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June 1, 2011 by Brian D. Hill

Author: Brian D. Hill

The Copyright Act which has been around since the year of 1976 has been a long beginning for the underground business and political elites to conspire to censor the truth from all corners of the world under the words copyright infringement. As being sued once and being sent a takedown notice over a Ben Bernanke illustration, I am seeing how copyrights are and will be used to wipe out truthful knowledge on the Internet. It is only a matter of time and that people incrementally accept that they will give up the rights to be a truth movement under the guise to protecting all copyrights while corporations keep owning the little guys content then making money off of it by suing people.

Now what proof do I have that Copyrights, ever since 2000, has now been hijacked and transformed into a fascist conspiracy to wipe out dissidents, info-leakers (That includes Whistle-blowers), 9/11 truth movement groups, critics, and those that write reviews about our politicians actions.

The Bilderberg and Stephens international banking Billionaire thugs are all been planning of a way to overturn the tables on the Internet. Some basic methods that the corruption factions of U.S. Government (The kings of tyrannical copyright legislation) has been caught instigating to pass more Internet Restriction bills has been creating and instigating anarchist-style riots, purchasing then uploading child pornography to the Internet to instigate parents fear of an open and free Internet even Ted Gunderson reveals a pedophile network run by the CIA, releasing Stuxnet type of viruses onto the Internet in order to get cyber-security bills passed, and even going as far as building major Intelligence databases on Americans.

So why would the elites, that have infiltrated the US Government, be wanting more copyright restrictions and how exactly will they achieve their objectives?

First of all let’s go back to when Napster was around. Back in those days when people started freely sharing information and then it become popular then the Record Companies including the RIAA started their infamous lawsuit campaign. Then all kinds of file-sharing services were shut down due to Federal Court issued injunctions. Anyways I can go on but that is not the target of this article. While they went after file-sharers they left the bloggers alone and never attempted to sue after non-commercial bloggers or even news aggregation/syndication sites with links back to the source.

So at first it was considered copyright infringement just to share music and movies, then terrible things happen that is making now displaying of photos a copyright infringement, now certain copyright trolls they are heavily limiting what quotations are allowable, and now it is to the point where you can’t even show political satires, parodies, illustrations without being dragged into court. If copyright was supposed to be a great thing then why are the boundaries being pushed against bloggers and news aggregation websites instead of real pirates and those that commit plagiarism.

The excuses for why the RIAA, copyright trolls, and major copyright enforcers are now targeting bloggers speech, and parodies hosted on Flickr is that the newspaper industry is failing due to lack of sales of their newspaper, Internet commercial news sites are failing due to advertisers not paying them enough that would make them succeed in each quarterly outlook, and that the reason for their financial failures is due to bloggers and forum posters ripping off stories and images without getting permission from the copyright owner and paying a sum.

Well ever since the NAFTA trade agreement and 9/11 the economy has kept crumbling which explains why people are buying less newspapers as when peoples budgets are tightened people will find as many ways to save as possible especially when they need to put food on the table for their families. Then the second reason the mainstream newspapers are failing is due to the fact that they are either heavily biased, promote Political Propaganda, or does not include truthful stories due to high-ups in the newspaper companies blacklisting truthful and controversial news stories. Then the third reason newspapers are failing in the U.S. is due to the Internet and it’s ability to have many more business and non business competitors that come up with their own online newspapers which also includes blogs and Alternative Media sites. The fact is if people really wanted to pay for something they will and if they don’t want to pay for a newspaper then that is the consumers choice. So why put the blame on bloggers and news aggregation websites for why the newspaper industry failing in order to enforce overzealous copyright restrictions? Because in reality it is all about control of freedom of speech. In fact look at alternative print newspapers such as the American Free Press which doesn’t mind if you copy their content as long as you give attribution.

This is the legal notice for American Free Press Articles:

Not Copyrighted. Readers can reprint and are free to redistribute – as long as full credit is given to American Free Press

So if the American Free Press allows you to aggregate their articles and yet they are doing financially well, then can we really blame people copying photos onto their blog for commentary and educational purposes for the losses in each financial quarter that should be protected under Fair Use.

The conspiracy starts here!

With the popularity of Alternative Media, blogs, and forums then the constant leak of confidential and top secret knowledge being leaked with Wikileaks, then onto people getting the truth out on alternative media websites, and sites that interview whistleblowers, many elite members are getting agitated that their dirty secrets and their rotten agendas are a being exposed at alarming rates.

After that the elite are trying to think of ways to censor and control the Internet. China made sure their Internet systems all have Net IDs requirements, activity logging of their citizens, and monitoring by the Central Government. Also Australia and UK wanted to follow suite. Now the United States Government wants to implement more restrictions on the Internet and Domain Names.

So they started thinking that the way to censor information was to use excuses that justify their censorship so that they can continue to get good press while critical information gets censored. One of the perfect ways to censor information was to use Copyright Restrictions.

The question was how will they censorship begin? First of all they needed scapegoats or just some meanie copyright trolls to butcher Fair Use down into little pieces. One of those Organizations was Righthaven LLC a Las Vegas Limited Liability company that uses possibly-advanced algorithms to track down any content then sues people on behalf of the Stephens Media and also the Stephens is joint owner as well. Stephens Media is invested by the Stephens Family (Originally posted on Federaljack but at this time the site is down due to sophisticated hacker attacks) that are heavily tied into politics and is also an international banking family much like the Rockefellers ans Rothschilds. They own many print-newspapers across the country and even Billboard type advertising as I recall hearing about that as well. So for a very powerful international bankster family that is involved in politics is involved with copyright infringement lawsuits against many blogs, alternative media sites, and sites like mine has to make you wonder if this is a conspiracy to stifle political uprisings by informing Americans and people around the world of the truth.

Righthaven is vicious in their lawsuit campaign and extortion racket yet they keep losing court battle after court battle and are either forced to rely on the appeals court which there may be more crooked judge or try to exact settlements that take away not just peoples hard-earned money but also force people to agree to never talk about that company ever again, request take-downs of every news report by reporters that you told your story about to, and that you have to put out a Press Release for Righthaven to look good at the cost of your credibility, at least that is what happened to USWGO. So they aggressively sue and try to snatch domains yet no court has ever punished them yet for being caught lying again and again to the court system, and for not following the proper procedures by the book. So why are they not disbarred or thrown in jail? Well when you look at posts that reveal that Steve Gibson the top officer of RH once worked in the same field as the Obamas which lost their law license. So you have this organization connected to both the current Presidential Administration and some Bilderberg attendees, it makes you wonder if the copyright infringement lawsuits are just a way to knock off any potential political-enemy blogs. They keep trying to push the boundaries of what is Fair Use Exemptions under copyright law and what is not. They are now making it where people cannot even display photos of TSA enhanced pat-down procedures even though the photos went viral during the national Anti-TSA and I Won’t Fly revolts. Then they go farther to limit Fair Use rights to just a few sentences which is serious if they succeed in convincing judges to punish educational and truth bloggers with a $150K fine and a permanent gag order.

Then to go farther about how copyrights were being restricted again, take a look at the fact that Destination360 recently filed a DMCA take-down request over a Ben Bernanke illustration regarding Wall Street becoming a casino type of system. So why would all these corporations with many attorneys suddenly charge head on against USWGO and force them to go through legal hell then another company claims that parodies and satires are now copyright infringement when it should be protected under the 1st Amendment according to Ken Bingham of OneUtah.

So now from the looks of what me and others are going through political websites are all under direct attack due to copyright enforcers which many thought would only after music and movie sharers.

Then after Righthaven successfully put many through hell and is trying to dissolve Fair Use exceptions by pushing the boundaries of Fair Use to the brink, now and Obama Administration including senators backing a bill known as the Protect IP Act after the failure of COICA. This act will give the US Attorney general Eric Holder the dictatorial power to sue and censor any website at will until they prove in a court of law that they are not infringing anyone’s copyrights. Now thanks to Destination360, the RIAA, MPAA, Doctor Seuss company, and others that have challenged parodies and satires then TSA pat-down images to partial article re-postings, could anything now be considered copyright infringement to be used as an excuse to cut off blogs? Highly likely many will lose their blogs, their domains snatched, and will be punished under the U.S. Law.

You wonder if law firms such as Righthaven were just the first wave to attack political websites and then the second wave will be COICA and Protect IP Act style laws to silence the dissidents.

Once copyright restrictions gain water on the United States border-side of the Internet then the Internet will start to become just as restricted just as China as the Bilderbergs always wanted, to keep the slaves in line.

This is all USWGO has for now and will update this article when it gathers even more intelligence regarding the copyright conspiracy and that it’s being used to silence political websites and alternative media sites.

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  1. oh please its not the big conspiracy you like to make it out to. Looking at Destination360 page gives a basic explanation