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I. Rule of Law
i. What separates civilized society from anarchy or tyranny is the existence of clear Rule of Law, the respect of fair Justice and the willing consent by members of the society to obey the Law when performing certain duties for the benefit of their Society; and
ii. No civilization has outlived the collapse of the operation of law, nor has any regime survived long after the inevitable death of its tyrants. Thus, the pages of history are littered with the dust of many nameless cruel and arrogant dictators who believed their system of slavery would be remembered; and
iii. Rule of law may also be defined as a Canon meaning “rule, bar, measure or standard”. Therefore, valid Canon Law is equal to the highest standard law and to “rule of law” based on fact, not faith and may be described as simply as The Law; and
iv. Justice may therefore be defined as to honor the essence of the living law through due process in rendering judgment demonstrating fair remedy. Therefore, the highest respect that may be given to the law of any society is to respect due process of law in recognition of the rights of the law as a living entity, having its own valid personality; and
v. In contrast, any law that deliberately impedes due process and denies fair remedy is neither “just law”, nor valid law, but the laws of tyrants and criminals and must never be afforded the fraud of pretending to represent divine, natural or valid positive law; and
vi. No association of men and women may rightly claim to be a true society unless it can be demonstrated they possess a clear covenant of formation and that essential Civil, Criminal, Judicial Codes and Officers of the society exist with the existence of fair law; and
vii. When an association of men and women is unable to demonstrate they possess a clear covenant of formation, essential fair Codes of Law and the existence and adherence to the Rule of Law, then such associations cannot rightly be regarded as true societies or nations but must rightly be considered unincorporated or incorporated entities of some other existing society and therefore ultimately subject to the Codes of Law and Rule of Law of that greater society; and
viii. However, when an association of men and women demonstrate possession of clear covenants of formation, comprehensive Codes of Law based on fairness and equity of remedy including forms and procedures for the efficient conduct of the societies, then such an association must be afforded the respect of recognition as legitimate international societies subject to comprehensive Rule of Law, whether or not the Sovereignty of such societies are recognized or not; and
II. Models of Law
i. Of all the varieties of law that have ever existed from the beginning of the first civilizations, two essential models of laws of society may be defined – (1) the model of slavery – whereby a few rule with the rest as mandatory or voluntary “slaves” and (2) the model of equality - whereby “all are equal under the law”; and
ii. Contrary to myths perpetrated by apologists for ancient dynasties of slave masters, the older of these two primary models of law is equality before the law – not slavery and slave laws. Slavery – whether voluntary or involuntary - assumes the pre-existence of a sophisticated legal framework of concepts such as the laws of commerce and property. As a result, the laws of slavery emerged much later than the laws of equality – most notably through the famous ancient city of Ur around 2200 BCE and the Code of Ur-Nammu. It is the Code of Ur-Nammu that is the first historic example of the principle “all crime against slaves is commercial” – a vital principle of ancient slave law infamously resurrected through the Uniform Commercial Codes of 1933; and
iii. In contrast and in direct opposition to the commercialization of law by Ur and establishment of the principles of property necessary for sophisticated slavery, one of the most famous attempt to codify uniform laws under which “all are equally subject to the law” were the Babylonian Codes of Hammurabi of around 1986 BCE. Whilst slavery was also an intrinsic part of life of Babylon, slave owners were obliged to treat their slaves with respect and slaves could earn their freedom. This notion that a slave could earn their freedom was also a feature of several civilizations that appeared after the Babylonians, including the pre-Christian Roman Empire; and
iv. It was Constantine who in 326 ushered in the most historic end to slavery with the creation of the Holly (Holy) Roman Empire under the new imperial motto I.N.R.I which means ILEX NOVUM ROMANUM IMPERIUM --literally "One Law (is) New Name (for) Roman Empire" banishing Rome and its claim of right to enslave the world through the motto S•P•Q•R (which in Latin meant SENATUS POPULUS QUO REGNUM or “(The) Senate (of the) People Through Which (is) Rule”).
v. Yet the enlightenment and legacy of Constantine and his successors such as Justinian did not survive the hand of forgers and their slave masters. Instead of representing men and leaders who sought to end the practice of treating people as property through enslavement, those that have controlled the world of slavery for two millennia cursed their souls upon presenting them as arch-proponents of the most wicked form of slavery to ever have been conceived- “spiritually ordained” slavery; and
vi. All models of law predicated on forms of servitude, whether explicitly or implicitly acknowledge as “slavery” are dependent upon beliefs founded on faith and religion, not fact and proof. Thus, the crudest systems of slavery are enforced by fear and intimidation based on absolute rights of the slave masters, while the most sophisticated systems of slavery are based on the willing and voluntary servitude of the slaves.
III. Religious Supported Slavery
i. Of all the models of slavery, the most cruel, the most evil and perverted is the concept that slavery is not only permitted but supported by the Divine Creator. The original authors of this abomination and terrible lies are the priests and scribes of the Israelites – most notably the House of Menesheh in their design of their unholy manifesto to enslavement and the worship of Ba’al Moloch, also known as the Lord of Hosts, also known as Satan, The Devil and Lucifer; and
ii. For religious approved slavery to work a religion claims a divine right and/or permission to treat certain members of the Homo Sapien species as less than ourselves through the promotion of racism, blood rights, custom and scripture. Such beliefs based on faith are “made lawful” through legal fictions such as property rights, debt, tacit consent and other trickeries. As such legal systems must by definition be based on “faith” and not “fact of law”, such systems periodically start to break down and require the unleashing of terror, horror and destruction to re-establish control and faith based prejudices – hence the constant need for war and mass murder; and
iii. Upon their abandonment by the Hyksos and the CuilliaĆ©an during the exile and captivity by the cruel Ramesses, the Yahud cursed god for not saving them. For two hundred and ten years they served their voluntary bonding, whilst their children were slaughtered and all form of calamity and disgrace of their ancestors were brought upon them. But when the Yahud, also known as the Israelites were captured and forced into servitude for the second time under the Persian court of Nebuchadnezzar, the leaders swore an unholy oath to never permit themselves to be slaves again- instead to enslave their enemies and the world – in direct violation to the promises to the Divine; and
iv. Such was their hatred for the Divine who abandoned them and this world of his creation, that when Baba Rabban formed the Kingdom of Israel in the 4th Century, he invented a three level form of slavery whereby slaves who converted to the new religion of Hebrew were to be afforded the highest respect and released within a few years, then non-Hebrew slaves known anciently as Canaanites and now as K-nights, then finally all the rest who were not to be considered slaves, or even as worthy as animals, but as mere chattel known as things; and
v. Whilst the legal concepts of this system are evil enough on their own- in which a very few rule the whole, some are granted recognition as a higher slave and the rest are treated as mere chattel and things to be sold and purchased like goods at a market – what made this system supremely evil was the deliberate falsities of the House of Menesheh stating within their Talmud and later in the corruption of the scriptures of Christianity by claiming that the Divine sanctions such curses; and
vi. Through the fateful events of massive climate change, plague and their immunity through the CCR5 genetic anomaly, the descendents of the House of Menesheh extended their rule as gods under many names including the Khazars, the Khans, the Magyar, the Umayyad, the Genovese and the Venetians across the East and Eastern Europe. Thus the cursed continued to curse the name of the Divine Creator and all living things from the Divine, abandoning any pretense to care for the world in which they claim supreme dominion as any kind of trustees. Instead, they have chosen to continue to behave not as trustees but as hyenas and scavengers “in their own lands”.
IV. The Roman Cult System of Slavery
i. As climate improved and people became immune to endless terror, the treatment of most of the world as less than pigs and farm animals became harder. The descendents of the Twelve “tribes” of the House of Menesheh and the Sarmatian Kingdom of Israel thus evolved their models of slavery to adapt to the changing conditions with the introduction of a level of “middle management” to manage the slaves and enforce their “divinely ordained” claims of slave law; and
ii. Neither Charles Martel, nor his sons Pepin, Carloman, nor Winifred could have imagined that upon the formation of their Universal and Apostolic Church, also known as the Holy Catholic Church in 742 in Paris that they would be aiding to the perpetuation of enslavement and unspeakable cruelty upon the people of the Earth and the planet through the perversions of the Roman Cult and their Venetian/Menesheh/Khazar Overlords; and
iii. While the Roman Cult first seized power through Gregory VII in 1057 with the financial backing and assistance of the fabulously wealthy Venetian Khazarian family the Urseolini it was not until the 13th Century that the Roman Cult achieved real power with the formation of the false Holy See between Venice and the pagan Luciferian families of Rome. The memory of the Franks and their hatred towards slavery and laws of inequality were replaced with yet more curses by the Menesheh by making Charlemagne – as they had done to earlier enemies – one of the great promoters of slavery through Salic law- whereby no one could escape slavery; and
iv. At the heart of the new laws of middle management slavery was the identification of real property from lesser forms of property. Under the legal framework of the Roman Cult, only flesh and land are regarded as having real value, whilst all others forms of property are considered “derived” from the primary forms of real property. Therefore, higher slaves such as modern Roman Slaves in positions as Kings, Queens, Presidents, Governors are considered flesh, whilst many of their “subjects” are considered mere chattel attached to the land. Similarly, when one is legally deprived of ownership of their flesh, then technically they are in poverty – holding no real property - and lawfully a “debt” slave; and
v. To ensure that no one challenged the descendents of the Menesheh and their absolute control and claim of all “real property”, the Roman Cult was tasked with the introduction of a new form of law- being Trust Law. The first express Trust formed for this trickery and thievery was Unam Sanctam, issued by Pope Boniface VIII of the Roman Cult in 1302 falsely proclaiming that the Roman Cult held the right to assume the role of trustees in the form of the court of trustees known as the Curia, first formed for this purpose, derived from the Latin word cura/ae meaning guardian/trusteeship; and
vi. Thus all the “real property” of the world was expressed into this trust, administered by the Curia as the court of Trustees, with the hidden owners not being the Divine but the blood descendents of the Menesheh in perpetuity. To hide the operation of the trust, history has since created awful absurdities to claim that Curia is somehow related to the Latin word Senate and many dozens of false Papal Bulls were created to hide the Trust Deed claiming ownership of the whole world in plain sight; and
vii. To ensure the collusion and cooperation of those with less arrogance and hatred of the Divine than the Menesheh, the offer of bonding as Caananites or K-nights (Knights) was offered along with the higher slave role of Sovereign to a handful of trustworthy families, most notably the loyal Scythians who converted to Sarmatianism and became known as the Black Khazars and later as the Ashkenazi. The Curia as trustees then divided the world into regions for the sale of contracts for slavery, first with Spain and Portugal and then later to England, whilst those who performed the slavery and profited from the slavery remained the descendents of the Menesheh; and
viii. Despite of the age of the express trust deed Unam Sanctam, by the very laws of trust that they themselves formed, both the Roman Cult and their masters are guilty of fraud and dishonor from the very beginning in the formation of the Curia and the claimed conveyance of property into this trust:
(1) Firstly, the leader of the Roman Cult through the trust deed Unam Sanctam claims to represent an apostolic chain of spiritual leaders back to the original founders of Christianity which is blatantly and easily exposed by anyone who reject the office of Roman slave and their corrupted history. The Roman Cult, also known as the Vatican and the Holy See were neither the founders of the Catholic Church, nor Imperial Christanity. Instead, they are and have remained dedicated Satanists, dutifully serving their masters being the descendents of the Menesheh – themselves not the true blood line leaders of the Yahud, now known by the false term “Jews”. Therefore on deliberately and openly misrepresenting their claimed authority, the conveyance of property claimed by Unam Sanctam must be wholly unlawful, null, void with the Curia neither lawful trustees, nor there being any valid trust in existence; and
(2) Secondly, the leader of the Roman Cult through the trust deed Unam Sanctam refer to the corrupted and wholly evil writings of the Menesheh and their Talmud in using “faith” and these false scriptures to claim Divine Right to convey all “real property” into the claimed trust. As such writings can be easily proven to be neither authentic to the original claimed authors and that both the Roman Cult and their masters have demonstrated a long history of forged and fraudulent documents, such “lawful rights” render the deed null, void and any such conveyance both unlawful and without effect; and
(3) Thirdly and most importantly, the Roman Cult and their slave masters fail to recognize in their fraudulent alleged trust deed of 1302 that for over 5,000 years, the Divine Creator had recognized an ancient bloodline as Trustees, Stewards and Custodians and that all the real property had been already lawfully conveyed into trust to the CuilliaĆ©an, also known as the Holly, also known as the Holy, also known as the Hyksos, the Prophets, the Serpent Kings, the Shining Ones the Priest-Kings of Ur, of Ebla and the true Messiah Kings of the Yahud and the Menesheh. Therefore, the destruction of the sacred lands and the removal from history of their existence, including the theft of their title “Holly” and “Holy” is without lawful basis and negates every criminal and dishonorable act they have perpetrated since – including rendering Unam Sanctam null, void and without validity; and
ix. While these are facts that cannot be disputed, regardless of the force applied by either the Roman Cult or its masters to the contrary, historical evidence exists to suggest that the lower bloodlines of the Menesheh and Roman Cult officials have known for sometime that their claimed role of trustees is unsustainable- hence the introduction in the 16th Century of a new form of slavery- being voluntary servitude through the active rejection of both the Roman Cult and the Menesheh in the form of “Common Law Rights”.
V. The Common Law System of Slavery
i. It is an article of faith to almost all those who testify to the claimed “superiority” of common law that its birth was derived not from servitude to the Roman Cult and the Venetian Slave Masters but rejection of “Popery” and moneylenders through the “protestant” movement. Yet while these sentiments reflect the noble and idealized views of many great writers, jurists and lawyers, it does not reflect the facts of its formation, its purpose nor the deliberate infusion of such “misdirection” from the very beginning; and
ii. The hatred of the wickedness of Rome and the ancient slavemasters by many who follow protestant Christian values has served as the perfect cover to “blind” many for centuries to the actual facts of its formation. None moreso than the very beginning of the “protestant” movement and emergence of the sophisticated systems of common law commerce, admiralty law under the reign of Henry VIII and his successors. For what is never openly discussed is how the Kingdom of England suddenly came into phenomenal wealth virtually overnight, along with an entirely new array of legal fictions based on the concept that men and women bind themselves as slaves by denying them ownership of real property, the trade in commerce to create debt and their acceptance as surety for such debt?
iii. Indeed the very meaning of the word Common as first formed in the 14th century from the Latin com/comitto = "to entrust, commit" and munis = "burden, public duty, service or obligation" literally means “to entrust to voluntary service/obligation”. To severe the flesh from the mind and the spirit from the flesh and mind, the Venetian slavemasters devised an ingenius duplicit world in which all real property was consented to be held “in trust”, while the sweat equity and energy of the voluntary slaves was then controlled not as serfs, but as “employees” of companies, with all primary companies controlled by the Roman Cult for the slavemasters; and
iv. Meanwhile, when any baby has been borne for the past few hundred years, the parents are tricked into giving the flesh and soul of the baby to the Roman Cult in the guise of the signed Live Birth record. The Live birth record is then bonded, so to institute a further safeguard of mandatory slavery, while a birth certificate of a new corporate entity is issued and the new child is taught into believing the birth certificate and name is theirs, instead of the property of a greater corporate entity; and
v. The Common Law system of voluntary slavery has emerged as extremely successful- especially when supported by the concept of Demo (take away/remove) Cratis (faggot/bundle of sticks being ancient symbol of rights and fascism) also known as the system of “democracy” or voluntary fascism. Yet a negative side effect for both the Roman Cult and their slavemasters is the continued accumulation of rights under Common Law of the slaves. For this reason, a number of major steps to return the population of slaves to more manageable levels of lesser rights has been actively pursued for the past one hundred and fifty years; and
vi. The principles of equity in the 19th Century were removed under the Common Law system of voluntary servitude, so that the laws of slavery no longer provided fairness or relevant remedy. The laws of mortmain – called “dead hand” laws were returned also so that real property such as land could not be lawfully claimed – even in new territories, nor could people lawfully reclaim their flesh as slaves, once taken. Meanwhile, to ensure no vassal nation representing nothing more than a plantation of slaves could deviate from the control of the rulers, the Roman Cult has constantly reinvented its Canon Laws; and
vii. Yet for all these innovations at seeking to corrupt and depreciate the common laws of voluntary slavery, it was considered insufficient and unacceptable by the false leaders of the Menesheh being the Scythian tribes who converted to Sarmatianism and later known as the Ashkenazi. Hence the events that led to the abolition in practice of common law in 1933 and the introduction of pure commercial law and the return to the ancient slave laws of the Menesheh Talmud and ancient texts such as the Code of Ur-Nammu.
VI. The Modern Commercial Law System of Slavery
i. Whilst Common Law provided a powerful framework for voluntary slavery, it also presented a problem for many of those in power in that rights of slaves continued to be accrued as common law continued. A decision was reached to suspend and abolish common law and return to the archaic primary slave laws of the House of Menesheh and Khazars/Venetians; and
ii. In 1933, the apparatus was put in place whereby all but a few in the world were returned to nothing more than chattel and property to be bought and sold. Maritime Liens have been placed on new borne babies since 1933, severing their soul from their flesh and cursing them to servitude; and
iii. In 1983, to ensure judges in slave plantations such as the United States, Canada and Europe cease to use common law principles, the Roman Cult issued its most draconian and awful version of Canon Law whereby courts were considered oratories, judges as ordinary (priests) and their chambers as chapels. Now with full ecclesiastical powers, judges have been continually taught to adhere to the false Noahide laws of the false leaders of the Menesheh being the Ashkenazi, descended from the Black Khazars, themselves descended from the Scythians who were never true Israelites, but the very worst heretics; and
iv. This is why the courts no longer bother to consider any precedents or traditions under common (voluntary slave) law as most people are not even afforded the right to be regarded as a slave.
VII. The end to Slavery
i. One who reads our pronouncement may reject some or all of what has been written, especially considering the principle of slavery. Indeed, slave laws have been abolished for all corporate subsidiaries of the Roman Cult and the Canon Law craftily refers to slavery as undesirable. Yet all that has happened is that the middle management of slavery has been removed and the control of slavery has now been re-claimed and returned to those few Scythian descended families who arrogantly and wrongly still believe they are the heirs to the leaders of the Menesheh and the bloodlines of the Sarmatians; and
ii. Instead, the slave laws of the Talmud have been renewed and reclaimed in full effect, with senior judges and lawyers across the world being held to account to swear and oath to follow the corrupted and false teachings of false leaders of the Menesheh and their corrupt hand in corrupted Christian texts; and
iii. Nor do the Ashkenazi/Scythians as those who falsely claim to be the leaders of Menesheh even follow their own laws as evidenced by the confected End of Days through WWII, the creation of the state of Israel and the United Nations as a vain attempt to fulfill the unification of the twelve "tribes" of the lost Sarmatian Kingdom of Israel; and
iv. Nor do these Scythian/Black Khazar and false Israelite families honor a single word of the Talmud, as evidenced by their continued bonding and enslavement through their documents, taxes and registration of most ancient Yahud and Menesheh blood which is forbidden by their own scripture; and
v. These people, especially those who reject Our commands believe in nothing. They stand for nothing. Their entire world and blood heritage is a lie. They excel in nothing but fraud and convincing others to remain willing slaves to their madness, when their claimed bloodrights are without validity; and
vi. Therefore, we wholly reject the various claims by the Roman Cult, also known as the Vatican, also known as the Holy See and its documents known as “Canon Law” as nothing more than mistaken and false positive laws having no validity in Divine Law or Natural Law; and
vii. We remind all those who arrogantly stand and claim themselves the blood and spiritual descendents of the Menesheh and the Yahud that they have now received through this sacred document divine notice of protest and that the true heirs, the true trustees have returned to reclaim their rightful position; and
viii. Thus any judge or official who uses the Canon Law of the Roman Cult as the basis of their acts does so without any lawful basis of law but the temporary and unsustainable power of fear, violence and corruption.
VIII. Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum
i. By Right, Power and Authority as the first and most sacred trustees of the Divine, the pronouncements of law known collectively as Canonum De Lex Divina and also known as the Canons of Divine Law are hereby promulgated in the original form of Ucadian Language; and
ii. The Canonum De Lex Divina represents the primary, one and only true first canon of Divine Law. Excluding the Covenant of One Heaven, all other laws, claims and agreements claiming standards of Divine Law shall be secondary and inferior to the Canonum De Lex Divina ab initio (from the beginning); and
iii. The Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum comprises twenty two (22) Books, known as Canons, each addressing a fundamental pillar of Divine Law and a domain of knowledge. The Canons are: Canons of Divine Law, Canons of Natural Law, Canons of Positive Law, Canons of Ecclesiastical Law, Canons of Life and Ethics, Canons of Food and Drugs, Canons of Knowledge, Canons of Obligation and Agreement, Canons of Property and Succession, Canons of Money and Trade, Canons of Work and Travel, Canons of Language, Canons of Civilization, Canons of Entities, Canons of Religion, Canons of Sacred Texts, Canons of Society, Canons of Treaties, Canons of Rites and Customs, Canons of Sacred Office, Canons of Divine Sacraments and Canons of Times and Places; and
vi. These Canons of Divine Law may be taken in official original document form and spoken form to represent one complete set of the twenty-two (22) Canons of law known collectively as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum, also known as Living Body of Divine Canon Law and the highest of all Original Law; and
v. When referring to these Canons of Divine Law collectively it may also be taken both in printed form and spoken word that we mean this complete and accurate set of laws as the highest of all Original Law; and
vi. When part or all of these laws as presented or spoken in any language other than the Official Ucadian Languages, it may be taken as a translation and not the primary language. Therefore, any secondary meaning implying deficiency, claimed abrogation of any right or any other defect of a word in a translated language shall be null and void ab initio (from the beginning); and
vii. When referring to these Canons of Divine Law collectively it may also be taken that the primary and original form of these laws resides as a supernatural spiritual document registered in Heaven first and a physical document registered in the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven upon the Earth second. Therefore, wherever an official and valid form of these laws is present in physical form, it shall be bound to its spiritual form, from which it derives its spiritual power and authenticity; and
viii. Let no man, woman, spirit, executor, administrator or officer of a lesser society place themselves in grave dishonor of Divine Law, Natural Law and the Living Law upon denying the validity of these canons of law. Having been warned, any act in defiance of these laws shall have no effect and any spiritual invocation in opposition to the validity of these laws shall be immediately returned upon the maker.
Therefore upon this Pronouncement, warranted by Our Right, upon necessity, We invoke both our free domain and these Rights for Ourselves and for and on behalf of all men and women, living or deceased, with the considerate judgment of all men and women living and deceased and the gracious favor of the Divine Creator; and
We hereby give life and personality to this sacred irrevocable Deed through Our seal in Our blood; and
As it is written, so let it be done! let it be done! let it be done!



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