Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Canadian freeman, known to many by his calling, Sir-Mika Sovereign was suddenly kidnapped on an unexplained non-commital warrant approximately the 7th of June and has been subjected to unlawful torture ever since by the Canadian ‘authorities’.
He is being held in the OTTAWA CARLETON DETENTION CENTRE which is located @ 2244 Innes Road Ottawa K1B 4C4 Phone: 613 824 6080.
It is expected that his unlawful, and prolonged torture will end June 30th, although, given that there are neither any charges, nor, lawful outstanding warrants, we cannot be certain.
The Police have not read him his rights and have told many people that he is not there.
Two information and support pages have been set up to try and get information out to the ever increasing global freemen movement that continues to flourish despite violent oppression from corporate cartel entities that dress up and pretend to be officials vested with lawful authority.
1. If you are in Ottawa or can get to Ottawa, go and visit the above address between 1-5 pm. Suggested guidelines have been put up on Sir-Mika’s facebook page, as well as the two support pages. These instructions have been crafted by Facebook users from the aforementioned support pages.
"THINGS TO DO: GO IN PERSON TO THE JAIL, ASK FOR MIKA RESILA, whatever they say get it on paper, then go to the court house and pick up a MOTION of Dismissal, if the jail persists he is not there, go to the RCMP and ask them, if they all persist in lying call INTERPOL and declare a missing MAN"
2. If you are not local, ring the above number or send an email to www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca/ This looks generic so we’ll search for a location specific address. Post in comments if you know of such an address.
"Hello, who i am speaking to..
may i have your name and title please? ... 
I am calling to notify you that my friend who is known by: Mika of the family Rasila and It has come to my knowledge that Mika has been kidnapped by your agents and that you have falsely imprisoned him.
Many in the internet community worldwide are aware that he was kidnapped unlawfully, without any warrant or producing. any claim of injury and without giving him due process. and is being held illegally in your jail
As one of the many sovereign beings who have received word of Mika’s kidnapping I am hereby putting you on notice, with Notice to principal is notice to agent and visa versa... that “you have not PROVEN ANY jurisdiction, and that NO sovereign being is your SUBJECT nor bound by any of man’s statutes , codes and acts... would like you to be aware that.. Your attempts to create legal joinder with a sovereign man without his consent constitutes various felony and misdemeanor crimes.
I am spreading this information the world over.. ...I AM WATCHING and I am exposing your crimes.
I hereby charge you individually to answer for your participation in official oppression and Mika's kidnapping, tyranny, treason and FRAUD.
The world is watching... You ( name _____ who you are speaking to), have been NOTIFIED and WARNED...and by law,You MUST release Mika immediately and restore him to his prior state of wholeness which he enjoyed before you assaulted him.
I demand that you obey the law and do just that!”

Take a recorder with you in case of mischief.
3.  Participate in the conversations @ the various facebook pages and get the latest news as it develops. 
4. Upload Mika's Sovereign Status Card as your profile pic to show solidarity.

Disgusting. 3 squeezed into a cell designed for 2. Bland tasteless food, unsanitary, unhygienic conditions.
Read for yourself what Mika is going through right here:

Keep strong brother.

Email me any queries, I’ll do my best to respond, but the groups mentioned here will be your best shot.

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