Sunday, September 9, 2012


An impressive 86% of informed Mikiverse Law consumers have read an Act of Parliament according to the results of the inaugural, Mikiverse Law poll. This result is a pleasing bucking of a trend, in which many if not most of the community members have appeared to bought forward very cogent, convincing arguments to the effect, that they have never read any of the words contained within the statutory bodies of words that are so malevolently wielded against them, by the very criminal networks of corrupt government companies and cartels that has long pretended to operate in service of the community.
As the community reels under the continuous assaults placed on it by successive Commonwealth, State, Local, & International governmental companies, cartels and agencies, it seems that more and more members of the community are not only seeking to read Acts of Parliament, but, are also availing themselves of important news sources like Mikiverse Law to keep up to date with what is really going on in our local and global communities.
It is heartening for our community when individual members seek to read the statutes that the criminal cartels use, in a methodical, malicious and very deliberate effort to engineer and maintain to bind us into servitude. Of course, they will fail if we remember that it is us that is the source of all Law.

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  1. Might just be that your readership has a higher percentage of awakened and educated spirits than the mainstream...keep up the good work!