Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Padraic Murphy From: Herald Sun April 13, 2011
The security of Victoria's traffic infringement record system has been breached with the records of almost 70,000 infringements notices allegedly tampered with by a former employee of the company contracted to manage the data.

Detectives from Vicpol's high-tech E-Crime squad yesterday arrested a 36-year-old Craigieburn man after unauthorised changes were made to the date, time and speed of internal records of 67,541 infringement notices.

Police said the changes were made after the infringements notices were issued and no motorists received the incorrect information

“The data changes have had no impact on any infringement issued in relation to the speed or red light camera system. No infringements have been issued to motorists with incorrect data and there is no ongoing impact to any infringements to be issued,'' a police statement said.

The data changes were allegedly made over a three week period between February and March this year by an employee of the company contracted by Vicpol to handle infringement notice data.

All original data remains within systems and the modifications to data were picked up by internal systems and staff alerted police who began an immediate investigation.

The Craigieburn man who is no longer with the company has been released pending further investigation.

The investigation is continuing and he may face charges of unauthorised modification of data under the Crimes Act.

Police Minister Peter Ryan late today stressed the notices were all accurate by the time they were issued.

"I am advised that the infringement notices in question were accurate at the time they were issued.

"Any changes allegedly made by this individual occurred after the infringement notices were issued and were subsequently corrected to reflect the original offence.

"There is an internal review system currently in place for those wishing to appeal infringement notices."

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