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Peter Rolfe From: Sunday Herald Sun & Michael Byers Editor-In-Chief the Mikiverse. December 12, 2010

Bad start to Christmas: a row of cars parked by the West Gate Freeway after last week's booze bus blitz. Source: HWT Image Library Here we have documented evidence of the failure of the booze bus blitz. How many innocent people were inconvenienced this time, so the revenue raisers could presume 8 cars guilty of a contract infringement?

DRINK-drivers caught in booze bus operations have offered every excuse under the sun for their actions.Here is a nice emotionally laden start to this piece, designed as a hook to lure in unsuspecting readers. The phrase 'every excuse under the sun' is patently false to anyone who thinks about it logically, but it is a deliberate attempt to get you to agree with a particular point of view, which is a corporate point of view that is obligated to gain -or at least raise the appearance of- YOUR consent in order to operate.

Victoria Police opened the excuse book -who has an excuse book? Obviously, there is no physical item, but, it is a type of mental inventory or memory, used by people in authority to deal with those that they have authority over. Examples would include teachers hearing an excuse from their student, or a parent receiving an excuse from their children as to why they did, or did not fulfill a particular task. These people protect, nurture and punish as appropriate to aid our development. Therefore, the implication here is that Victoria Police are in a similar position to those who have some type of of authority over us and this is a position that the Police apparently believe themselves because they vocalise this belief continually in the corporate media- to give the Sunday Herald Sun -this foreign-owned corporate tabloid is positioning itself above us and alongside Victoria Police (who is a registered corporation itself) and therefore superior to you, the reader of this article- a insight into the minds of people caught driving under the influence. This second sentence reinforces the position undertaken in the first sentence which is to gain your agreement to the sentiments being expressed in this piece.

Weird, wacky and outrageous explanations have been offered by drivers young and old trying in vain to avoid the long arm of the law. The first sentence referenced the phrases "drink drivers caught" & "every excuse under the sun". The second features the phrase "Victoria Police opened the excuse book. Now, in the third sentence, we are given another emotionally laden sentence designed to hook us into an opinion. This time old & young drivers -i.e ALL drivers, because what driver is not young or old?- are both offering "weird, wacky and outrageous explanations" as well as "trying in vain to avoid the long arm of the law". Basically, this sentence is defining the driver as an intellectual inferior who can not even think up a decent excuse for their actions and have no ability to escape the clutches of the police who have somehow become "the law". Of course, the Herald Sun has received the 'excuse book' from the law, therefore, it is in a position of trust with the law.

A man pulled over in a car containing three mates told police: "I reckon I was the least pissed out of all of us, so I drove." After being prepared by the first three sentences, the excuses themselves were always going to fit the mould of the overall opinion of this piece, so we would be dissapointed if were expecting anything other than the ridiculous and the humourous.

A man pulled over with his wife by his side said: "My licence expires at midnight so I had to get the car home."

A teenager who exceeded 0.05 offered the unconvincing excuse: "I've only had one beer."

When a man was pulled into a booze bus operation on West Gate Freeway's Todd Rd on-ramp and was asked to produce his licence, he told officers: "No, they took it off me." Asked what he meant, the man said police on the freeway's Todd Rd off-ramp had confiscated his licence 90 minutes earlier. Four excuses hardly qualifies as "every excuse under the sun" now, does it? This last example acts as a bridge to the next portion of the piece which has nothing to do with the title of the piece, that being the disclosure of excuses offered by drink drivers.

As part of Operation RAID, a statewide -actually, this is a Herald Sun error. This was a national- booze blitz -Now we are into the heart of the matter. You have been prepared by having your emotions stoked and now you are being presented with the point of this piece which is to justify the intrusions that these revenue raising exercises create on the innocent person who have had their time wasted by being needlessly caught up in these corporate efforts to raise profit. Not only that, you are having your own ignorance being rubbed in your face by another corporate entity that is profiting off you. Please take note of the description of Operation RAID as being a booze blitz- between November 26 and December 9, police caught 1100 drivers over 0.05 at a strike rate of one in every 287 motorists. -Do you think that these figures are presented this way accidentally? 1 in 287 motorists is the best way to dress up the UTTER FAILURE OF THE CORPORATE POLICE/MEDIA/GOVERNMENT EFFORTS TO JUSTIFY THEIR REVENUE RAISING EXERCISES AS A SAFETY FIRST OPERATION. In two weeks, Victoria Police inconvenienced -by my figures- 314,600 innocent drivers and their passengers to catch 1100 people. This means that 0.34843205574912894%!!!! YES. THAT IS LESS THAN 0.35% OF PEOPLE TESTED WERE DRINK DRIVING. It gets better. A STAGGERING 99.65156794425087% OF INNOCENT PEOPLE HAD THEIR TIME WASTED AND WERE FALSELY PRESUMED GUILTY OF AN OFFENCE UNTIL THEY PROVED THEIR INNOCENCE BY PASSING A TEST THAT ILLUSTRATED THEIR INNOCENCE- They detected 41 drivers under the influence of drugs in the same period at a strike rate of one in 38. What was the propagandistic description of Operation Raid? That's right. It was described as a"statewide booze blitz". Yet the proof of it as a revenue raiser is clearly illustrated by the figures that show that the Victoria Police Corporation issued a whopping 5013 infringement notices/revenue raising opportunities that had NOTHING TO DO WITH DRINK DRIVING. The real reason that the profit-driven-Police-corporation are targeting other revenue raising opportunities is because time after time over 98.5% of people are not liable for the revenue that the Victoria Police corporate officers are trying to raise.

They also caught 441 disqualified drivers, 718 unlicensed drivers, 1814 drivers using a mobile phone, 1013 disobeying traffic signs and signals and 986 failing to wear seat belts.

The information is hidden in plain sight, and like Pavlov's dog, you are being continually conditioned to accept the reality of your existence. And, they are laughing at you because they think that you are too dumb to work out the truth.

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