Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Rumble-v-Liverpool Plains Shire Council & Others District Court proceedings    No. 2011/58125

To whom it may concern

On the 13th and 14th August 2009,  Local Council officers and rangers and two local police officers attended our property and handed to us a local council order to enter our property and remove vehicles that were on our property inside our boundary

We refused to allow access to the council officers and police so they cut the lock off our gate. After us showing them we have a NO ENTRY sign on the gates of our property, the police told us we had no choice but to let them in. As we said, "where was the court order to say we had broken the law", there was not one. We have a solicitor in Sydney and a barrister who are handling the case but we have not attended to court as yet, we have been told by lawyers that we will be going into the district court in Sydney in the Common Law division on the 21st May this year to have our case heard .

Our vehicles were removed by the council with the aid of local tilt tray operators and placed in what council called a secure area until the matter can be sorted. Our vehicles were placed in a paddock (council secure compound -consisting of normal rural wire one end) and on the second day of being there, our vehicles were vandalised with windows and lights smashed and parts removed from them , and yes it is still happening as our cars are still there, not back on our property .

Whilst they took 56 vehicles, they allowed for 22 to remain on the property, and yes, their so called "order" was to remove 
all unregistered vehicles from the property, so why leave 22 ?  Does this not go against their council order or was it because we were telling them that they had no authority to enter our land and that they were breaking the law?

Lee Rumble    30 Jan 2012

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