Saturday, September 15, 2012


This letter found its way into my inbox, so I thought that I'd share with you.
Federal Attorney General & Minister for Justice,
Parliament House,
Dear Attorney General,
On Saturday, the 22nd of September 2012, Milovan Stankovic will be moving back onto HIS property at Lot B President Road, Kellyville, NSW.
He, like EVERY Australian who is a victim of AUSTRALIA'S totally UNLAWFUL KANGAROO COURTS (whether they go by the names of a "Local Court", "District Court", "Supreme Court", "Federal Court", "Federal Magistrates Court", "Family Court" or "High Court") which VIOLATE or LEGAL RIGHTS and disregard legal procedures.
Our most important and indeed INALIENABLE RIGHT is to TRIAL BY JURY....... and NO PARLIAMENT has the jurisdiction to undermine or take away any such RIGHT of the PEOPLE.
If you wish to talk to either Milovan (on 0410 242 333) or myself (on 0401 413 650), then please please do so.
Milovan has a barrister, Sir John Walsh of Branagh, is representing him in the Supreme Court of New South wales, the Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia and he has summed up the situation with the words, "What has happened to Milovan is a blight on the justice system, and is an indication as to how the statutes and rules of bankruptcy can be abused to destroy people.".
Sir John WB is being diplomatic.
I, also, am a victim of of the sheer bastardy and treachery of "the justice system" ...... as are countless other Australians .... a "justice system" correctly described in Ecclesiastes 3: 16 that says: "Moreover I saw under the sun: In the place of judgment, wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there."
Magna Carta 1215 guarantees our RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY FOR EVER and says emphatically "No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him, unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land." ..... the Bill of Rights 1688 exposes the "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" who endeavour to "subvert and extirpate (our) laws and liberties".
Well, on Saturday the 22nd of September at 12 o'clock midday, Milovan invites any FREEDOM-LOVING Australian to join him for a sausage sizzle on HIS property in the heart of Sydney's KELLYVILLE.
Milovan is NO NED KELLY .... he is a hard-working Serbian man who came to Australia believing this would be a country where he could get a "FAIR GO".
"I am living on the street." is how he described living in his truck and sleeping on a matress on a grassy verge for the last 2 YEARS.
And now, he has had enough.
He has NOT BEEN LAWFULLY DISPOSSESSED and has even PAID the ILLEGALLY DEMANDED $15,420-00 by the Federal Magistrates Court on DAY 13 of an ordered 21-DAY STAY of a "Sequestration Order" to NULLIFY that FIASCO....... but that didn't stop the THIEVES.
Yes, Milovan has had enough!  
The Police at The Hills Police Station have been informed of the PEACEFUL actions that will take place on that day and they have say, "That is a CIVIL MATTER and the Police have NO INVOLVEMENT."
However, YOU, as the Federal Attorney-General and Minister for Justice are VERY MUCH INVOLVED and have a DUTY OF CARE towards Milovan.   
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Copy to Alex Hawke, MP,
Federal Member for Mitchell,

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