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An Act to enlarge the powers of " The Australian Trust Company" and to remove doubts as to the validity of Deeds executed by Agents of the Company. [23rd February, 1857.]
WHEREAS by a charter or letters patent under the Great Seal of Great Britain bearing date at Westminster the sixth day of October in the fourth year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria Her said Majesty did grant that the persons therein named and others and their successors should be one body politic and corporate in deed and in name by the name of " The Australian Trust Company " and by the said charter or letters patent it was declared that the said company was established for the purpose of lending and advancing money upon the security of lands situate in Her Majesty's Colonics or Settlements in Australia and for the other purposes thereinafter specified and by the said charter Her said Majesty did grant unto the said company and their successors that it should be lawful for the said company for the purposes aforesaid to take hold sell and dispose of all such lands tenements and hereditaments in any of Her said Majesty's Colonies or Settlements aforesaid as might be conveyed to the said company or any trustee or trustees for them by way of mortgage; or on any trusts for sale or otherwise in the way of security for advances and to purchase and hold other lands tenements and hereditaments in any of Her said Majesty's Colonics and also in Great Britain and Ireland so that such lands tenementsand hereditaments so purchased as last aforesaid in any of Her said Majesty's Colonies were not altogether of more than the value of one thousand pounds per annum at the time of purchase and also that such lands tenements and hereditaments in Great Britain and Ireland so to be purchased were not altogether of more than the value of one thousand pounds per annum at the time of purchase and that the said company might do all other acts and things in relation to the premises in all respects as beneficially as any other body politic or corporate; or any subject of the realm was by law entitled to do and by the said charter Her said Majesty did will and declare that the said company should not take any conveyance of land to such company or to its trustees of any lands tenements and hereditaments in any of Her Majesty's said Colonies or Settlements except by way of mortgage; or upon trusts for sale or otherwise bond fide by way of security for money advanced and that if in default of payment of the money which should be so secured or the interest thereof or otherwise in due course of law the said company its trustees or agents should enter into possession or receipt of the rents and profits of any such lands tenements and hereditaments and should not within one year after such entry into possession or receipt have sold and disposed of or transferred the same then and in such case; such company or its trustees should with all convenient speed after being thereunto required by writing under the hand of Her said Majesty's Governor or Lieutenant Governor of the Colony or Settlement where such lands tenements and hereditaments should be situate or of any one of Her said Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State proceed to make sale; thereof or agree
for the transfer thereof and sell and convey or transfer and assure the same accordingly And whereas it has happened and may from time; to time again happen that the same causes which disable the borrowers of money from the said company on mortgage from paying the principal or interest due on such mortgages also temporarily depreciate the market value of the mortgaged property and make it impossible to sell the same at the fair average value thereof or to effect a transfer of the security and it is therefore expedient that the said company should be authorized to continue in the possession or receipt of the rents and profits of any mortgaged property after having lawfully entered into such possession or receipt during such time as they shall think fit without being bound to sell or transfer the same within the time mentioned in the said charter and to foreclose their mortgages or to
purchase the equity of redemption or otherwise to compound or agree with the mortgagors or other persons interested in the property mortgaged upon terms whereby the said company shall become the purchasers of the property mortgaged or some part thereof Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales in Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same as follows—
1. In all cases where the said company has already taken or shall take to the company or to its trustees any conveyance of any lands tenements or hereditaments within the Colony of New South Wales by way of mortgage or upon trust for sale or otherwise bond fide by way of security for money advanced and the said company or its trustees in default of payment of the money which has been or shall have been so secured or the interest thereof or otherwise in due course of law has or shall have entered into possession or receipt of the rents and profits of such lands tenements or hereditaments or any part thereof it shall be lawful for the said company or its trustees on behalf of the company to retain such possession or receipt or to let or otherwise deal with such lands tenements and hereditaments and to hold the said lands tenements and hereditaments unsold and untransferred until such time as the said company shall deem it expedient to sell or transfer the same anything in the above recited charter contained and any requisition made or to bo made by the Governor or Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of New South Wales or by any of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State to the contrary notwithstanding And further that it shall be lawful for the said company or the trustees of the company on behalf of the company to foreclose the equity of redemption of any lands or other property mortgaged to the company or their trustees as aforesaid and to contract or agree with the owner or owners of the equity of redemption or other person or persons interested in the lands or other property mortgaged or assured as aforesaid for the purchase thereof or any part thereof and to take and accept to the said company or to trustees for the said company absolute conveyances of all or any part of the said lands or other property and hold the lands and other property foreclosed or purchased and to sell and dispose of or otherwise deal with the same and every part thereof anything in the above recited charter contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
2. And whereas doubts have arisen respecting the validity of conveyances and other deeds executed by the attorneys or agents of the said company in New South Wales Be it further enacted that all conveyances and other deeds which have been or shall be executed by • any person or persons as the attorney or attorneys of the said company in accordance with the terms or true intent and meaning of any general or special power of attorney or authority already given or to be hereafter given under the common seal of the said company shall be
and (as to such conveyances and deeds as are already executed) shall be deemed to have been as valid and effectual in law and to all intents and purposes as if the same conveyances or deeds had been duly executed and passed under the common seal of the said company.


By ,Edmonton Sun Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Law court
Law Court sign on the east side of the Edmonton Law Courts at 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square. (TOM BRAID/EDMONTON SUN)
This is your traditional hit piece from a conservative tabloid. It is designed to scare the ignorant and fearful. It will not seek to be either objective or fair. It will not tell you that Brian Mulrooney, former C.E.O/Prime Minister is one of the board of directors for this paper. For those of you who don't know, Mulrooney introduced a G.S.T, had their own "terrorist attack" with the Air India 182 bombing, negotiated a free trade agreement with his good mate Ronald Reagan, established the AMEX Bank of Canada on an election day, ratified legislation on climate change, was involved in accepting government bribes in a scandal involving Thyssen industries, and after his popularity dropped so low that his party became almost non existant due to voter rage, he took a tax payer funded holiday DURING the election campaign itself. 
To quote Wikipedia, "Mulroney has served as an international business consultant and remains a partner with the law firm Ogilvy Renault. He currently sits on the board of directors of multiple corporations, including Barrick Gold, Quebecor Inc. -who owns the Edmonton Sun-, Archer Daniels Midland, TrizecHahn Corp. (Toronto), Cendant Corp. (New York), AOL Latin America, Inc. (New York) and Cognicase Inc. (Montreal). He is a senior counselor to Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, a global private equity fund in Dallas, chairman of Forbes Global (New York), and was a paid consultant and lobbyist for Karl-Heinz Schreiber beginning in 1993. He is also chairman of various international advisory boards and councils for many international companies, including Power Corp. (Montreal), Bombardier (Montreal), the China International Trust and Investment Corp. (Beijing), J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. (New York), Violy, Byorum and Partners (New York), VS&A Communications Partners (New York), Independent Newspapers (Dublin) and General Enterprise Management Services Limited (British Virgin Islands)" 
So Mulrooney is your garden variety elitist scum who happily raped the Canadian people on behalf of the elitist New World Order agenda of of global slavery. So we can expect a fair and balanced article from this criminal, oops, I meant newspaper, can't we? ;)
A top-according to who? this newspaper? Do you think that the Canadian rape victim that Rooke called "stupid" would agree? Alberta judge-appointed by the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE in 2009- has exposed-opinion, expressed without proof- a group of "vexatious litigants" he says are abusing the legal system and is warning them-using an individual matter to fire off unsubstantiated threats to arbitrary people not involved in the matter being determined appears to be an abuse of process, but, Rooke does have form-that their misconduct-opinion, expressed without proof-will not be tolerated.-nor, will due process, or presumption of innocence it seems, but, unsurprisingly, this newspaper appears not to be interested in these key components of our natural, unlienable, and unalienable rights, nor the consequential slide into slavery that this inevetibably constitutes.
In a recent decision -- slated to be released Wednesday -- Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice John Rooke takes on the group-as opposed to adjucating court cases which is what a judge is supposed to do in a free and just society- he is calling Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) litigants.-Don't be surprised if this becomes the corporate media description of choice.
In the decision, which stems from an Edmonton divorce case, Rooke says OPCA court strategies are "disruptive" -to their attempts at fleecing you, NOT to the appropriate transmission of law and justice in an environment that presumes justice- and are "invariably unsuccessful"-due to corporate/judicial/government corruption, but, notice the employment of the word "invariably", as opposed to 'always'. When an honest judge presides, justice is swift and in our favour- and typically dismissed by judges due to the "nonsense" -no verification of his claim presented at this point, but, even if one or three people poorly presented their matters,  it does not justify lumping every specific matter in the same basket- that is argued.
"Beyond that, these are little more than scams that abuse legal processes," said Rooke in the decision. only a Alberta judge because he was appointed-by the company that profits of people's ignorance and therefore gives rise to a genuine belief that Rooke has arbitrated on a matter that he has a personal involvement in this matter that is in fact a perversion of the course of justice.
"Nevertheless, their litigation abuse continues," says Rooke,-who may be guilty of the crime that he baselessly accuses others of- adding that the "growing volume" of such cases calls for "a strong response to curb this misconduct."-Actually it means that we are absolutely correct, we are successful, we only lose when they pervert the course of justice, we are growing powerful, they are losing debt currency hand over fist, and they are going to resort to naked violence to try to reassert their dominance. That said, this, of course is more about controlling and shepharding the herd, rather than the money which is of no value whatsoever.
We always knew that they would respond savagely to our massive awakening. They have form. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Vietnam War Protests, the worldwide Occupy movement, Melbourne S11, Davos, Seattle, and so on, and so on, whenever we violate the conditional freedom that they feel that we as their cattle deserve.  

An executive summary of the case says the group call themselves various names, including Detaxers, Freemen, Sovereign Men and the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International, and notes they base their activities on a common collection of "conspiratorial, legally incorrect and spurious beliefs."-how many cases can a judge hear simultaneously? Can I presume that they were heard ex-parte?
The summary states OPCA litigants -Who? That is their creation, did you ever agree to join? It is their way of reducing you down to a simplistic identity for the purposes of exploitation- deny they have obligations to honour government, courts, -does any such obligation exist? Notice they did not employ any trick words that obligate anyone to anything such as 'require' or 'must''? contracts and laws-this is a complete and absolute lie which is a libellous assault on innocent people that may result in a series of tort actions being placed against Rooke, not to mention criminal proceedings, but, maybe there is a Canadian law that allows their judiciary to lie about and threaten innocent people arbitrarily while adjudicating other matters- and says they often follow so-called OPCA gurus, whom Rooke calls "parasites," and put forward "bizarre" ideas. -As opposed to Rooke who appears to be a parasite putting forward bizarre ideas himself. Double Standard?
Some of those ideas include arguing-provocative word designed to imply meaning where it does not exist, otherwise known as lying, but, also, a description of what they do to all of us-  that spelling their names with irrelevant punctuation or only in lower case letters makes them immune to court and state actions. What is a state action?
The summary says the group -further reduction of a made up group with no members-also claims that they can declare themselves exempt from the law -the same lie restated for those who don't know what an obligation is, as well as a repetitive programming tool and and attempt to enjoin the following choices as being lawful obligations- and can opt out of things like being governed, paying taxes or having motor vehicle licences or insurance.
It also says OPCA litigants have proven to be "highly disruptive"-opinion, expressed without proof- in and out of court and have been in confrontations with police, court security and other authorities. Confrontations that are always initiated by them, but, an elitist paper like this is never going to confront the government about their violence on the people that it was "elected"-nudge nudge, wink, wink-to serve. Just as importantly, did you notice that the previous sentence tried to group private security guards alongside police and the vague term "other authorities"? Precisely which of these groups exist between any of you and the Divine Creator?
In his decision, Rooke speaks about an OPCA guru who was ejected from the annual Law Day event at the Law Courts Building in April for disrupting things-opinion, expressed without proof- and then tried to press charges against the sheriff involved.-if the sheriff can't be charged for an alleged crime then it means that s/he is above the law. Who else is above the law in this corporate Canadian farm?
Another recent related Edmonton case, reported by Sun Media, involved a city woman who launched a constitutional challenge against three traffic tickets she'd got, claiming her religious beliefs exempt her from the law. -opinion, expressed without proof, but this time done deliberately trying to prey upon your ignorance of who you are, and the difference between law of staute. Statute is a word you will never read about in a hit piece such as this-
The woman had argued she could drive her "pursuit chariot" without a licence, registration or insurance because the provincial civil laws did not apply to her because she is a Christian minister bound only by God, the Queen of England and the Constitution Act of 1982.
Her argument was rejected and her case was tossed.
In another case involving an Edmonton minister charged with assault for spanking his daughter with a belt, the man stood in court wrapped in a Canada flag and refused to give his name or accept the judge's jurisdiction. -The main thing here is to see that they are trying use what they would sway as 'kooky' cases to keep you from straying from their herd. The first gave a result, but, rather tellingly, the second, involving, a criminal charge, albeit within a family gave no result. Does this mean that the fellow is allowed to raise and discipline his own daughter and his refusal to enter into contract accepted? Certainly appears that way, doesn't it?
The bigger problem is that good Canadian people are now likely to be violently assaulted and tortured unlawfully for living a political belief. This is not just a breach of every just and reasonable law, but, is political persecution and oppression. 
What happens to one of us happens to all of us, so we all need to warily watch how this matter will be replicated as this decision is consumed by the corporate judiciary all around the world.
I don't include polls as a rule, but this is important because it illustrates how we are being manipulated 24/7, 365 days a year. It tries to create an enjoinder between good, innocent, aware people, and those who abuse, which is insidious enough, but, does so after MANIPULATING THE READER with a piece  of propaganda that would make Geobbels himself proud.


Do you think judges should be harder on legal system abusers?


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2012 09 19 By Laura Payton | CBCNews
A bill that would make it illegal to wear a mask during a violent demonstration is nearing its final hurdle in the House of Commons, with just two hours of debate left.
Bill C-309 would make it a crime for people rioting or at an unlawful protest to conceal their identities. It’s already illegal to wear a disguise when committing an indictable, or more serious, offence, which includes rioting. Unlawful protests, however, don’t fall under that law because they’re classified as a summary conviction, or less serious, offence.
An unlawful assembly is a gathering that causes fear. It’s up to city officials to decide what constitutes a riot.

Masked protesters take part in an anti-capitalist demonstration in Montreal, Tuesday, May 1, 2012.
Last May, MPs on the House justice committee increased the penalty in the bill to 10 years for rioters who conceal their faces and five years for those at an unlawful protest. The maximum sentence for rioting is two years.
The committee sent the bill back to the House last May. Debate will resume Tuesday evening for an hour. MPs must vote on the changed bill before it can go on to the Senate to be studied in the Upper Chamber.
The second hour of debate is likely to be sometime in the next week, with a final vote at third reading expected at the end of October.
Blake Richards, the MP behind the bill, says he wanted to give police another tool to prosecute rioters and he was told the existing law was difficult to apply.
Earlier this year, the City of Montreal passed a bylaw to ban masks during protests. The move came amid massive student protests in Quebec over the then government’s plan to allow universities to raise tuition fees.
Article from:

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My name is Stan. I am a retired Sergeant of Police in Victoria for 14 years. I was also a police prosecutor at times, so I know what I am talking about. I spent half my life in Magistrates Court during my time in the Force. I was only ever a very fair copper, and I am proud of my time in the job, looking after the interests of Victorians, often to the detriment of my family and my health.
I never booked any driver for a trifling offence “ever”. People committing trifling offences commonly used to get a warning and a licence / vehicle check. It had to be serious before I booked anyone.
I am so annoyed at what is happening these days, in what I call “Indiscriminate revenue gathering” It is absolutely disgusting. The government and the Police Force need to hang their heads in shame. If you did a survey of current serving members of the police forces in this country, you would be hard pushed to find many who disagree with me.
I know how the legal system works, and I know how to beat the system. This is how to do it, and if about 10% of all drivers booked follow my specific instructions, then the entire system will crash and become unworkable to the extent, that the government will have no choice but to stop issuing fines for every type of traffic offence. The whole lot of them. Seriously.
I do not feel guilty about coming out with this information, as I think it’s about time someone stood up for hard working, civil minded, law abiding taxpayers in this country, who are being screwed.
This is very simple and very basic. The idea is to clog up the system in the traffic camera office and the courts by drivers exercising their rights to remain innocent until proven guilty.
1. Do not accept the alleged offence. There are numerous valid reasons to dispute every single alleged offence. Often the charges are incorrect or the evidence is illegally or incorrectly gathered.
2. Challenge it, tell them that you are going to defend the matter. Make them earn their miserable $150 or $200 or whatever. They have to prepare evidence and witnesses. Just the wages for the camera operator or the Policeman on the day of the court, will be more than the actual fine. You are also taking a camera operator or a member of the Police Force off the street for the day. But it won’t get to that point… on….
3. If a court date is ever set, and it does not suit you, do not accept it, ask for a delay to a time and place that suits you.
4. When they re set the date, delay it as often as possible. keep pleading not guilty all through the process. You have every right to be sick, or go for an adjournment if the day does not suit for any legitimate reason. For example you may have pressing family or work commitments which prevent you from attending a particular court on a particular day.
5. If it ever actually gets to court, (which is unlikely if everyone does this) and if you are unwell that day, ring the court in the morning and tell them that you cannot make it as you are sick. The camera operator, and a police prosecutor will already be at court, and will be greatly inconvenienced, by having to come back another day. The whole time this is going on, the amount of paperwork involved at the traffic camera office is huge. Several staff are involved, and it rapidly becomes very costly, probably running into thousands. …..with me so far…..keep reading…….
6. The court system is then placed under such a massive load by people who wanted “their day in court” that it simply will not be able to cope unless they open up about another 50 magistrates courts, and this is obviously going to cost the government a lot more than any revenue raised. If all the above fails, which is highly unlikely….and you actually go to court and get convicted……you have a right of appeal. Make sure you appeal the conviction. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what happens. They are not going to spend millions chasing hundreds.
7 Tell everyone you know to challenge their alleged offences, and the entire system will crash within a few weeks.

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This letter found its way into my inbox, so I thought that I'd share with you.
Federal Attorney General & Minister for Justice,
Parliament House,
Dear Attorney General,
On Saturday, the 22nd of September 2012, Milovan Stankovic will be moving back onto HIS property at Lot B President Road, Kellyville, NSW.
He, like EVERY Australian who is a victim of AUSTRALIA'S totally UNLAWFUL KANGAROO COURTS (whether they go by the names of a "Local Court", "District Court", "Supreme Court", "Federal Court", "Federal Magistrates Court", "Family Court" or "High Court") which VIOLATE or LEGAL RIGHTS and disregard legal procedures.
Our most important and indeed INALIENABLE RIGHT is to TRIAL BY JURY....... and NO PARLIAMENT has the jurisdiction to undermine or take away any such RIGHT of the PEOPLE.
If you wish to talk to either Milovan (on 0410 242 333) or myself (on 0401 413 650), then please please do so.
Milovan has a barrister, Sir John Walsh of Branagh, is representing him in the Supreme Court of New South wales, the Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia and he has summed up the situation with the words, "What has happened to Milovan is a blight on the justice system, and is an indication as to how the statutes and rules of bankruptcy can be abused to destroy people.".
Sir John WB is being diplomatic.
I, also, am a victim of of the sheer bastardy and treachery of "the justice system" ...... as are countless other Australians .... a "justice system" correctly described in Ecclesiastes 3: 16 that says: "Moreover I saw under the sun: In the place of judgment, wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there."
Magna Carta 1215 guarantees our RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY FOR EVER and says emphatically "No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him, unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land." ..... the Bill of Rights 1688 exposes the "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" who endeavour to "subvert and extirpate (our) laws and liberties".
Well, on Saturday the 22nd of September at 12 o'clock midday, Milovan invites any FREEDOM-LOVING Australian to join him for a sausage sizzle on HIS property in the heart of Sydney's KELLYVILLE.
Milovan is NO NED KELLY .... he is a hard-working Serbian man who came to Australia believing this would be a country where he could get a "FAIR GO".
"I am living on the street." is how he described living in his truck and sleeping on a matress on a grassy verge for the last 2 YEARS.
And now, he has had enough.
He has NOT BEEN LAWFULLY DISPOSSESSED and has even PAID the ILLEGALLY DEMANDED $15,420-00 by the Federal Magistrates Court on DAY 13 of an ordered 21-DAY STAY of a "Sequestration Order" to NULLIFY that FIASCO....... but that didn't stop the THIEVES.
Yes, Milovan has had enough!  
The Police at The Hills Police Station have been informed of the PEACEFUL actions that will take place on that day and they have say, "That is a CIVIL MATTER and the Police have NO INVOLVEMENT."
However, YOU, as the Federal Attorney-General and Minister for Justice are VERY MUCH INVOLVED and have a DUTY OF CARE towards Milovan.   
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Copy to Alex Hawke, MP,
Federal Member for Mitchell,

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I do not know who authored this, but, think that it was a biological composition with the calling of Bill. I was presented with this by a valued, and trusted researcher. It is my comprehension at the time of typing, that this document came from a Yahoo Group entitled "Reclaim Your Securities". This will assist those of you with eyes to read and an independent, developed mind to reason and think with. If any of you know who the author is, place the author's calling in the comments page, or, email, and appropriate credit shall be given to this unknown biological composition.  

ABSTRACT. Long form, short form, birth pledge, estate, cestui que trust, birth bond, BC bond, Treasury account, SSN, SS bond, DTC...This article explains the series of transactions that comprise the birth scam whereby governments convert the birth of a child into a financial asset to underwrite the public debt and the issuance of substance-shy currency. Dubbed by the author the Uniform Securitization Scheme or USS, this universal pattern of “legalization,” registration, certification, securitization and general deposit is revealed to be a blueprint for virtually every event of our lives involving government, from simple purchases to the most complex banking, economic and Court transactions, in particular the metamorphosis of loan applications into salable securities. The article suggests that a comprehensive understanding of the birth schematic will provide the reader with a new plateau to address the complications when constitutors of the government face enticements to become its subjects. The author states that the article is offered to elevate discussion to a new plateau and assist concerned people in explaining their positions to friends and relatives.


INTRODUCTION. There was a time when the joyous event of childbirth was recorded in the family Bible to signify the child’s status as a member of the family’s posterity with implied rights of an heir. To this day, the family Bible remains a lawful record that is recognized in the “legal” system.

In 1933, when most privately-held gold was confiscated by the Federal Reserve System under Executive Order 6102 and obligations payable in gold were outlawed under H.J.R. 192 (Public Law 73-10), the substance-backed economy was replaced by a financial system based upon credit (IOU’s) which is currently failing under the weight of it’s own nature.

What is that nature? Like “Seinfeld,” very simply, nothing. Empty promises to pay backed by fraudulent presumptions of informed consent. It’s an economy where the books always add up to zero, where the very nature of bookkeeping had to be altered to disguise the void (double-entry bookkeeping), where the notion of a single entry to explain your purchase of a pack of gum was apparently inadequate to hide the theft of your money, where every asset is also entered as an offsetting liability, where the law itself had to be replaced by commercial hypocrisy, where the sum total of all activity in every government licensed institution, bank, Court and corporation equals zero each and every day, where transactions which once involved the exchange of goods and services of equal value now involve the exchange of “securities” of equal “value” (nothing) as the term “value” is defined in inferior statutory “law.”

Like “Seinfeld,” the world suffers not so much an economy, as a comedy of errors. Perhaps more correctly, a comedy of frauds wherein the concept of “value” is established by words on the page instead of the perceived value of goods, services and labor at hand; where up is down, black is white, and timeless immorality is perfectly “legal.”

It is a well established fact that the United States is defined as a corporation in Section 3002 of the Judiciary Code. Meaning that the United States judiciary operates under the global presumption that the United States is a corporation, notwithstanding periodic attempts by learned attorneys-at-law to treat this fact casually.

What is a corporation? In essence: nothing. A construction of words on pieces of paper. A contrivance without a soul, sentience or conscience.

The question becomes, How does an unconscious paper corporation operating in an economy without substance control the population of living people under the original public trust charter?

The answer is self-evident. Organized commercial fraud which applies ancient edifices of commercial sleight-of-hand such as legal fictions, certification, registration and securitization to achieve outcomes which would otherwise be impossible (and certainly repugnant to the Founders). Translation: the machines harness the people’s commercial energy through a Matrix of scripted distractions and diversions wherein fraud, falsehood and fallacy supplant the law until amnesia has become endemic.

That system is known as the “legal” system, a profit-inspired veneer for THE universal system of voodoo accounting explained in this article: the Uniform Securitization Scheme which runs invisibly as the operational schematic that underlies all public events be it the birth of a baby, the issuance of currency, economic “bailouts,” a Court case, a purchase, a loan, a mortgage or a real estate transaction. Without your awareness, virtually every event of your life which involves a public institution has been covertly superimposed on the underlying Uniform Securitization Scheme (“USS”) revealed in this article, so that the actual events are invisible.
The USS is the EXACT SAME PROCESS used by banks to PLEDGE your credit card and loan applications as the surety for certificates and notes issued by their subsidiaries and sold to investors.
Patriot mythology has held that these loan applications are actually securities. As will be revealed, in this instance the legend is true. The evidence is contained in every Rule 424(b)(5)

prospectus filed by every bank with the SEC. A Bank of America flowchart published in a 2010 SEC prospectus is included in Appendix B to graphically demonstrate the universality of the USS. This chilling roadmap to the Uniform Securitization Scam may be helpful to review as you read about the pledges, certification, re-deposit and various techniques that comprise the USS.

To understand the Uniform Securities Scheme is to understand the commercial world around you, and the banks, government agencies and Courts that seek to control your life. The author has no objection if a copy of this article is sent to every JUDGE TRUST on the Federal and State benches, and every political prisoner in America.  

Mikiverse Law has no objection if you decide to share this with Magistrates, Members, Justices, Judges or any other name that they deem to define themselves as in the island that some call Australia, England, or anywhere else you feel that it needs to go.

                         I THE UNIFORM SECURITIZATION SCAM

The fuel behind the United States Federal corporation, the underlying premise behind every transaction in which you have participated, is the presumption that your labor has been voluntarily pledged to pay the debts of the United States (the public debt). Is this presumption factual or the wild concoction of misguided conspiracy theorists? Is it even remotely possible that the Founders’ descendants are captured as sureties for the escapades of their public officials?

The answer will soon be clear. It will be found by exploring a series of legal maneuvers known as “legalization,” registration, certification, securitization and general deposit which comprise the essence of the Uniform Securitization Scheme (“USS”). That same scheme is used at every stage of the Matrix, from the construction of the birth account to the reverse mortgage you sign on your death bed. To understand the birth certificate scam, is to understand loans, mortgages, purchases, deeds and all the other mirror-image substitutions for good old fashioned truth.


Almost immediately, the blessed event of the delivery of an infant is marred by using its right foot to make an impression on a hospital birth record (HBR). The HBR provides public testimony of the baby’s “birth” on the continent and status as an “owner” of the United States.

Contrary to popular opinion, ownership is not control. In the “legal” system, ownership is defined as a pledge to act as surety for the debts incurred by the property. In the case of the United States, that doctrine is enshrined in Article VI of the Constitution which says: “All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.”

In other words, the act of registering the child with the United States Federal corporation through a government-licensed hospital comprises THE OWNER’S PLEDGE OF FUTURE LABOR, the “full faith and credit” that underwrites all U.S. currency and public debt under the ancient doctrine that ownership equals liability. After all, who else but the owners would be motivated to pay the bills?

For the sake of skeptical friends and family, here are the sound bites: Who else but the people of the United States stand behind U.S. currency? Does the issuance of a U.S. hospital birth record signify one’s responsibility to pay taxes and underwrite the public debt?

                                          III OPENING AN ACCOUNT

The HBR is delivered to the incorporated County for the purpose of transmitting the infant’s pledge into the “legal” system. What happens when you transfer property? What must you do when you make a purchase on the internet? What’s the first step in creating a commercial relationship with your doctor, bank and phone company?

They open an account in your name.

As with any asset, the incorporate County as the receiving institution must open an account and log it in. The County Registrar opens an account in the County’s books. As you will discover, the sole purpose of every account that has ever been opened in your name is to leverage (issue) future securities. You are unaware of this because you are unaware of the definition of securities.

Opening an account is a boilerplate event in the Uniform Securitization Scam when any bank, Court, corporation or government institution seeks to assess the owner with a portion of the public debt and tap into your Estate to pay the assessment.

                             IV REDUCING STATUS TO A NUMBER

As with any account, the County birth account is assigned a number, typically in the format: 123-45-654321. The first number group identifies the corporate State, the second group identifies the year of delivery, and the third group identifies the transaction.

This birth identification number will follow the infant throughout his life. The implications are well documented in Scripture: “And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel (1 Chronicles 21:1).” You may wish to read about the consequences of that event to the people of Israel. When we
participate in a census for purposes other than to glorify the Lord, we can expect to be condemned.


The registrar then records the HBR in the account as a general deposit, meaning the State takes title to the funds (your future labor/commercial energy) the same way a bank takes title to your deposits when you use the bank’s endorsement stamp to print “PAY TO THE ORDER OF ACME BANK” on the back of a check before depositing it in “your” account. Haven’t you ever wondered why checks are made payable to the bank instead of to your account? The PAY TO THE ORDER OF notation is not just a material alteration under the Uniform Commercial Code. It creates a brand new security wherein the bank takes your funds for its own purposes and disguises the acquisition by issuing credits to your account.

This one act is the mechanism by which the State steals the infant’s Divine right to her own labor and converts it into a numbered account to act as surety for it’s portion of the public debt owed to the banking cartels under the Constitution. The United States now holds the pledge of the minor child’s future labor deposited “voluntarily” by the child’s mother as the foundation for all the
future securities it will attempt to issue in your name.

The HBR is then placed into a vault at City Hall or the County Seat or a subsidiary such as Vital Records.

Those who are skeptical might wish to examine their own birth certificates alongside a stock or bond certificate and read the definition of securities in Section 78c of Title 15 of United States Code (subparagraph (a)(10)). The internet provides immediate access



Your estate here on earth consists of your inheritance from the Creator: your body, the air you breath, your possessions, the fruits of your labor. However, as with your name, churches, money, law and courts of record, U.S. Inc. intends to create a fictional mirror-image counterpart of your estate in the public venue. This process is known as “legalization.”

Depositing your presumed security future pledge into a public account for the creation of securities “legalizes” your labor into a public estate (“Estate”), a vast account which holds the pledge of your future labor (an IOU) to act as surety for your portion of the public debt.

Every time your strawman is “charged,” the government is seeking to tap into your Estate to pay the assessment.

Your Estate is merely a trust which has been designated as insurance to underwrite the public debt and create profits and proceeds for public officials who seek to convert you from a member of the posterity they are sworn to serve into a subject that exists to provide them with commercial energy and position.

                                    VII CERTIFICATION

The Registrar certifies the deposit of the pledge by issuing a Certificate of Live Birth or Certificate of Birth (so-called long form) which identifies the child, the parents, the date of birth and the date of certification.

This one act legalizes the pledge by converting the presumption of pledged labor into a security. Section 8-102(a)(4) of the Uniform Commercial Code defines a “Certificated Security” as “a security that is represented by a certificate.” By issuing the Certificate, the Registrar is confessing
that the hospital birth record is a certificated security, and the County is the depository institution which has taken title to the “funds.”

Certification is the same process used by banks to launder your credit application into an “asset” to be sold to investors. The BOA flowchart in Appendix B provides a graphic confession of the certification scam. Notice that the BA Master Credit Card Trust II is the certificating subsidiary that certificates your credit card application.
What is a credit card application? 

A pledge. It’s your pledge (security future) to pay the line-of-credit that the bank “creates” when they approve your credit card application.

Regarding general deposit and certification, the County and Bank of America are birds of a feather. Both seek to interpret your signature as a pledge of future performance, a security future.

The act of certificating the hospital birth record legalizes the infant’s pledge as a security future “asset” for posting as tangible funds in various public accounts as you will see. This is the scheme by which the obligation to perform is transferred from public officials who are sworn to act as trustees of the public trust, to the hapless “legal” Citizen “strawman” created (as you will see later) to act as a substitute trustee through the proess of “legalizing” the infant’s pledge into the public venue.

                                           VIII REDEPOSIT

The Secretary of the Treasury is notified of the pledge presumably by the transmission of a certified copy of the pledge certificate or electronic record of the County deposit, thereby beginning the Uniform Securitization Scam (create an account, make a general deposit, certificate the “asset,” issue derivative securities as if they’re tax exempt original issues) once again.

The Secretary’ delegates open an account identified by the previously assigned birth certificate number for the sole purpose of leveraging (issuing) securities against your Estate. The infant’s pledge represented by the Certificate of Live Birth is deposited, again generally, providing the “funds” against which future securities will be issued.

THIS IS HOW THE CORPORATION TAPS INTO THE ESTATE TO UNDERWRITE EVERY SECURITY THAT IT ISSUES, every indictment, citation, bill, bond, charging instrument, complaint, summons, arrest warrant, promissory note, assessment and mortgage.

THIS IS WHY THE GURUS HAVE TOLD YOU EVERYTHING IS PREPAID. Under the UCC, the term “for value” is defined as a pre-paid account. The birth account at Treasury is the prepaid account against which all such assessments, and your setoffs and acceptances “for value” will be drawn. The pre-payment is the long form Certificate of Live Birth representing the security future pledge of future labor.

This is the account that supplies the funds when you mark a bill “charge the same to JOHN HENRY DOE 123-45-6789.”

This is the elusive “Treasury account” prosecutors love to ridicule when prosecuting a patriot. For many patriots, this may be the first time you have understood what you’ve been writing in your acceptances. Without this understanding, how could you possibly hope to enforce them? The potential damage to themselves and the technology when thousands of people issue acceptances without adequate understanding of the processes and cheer each other on in Yahoo groups is self-evident.

                                            IX CREATION OF A TRUST

When property is transferred, a trust relationship is created. The recipient has an obligation to perform in some fashion such as processing an instrument, protecting the property or delivering a bill. The recipient is therefore a trustee. Section 401 of the Uniform Trust Code confirms that a trust is created upon transfer of property.


A trust may be created by:

(1) transfer of property to another person as trustee...

As with any conveyance of property, the deposit of the pledge creates a trust in which the recipient has a trustee obligation to process the instrument. This is the so-called Birth Certificate trust. It is not the result of some bureaucrat recording a trust, but the natural consequence of a transfer.

The birth trust is identified by the original birth number assigned by the County registrar. As you will see, this number represents a variety of accounts, trusts, securities and certificates all derived from the original pledge.


The first security issued from the Treasury account is the birth bond which the United States uses to underwrite its currency. Like the pledge, the birth bond is a certificated book-entry security future, a bet against your future performance, which is re-presented (noticed) into the public by a certificate: the short form Birth Certificate. Like any bond, the birth bond is nothing more than evidence of debt; evidence that the Estate (your labor) is the surety for the infant’s portion of the public debt.

As you may suspect, the purpose of the birth bond is to leverage more securities using the USS template described in this article. The profiteering begins when the birth bond is traded dollar for dollar for money issued by the Federal Reserve, permitting Treasury to place the money into circulation under the premise that it is backed by the people’s “full faith and credit.” 

The bond is transmitted by the Fed to The Depository Trust Company where it is placed into “safe keeping” for the purpose of re-issuing a vast array of derivative securities, each one written against the pledge and designed to elicit your consent for profiteering.

                                               XI REGISTRATION

One of the most seemingly benign cogs in the Uniform Securitization Scam, registration, is the process by which a creditor registers a security interest against the owner. Registration is a pernicious method used to take control of “legalized” property by a genuine or presumed secured party under protection of the “legal” franchise and it’s incorporated judiciary. Here are some excerpts from the twelve paragraph operational arrangements published by The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) to govern DTC Direct and Indirect Participants:

"1. The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”), New York, NY, will act as
securities depository for the securities (the “Securities”). The Securities will be issued as fully-registered securities registered in the name of Cede & Co. (DTC’s partnership nominee) or such other name as may be requested by an authorized
representative of DTC.

3. Purchases of Securities under the DTC system must be made by or through Direct Participants, which will receive a credit for the Securities on DTC’s records. The ownership interest of each actual purchaser of each Security (“Beneficial Owner”) is in turn to be recorded on the Direct and Indirect Participants’ records. Beneficial Owners will not receive written confirmation from DTC of their purchase."

There it is in black and white. The birth bond is “registered” to the benefit of DTC. DTC will not even mention the “Beneficial Owner”—the beneficiary—in its records. By combining the terms “beneficiary” (the sole party with the right to enjoy the fruits of the security) with “owner” (the party that’s liable for all of the debts and injuries caused by the security), you have been reduced to the lowest common denominator: an owner. Forget the adjective “Beneficial,” you don’t
matter at all. Your only right is to order the sale of the security to the next hapless owner.

If this is hard to accept, ask yourself who suffers when the value of a stock certificate registered to DTC suddenly falls. The owner. Who pays the margin? The owner. Who sells at a loss? The owner. Who makes a profit on the sale by having locked in its position as holder of the security?

The Depository Trust Company.

Conversely, as stated by DTC, the Direct Participant (the financial institution that made the deposit, in this case, the Fed) will be credited with the value of the security. This means that DTC will post the birth bond on its books as a credit to the Direct Participant, not you, allowing the Direct Participant to enjoy the increase in net worth, to borrow against the value, to post between 3 and 10 percent of the bond’s value to the Direct Participant’s reserves thereby allowing the Direct Participant to lend out at least nine times the value of the securities using YOUR pledge as the source of credit.

So while your Estate pays all of the bills assessed against the strawman, the Fed enjoys the value of your pledge. 


In other words, if a Court wishes to assess your Estate, it deposits the indictment
security into an account opened in the name of your strawman, and charges the Estate by issuing an arrest warrant security to bring you in for the purpose of consenting to the assessment. Meanwhile, it is trading against the reserve posting by issuing and trading a Case bond issued from the same account.


The next security issued by Treasury against the pledge is the master Social Security bond. The purpose of the bond is to create a trust (upon redeposit) which will be used as a vessel to transmit public debt, entice the Estate to act publicly as surety for your portion of the public debt, and transmit funds to the English Crown trust.


Following the Uniform Securitization Scam blueprint, Treasury authorizes the opening of an account to receive the Social Security bond for the customary purpose of leveraging securities.

                        XIV REDUCING STATUS TO A NUMBER; SSN

Unlike the birth account maintained by the County and the Secretary of the Treasury, the SS account is assigned a new name and number: JOHN HENRY DOE, SSN 123-45-6789 for the purpose of identifying various derivative bonds to be issued from the account against your Estate (your pledge).


As previously described regarding the birth bond, the master Social Security bond is deposited generally into the SS account.


As with any transfer of property, the deposit of the SS bond creates a trust relationship. Over the years, the SS trust, JOHN HENRY SMITH ID # 123-45-6789, has become notorious. But the purpose of the trust is worth repeating:  

The SS trust will be used as a vessel to transmit public debt, entice the Estate to act publicly as surety for your portion of the public debt, and transmit funds to the English Crown trust.

The SS trust is a manifestation of debt. It is debt, and nothing more. Internalizing that understanding is helpful to returning control from public officials to the rightful beneficiary that issued the pledge.

The trust directives (the terms of the trust) are all the rules and regulations compiled in United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. And guess who is obligated to obey them?...

                                           XVII PRESUMPTIONS

The Social Security trust is the vehicle used by public officials to plunder the Estate.
Upon deposit of the Social Security bond, the Department of the Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service is the trustee of record.

But the government bank would rather be the beneficiary.

In order to presume that the United States is the beneficiary, Treasury presumes that the strawman account is also a trustee of the SS trust with the obligation to perform all of the trustee’s duties under the public trust.

After you accept offers to operate as the trustee on three occasions, the presumption is fulfilled. 

From then on, the strawman will be treated as a vehicle for transmitting public debt assessments to the Estate by “charging” the strawman for the liability

The stranglehold of the Uniform Securitization Scheme on our lives is BROKEN when we reverse the process and use the SS trust to transmit funds from the Estate to the assessing party upon our express authorization. The name of this process is “setoff.”

Every public transaction mimics the Uniform Securitization Scam. During the $700B bailout of 2008, Treasury issued $700B in bonds, the Fed issued $700B of U.S. money, the bonds were exchanged for the funds and then deposited with DTC following the USS model.

When a prosecutor lodges an indictment with a Court, the Court opens an account, the indictment or information is deposited generally, and an arrest warrant is issued against the indictment which is presumed to be backed by the pledge as manifested in the Estate.

When an attorney lodges a complaint with a Court, the Court opens an account, the complaint is deposited generally, and a summons is issued against the indictment which is presumed to be backed by the pledge as manifested in the Estate.

When you make a withdrawal from at a bank, the bank endorses your draft “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” thereby creating a new security which it posts in its books and exchanges for Federal Reserve Notes, securities of equivalent value.

When you issue a mortgage (promissory) note, the bank opens an account, deposits the note generally thereby taking title to the funds, posts it as an asset and offsetting liability at the full value of the note to the bank (which includes the value of all future interest), and issues a bank check to the seller in the lower face value of the note (uneven exchange), thereby leaving a balance owed to the maker which usually goes unclaimed.

The purchase of groceries is also a well-disguised exchange of securities, Federal Reserve Notes, a bank draft or a credit card invoice (security futures) for a cash receipt. In the present economic system of credit swaps, the theft of the groceries without providing equal value is ignored. “It’s the securities, stupid.”

All of these transactions are examples of how the USS manifests in our lives.


To “charge” is to draw funds. Therefore, unless it is for an allegation of a crime that contains both actus reus and mens rea, YOU are not being 'charged'. The trust account with a name that is strikingly similar to your calling is being charged, or accessed. Everything else is a dog and pony show that is only as real as you decide it is. How does the public levy the Estate to pay an assessment? The answer is right in front of our face. They charge the strawman account 123-45-6789.
Might we follow the same approach if we intend to draw the funds for an acceptance from the Estate?:

CHARGE THE SAME TO John Henry Smith ID # 123-45-654321

(birth name and # as they appear on the long form Certif. of Birth)



(the SS trust as used by the public customarily to transmit debt to the Estate)

The latter form more closely mimics the customary business practices of public institutions. Notice, a patriot favorite, the “exemption number:” 123456789, is not mentioned.

It is strongly suggested that the reader does NOT consider this an invitation to start issuing acceptances. The contents of this article is merely scratching the surface regarding such transactions.

                                         EXEMPTION NUMBER

When the redemption movement began in the last millennium, our knowledge was considerably less. While we believed that a private account must appear on the books to receive the funds and property that had been confiscated in 1933, the identity of that account was elusive. The exemption number was a convention to represent that account in our paperwork.

We now understand that the birth number is universally applied to all accounts, trusts, securities and certificates associated with the infant’s pledge of our one true commodity, our future labor.

So it appears that the value of the Exemption ID Number has lapsed.

Regarding our setoffs, to “credit” is to apply the funds where desired. If we wish to credit the strawman, we might say:


If we wish to credit a vendor’s account, we might say:


We might say:


Or we might say none of that.

                               CHARGING AND CREDITING

To specify an entire transaction, we might say:

CHARGE THE SAME TO John Henry Smith ID # 123-45-654321

A creditor might also choose to use none of those statements and simply rely upon our acceptance in the manner of a standard banker’s acceptance. It all depends on the circumstances and one’s understanding of the accounting.


The information in this article took many years and much pain and sacrifice to attain and it ONLY TOUCHES THE SURFACE regarding the birth scam. I’m but the Father’s humble servant in this matter, no more perfect than anyone else. The Reclaim Your Securities Yahoo group reflects the calling I perceived to raise the level of discourse to assist our extraction from commerce and return to the Kingdom.

The list of topics regarding offset, do-not-detain status and cashing-out is formidable (see Appendix A). Each could easily be the subject of a college course. I hope the members of the Reclaim Your Securities Group will forgive my shortcomings. They are many...

I can’t in good conscience give you canned answers or sound bite commerce. Those things are available at other Groups. There are many people willing to encourage you to send out paper and let the chips fall where they may. I have a strong conviction based upon experience that such behavior is an invitation to a Divine correction. In other words, don’t do it.

I hear your calls to teach you about security agreements, trusts, the Treasury process and setoffs. The reality proven by this article is that postings and emails are inadequate for even one of those topics, and potentially dangerous. Let’s face it, thousands of patriots are more than willing to act boldly and then ask, “What do I do now?” Too often those same people are willing to blame
others for their decisions.

I wish I could analyze everyone’s situations. I wish I could wave a wand and provide instant enlightenment. ALL I CAN DO IS PROVIDE INSIGHT in the hope that I am elevating the dialogue.

As I’ve mentioned, the Yahoo Group was not intended to teach rocket science. Despite your desires, you can NOT paint your way out of the Matrix by the numbers. Fortunately, the patriot community has been blessed.  

We have been led from the Stone Age by courageous people. We owe them our gratitude. Lynn Meredith, Irwin Schiff, Hartford Van Dyke, Leroy Schweitzer, Roger Elvick, Jack Smith, Winston Shrout, Sam Kennedy, Tom Schultz, David Clarence, Jean Keating and others who provided the plateaus that changed the dialogue

Like me, they are imperfect, but not nearly as flawed as today’s new crop of backroom “mentors” who would attempt to hide their own greed by condemning these fine heroes for their mortal mistakes, or just for sport. I am moved by these unique words: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

One thing I CAN provide is assurance that the ongoing discussion of securities, trusts and estates at the Reclaim Your Securities Group will elevate the dialogue once again among patriots and their families and friends, and in time, rattle feudalism to the core. For anything beyond that, you will need to find a competent mentor who passes your gut check. As I’ve told many of you by
email, I know a handful, but nowhere near the number that would be needed to satisfy your needs. I’ll keep looking.

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Bill


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As the community reels under the continuous assaults placed on it by successive Commonwealth, State, Local, & International governmental companies, cartels and agencies, it seems that more and more members of the community are not only seeking to read Acts of Parliament, but, are also availing themselves of important news sources like Mikiverse Law to keep up to date with what is really going on in our local and global communities.
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