Thursday, August 18, 2011


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  1. It appears to me that the internet trolls are pushing the point that people can use common law to make the law work for their benefit and elude criminal charges .Either they are ignorant or just idiots because anyone that has spent even a reasonable amount of time trying to grasp common law can figure out its not a get out of jail free scam . Its called defending your rights that are being abused by the people that are paid to serve us but instead are enslaving us by hiding common law and creating their own laws to which we fall victim to without our knowledge or consent . Example : If a drivers license & insurance is not require of you as long as you are not engaging in commercial business on the roads than why in the world would you not take advantage of that RIGHT and avoid playing the unlawful rules created by the MVA in order to extort you of your hard earned money . Why bow down to them and pay them when you are well within your rights not to . In fact you are actually breaking the law by having a license when you are not engaging in commercial business How would you feel if they stopped you and gave everyone a fine for driving with a license that is not required . Knowing and applying common law is our only defense left to take back what has been stolen by the people that we pay to protect us from this . If we dont use this to our full advantage and collapse the current ileagle law system it will surly be the enslavement of humanity and we are running out of time . We all need to be educated in common law so we can stand up to the real criminals and stop this treason before its too late . Investing a little bit of your time to educate yourself should not be a burden upon you it should be a task you are more than willing to complete . Know the law and know your rights or you will soon find yourself without any rights to defend