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I met King James II of Australia today, and thought I'd share something powerful with you all today. The url is at the bottom of his page.

The Imperial Crown of:
 The Commonwealth of Humanity 

The rising sun. The sun has risen ...

This image depicts Australia’s Imperial Crown, which is appropriately anchored in the sun. You will notice it is surrounded by Australia’s national flower: - the  wattle. The Imperial Crown of the Commonwealth of Australia is prominently displayed on the entrance of Australia's holy Shrine of Remembrance, which was constructed in the 1930’s in perpetual remembrance of those who fell in the Great War.

Previously the British Imperial Crown was one and indivisible throughout the British Empire. Following on from the Balfour Declaration, which occurred at an Imperial Conference in 1926, the Statute of Westminster 1931 (Imp) was enacted by the Imperial Parliament. This legislation had profound effects on a number of The British Crown's-dominions. In Australia’s case,  the Australian Parliament subsequently adopted relevant sections of this legislation by enacting the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 (Cth.).

Insofar as Australia is concerned, having regard to the legal effect of the enactment by the Imperial Parliament of the Statute of Westminster 1931, and the subsequent enactment of the Statue of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 by the Australian Parliament, these combined legislation's had the legal effect of  severing the Commonwealth of Australia from the British Imperial Crown, and in the case of the Statue of Westminster 1931, was instrumental in the process which dismantled the British Empire in law, and set the tone and direction for the creation of of what we know today as The Commonwealth of Nations, which in the alternative, is a voluntary association of 53 Nations States.
Today, within the Commonwealth of Nations, there are 15 realms (or kingdoms [excluding the old United Kingdom itself]). These include without limitation: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, &tc.

In the early 50's, after ascending to the English and Scottish thrones, The Queen on the advice of her Australian ministers, signed into law a new Style and Title, which replaced the British Crown as the source of Australia’s national sovereignty at international law. This legal fact came about after she gave her royal assent to the Royal Style and Titles Act 1953 (as amended [in 1973]), which notably was reserved for Her pleasure by the then Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia; as were the Australian Flags Act of 1953 and the Royal Powers Act of 1953, which have particular relevance. Readers are encourage to review these acts. Thus, at the pleasure of the Australian Parliament - The Queen as a constitutional monarch, holds the title:  "Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories Head of the Commonwealth."
The Queen's relationship to Australia is unique throughout all of Her realms. Her coat of arms as Queen of Australia and the Royal Standard of Australia are depicted below, viz:

According to Justice Kirby - formerly of the High Court of Australia (and other prominent legal personalities in Australia), The Queen created Australia’s constitutional crown - in accordance with statutory law - after she gave Her royal assent to the Royal Style and Titles Act 1953. This is a well established legal fiction. Nevertheless, The Queen has not been crowned Queen of Australia (not yet anyway); but remains The Commonwealth of Australia’s constitutional Head of State, because as Queen of England (and Scotland for that matter), she continues to hold the aforesaid title.Australia is a Crowned republic (Commonwealth literally means 'common-well-being').
Today, there are two Australian Commonwealths [both legal fictions] or separate Body politics that contain the Office, Government, and Majesty royal. A Body politic consolidated in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and a Body politic [of Human beings] consolidated in His Majesty King James II. How this state of affairs came into being is broadly set out below ...

On the 3rd day of March 2009, an Australian - James Scott Francis for the purposes of international law, formally declared himself King of Australia. For this purpose, relevant material was sent to The Queen by registered post. The same material was sent by registered post to the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

You can view the original correspondence here. A copy of the registered post receipt date stamped the 10th of March 2009 received from The Queen is depicted below (you click on the image to enlarge it).

Subsequently, on the 10th of November 2009, a facsimile was sent to the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, and critically, the Governor of Victoria. This material states in part, inter alia:

            “Ray of Light

11.50 a.m. – 12.10 p.m.: You are invited to climb the grand steps of the Shrine of Remembrance – through the north door, past the Shrine guards, to witness the son of man – God’s son anoint the personification of Australia’s national sovereignty in body, mind and sole: James the Second, By the Grace of God King of Australia ... according to Law, by Her Most Gracious Majesty’s Command: Elizabeth the Second, By the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

His Majesty King James II shall [be anointed] stand on the Stone of Remembrance at 12 noon.”

If you wish, you can view relevant original correspondences regarding this historical event here; here; & here.

In simplistic terms, the Shrine of Remembrance, which is situated in the King's Domain, Melbourne, Victoria, is a place that falls under the jurisdiction of The Queen, or royal peculiar and embodies Australia's St Edwards Crown. At the 11th hour on 11 November of each year, a ray of sunlight personifying the Holy Spirit rests on the word: ‘Love’ on the Remembrance Stone within the Sanctuary of the Shrine. Like the Stone of Scone used in the coronation chair of the United Kingdom, Australia's 'Key Stone' was built, and subsequently dedicated as a holy place, with the intention of creating the incorporeal Body politic of Australia's domiciled monarch as corporation sole by divine right [it is important to remember that Australia does not have an official religion, unlike the United Kingdom]. Such concepts are rooted in antiquity: Dignitas non moritur, and must be considered in that context, viz.

“... although he [The King] has, or takes, the land in his natural Body, yet to this natural body is conjoined his Body politic, which contains his royal Estate and Dignity; and the Body politic includes the Body natural, but the Body natural is the lesser, and with this the Body politic is consolidated. So that he has a Body natural, adorned and invested with the Estate and Dignity royal; and he has not a Body natural distinct and divided by itself from the Office and Dignity royal, but a Body natural and a Body politic together indivisible; and these two Bodies are incorporated in one Person, and make one Body and not divers, that is the Body corporate in the Body natural,  et e contra the Body natural in the Body corporate. So that the Body natural, by this conjunction of the Body politic to it (which Body politic contains the Office, Government, and Majesty royal) is magnified, and by the said consolidation hath in it the Body politic.”
(Plowden, Reports, 213; Ch.VII,nos.302ff, for the case of the Duchy of Lancaster) 

Thus, the King of Australia's Two Bodies form one unit indivisible, each being fully contained in the other. It is for this reason any interference with The King's Body natural constitutes a criminal offense under law, viz:

s. 9A (1)(a) of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.)
A person who kills the Sovereign, does the Sovereign any bodily harm tending to the death or destruction of the Sovereign or maims, wounds, imprisons or restrains the Sovereign shall be guilty of an indictable offense, called treason, and liable to level 1 imprisonment (life); or imprisonment for such other term as is fixed by the court as the court determines.
When you think about it, it makes sense that the incorporeal body of Australia's home grown monarch is centered in the sun of man, because every element of every molecule of your body, every element of every molecule that makes-up the Earth, and indeed our solar system and beyond, was created in the furnace of a star somewhere in the infinite universe. You are literally born of a star at a molecular level. Interested readers are encouraged to review Professor Brian Cox's: ‘Wonders of the Universe’ for further information on this intriguing topic.
Thus, according to Imperial Law a new Style and Title was created by divine right on the 11th of November 2009, viz:

“By the Grace of God James The Second King of Australia [Victoria] and His Other Realms and Territories Head of the Commonwealth [of Humanity].”

As a consequence of these auspicious events, which occurred with the fore-knowledge and consent of the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Governor of Victoria, Australia now has two sovereigns - a constitutional monarch, and a monarch with an incorporeal body created by divine right (see the above coat of arms of the Kingdom of Victoria for further and better particulars, viz: Dieu Et Mon Droit [God and my right]).
Unlike the Queen's title as a constitutional corporation sole, which was created in statutory law by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1953, The King's style and title was created by divine right in the exercise of The Queen's peculiar prerogative in a body of law know as Imperial Law. It is for this reason that the executive powers of the Australian Imperial Crown - as distinct from The Queen's statutory crown as constitutional monarch - are complete (see above coat of arms of Canberra for further and better particulars). This legal fact has been confirmed by The Queen in the same body of law after Her recent visit to Victoria/Australia, by altering the Standard of the Governor of Victoria that depicts two seven pointed federation stars or corporations soles, which you can view by clicking here. It should be noted, in Australia, the peculiar prerogative is not subject to adjudication in any Australian court, including the High Court of Australia.

Please enjoy the following pictures, which depict the interior of Our sacred and holy Shrine of Remembrance:


Australia’s ‘Stone of Scone’ or ‘Stone of Destiny’ is located on hallowed ground within the King’s Domain, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The name of every Victorian that was killed during World War I are hand written in Our “Lambs’ Books of Life,” which surround Australia’s Stone of Destiny. Our forefathers and their sons shed their blood in two back-to-back wars protecting our liberty and our way of life.

 This image depicts Australia’s ‘Stone of Scone’ or ‘Stone of Destiny.’ It is used to anoint a new monarch.

This image depicts the interior ceiling of Australia’s ‘Shrine of Remembrance.’ The Shrine is a temple, not a church. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month each year at a particular solar time, at a particular location on the surface of the Earth within the Universe, a ray of light emanates from the ceiling of Australia’s working pyramid onto Australia’s ‘Stone of Destiny.’ The physical manifestation of God in our universe shall continue to shine onto the ‘Stone of Destiny’ until the end of the current solar age.

 "Father (UK) and Son (Australia) must stand back-to-back!"

 The tabernacle. It's was hidden in imperial law.

This images depict the 'Stone of Scone,' used in the coronation chair in the old United Kingdom. The coronation chair containing the 'Stone of Scone' has been used to crown English monarchs for more than a thousand years (see attached file below for further and better particulars).

"Lest We forget. They shed their blood that We may live!"


  1. Could you possibly break the article down for the novice reader. I get the gist of the current situation in Aus regarding the criminals who run the corporate show . Does it mean the UK Monarch is or has been operating as a statutory entity or corporate sole , since 1953 ? My head hurts ......

  2. Replies
    1. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Yes was indeed acting as a statutory entity from 1952 too 2009.

  3. Im almost certain im a direct decedent of the farm hands that worked the lands of Scone Palace for the Earl of Mansfield during the so called land slide witch unearthed the chamber housing the Stone of Destiny (Joseph's pillow) witch was hidden there by the monks evading capture from the approaching king Edward. The coronation stone in West Minster and your photo is a fake. May i ask you if you have ever heard rumors of the stone making its way to Australia? Im specifically interested in rumors of 4 expeditions paid for by Prime Minister Fisher.
    Kind regards The Rightful King.