Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Roger Hayes refused to pay his Council tax, and challenged the Court System – And WON!

Roger Hayes: The story so far.
Roger Hayes has refused to pay his council tax… until the council provide a contract so that he can hold them to account (democracy) and justify the massive amount of money they are spending (wasting). Council’s response has been ‘Pay up or else’ – Roger chose the ‘or else’ option – the council obliged by trying to bankrupt him… Roger had the evidence on his side (justification for non-payment)… so the council employed the services of a corrupt judge Michael Peake. (This was the Judge arrested in the 7th March in Birkenhead – orchestrated by The British Constitution Group and many other groups/friends).
The bankruptcy was pushed through on a day when Roger could not attend. (cowards) The official receiver wrote to Roger telling him that he had been made bankrupt… and to fill in various documents. Roger wrote back saying he wasn’t bankrupt… and that it was the legal fiction that had been made bankrupt and not his responsibility and NO he would not be filling in their documents. The Official receiver then told Roger… fill in the documents ‘OR ELSE’… Being a true believer in consistency… Roger chose the ‘OR ELSE’ option. The court case on the 28th was an application for the court to ORDER Roger to complete their forms or be done for CONTEMPT OF COURT… i.e. prison.
10 mins before the court hearing at 10 am… the Official receiver approached Roger and asked… ” Before we go in….?” – Roger anticipating the question and before they could finish… answered “NO” (they then confirmed they were going to ask if Roger would complete their docs).
Roger had also written to the court and the official receiver to advise that he would not consent to the hearing… but would attend to assist.
They then advised Roger that because he was so passionate in his beliefs… (meaning they knew he was right) and they BACKED DOWN. They asked the court for an indefinite adjournment (that must be a first)… which avoids them having to admit they have NO AUTHORITY over Roger Hayes THE MAN. Roger thus did not fill in their forms and remains a free man.
1). The court avoided having to deal with the legal fiction issue (Whew for the court). 2). Roger controlled the outcome by withholding consent. 3). The Official receiver has confirmed that they have no authority… and finally 4). Roger does not have to pay his council tax because the council have no way of forcing him through the courts.
This is a victory and should be hailed as one. BUT… do not try this unless you are 1) PREPARED and 2) aware of all the implications.
Best wishes… and thanks for all the support. Now lets get on and win the war.
Roger Hayes.
Chairman. The British Constitution Group. www.thebcgroup.org.uk

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