Monday, April 16, 2012


The London Local Government Board has forwarded to the County Councils of England and Wales, to tho metropolitan vestries, and to all other highway authorities advance copies of an important order made by the board under the Locomotive on Highways Act, 1896, and dealing with the regulation of motor-cars: - In the order, a motor-car, or " light locomotive," is defined as a " vehicle propelled by mechanical power which is under three tons in weight unladen, and is not used for the purpose of drawing more than one vehicle (such vehicle with its locomotive not exceeding in weight unladen four tons), and so constructed that no smoke or visible vapour is emitted therefrom except in temporary or exceptional circumstances"
As to the construction of motor-cars the order provides that if a car exceeds 3cwt. in weight, it shall he capable of being so worked that it may travel either forward or backward, and, whatever its width it must not exceed 7¼ft. in width, measured between its extreme projecting points. As to tyres, the order says that if a car weighs between three quarters and one ton the tyres must be not less than 2½in wide, if between one and two tons, 3in ; and if between two and three tons, 4in. There must be no boxes or projections, except in the case of pneumatic tyres when there may be boxes or projections of the same material as the tyres. Every car must be provided with two independent brakes, so powerful that if the car is travelling at the rate of 14 miles an hour it can be stopped within a distance of 50ft.
The name and address of the owner must be written upon the side of the car, which must be driven by a person competent to control it. Lamps must be carried at night, and the driver shall whenever necessary give sufficient warning of the approach of the car by sounding a bell, or by other sufficient means. The driver must also, on the re- quest of any police constable or of any person having charge of a restive horse. cause the car to stop and to remain stationary so long as may be reasonably necessary.
With regard to the question of speed the Local Government Board after reminding the local authorities that the limit in the Act is 14 miles an hour, states that it does not propose to make an order until the general regulations have come into operation.”

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