to go back and start over again. Just call before hand. I am getting chatter about the apostille on the BC. I searched California yesterday and only the SOS will do the apostille. That is also true in the State of Washington. What you have to do is get a certified copy of your certificate of life birth which is signed by the county auditor and then send to the SOS with $20 and a cover letter in California, for example, and ask them to do the apostille for Great Britian. They say it will be 3 to 5 days and you have to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and they will send it back to you. It’s pretty easy. That is the basic outline on how to do that. 
Frank: we’ll put the material on the U of U site and add it to the court information site: globe-union-
Frank: All information is based on research and what we know and when we find new information we always share with you and there is no condition. But please always consider carefully and always look to question the source of information and the intent of people that are sharing information. I’ll have the information on the 144 truths up in a few days. 
God Bless.

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