Wednesday, September 7, 2011


By Michael Byers.
There are only TWO LAWS: God's Law & Man's Law.
God's law does not appear to be negotiable. It appears that:
1. God created us all as equal to each other.
2. It naturally follows that no wo/man can tell another what to do.
3. To try to tell a wo/man what to do is an untenable position if we are all equal.
4. However, a wo/man may create an idea that is acceptable to another wo/man.
5. It naturally follows that a wo/man may apply a title to his/her idea before presenting it to another wo/man.
6. When the two wo/men agreed to this titled idea, a contract is established.
7. It naturally follows that an agreement, or contract can only be established without force or duress.
8. This is because a wo/man cannot express his/herself naturally and freely when subjected to force by another wo/man.
9. Force or duress is a physical, mental or vocalised act of violence designed to coerce you into accepting another’s idea or contract, or, to prevent you from manifesting your own ideas that does not correspond exactly with the wo/man who is applying duress or force upon you.
10. EVERY single wo/man-made idea that has been titled a law, statute, regulation, code or rule is a contract, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

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