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Release date: Wed 20 June 2007
Last updated: Thu 15 July 2010
The Business Services Department (BSD) drives accountability for, and continuous improvement of, the strategic and operational aspects of:
  • Financial services, planning and investment;
  • Procurement, contract and commercial management;
  • Investment strategy, planning and portfolio management;
  • Business performance and reporting; and
  • Records services
Our functions include financial support and compliance; strategic financial advice and investment; procurement, contracts and project governance; performance analysis, forecasting and modelling; and records management.

We provide critical information to support decision making at many levels and in particular by the Victoria Police Executive and Victoria Police Leadership Group.

The community is a key stakeholder of our business as we have a number of branches which provide critical information processes and services to the public.

The Business Services Department consists of the Office of the Executive Director and the following Divisions:
Financial Services Division
Financial Services Division is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic financial and budget management initiatives which support organisational objectives and government reforms.

Corporate Investment and Performance Division
The Corporate Investment and Performance Division play a key role to integrate financial and non-financial information across the Department. This integration will improve the breadth, depth and quality of financial analysis, which in turn supports Victoria Police’s financial accountability, legislative compliance, reporting, corporate investment planning and decision-making.

Procurement, Contracts and Commercial Division
Procurement, Contracts and Commercial Division provides high quality service delivery in the following area of corporate procurement and commercial practice: Authoritative strategy, policy and procedural advice; practical support in the acquisition of goods and/or services and the management of commercial relationships; compliance and performance monitoring; education programs; secretariat services to the Accredited Purchasing Unit; and asset replacement.

Records Services Division
The Records Services Division’s key focus across all branches is to ensure information release to operational police, stakeholders and customers is accurate, appropriate, timely and accountable.

Business Performance and Intelligence Division
Business Performance and Intelligence Division provides business and operational information and intelligence to assist Victoria Police in achieving the outcomes identified in the strategic plan and business support for users and developers of operational IT applications. The Division includes: Corporate Statistics; Corporate Performance; LEAP Management Unit ; and Management Index Project.

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