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Hopefully you all know that with the establishment of www.mikipedia.com.au to house all of my various mikiverse pages, this page ceased to be a working function approximately 15 months ago.

The aim was to redress the inability of people to grab particular pieces of info and posts quickly, as well as to have my own site for the work that i have devoted the past six or seven years to on top of the research that i have been doing for years before that. 

i also felt that the nature of my work is such,  that coupled with the 'global darkening' that is taking place, pressure may be placed on blogger/blogspot to remove my posts in their entirety.

Best of all, i was able to post pdf's of the thousands of law books that in the past, i had to go to great lengths just to share a portion thereof.

As i learn and develop my coding skills, i am building my mikipedia site to better reflect my vision and shall, forthwith, be renaming Mikiverse Law, Mikipedia Law Blog, and (as you probably imagine) shall be using this space as a blog that will feature on the new site that i am building. 

This should, give a good balance between info on particular topics of relevance, as well as coverage and analysis of the day to happenings in our world.

For those of you that don't know, i left the cistern in 2009 and have lived 'on the streets' ever since, originally in a 1992 Mazda 121 'bubble car', followed by a 1983 Holden Commodore Station Wagon, and presently, a 1992 Mitsubishi Starwagon that i lovingly dub my vansion. 

i have never received payment for my work as i see it as the duty of those that know something valuable to assist those that know less, or are still sleeping in their pods.

That said, one day, i would like to leave these streets and be able to buy a farm in order to provide for myself and the family that i still dream of one day being a part of. It may never come to be, so in that instance, i simply trust that i can make a small contribution to helping us to understand the problem and implementing a cure whilst respecting free will. To that end, i am building a school that will in the future serve this purpose alongside the new website.

Humbly, and sincerely i thank all of you for your support, especially if you were able to gain a nugget that has helped you on your journey.

With the greatest honour, respect and love


PS. Facebook has recently censored and closed my mikipedia (formerly mikiverse) page down until i submit ID which i don't possess. This happened once before, last november, and upon sending a meme in lieu of ID, it was restored, and they approved the change to mikipedia.
This is the meme that i sent farcical book in lieu of ID last November
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Steven Spiers is presently being held as a political prisoner @ the Cessnock Correctional Centre in country New South Wales.

He is there because his principles and political beliefs clash with the political cistern that advertises itself as being fair, reasonable & just.

Steven is in jail despite the fact that the so-called independent arbitrator annulled the charges.

You may be asking yourself how this can be, and it is because Steven refused to identify with the name Steven Spiers.

So, a man is in jail, because a criminal named David Helpman deemed it to be so.

Steven has requested that everyone send him a post card to;
Steven of the house of Spiers,
555364 Cessnock Correctional centre,
Po box 32 Cessnock NSW 2325

Please be aware that even if you send one, it may be censored or thrown in the bin so if you do send one then please note it in the comments section below so when he is released, Steven will have a chance to compare notes so to speak upon release.

i hope & pray that Steven has a safe three months and is released unharmed. 

i have tremendous respect for a man that stands on his principles.

Steven's own thoughts are articulated below. i do not know who transcribed, but i thank them for doing so.


"I am Steven Spiers I've been sentenced to 3 months gaol. I'm incarcerated at Cesnock correctional centre under mental health segregation for being under hunger striking. I was sentenced 3 months by David Helpman in a local court without having a hearing; I was sentenced without having entered a plea. 

David Helpman had me arrested upon entering court so legal aid could enter a plea on my behalf by applying for an appeal. 

I've then entered the district court before judge Murphly Wells to appeal sentencing albeit never having a hearing. 

I had to withdraw the appeal in the district court to reenter the local court before David Helpman for an annulment process. 

David Helpman stated that he had overstepped his authority having heard the hearing ex parte in my absence. 

David Helpman then stated I was free to return home as long as i agreed that i was the person.

I asked for David Helpmans oath and bond under penalty of perjury, was denied and was subsequently removed from the court and put into custody.

I am currently serving sentence created in my absence that was annulled only on condition of forced agreeance that I am the person. I quoted James 2:9 KJV "But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors." and was taken into custody.

If I had agreed to being Steven SPIERS the person I would be at home right now, but because I chose to stand with God (the Truth) I am in gaol. Now consider if I am not the person Steven SPIERS being free to go home having successfully annulled the matters whom have they incarcerated? A nameless man being now forced the person inside gaol. I've been given a prison number 555364 under SPIERS, STEVEN the person a direct contradiction to the decisions of David Helpman.

Grafton Correctional Centre have refused to process my bail applications, denied legal aid, failed to post for me and an 14th and 19th of August refused to put my bail applications in. The ombudsman refuses to take a complaint from me. I am left in no mans land leaving me no choice but to go on hunger strike. I am asking the Attorney's General of NSW and the Commonwealth to treat this matter as a serious misjustice; and ask the Governor of NSW why am i being left in no man's land.

I am being held under conditions that would be considered a deprivation of liberty and torture while under conditions of false imprisonment. I am in a cell locked in 21 hours of the day with an hour and a half release to a small yard with other prisoners. I am in an enclosed cell with no air flow, in a cell that goes hot and cold with doctored heating. I am currently in a mental health unit with no staff, being told only a controlled room is watching. I have been left in a fully lit cell all night. This to me is considered torture.

I am currently falsely imprisoned and on hunger strike suffering torture and deprivation of liberty. I should be free right now. If I am not the person free whom is actually incarcerated. I appeal to the Governor General's both State and Commonwealth to address this matter immediately and thoroughly as indemnity for these actions will be forthcoming.

Please publish share and send to the AG GG Governor and whoever else is nexurious discussion."

You can connect with Steven on Facebook @
or be a part of a community that wants to assist those that go to court by going to
or me @ 
mikipedia (prev mikiverse) is presently off line due to farcical book censorship.