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Hello and thanks for reading and listening to this weeks blog and audio on One of the most false and corrupt tricks of the private bar guilds regarding how they argue they won’t accept your forms, even when they appear to perfectly comply to the guidelines and rulings they set forth.

In other words, you have a legal matter before a particular court, such as a magistrates court, or county court, or district court or even supreme court and you follow to the letter their instructions on how certain forms need to be completed and when it comes to the day, the judge or magistrate simply ignores your forms without any fair consideration and it seems they are running their own race. So how do they get away with it?

Well, if you have been listening to the past two weeks of Ucadia blogs and audios you will know that I have been trying to get back to the most basic and fundamental of perceptions when dealing with the private bar guilds, the current political and rulings classes of society in making plain that if the law is not equal for all people, then there is no rule of law. Full stop. Period. No if’s or buts.

In other words, where there is no equality of law, you live under the rule of tyrants, where might is right, and rule by force and fear. So any claimed law that is issued under such a system is not a law, it is what is called a dictat or dictate – a proclamation without valid authority enforced by force, threat or fear that something must be obeyed. 

For example in the case of almost 99% of council regulations are dictat or dictates of a dictator that have absolutely no mandate, lawful basis of authority and are simply enforced by blatant and unequal threat in the absence of any rule of law.

Then last week we made the point that if the adjudication of law means there is no fairness, no equal rights, no good faith, no clean hands at arms length and no presumption of innocence until proof of guilt, then there is no justice. None, zero. 

In other words, any sentence, order or edict by the court has absolutely no moral, lawful or legal basis whatsoever, other than as a dictat or dictate by a dictator to be enforced by militia and privateers who are employed by such illegal and unlawful claims to enforce injustice.

As we demonstrated in the pyramid of rights or “jus” where the private bar guilds have granted themselves extraordinary, unprecedented rights and powers above all other parts of society thus removing any possible rational, reasonable and logical claim there is any form of justice, in such countries as the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom.

Of course, this is in complete contradiction to the claims of the private bar guilds running for profit businesses as courts when they speak through the media. They say justice exists, the rule of law exists and that the people are in control through the democratic election of leaders. Yet, despite such spin, despite such George Orwellian double-speak, the evidence exposes such falsities.

One hundred and thirty rights created out of thin air by the private bar guilds in the past two hundred plus years through their dictionaries and case laws. Yet the most powerful of these rights, such as Jus Immunitatis – the right to absolute immunity or Jus Dicere – the right to decide whatever the law is are reserved purely for the private bar guild. The evidence doesn’t lie and some day in the future, more and more people are going to wake up and look past the constant fog of disinfo at the overwhelming evidence to realize without the golden rule in effect, there is no rule of law, without equal rights under equal rule of law, there is no justice. 

So is there any hope? Is there any way to overcome when the tyrannical system masquerading as democracy demands you front up to one of their business offices masquerading as courts? Well, yes there is some hope. It is the fact that if the people ever woke up out of their sugar-salt-hormone and preservative haze they might demand a restoration of law; that as has been shown when social media seizes on an overwhelming example of miscarriage of justice, the system is exposed – so there is sensitivity to maintaining the appearance of justice.

That is why I have repeated over and over in recent weeks that one of the simplest yet most powerful things you can ask with respect when going to any court is whether the judge or magistrate will be hearing the matter in good faith and without prejudice? As many of you have shared, some judges and magistrates openly welcome the honest question and answer, yet some judges demonstrate their inappropriateness for claiming such a position by obfuscating and refusing to answer.

So there are signs of possible relief and the internet continues to grow with real, not mythical stories of people finding relief when judges and magistrates choose to honor, what little law exists in court rooms, instead of being pirates. To those judges and magistrates that honor the spirit of law and the ancient ways of law, before the banks seized control and condemned our societies to the matrix of insanity that encloses it today, is say “thank you”. Thank you to all of you who continue to prove there are good people in all positions of society and all walks of life. Thank you for keeping the hope alive that one day we will see a restoration of law and justice that reflects the intentions of the founders of so many great nations.

In the mean time, let no one trick you, confuse you, tell you the kind of falsities that we described last week that the only reason you do not achieve relief is because you are somehow doing it wrong, or that terms such as person, or trust are beyond your comprehension or are dangerous or even that people are getting big financial remedies from the system following certain gurus. Let the lies stop. Let the disinfo stop. The problem is simple – most people live in societies where there is no rule of law, there is no justice, only the fake appearance of justice if you obey without question the demands of the intelligentsia, the illuminati class. That is why innocent people are going to prison. That is why honest people are having their homes and possessions seized. Not because they didn’t follow the yellow brick road – but because they dared to question and the system decided to step on them with both feet, so set an example- the old chestnut of fear and threat.

Next week, I want to focus on possible answers when facing openly corrupt, incompetence and dangerous magistrates and judges who do not care they are exposing their own system. But this week, I want to focus on one possible point of relief in reviewing a point of forms- what are forms when we go to court? And how do the private bar guilds trick us into creating defective forms, even if we have followed their instructions to the letter?

Why is this important? And how might this help? Well for one, if it turns out that we can dramatically improve the strength of our forms that then forces the private bar guilds to openly break their own rules then that is better than the automated steam roller.  And for some, it might actually mean that those judges and magistrates and clerks who have any remnant of decency and honor and respect of law might actually dispense justice in their own courts.

What is a form?

Lets begin by reviewing again what we mean by form.

The essential elements of a form

Lets begin by reviewing again what is meant by form within the Western Roman system.

The word form comes from the Latin word forma meaning “shape, appearance, mould, stamp, idea, kind and nature (of an object)”.

The Universal Etymological English Dictionary by N. Bailey of 1675 refined Form into more specific definitions being (generally) “fashion, figure, shape or manner”; (in printing) “one side of a sheet (of paper)”; (in philosophy according to Descartes and Newton) “the second principle, which joined to man, makes up all natural bodies, or the essential, specific, or distinguishing Modification of the Matter of any natural Body”.

By the time of the Dictionary Britannicum of 1736 however, we see a growing sophistication in the various meanings of form to several dozen different meanings spanning wide variety of subjects including (but not limited to):

(In Philosophy) “is the manner of being peculiar to each body, or that which constitutes it such a particular body, and distinguishes it form every other body”;

(In Logic) “the just disposition both of the terms in respect both of predicate and subject, and of the proposition in respect to quantity and quality”; 

(In Nature) “are those (forms) which are inherent in bodies, without anything contributed thereto on the part of man, as the form of marble”;

(In Artificial) “are those (forms) which arise from human industry, as a statute (of marble)”; 

(In moral sense) “a manner of being or doing a thing according to rule”;

(In Law) “Certain established rules to be observed in processes or judiciary proceedings”.

By 1893, the Andersons Dictionary of Law further distinguishes the legal definition of form into two primary meanings:

(1) Established method of expression or practice; a fixed way of proceeding; and

(2) The model of an instrument or legal proceedings, a formula;

So now we see by the 19th century a definition which reflects a feature beginning with the coup de tat against the crown of Great Britain in the takeover of the British Empire and colonies by the Bank of England and subsequent pseudo statutes such as the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act of 1836 which began to list what are called as Schedules or actual instructions on how information was to be prepared and presented as legal form.

Prior to this, the way information was presented in form was either by way of variations of indulgences prepared by the Company of Worshipful Scrivener Notaries of London and then copies made thereafter.  Now, by the 19th century, the corporation pretending to be the Crown of England was dispensing with ecclesiastical form and making up its own forms. In other words, the invention of style over substance.

By 1910, The Blacks Law Dictionary defines Form also in two essential definitions being:

1. A model or skeleton of an instrument to be used in a judicial proceeding, containing the principal necessary matters, the proper technical terms or phrases, and whatever else is necessary to make it formally correct, arranged in proper and methodical order, and capable of being adapted to the circumstances of the specific case. [we start to see a few twists in this definition.]

2. As distinguished from substance," form" means the legal or technical manner or order to be observed in legal instruments or juridical proceedings, or in the construction of legal documents or processes.

Again, these definitions reinforce the change from substance to style that forms that are valid are effectively defined as schedules or extensions to statutes – being elements of legal style that must necessarily be arranged in certain order for a Form to be recognized.

Incredibly, when we get to 2009 and Blacks 9th edition – guess what the definition of Form is?  There is none.  That’s right, there is no formal definition of form other than a direct reference to see definition S-1.  Now what is S-1, let me read it. According to Blacks 9th, Form is now S-1 and S-1 means “an SEC form that a company use and must file before listing and trading its securities on a national exchange”.

In other words, by 2009, the only legal and valid forms in the United States used by the private commercial courts on the private side are SEC forms. Everything else is fair game. Incredible right?

So should people start using commercial forms like UCC, IRS and other forms?  Hold on a second and be very, very careful.  Before we even answer that question, lets have a look at the essential elements of a legal form first and what makes a form private or public or foreign?

The essential elements of a form

As we mentioned earlier, the earliest forms created for courts and law were variations of indulgences – yep the same thing that Martin Luther was said to have fought against and succeeded in abolishing, especially in protestant countries.

Actually, that turns out to be the fairy tale version of history. Indulgences have been alive and well ever since and arguably used more in countries that are supposed to be protestant such as England and its colonies than all Catholic countries combined.

For example, Deeds by their nature are forms of indulgences.  That is, they are ecclesiastical instruments of solemn form and design. So are Will and Testaments as are Charters.

For example, such instruments contain the memorialization of sacred oaths, absence of numbers and the expression of all items as long handed words, the presence of key Latin Phrases, the clear demonstration of a prayer. Why? Because such instruments formally create trusts according to the sacred law of the Carolingians who founded the Catholic Church and later the Roman Cult.

But in the case of the Bank of England and the system since the 19th Century, a less formal set of rules emerged according to valid “public” form, being:

1. Identity of the statute and code and jurisdiction

2. Identity of the authorized form

3. Valid body of the form

The first element of a valid form and its upper most heading under the streamlined non-indulgence system of the bank internal paperwork was the identity of the statute and code which authorized the form.

This usually included the particular body politic involved. For example, the original operating law defining the creation of affidavits in the State of New South Wales in Australia is the Oaths Act of 1900, written as OATHS ACT 1900 (NSW).

The second element of a valid form is the identity of the authorized form, to distinguish between different types of valid form or schedules. In the case of the Oaths Act it might be the word “affidavit” written in capitals AFFIDAVIT to make clear.

Now, if the form to be used is specified as a schedule, then the form should also include identify to itself as the appropriate schedule such as (example only) as to the 1836 Act of Births, Deaths and Marriages, you would list SCHEDULE (C.) MARRIAGES SOLEMNINZED AT THE PARISH CHURCH… (of the 1836 act).

Then the form should contain the valid content as prescribed by the statute. So lets repeat those three essential elements of valid forms since the 19th Century under the bank controlled world pretending to be the crown:

1. Identity of the statute and code and jurisdiction

2. Identity of the authorized form

3. Valid body of the form

So how come the forms we prepare are rejected by clerks, magistrates and judges? How come the private bar guilds are getting away with ignoring our paperwork.

How the private bar tricks us into creating private forms

In an ideal world, if clerks, magistrates and judges followed their own rules, then instruments created as valid indulgences would be honored as the foundation stone of Western Roman Law.  Yet as we demonstrated several years ago now with the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll borne out of Leviticus of the Holy Bible, there is no rule of law, there is no justice and the private courts certainly do not recognize God, the Bible or any of their foundation law openly and without a fight.

Similarly, you would think that courts would not be so arrogant as to dismiss the forms defined by statue of the body politic the Congress, or House of Representatives or Senate of the people. Well, actually, courts are all to willing to repudiate all authority except unto themselves, demonstrating they are wholly out of control, without any respect for even the appearance of law, unless forced to be held to account.

But to make their commercial actions easier, the private bar guilds running private courts have used recent technologies and growing awareness to their advantage by tricking us into lodging private documents even when we think we are following public documents.

One way the private bar guilds get away with organized crime and corruption is to sponsor and promote disinformation campaigns on the Internet and amongst people within the truth movement, to distract, to diffuse, to confuse and beguile.  This is what has been happening for years, especially now with the absolute insanity of people promoting UCC – what utter madness in the promotion private forms and other diversions that have no possible impact.  Still, despite all the warnings, people take to copying and pasting forms which have absolutely no logic, no sense, no historic precedence, no meaning.

Why? Why would people be so gullible? Why would people choose fantasy and magic fairy dust over the reality of the situation we face? In any event, people lap it up and continue to send in nonsensical forms such as courtesy notices and other made up and ludicrous forms.  The end result is, just as many people are allowing themselves to be tricked into serious trouble as ever before.

But for those even with discernment, the trickiness of the private bar guilds is extremely high. Instead of hiding how forms should look, almost every jurisdiction of private courts masquerading as public courts put their forms up on the internet to download? Why? And what is different about these forms compared to public forms?

Remember the first point about forms since the 19th century?

1. Identity of the statute and code and jurisdiction

What do the private bar guilds trick us into doing on all the forms we send? Yes, they convince us that unless it says right at the top US DISTRICT COURT or HIGH COURT or SUPREME COURT or some other name, then the form is invalid.

What does that then do? Under what jurisdiction is that form ultimately and what can a judge or magistrate do? That’s right, if it says the US DISTRICT COURT or HIGH COURT or whatever cout that it is, then those judges and magistrates have complete jurisdiction and they can completely ignore the form and refuse to accept it without any consequences.

Wow. How tricky is that? You follow their forms exactly as they state and yet they ultimately have the power to decide whether they will accept your form or not.  This is not isolated, this is happening all around the world.

Using public forms to the public court

So what can you do?  Well for one you can return to the original public forms defined by statute and never ever mention the court at the heading- never give them the change to claim jurisdiction above parliament.

What will the court try and do if your form lists the statute that the public form is given life? They will simply deny the form because it doesn’t fit their own private rules and tell you it does not comply.

Fine, that is on the private side. What about the public side? – the side that defines the role of clerk by public statute, that defines the court by constitution or public statute and the form by public statute.

Let the private bar courts openly denounce public statute- denounce the public laws- repudiate any last vestige of illusion that there is any justice. Let them openly admit to corruption by repudiating they are public courts that honor public statutes and public forms.  Maybe, just maybe they will start to change or ultimately the private Bar guilds will face extinction.

Remember again the three elements that constitute a “public” form.

1. Identity of the statute and code and jurisdiction that give it form. Never including the private Bar court to then give it jurisdiction.

2. Identity of the authorized form if it is a schedule or if it is derived from a schedule.

3. Valid body of the form.

And do not be distracted by gurus that come and cut and paste forms together and tell you that you can create a unique form by merging two statutes or that they have come up with a better form.

Please do not be beguiled by the disinformation promoted by the private Bar guilds.

Let the people see

As to relief, not being tricked into giving away jurisdiction and using properly constructed public forms we might just find relief. Either way, we step closer to reforming the law and ending tyranny.

That is all that I am covering with you tonight. I hope that you find this useful and a reminder of how easily they try to trick us with everything.

Thank you for all those who continue to read, help and support Ucadia. Until be speak again next week, be well and be safe. Good Night.


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