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  1. A failure in administration (Registry) is a failure in the Executive function. This failure is visible while the presiding Judge gave leave to Barrister assistance due to his understanding of the Court documents on file. The Registry chose to interfere with a Judges orders : to gain assistance thru a Barrister in formality requirements to order in lodging my complaints .. for vicarious liability from the State , due to negligence in filing evidence sent directly to the Court. What had occurred, is a malicious prosecution in absence of a trial, with disregard to burst intestinal cavity under medical supervision , disregard to Medical Certificates, operative & post operative status.
    This was not permitted, an Innocent event of sleeping in a vehicle resulted in a heinous conviction was permitted to remain on record as a precedent , a written objection NOT to be heard summarily, was ignored. These events caused a complete character assassination, from 2011 to prevent documented business activity that included acquisition (agreement in Contract form) of a 100 acre property in Byron Shire, to host my Reality Television show Upinball ..
    thus action is now a requisite from the A.G.