Thursday, August 22, 2013


Thursday, August 22, 2013
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Law is necessarily complex, right?  I mean television, movies, private bar guild members and some remedy gurus are insistent that a man or woman of reasonable intelligence has no way of absorbing the complexities and secrets of the law that is supposed to run our society without their help. But is that really true?

Is true law always so complex, so secretive, so esoteric and difficult to comprehend that a man or woman of reasonable intelligence has no hope of grasping it? For example, do you find the Golden Rule – the highest law that is found in almost every society throughout every period of civilization difficult to comprehend?  What is so complex with the idea that no one is above the law? Why then the lie that such key law is complex? 

As we said three weeks ago on the Ucadia blog, if the Golden Rule does not exist then the law is not equal for all people and there is no rule of law. Full stop. Period. No ifs or buts. In other words, where there is no equality of law, you live under the rule of tyrants, where might is right, and rule by force and fear. So why the unrelenting campaign then by the private bar guilds and certain “remedy gurus” to maintain the claim that the law is too complex for people of average intelligence to comprehend?

Or what about the truth that if the Golden Rule does not exist, then there is no Rule of Law? Is that a complex idea? Or how about the concept that Justice does not exist nor can ever exist within a community, a city, a state or any association of people unless the Rule of Law is applied strictly according to the Golden Rule? Do you find this concept impossible to perceive?

Two weeks ago we said clearly that if in the adjudication of law there is no fairness, no equal rights, no good faith, no clean hands at arms length and no presumption of innocence until proof of guilt, then there is no justice. None, zero and you are living under tyranny and injustice.

Acting in good faith, not having a vested interest in the matter so there is no prejudice and enabling fairness of due process according to the rules of judging a matter – these are not difficult concepts, so why the obsessive insistence by both private bar guild members and their “truth guru” associates that the law is so complex that you have no hope of learning it without paying them and having them guide you?

Yes, the private bar guilds and their corporate friends are trying to run the United States via something like 60 million laws, the United Kingdom by half that figure and countries like Australia, France, Germany and the rest of the world by some millions of laws. But are these true laws? Or an enormous and complex fraud? Why the never ending insistence to dive down yet another “rabbit hole” on a quest to find the “magic key” or the “secret formula” that will unlock everything?

Tonight, we will be discussing the fact that True Law is never, ever occult. That it is high time the deliberate distractions, disinfo, confusion and frauds are ended once and for all. I will be proving that you can and should be able to comprehend all the key elements of true law.  That true law is logical, sensible, historical, ethical and moral.

In fact, when we talk a bit more about the history of law, then you will see that for literally thousands of years, even up to just 500 years ago, the fundamental framework of law was not only simple, it was comprehended by virtually everyone in a community. It was not only published, it was easily accessible in public forums whether it be the center of a city and the Codes of Hammurabi and subsequent leaders of society, or the 12 Tablets of Rome within the Forum or the sacred Instatuti of Carolingian Sacre Loi or (Sacred Law) which was printed and present at the front of every church and public venue. Until 500 years ago, law was accessible, law was known by the people, protected by the people and was definitely not occult, confusing or prohibitively complex. That was until the invention of the private law guilds that came to England from Italy.

In fact, we will discuss the overwhelming evidence that not only are the private bar guilds directly responsible for the ridiculous and absurd explosion of claimed laws to the point there are not just thousands but millions of them; the system they set up was not simply to hijack the law but to create a giant false flag operation whereby people would become trapped in discussing and arguing the irrelevant while conceding jurisdiction and major points of law. 

Tonight, I want to share with you some practical applications of this knowledge and the information shared in past blogs and audios in the hope that some of this, most of this cuts through the blizzard and screams of people falsely claiming “the system is not broken, you are just doing it wrong” or “click your heals this way, fill in the form that way and make sure you twirl and say the magic phrase” and other equivalent absurdities littering the internet and causing people immense hardship by following deliberate and clearly false claims.  

That is why we are going to talk about dealing with matters and the paperwork when summonsed to court, the truth about cestui que vie trusts and all other claimed hidden trusts and the power of proper paperwork when going to court.

Tonight, above all I hope and pray that at least some semblance of the essence of law can be restored. That a line can be drawn so that if anyone has an issue, a problem or a matter that finally, there can be some clarity in moving forward; and that this insanity will stop that allows serial criminals and murderers to be let out into the community to kill, or rape or torture again, while good and honest people have their lives destroyed by private commercial courts on one mistake. That those few good judges and magistrates and politicians and attorneys have the courage to stand up against their sociopathic colleagues and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

So before we get to some practical applications, lets review three key facts that prove without a shadow of any doubt that True Law is never Occult or complex or confusing.

Fact #1 – Laws have remained relatively stable for thousands of years until the last 500 years

A few weeks ago, when discussing the Rule of Law, I quoted a passage of ancient law from Yapa, the law of the indigenous first peoples of Australia being Book 5, the First Law and First Law of Truth.  I would like to recite this again as an excellent summation of the most common features of law over the past few thousand years until the unfortunate emergence of the private law guilds in the Italian cities of Florence, Pisa and Venice and then onto London and the rest of the world. Let me recite these verses of Yapa again:

1 This be the First Law of Truth: 

2 There is, there was, there has only ever been One Law; 

3 All law is equal that no one is above it; 

4 All law is measured that all may learn and know it; 

5 All law is standard that it may always be applied the same. 

6 A law be a rule given by divine instruction; 

7 This being the highest law. 

8 No lesser law may contradict it. 

9 A law be an edict, given by a great council of wise elders and agreed by all tribes; 

10 This being the second highest law. 

11 No lesser law may contradict it. 

12 A law be custom and ceremony over time. 

13 This being the third highest law. 

14 A rule that is secret cannot be a law; 

15 A rule that is unclear in meaning cannot be a law. 

16 A rule that cannot be applied cannot be a law. 

17 A rule may be written by sign or symbol, 

18 But only when spoken at a place of law is it law. 

19 A law may be spoken, 

20 But only when it is comprehended and agreed is it justice. 

21 All people of the same community, 

22 Are subject to the same rule of law. 

23 All men and women of a community, 

24 Are bound to live by the rule of law of the community. 

25 No one may be accused except by rule of law. 

26 No one may be punished except by rule of law. 

27 Where there is no justice, there is no law. 

28 Where there is no honor, there is no law. 

29 A man or woman who are not taught how to comprehend a law, 

30 Cannot be bound by it. 

31 Any law that is against such truth cannot be law.

How simple and concise is that? It expresses clearly what a law is, what a law is not, the essence of the golden rule and what constitutes justice or injustice. 

Before we go much further, let us also be clear by what we mean with the word occult? The word occult comes from the Latin word occulto meaning “to hide, to obscure or to keep secret”. So when we say “true law is never occult” we mean “true law is never hidden, secret or deliberately confusing”.

Funnily enough, the clarity and simplicity of law is precisely what we see in virtually all ancient texts of law until the emergence of the secretive law guilds in Florence and Pisa at the start of the 13th Century called the Arte dei Guidici e Notai or in English The Art of Judges and Notaries that later evolved into the private bar guilds of today that still hold the courts and society hostage.  It is also why most law schools do not teach the history of law because it raises too many questions to young mind before they are indoctrinated into being obedient servants of the private bar guilds.

For example, the Code of Ur-Nammu from around 2100 BCE is claimed to be one of the oldest known examples of law codes still surviving. Promulgated by King Ur-Nammu across a federation of Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia at the time, the reconstructed tablets indicate a system of some 60 laws base around the logical cause and effect formula of IF (this transgression) THEN (this punishment).  For example, Rule No #1 “If a man commits a murder, that man must be killed”; or Rule No # 6 “If a man violates the right of another and deflowers the virgin wife of a young man, they shall kill that male”.

Far from being a system of law that exploded into thousands of laws, the clarity, simplicity and certainty of such law appears to have stood the test of time and been in existence right up to the time of the Babylonian empire some 400 years later.

The Code of Hammurabi written in 1772 BCE listing 282 detailed laws all on the surface of one stone, placed at the centre of major cities of the Babylonian empire, so all could see the laws. It was public notice.  But in case you think such laws were simple, the Code of Hammurabi in [facts] reflects many of the laws we consider essential to modern society today such as contract law, justice, property law, household and family relationships inheritance, divorce and even rules against deviant sexual behaviour. The most famous of these laws being Rule No #196 “If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out”.

Yet, the Code of Hammurabi is very clear on the importance of protecting the golden rule and justice against fraud and false witness. In fact Rule No #3 “If a man has borne false witness in a trial, or has not established the statement that he has made, if that case be a capital trial, that man shall be put to death”. And Rule No #4 “If he has borne false witness in a civil law case, he shall pay the damages in that suit”. And Rule No #5 “If a judge has given a verdict, rendered a decision, granted a written judgment, and afterward has altered his judgment, that judge shall be prosecuted for altering the judgment he gave and shall pay twelvefold the penalty laid down in that judgment. Further, he shall be publicly expelled from his judgment-seat and shall not return nor take his seat with the judges at a trial”.

In the legal codes of the great Hittite Empire through the Code of Nesilim around 1650 BCE, we see a mirror of the Code of Hammurabi in addressing complex legal and social issues, yet with a minimum number of relatively stable laws. We see the same with the fragments of codes of Gortyn on the walls of the public theatre from this ancient city in Crete from the 5th Century BCE. 

Again, across societies and time, we see the Rule of Law and Code of Law remaining fairly stable, even in the most brutal of times. For example, under Canaanite Laws of around 1075 BCE, there is a remarkable similarity to the Code of Hammurabi, except some fairly strict laws against adultery such as Law #1:16 “If a man catch a man with his wife, both of them shall they put to death” and even against violence against sex workers such as Rule #1:51 “If a man strike a prostitute and cause her to drop that which is in her, blows for blows they shall lay upon him; he shall make restitution for a life”. Or Rule #II.8 “If a man meddle with the field of his neighbor, they shall convict him. Threefold shall he restore. One of his fingers they shall cut off, a hundred blows they shall inflict upon him, one month of days he shall do the king's work”.

Similarly the Twelve Tables of Roman Law from around 451 BCE share the same traits found in much older laws, with particular emphasis in ensuring the law is not hijacked, manipulated through fraud, false witness and judicial corruption.

Well, lets have a look at another example of stable, simple and clear laws consistent with the notion of rule of law and justice in the form of the ten commandments in the Old Testament. Actually, there are approximately 612 laws claimed to have been given to the Yahudi by the Divine through Moses, not just ten.  It is just that the first ten get all the press.

In any event, lets have a look at a couple of key commandments that are fundamental elements of virtually every system, even the Western-Roman System founded via England since the 16th Century. For example, Commandment no #3 “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”. This is not simply about curses or profanities, it is fundamentally about not swearing false oaths – given oaths are an essential element of creating valid trusts since time immemorial of civilizations. How about another? Commandment no #9 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” – yet another absolutely critical pillar of law throughout every single civilization – that people are not permitted to perjure in matters of law or give false testimony.  As an aside, in no ancient law do you see a precedent to permit judges or legal officials to be immune for their decisions or even permitted to take false oaths such as 18th Century abomination called the Kol Nidre Recitation on Yom Kippur invented by the Hasidic Rabbi effectively nullifying any and all vows, oaths or promises they make for the year to come.

Even at the time of Charles Martel and the Franks in the 8th Century and the re-establishment of consistent laws or Sacred Law across Western Europe, we see an emphasis on rule of law, on simple and minimal laws.

There is a mirror in the reestablishment of sacred law by the Carolingians and the introduction of the Magna Cartas, beginning with King John in the 13th Century.  What many people don’t realize is that every Monarch from the time of King John of England at the commencement of their reign issued a Great Charter or “Magna Charta” until the reign of King Henry the VIII in the 16th Century.

But something strange happens under King Henry VIII and his deep connections with the Venetians. Suddenly through the private law guilds and with Venetian money, the laws start to change and starts to contradict thousands of years of established ethics, morality, rights and reason. We see the absurd notion created from 1540 that a trust can be established called a cestui que vie trust for someone assumed to be dead or lost when clearly they are neither. We see the government claiming to be the sole authority and grantor of rights, not the church or the local community and the government starting to claim control of all forms of property.

Fast forward to the coup de tat in England when the Bank of England took control of the Empire from 1801 by effectively being granted control over general revenues and the right for its own private paper to be treated as currency of the realm rather than exchequer bills. Now we see the introduction of a whole raft of corruptions against the law including the notion of immunity for the bank and politicians and then the members of the private bar guilds. We see the introduction of secret laws and secret rules, that can be withheld from the public, much like what is argued in the United States and elsewhere today.

So in summary to the first fact, the history of law demonstrates clearly and categorically that:

(1) Laws established thousands of years ago were honored by different empires and civilizations right up until the private bar guilds with bankers and other greedy people who sought to use corruption of laws [as] a weapon took total control from the 19th Century; and

(2) The most radical departure from Rule of Law and Justice began under the reign of King Henry VIII and accelerated under King George III when the abhorrent corruption of immunity emerged in full swing, culminating in the 20th Century and the age of claiming secret laws and secret courts are justifiable.

As to the argument that the laws introduced by these people were to adopt a more humane world and free us of ancient brutality within law, I say what utter rubbish and bare face falsities. We have never had more people enslaved to so few for so little than we have today in the banker controlled world; Now corporations are claiming the right to kill people, so killing hasn’t stopped, its just been privatized; and as for improving the law, the abominations surrounding judicial, banking and political immunity, secret laws, secret courts, secret deals, secret accounts expose those who peddle such pathetic counter arguments as nothing more than cowardly agents to a system that has lost track of its own reality and is out of control.

Fact #2 – The number of laws has been relatively small for thousands of years until the last 300 years

At the introduction to the article and audio tonight, I made mention of the claim that in the United States between the three levels of government and alphabet agencies creating their own regulations and claiming them as laws, there is something like 60 million laws at present. To put that into perspective, if you printed 100 of these laws to a page and read 100 pages a day, it would still take you over 16 years just to read every law once.

Clearly this highlights the absurdity of the present system and in truth, no one really knows exactly how many laws are in operation in places like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia – because they keep changing its constantly.

Yet as we also mentioned, a key fact to remember in dispelling any notion of true law being occult is the fact that for thousands of years the number of laws has been relatively small, until the last 300 years.

The Code of Ur-Nammu we mentioned from around 2100 BCE was a system of some 60 laws based around the logical cause and effect. The Code of Hammurabi written in 1772 BCE listing 282 detailed laws.  The Hittite Code of Nesilim of around 1650 BCE was estimated to be a similar number to Babylon and the fragments of Codes of Gortyn in Crete from the 5th Century BCE indicate a system of only a few hundred laws. 

The 12 Tablets of Rome we mentioned from around 451 BCE constituted approximately 144 laws of the citizens or plebians of Rome. Now, if you’ve studied anything about ancient Rome, then I am sure you realize we are not speaking about a backward or simple culture but a highly complex, multi-layered multinational federation addressing virtually the same complexity of social issues today, minus certain technologies only. Apart from the obvious differences in terms of these technologies, it can reasonably be argued that the Roman Empire was every bit as complex in its affairs as in managing a contemporary modern society today.  

The same can even be argued at the founding of England since the 13th Century and the fact that each monarch would introduce his reign by adopting his own version of the Magna Charta, beginning with King John and ending after the reign of King Henry VII at the end of the 15th Century. While we are victims of gross frauds entered into the history of statutes within England, easily exposed by the application of terms, phrases and concepts that simply did not exist for hundreds of years later, what can be said with confidence is that the average English Monarch until the time of Henry VII promulgated approximately 10 to 20 statutes on average per year of their reign, or roughly 30 to 60 new public laws each year. Remember, this is with the private law guilds in place in London.

Then suddenly, we get to 1540 under Henry VIII and fifty new public statutes are promulgated in one year with hundreds of new public laws never before seen, and quite alien to the history of law of any civilization of the past. The next year, we see 40 more statutes, then 30 more statutes the year after.  From this point on, the average number of statutes jumps for monarchs to approximately 20 to 30 statutes per year and roughly 100 to 150 new laws created each year of their reign, until around the 5th year of the reign of King George III in 1765. Now, suddenly the number of statutes per year explodes again to an average of 50 to 70 with approximately 250 to 500 new laws created every year of his reign.

But it gets worse. Fast forward to 1798 and 83 statutes are issued and then in 1799 an unprecedented 128 statutes are issued with many hundreds of new laws. The average number of new statutes per year under the control of the Bank of England jumps to around 120 to 140 with approximately 600 to 1200 new laws created each year. By the time of Queen Victoria and the 1860’s the average statutes per year jumps to between 140 and 160.

So in summary and to put it into perspective as to the number of laws and their radical departure from rule of law and justice:

(1) If you were to add up all the laws ever promulgated by cities and societies and empires and civilizations prior to the Venetian controlled King Henry VIII, the total number of laws would be no more than 500,000 of which more than 90% were variations of the same basic template of 1,000 to 2,000 laws that have stood since the beginning of time; and

(2) From approximately 1540 to 1798 roughly the same number of laws (500,000) combined for all cities, societies, empires and civilizations that ever existed prior to this period in history were promulgated via the work of the private bar guilds, with more than 50% of these laws issued by Westminster and less than 40% of these laws having any basis of true historic law since the beginning of time; and

(3) From approximately 1799 when the bankers finally took control of the planet, beginning with the Bank of England, then later the Bank of Amsterdam in the United States through the repurchase of Manhattan Island to the present day, there has been an astounding 100,000,000 to 120,000,000 laws created across the planet by the bankers and their private bar guild enforcers or 99% of all the laws ever written being less than 250 years old.  Yet of this vast number of laws, less than 20% of them have any connection whatsoever to any form or basis of true law, rule of law or justice. To put it as bluntly as possible – More than 80% of the laws that the system claims you live under today are a complete fraud, a sham and are neither laws nor have any resemblance whatsoever to any concept of law. The Patriot Act in the United States being an excellent example of a complete and utter fraud of law.

Now Similar to the argument by apologists for the private bar guilds that laws started to be radically changed a few hundred years ago “for the common good”, a regular argument to explain the explosion in law making is to argue that it wasn’t an intervention but a “reaction” to changing circumstance as the rise of the industrial revolution and more and more people became employed in manufacturing and living in cities not communes.

Let me say this, to those apologists and spin doctors that try to pull these kinds of arguments – have you ever read the enclosure acts or poor laws? Do you know why there was such a massive influx of people into cheap manufacturing labor? Because the politicians of Westminster colluded with the banks and their business friends and seized peoples homes and lands, destroyed villages and “lawfully killed” anyone who stood in their way until there were tens of thousands of refugees seeking food not to starve. That is your glorious industrial revolution ladies and gentlemen.

The truth is, and I have read the statutes since the 13th Century to the 20th Century, is that 90% of the new statutes issued under George 3 onwards were about creating private privileges to business friends and commercial interests of the empire – or to put it more bluntly, how the elite could screw the people more and make more money. Duties, taxes, roads, post, hiring more militia into Ireland in order to steal children to be sold as “settlers” or “white slaves” instead of “black slaves”.

You want another truth which is written in the black and white of public statutes under George 3, George 4 and Victoria concerning slavery? They didn’t abolish slavery; they just repackaged it and abolished unlawful competition. In other words they monopolized it. Don’t believe me? There are more than forty separate statutes between George III and George IV and then Victoria dealing with increasing militia into Ireland to numbers incredibly near 400,000+ by 1840.  How did the Bank of England pay for such an expense and what were they doing? Simply, they were stripping a whole country like they did to English farmers under the enclosure acts and poor laws. Everything of value was stolen from Ireland, including the children, to be sold as white slaves under the acronym of “settlers” off to Canada, off to America, off to Australia or off to the Caribbean. Sounds impossible?  Then keep believing the official story that the reason the population of Ireland dropped by 5 million from 1801 to 1850 is because the Irish were stupid and only ate potatoes, nothing else. No cheese, no dairy, no meat and that when their rotten potatoes rotted in only a part of Ireland infected by Potato blight, it affected a whole country incapable of growing anything else or eating anything else? For goodness sake when will people wake up to the ridiculous lies these people have told us over and over again?

The bottom line is that the reason we have so many laws is that the current system of control over the world rests in ensuring everyone who is part of keeping the system running feels they are getting their cut, their percentage or privilege. In other word, it is a global organized crime model – or global banking model as another name and the most successful criminal scam ever conceived in civilized history.

Fact #3- The Processes concerning law still remain fundamentally the same today

Here is one of the most incredible facts that blasts the argument the law is occult to smithereens:  The essential processes concerning the due process of law remain fundamentally the same as they have for thousands of years.

Why? Because if they change, if there is no appearance of justice then there is no hiding the fact there is no justice, there is no rule of law, only tyranny.

The most obvious example is the appearance of justice when one goes to a private court. The judge or magistrate is supposed to be impartial, to follow due process right?  This is not because they want this to be the case but the fact since the concept of judges and laws were invented tens of thousands of years ago, a judge can only be a judge if he sits without prejudice, with clean hands and follows due process.

That is why the simple question we raised “will you be hearing this matter today in good faith and without prejudice your honor?” is so powerful. It blows the lid on the organized criminal system of the private bar guilds. There is no hiding it. No appearance of justice, no law and any order is a complete fraud and sham and they know it and everyone watching, no matter how passive can see it clearly as well.

Of course, there are other fundamental processes the system cannot ignore that have existed since ancient times such as the fact that no action can commence in law without first there being three elements (1) a cause of action; and (2) a request for action and finally (3) a form of action. These three elements have been present as the core elements needed before any matter of law was adjudicated from before the time of Hammurabi, to Rome, to the Carolingian Empire to the present day. It is yet another example of the essential framework of due process of law, the existing system cannot dump.

So let’s start with what do we mean by cause of action?  Simply, the cause of action is the reason, the will and motive for an action in law.  What form does it take? Well under the Carolingians under the 8th Century the cause of action that commenced all matters of law was called the Memorandum being a written document that listed the noteworthy and meritorious facts of a case, sworn under oath from the one making the complaint. Under English law, it began in the 13th Century with the affidavit from the Latin phrase “ad fido vidi” meaning “I swear I saw/know” as written testimony sworn under oath. Then in the 19th Century it was diminished to the concept of a statutory declaration being a claimed statement of facts without oath, being the standard form under the banking world today.

So what then do we mean by request of action? Simply, that the one making a complaint makes the appropriate formal request for an action to commence in some form depending upon their claim of right. Under the most ancient of law and due process, this has always been in the form of a formal direction or from Roman times what was called a Praecipe or Praecipio meaning “I enjoin, direct, advise, inform, order or command action”. Under the Carolingians this was modified to what was called a Petitio or Petition as a sacred prayer for relief or remedy based on a claim of right upon the truth of one’s own Memorandum. The concept of petitions as the format for request of action continued right up until the late 19th Century when the courts became fully privatized and no longer had the power to issue writs. Instead a new request of action was created called the Complaint, being having no prayer component or historical context.

What then do we mean by the third element as to the form of action? This is the element issued by a valid court of law once they receive the first two parts to then commence the action by proving there is a case to answer in the first point and that the court claims jurisdiction to hear the matter. In Roman times, it was the written summons or Ius Vocare issued by the magistrate. However, by the time of the Carolingians it was the Sacred Writ or Original Writ that was the first action of the court, which itself was both proof of the matter and the summons for those who were required to attend. Under English Law, the Original Writ continued until the complete destruction of common law by the Bank of England in collusion with Westminster and the Summary Jurisdiction acts from the mid 19th Century. In the United States, the equivalent was the Original Bill, or True Bill, which was phased out by the late 19th Century after the Bank of Amsterdam funded the coup de tat under the cover of Civil War. Today, the private corporate courts, issue warrants, subpoenas and court attendance notices all claiming to have authority when none do.

So think about the power of this knowledge – knowing that the present system where we know there is no rule of law and we know there is no justice is forced to pretend there is by appearing to follow these ancient processes of law.  What happens then where there is no affidavit? No verifiable complaint? It means any subsequent complaint and summons is a fraud, because there is no original cause of action? Do you see the importance that once you know these essential facts of due process how powerful this knowledge becomes?

Of course, those paid to confuse by the private bar guilds want to tie you up in knots, want to keep you confused and believing the law is occult. The truth is that once the system stops even pretending there is justice then the sham is over – everyone will see it.  It may then take years to overcome the oppression of the people and those who choose to be cowards and enslave their own families, but the system has reached its end point. But people will finally know the truth about law.

True Law is never Occult

True law is never ever occult. As one final example, let me now share some insights concerning trusts, especially cestui que vie trusts.  There has been a huge amount of bank and private bar guild coordinated white noise about collapsing cestui que vie trusts and grand claims about obscure individuals having some kind of super power to do this, using the private laws of the pirates against them, even though it is illogical and clearly impossible. Still despite all the warnings of false flag operations keeping people forever in a state of confusion, not one ounce of truth concerning all the claimed trusts of the system and the fact that they are not real and valid trusts, but simply implied contracts, nothing more has been revealed.

Did your mother put her hand on the bible and swear an oath when she delivered you? Or did your father swear an oath and create a trust at the time? Or the doctor, or the nurse or midwife, or the registrar, or anyone else in their system. The answer is No. No one swore an oath, nor did anyone other than your parents have the right to swear an oath of grant any property into trust.

So what then is the complex system of cestui que vie trusts and estates, and annuities and bonds and accounts and transactions? A giant, complex illusion and fraud of epic proportions, having absolutely no force or effect in any form of law even the laws of Great Britain prior to the bankers and pirates taking over in the 19th Century.

The key, the desperate key for the system is to keep you believing you have to stay in their matrix of 100 million to 120 million laws even though more than 80% of them are worthless, useless, self referencing garbage as far as any reasonable form of law is applied.

So what are you going to do now?  Keep listening to all the voices trying to keep you in the matrix? Trying to keep you asleep and confused? Or are you going to wake up and help others as well?

It is your choice.

Thanks Frank

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