Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A Melbourne fella is facing dreadful harrassment from the police and their barristers. The police labelled him as a vexatious litigant on their database without advising him or giving him a chance to agree or disagree.
He has taken the police to court and has subpoenaed many officers in an attempt to clear his name. As he records all of his conversations with the police, he is in a position to successfully illustrate the disparities between the police evidence tendered in official statements and those that actually occurred.
As a result there has been an application sought by the police trying to prevent witnesses from appearing to give evidence in this trial early next year.
This application is tomorrow and if it is successful, this fella will not be able to produce crucial witnesses that he needs to clear his name.
I am issuing a call to all interested people to come along tomorrow afternoon and be a witness in the public gallery in support of this fella. Many of you know him from common-law meetings in this city, court hearings and the like.
It is harder for democracy to be willingly perverted by officials when there is a more members of our community present and as it stands, I shall be the only member of the community going along to offer support.
You can help by attending and/or spreading this call to others who can attend themselves. That action in itself will be a great help.
If you can attend we shall be meeting at the cafe next to VCAT @ 1.30pm for a hearing that is set down for 2.15pm.

VCAT is at 55 King St Melbourne 3000.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you there tomorrow 16th December 2010.

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