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Published on Jul 2, 2012 by canadaacp
Pursuant to the Federal Rules of Court, an ex parte motion may be brought in a closed setting where life is in imminent danger. With respect to these issues, there have been some highly priced prioritized Google links that lead to one man in particular, who while he thinks he is a journalist, he, in fact is not. He lacks credibility and several groups have banned him as someone with behavioural and emotional problems.
He takes these accusations as slanderous (well actually they would be libelous), we don't. Occupy Toronto has put out an April, 2012 bulletin stating that this man is dangerous. He approaches people as a friend in solidarity, but he will call the police to report their "suspicious behaviours." His accusations against others are often without foundation.
He denigrates women and is very open in hurtful speech. This man has some serious issues and his friends and family ought to consider getting this guy some help. We do not feel that doing an expose on him would help his situation, but did want to offer this response to his behaviours. We also feel that the average internet user can quickly identify this man and come to their own conclusion about him in researching his name.
Thank you for taking the time. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. Original posting.
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On July 4th, 2012, united citizen groups in Canada will file an ex-parte motion to be argued in Federal Court on July 9th, with respect to the quiet genocide of certain indiginous peoples in Canada. See our press release here: Watch a full 30 mins video from after the filing - filmed at Osgoode Hall, Toronto - see provocateur, "Geoff Renouf" and friends in action as they attempt to disrupt us.

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