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Keith Moor From: Herald Sun  & Mikiverse Law June 30, 2012

Night speed camera
New infra-red speed cameras take perfect snaps without tell-tale flashing. Herald Sun
It is amazing what can be done with photo shop to try and program people with pictures. 
NEW cameras have secretly snapped thousands of motorists speeding in the dead of night on often deserted roads. 
Does the fact that Victoria Police have been secretly & covertly spying on you concern you?
The infra-red mobile speed cameras nabbed 6300 drivers -out of how many total drivers?- between 10pm-6am in the first four months of this year, figures provided to the Herald Sun reveal.
Is this some type of reward for Herald Sun's efforts in helping Victoria Police spread propaganda in an effort to program people?
Almost 1000 were busted between midnight and 3am and 1900 were nabbed between 5am and 6am.
These are farcical figures that mean nothing. The employment of the word 'busted' is more interesting as it helps to program you an opinion.
The blitz follows a recommendation by Auditor-General Des Pearson in August last year that police should dramatically increase their use of mobile speed cameras at night.
How do you feel about all occurring because of a 'public servant'?
Did you know that before becoming Auditor-General in 2006, Pearson performed the same function for Western Australia from 1991-2006? 
By the end of last year, every mobile speed camera in Victoria had infra-red technology.
Which means three things;
1. The fixed revenue raising cameras don't have infra red.
2. The revenue raisers WILL NOT tell you if this changes until AFTER they have fined you.
3. Revenue raisers will be out on the streets trying to fleece you out your hard earned.
Before that, their use was minimal because camera flashes tipped off motorists. But the new breed of cameras take perfect snaps without tell-tale flashing.
Even though they sell you the marketing message about safety, it is actually about money. Hence the need for stealth & deception.
Supt Dean McWhirter yesterday warned speedsters they could now be caught "anywhere and at anytime".
This, of course is a classic case of programming.
1. The sentence begins with someone that you are taught to believe is a authority figure.
2. The sentence 'de-humanises' certain people, and redefines certain people as 'speedsters'.
3. The sentence encourages the belief that to be a 'speedster' is to do something 'wrong'.
4. The sentence makes neither comment, nor does it offer analysis on why a public servant is seeking to threaten the public with retribution if they are caught being/doing something that has been arbitrarily deemed to be wrong.   
"Previously there were some limitations on night-time deployment due to risks posed to camera operators," he said.
"Essentially, the light flash of the camera alerted motorists to the presence of the mobile speed camera car and camera operator.
"There were cases where camera vehicles were subsequently damaged. The Auditor-General's report has provided the impetus for increasing the use of mobile speed cameras at night and it is likely this trend will continue where there is an identified road-policing need."
Police did a study of how many motorists were speeding when they drove past mobile speed cameras during the last six months of 2011.
It revealed 2.6 per cent were speeding during the day and 3.4 per cent were speeding at night.
Which means that 97.4% & 96.6% of people are being harassed & inconvenienced needlessly so the government corporate thieves can target a segment of the population that they don't like.
"That is certainly a concern to police," Supt McWhirter said.
"Victorian drivers need to be aware that police are increasing the use of mobile speed cameras at night.
Increasing from the covert operations of this & last year. An income earning opportunity has been spotted and all efforts will be placed into 
Just like police, mobile speed cameras are enforcing speed limits throughout the state, at all times of day and night.
The Orwellian message is what is being enforced.
"Our message to all road users is –not interested in a civil servants message, so shut the fuck up, k?– this - if you don't speed, you have nothing to worry about.
unless of course the cameras fuck up, which only happens ALL the time.
"Speed continues to be the major factor in about one-third of fatal collisions on Victorian roads.
There is that vague word being employed, unless the revenue raiser was meaning amphetamines, which is very convenient.
"Research also shows that if all drivers across the state dropped just 1km/h off their average speed, we could see about 15 lives saved every year - and up to 300 serious injuries would be avoided.
What research? Is this the same research that uses convenient instruments such as ‘speed’? Are you aware of the trickery being played in the previous quote? Even if the data IS correct, what does an average speed have to do with your given speed @ any one point on your journey which is what the speed camera measures? Maybe if you dropped your speed from 120kph to 119 kph and saved your 15 lives, as well as your 300 serious injuries, you can use this as a defence to the speeding charge in court because lets face it, isn’t this all about safety
"We will continue to deploy our mobile speed cameras to the state's roads to get the message out that speed kills.”
He means to raise revenue.
5780 motorists were snapped by fixed speed cameras on the Forsyth Rd bridge over Princes Freeway at Hoppers Crossing - the state's hottest site - in the three months to April.
2206 more motorists were caught on the Geelong Rd, at Werribee, by mobile speed cameras in the same period.
2430 drivers were caught by red light cameras at the intersection of Cemetery Rd West and Royal Pde in Parkville.
More numbers, more useless stats.
This has nothing to do with infra red cameras and everything to do with with mixing similar figures together to try and fool you into thinking that this is a justified activity about safety, and not about revenue raising and controlling you and your freedom.
$250 MILLION was forfeited by stolen from more than 1.3 million motorists caught by speed and red light cameras in the past financial year - 586,058 were nabbed by mobile speed cameras.
$66 MILLION was raised stolen by all traffic cameras in the first three months of this year from almost 340,000 drivers.
229,082 of the 286,264 motorists nabbed in the first quarter of the year were exceeding the speed limit by less than 10km/h.
ALMOST 14,000 successful appeals were lodged against speeding fines in the first quarter. Drivers were issued official warnings instead.
$257 MILLION is the amount the Baillieu Government expects to rake in from traffic camera fines in 2011-12 and $306 million in 2012-13
But it isn’t about money it is about safety. ;)

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