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When I had the chance to speak with a number of you since we spoke last week and thank you very much for those of you who gave me your feedback, what a number of you reminded is just how we find ourselves still battling the reality of being under attack, of having to survive, of having to find money to pay for living and still dealing with illness, family troubles.  For all that we have discussed this world still very much feels like a prison and we as prisoners at best, or slaves at worst.   While we have spoken on previous audios and I have spoken on the Q and A chats we have each week about the concept of a prison planet and where these ideas come from, and while we have spoken about levels of slavery, whether the creation of the annuities and the structuring of the plantations, literally the word plantation in the statutes of Great Britain, we haven’t for awhile catalyzed the concept of slavery really, when we talk about what is it that enslaves us?

Again the idea is to name a thing for what it is, is to take its power.  Is it people who are enslaving us?  Is it the sheriffs, the magistrates, the judges, our families, the bankers, the corporations?  What is it that is enslaving us?  When we talk about the word stupidity, it’s a pretty provocative word.  What do we mean by that?  Are we talking about ignorance, or are we talking about willful ignorance, arrogance and disinformation?  What do we mean when we say stupidity versus slavery?  
When we talk about being truly free, is it “Give us something practical Frank?  Give us something that we can immediately implement and manifest.  Answer the objection that people have so often to Ucadia and to what you say which is that it (the information) is all fine, but it’s awfully complicated.  Or, simply, ‘I don’t understand.  I listen but I don’t understand.  I don’t comprehend.  It’s too complex for me.  Give it to me in a form that no one, absolutely no one can mis-comprehend.  Give us practical example so that we can implement.’”  That is what we are going to do in this audio.
Let’s start with taking stock of where we are, how we are feeling about things and what is going on in our lives before we walk through how to answer that claim, how to be truly free, and the provocative title of Stupidity versus Slavery.   So, let’s take stock of where we are.   The reality for most of us, probably almost all of us that listen to these audios is that we don’t have a whole lot of money, credit or funds in a bank somewhere.  Each week and each month are probably a struggle.  What we may have had in the past, for many of us, may have been taken away, lost, or seized.  Just finding a way to survive in the commercial world is a struggle.  Where we live may be indicative of that.  We may now live in an apartment that may very much resemble a cell or a prison, compared to where we may have lived before.  Some might be living in the beautiful country and found a way to survive simply, frugally on the land and away from big cities. 
Some of you may have found a way to minimize the aggression of the commercial system.  Even so, we still have the day to day struggle of still dealing with bridge trolls in our automated systems that presume so much.   So our lives really in a nutshell may have improved by some margin, but for most people after sometimes possibly years of reading, learning and following all kinds of different suggestions and remedies that people have brought forward, in a substantive way is not that much better to where we might have been.  In fact at the most it may still be manifestly worse.  So when we talk about slavery, on first impression I am sure that most who listen to this audio already have some well-defined in their own minds and tangible proof in their own lives of exactly what we mean which is slavery in the form in the way in which many police forces now have become so militarized that they look like prison guards.  
There is slavery in the sense that we are limited by what we can do now and we must have pieces of plastic and paper to go from point A to point B.   There is slavery in the sense that you cannot work, earn a living, cannot survive without a bank account.  To have a bank account you must have a drivers’ license and identification and if you don’t have identification, you cannot earn a living and if you cannot have a job, you cannot survive.  So for most the impression of what we mean by slavery is pretty straight-forward and most can see what we mean when we say the word slavery.  We will qualify in a moment that there is more to what we mean by ‘slavery.’
As far as stupidity is concerned, I don’t think there is any shortage of examples of stupidity and corruption.  Stupidity may be the obvious examples, for example of tax departments that have become completely disconnected to any form of fiduciary where they pay each other bonuses and spend money on their own conferences.  They spend millions, have credit cards and have completely lost the plot as far as any kind of accountability.   Stupidity is made of groups like the Congress and Senate who refuse to offer the benefits to people who literally depend on those benefits for survival as there is no work.  There is stupidity in the fact that no one has been charged in the banking system and that the lobbyists continue to try to whittle them down.  In all the proof in countries whether it be Canada, Australia, or many other places that demonstrate that proper rules and proper oversight lead to a safer, more stable and more prosperity.  But in places like Wall Street there is still revulsion to any kind of accountability.  
It’s absolute madness. There is stupidity when people are still following thoroughly discredited and extremely dangerous remedies on the internet and the resurrection of those remedies.  There is stupidity in the failure to identify people making outrageous claims that cannot be substantiated nor have any right to be substantiated.  No one owns you and no one has the right to claim your body or your mind.   And yet we still not only in the existing system that this is the foundation, but we are seeing people in the ‘truth movement’ coming forward and saying that we have a solution and “by the way, it’s predicated on the same thing that you are the slave and we are the new slave masters.”  That is not a solution of people claiming a part of you that they have liquidated all kinds of elements and they hold all of the trusts.  That is not a remedy.  That is just a new form of slavery and it’s just stupidity. 
But one of the things we see that is a common thing, whether it is disinformation, people trying to keep us off-balance, and what we see both in the truth movement and people’s responses is the focus on the man or woman and not the ideas, and for us to attack the people of the system and not the ideas and not the ideas upon which the system is built.  Isn’t that funny when you think about that?  People are still promoting the idea that when confronted with officials you go and put liens on them, or you go and it’s all about attacking the man or the woman and not challenging the idea.  Why do you think that disinformation is so obsessed in you or me attacking the man or the woman and not challenging the idea?  
Well, maybe it is because slavery and the modern system of slavery all around us is about trapping the mind with ideas first and that is why they want us to attack each other and not the ideas.  But if we challenge the ideas and replace the ideas then the system of slavery ceases to be.  So, what are the ideas that entrap us?  Some ideas are bigger than others and some ideas are more significant than others.   I would suggest to you that one of the biggest ideas that has kept the system in power for so long is the concept that you live one life.  They may say that they believe in an after-life but in reality the entire system is geared upon you live one life and that life is controlled.  That makes people abandon the hope of redemption and puts fear into the minds of people that there is nothing more, and if there is something more, it is in some other plane and that we cannot reincarnate and that we do not live more than one life and that we have one life and that is it.   
It reminds me actually of a particular parable that is listed under Tara under the Sacred books at  It’s parable of the Little Girl under the concept of Death in section 46:
The Little Girl
A young girl witnessed her mother endure great sickness.
Yet she was deprived of witnessing her body after death.
Instead, the father said to her: Your mother has gone away to another place.
Whereupon the young girl was greatly saddened and melancholy henceforth.
Until one day, her father gravely ill from injury of battle summonsed her and spoke thus:
It grieves me most not only that you become an orphan, but that you did not see your mother.
For she did not abandon you but died. And surely if you had seen her body you would know.
Soon after the father also died and the little girl was at first denied the chance to see his body.
But upon insistence she did witness the corpse and said thus: Now I see, Oh Father! I thank thee!
For before me is but an empty vessel. And what I love has truly gone on a new journey.
Thus I know you are always with me, as nothing that is created can be uncreated and nothing immortal can ever die. 
Ideas and Beliefs are Powerful
People ask me many times, particularly when I do interviews, “What is Ucadia?  What is Ucadia all about?”  There are different ways to answer that.  If one was to pick one particular answer above many others it is simply this: “Ucadia is an idea about an idea that life is a dream, but a dream has rules, that you are part of the dream and you are the dreamer. And, that what make you ‘you’ and that you are the dreamer.  That what makes you ‘you’ is immortal and you can never die that you may live in form more than once and probably have lived many life times to this point.  But, the key is to know who and what you are and why.  That is what the Ucadia model is all about.  That’s it!  It’s an idea about an idea; life is a dream and the dream has rules and that you are part of the dream and the dreamer and that you are immortal and CAN NEVER DIE!  You can live more than one life and you probably have lived many lives and the key to life is to live but also to know who and what you are.”
The beliefs that trouble you and the stress that you have whether it is money, relations, whatever it is, the beliefs that trouble and challenge you—how many of those did you create yourself?   I don’t mean the adoption of a belief; I mean the actual concept itself.  Did you come up with the concept of original sin yourself?  No.  Someone told it to you and you accepted it.  Did you invent the concept of money, that without a medium of exchange you cannot share and you cannot exchange goods?  No, someone told you that you cannot exchange goods without money.   Of course you can exchange goods without money.  In fact if you have good enough accounting records, you don’t need money.  You just need good accounting and open rules.  
So these ideas entrap us and tell us that we are nothing and that we are useless.  “They” are the elite, we are the “fodder, the slaves.”  We are the “cattle.”  Those are not our ideas and we didn’t invent them.  But, like an old blanket that is well and truly passed its “use by” date, we just cling onto to it.  When everyone else can see what it is, we cling on to this rotting old blanket for some reason, for some certainty.  Sometimes the reason that we hold onto ideas is that we haven’t seen anything that can replace that idea, anything that is better than that idea.  I get questioned all the time by email, Q and A chats, where people use this old “chestnut” of where is the proof that Ucadia works or “show me the sources of your research.”  I laugh and say, “Look, the utility of an idea is that it is useful and if an idea that we are talking about here is ‘who am I, where do I fit and why’ then it’s an idea that can provide an overview to us from nothing right to the smallest particle and right to the largest structures in the universe without contradicting itself.”   That is potentially a pretty useful model.
That is what the Journey of UCA is; that is what the Ucadia patents describe.  It doesn’t have to agree with the existing orthodoxy of beliefs that imply that we are slaves, that there is such a thing as original sin and that our lives are about suffering and that we will be judged, and if we fail that judgment we will live in some eternal damnation.  If that is the primary citation, primary source and the primary foundation of scientific source, and the foundation of citation is based on those principals, on all of that as is the orthodoxy of science.  Not to have source, a consistency, doesn’t make an idea weaker and I might argue that it might make it stronger.   Because, it isn’t a stupid idea.   It’s a sensible idea; it’s an idea that a mind thinking rationally and sensibly, reasonably and logically could conclude that it makes sense.   
It certainly made sense to our ancestors that life is a dream.   But are we using this sense, this knowledge in our daily lives?  Or, have we just let it wash over us as something that sounds nice but really in practice we don’t consider?  What if the slavery that we face has nothing to do with physicality?  In fact let’s flip it—let’s consider that all the visual images of going to court and the clanging of chains and the railroading of people with the Kevlar vests and the batons and the frontline helmets.  What if that is all just imaging and that the real strength comes from the ideas and the impressions of the mind that enslaves us?  That is why the Latin word, ment, mentus, mind are fundamental to their system.  Look at the words:  government, parliament, employment, and environment.  All come from ment, mentus, mind.    It’s built into everything.   They have created a system of the mind and a system of slavery.
How then do we become free?  This is the challenge.  The challenge is our mind.  Take a piece of paper for example.  Let’s just look at a piece of paper.   Let’s draw a line at the top and write positives on the left in the first column and negatives on the right in the other column.    Then draw the line down the center and let’s do a stop-take on where we are.  Let’s consider this: there are two columns and on the left is ‘positives’ and on the right is ‘negatives.’  Let’s go to negative straight away:  lack of funds, lack of money. On the left hand side let’s put some of the positives.  I want you to consider this and if you haven’t done this, if you are not committed to this, if you are not prepared to, you fall back into the ledger of rather than solving it, you are still at the question of Stupidity versus Slavery.  
Taking stock of what you are? who you are?
If you are going to worry about money, health, prison, death, life, then you might as well do a stop-take on every key idea that you know now.  Don’t simply ignore half of the ledger.   So what do we have on the left hand side?  I would suggest that the first one you put up under ‘positives’ is your mind is immortal.  Your mind is immortal is a good start isn’t it?  It’s the truth.  Your mind is immortal, because life is a dream and the dream has rules, you are part of the dream and you are the dreamer.  You can never die.  That is a perfectly sensible positive to start with:  your mind is immortal.  What else can we put under positives?    You can live more than one life.   That’s a good one too, isn’t it.  It doesn’t mean that when you die, that’s it and you won’t come back to life again.  We are saying that if your life is cut short or even if you live a long life, or if you live a sad life, there is a chance to live again.   One of the key points of living is to learn and that your soul, your spirit, the essence of you is here to learn.  
I say to people and they are astounded by this, but it is a fact, to say reincarnation, to believe in reincarnation is NOT a heresy of Christianity.  It is neither a heresy of Catholicism nor a heresy of the doctrines of the Protestant faiths.   It is not a heresy.  It is merely unstated and it is ignored and suppressed and hidden.  Instead commentaries are raised, and often the old standard ones are where certain alleged Christian philosophers have pooh-poohed the idea of reincarnation.   That is not the dogma and the doctrine but merely comments that are used to basically keep people off balance.  If you think about it, if you think about the question of “Do we live more than one life?  Is our mind immortal?  Can we come back again?”  You would have to say that those are some of the most important ideas from which to consider our faith.  Why then would the officials and theologians and philosophers of these organizations hide what were commonly accepted beliefs among the Celts and as present beliefs among the Hindus and Buddhists today?  Why would they hide that?
Well, because of what it means.  If you are a cardinal, a bishop, an elder, a leader and it is revealed to you that we can live one more life and there is evidence that people come back and some even remember who they are, that is enormously powerful.  So on our stop-take of where and who we are, we can write that down—you can live more than one life.  You mind is immortal and you can live more than one life.  On the negative side so far we have the lack of money.  
Before we add any more negatives—actually let’s do add some more negatives.   Lack of money, you are under attack by the existing system.  The existing system attacks you and we have gone through this and please listen to the previous audios.  We go through this over and over.  The existing system attacks you through the use of the concept of the legal person because property, as we have described is not a feature of a man or woman but is a feature of a person.   It is property that you are charged with if there is a crime; all crime is commercial.  That is now embedded and fundamental to their system of commerce.  All crime is commercial is what they say now.  So if it is then it must involve some form of property.  Now that property might be a right or a privilege and it’s connected to a person.  So the attacks that we have against us are very much as to how we see ourselves with that property.  
I have said many times when we have spoken about the challenge of waking up and stopping being stupid is to realize that you own nothing.  You own nothing because firstly, the concept of ownership is fictional and secondly you cannot take that piece of land or that home with you.  You can’t wrap your arms around a home.  You might have a right of use of that home and you may live in that home and you may enjoy that home and wish to ensure that your children continue to have that right.   And, yes, ownership is considered a form of property and ownership is considered obviously a key part, but it is really as the custodian of that property as opposed to the ultimate creator of it.  You didn’t create it.  I’ll qualify that: what I am referring to is that you didn’t create the Earth, you didn’t create the wood; the trees made the wood.  You didn’t create the bricks; the bricks come from the clay.  You may certainly have created the design of the home but that is an idea that is manifest.  
The point I am making is that the things that even when we find ourselves under attack really depend upon whether we are addicted to attaching ourselves to things, or whether we are able to be free of that form of attachment.   And when we see we don’t have to be known to own things, merely to use those things that we need.   It’s a totally different attitude and it’s the difference between living in the world but not being of the world.  So what more can we say on the positive side?  You own nothing but have divine rights of use.  That might seem like a ‘funny’ positive but it’s a positive nonetheless.  You own nothing because you didn’t create the world but you have divine right of use.   You have divine right of use of your body, you have divine right of use of your name, and no one can use those things without your permission and those are divine rights.   You have the right to life and to be here.  That means that you have the right of the use of those things to survive.   
There is the positive.  We know what we are, what we have and what our rights are.   What about the negative side?  On the negative side we get depressed.   We get sick, and we die.  I wouldn’t say dying is a positive thing but we put there that we get depressed, we get sick and we die.  They are all features of life.   We feel pain; that is a negative.  What about the positive?  If you read the Ucadia model and you look at the Journey of UCA then you are part of the dream but you are also the dreamer.  What do we mean by that?  We mean that you are the personification of the Unique Collective Awareness (UCA).  You are it.  But, you are more than that.  You are more than just the personification of the Unique Collective Awareness because you are instanced as a man or a woman and in that form you are the greatest that you ever will be until the next time you come around.  
Two suns cannot embrace; they are destroying one another.  A sun of its immense power and immense size to sustain life cannot sit down and have an ice cream at the bench, but you can and you can feel what it’s like to be the sun when the sun hits your face.  So when you are instanced in this form, you have the ability to feel both.  What an incredible gift!  What an incredible positive thing to feel!  To go and enjoy life and feel the sun on your face and realize that not only are you the sun, but you are you, and the greatest you will ever be is a man or a woman.  The same with life:  I say to people that one of the great anomalies of life and time and you have probably found this, that the happiest times in life just flash before us in an instant and during the most miserable times of our lives, time seems to stop dead.   But if you would ask those over the period of their lives particularly to add up the happiest moments of their lives, they may only add up for a few days of a few weeks.  And, yet, they would never sacrifice those happiest moments for a life time of blandness.
The fact that we get to experience the dream at a level that pain is pain, joy is joy, happiness is happiness, sadness is sadness—what an incredible miracle.  We see far more colors than so many animals.   We get to sense our whole being as this super sensory organ and yet we deny ourselves that and get frustrated by that.  We get distracted by that and we get imprisoned by ideas; we get trapped by the system to believe that no matter where we are we cannot escape, and no matter what we do, it’s futile because it continues.  It reminds me of another parable.  Those mind-virus ideas are complete and utter rubbish.   This particular parable is again from Tara under the sacred texts at under Reincarnation, #50:     
The Three Kings
Once three kings met in conference and spoke of their respective legacies.
The first king spoke and said: I have commissioned the finest artisans and painters,
That they create a legacy of the most beautiful paintings and sculptures for generations to see.
The second king spoke and said: My Lord, as beautiful as your legacy may be,
The paintings shall fade and the sculptures defaced.
Thus, I have commissioned the greatest of monuments in stone that will last for thousands of years.
To which the third kind said thus: My kings, as great as your legacies may be, both be mortal. Yet my legacy be immortal.
For I have neither commissioned painting, nor sculpture, nor monument in stone.
Verily, I have ensured that all my subjects may read and write and have a love of knowledge.
And that the idea of learning and respect of wisdom and virtue is taught to the next generation.
The key to being free is to learn those ideas that can replace those bad ideas, those misconstrued ideas.  The key to be free is to love learning and to respect wisdom and to appreciate what you are.  I hope you read the Journey of UCA if you haven’t.  I hope you read the Covenant of One Heaven if you haven’t.  I hope you are able to listen to the previous audios that we have on  
We only did a few points on the ledger.  If you come to appreciate knowing who and what you are under the positives and negatives then maybe, maybe you will see those ideas that help free you from that mindset of slavery.   In doing so, you might appreciate life better and appreciate others better.   Thank you for listening tonight and I hope the parables and the subject is useful for you.  Above all in taking stock I hope you get to listen and read what we have said and done and it does help you, no matter how deep the crises in your life may be.  This isn’t the end; this is the beginning as tomorrow is the beginning, as everyday is a new beginning.  Until we speak next week, please be well.
Thank you for all who continue to help and be safe.  The Q and A is on at 7PM EST Wednesday, July 3rd under ID 90342#.  Or you can call in at 724-444-7444 and then enter the pin 90342# (and 1# if it asks for another pin).

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