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Robert Menard

Do not let those who are not members of the government make claims which disempower you, and somehow magically empower the government. It is ignorant fear mongering, and is simply false information being spread.

It began with your parents giving you YOUR name. Before it ever existed on any piece of paper, it was given to you. It existed then, and you were the first owner, holder, and user.

The act of registration does not ''give it' (hand over) to the Crown. It is true the act of registration establishes an association, which the identifier points to. It is used as an identifier and establishes that there exists a person with certain rights and duties. This does not mean that its use will always identify that same person. An ‘arrow sign’ does not create a destination. It can point to it, if it already exists, but it does not create one if it doesn’t. A sign saying ‘Carson City 20 Miles’ planted in the middle of nowhere will not cause a city to magically pop up 20 miles distant. The city must exist first, then you can point to it.

The government has never claimed they own our names, and when asked will deny it. Why disempower yourself by claiming that what is clearly YOURS, belongs to someone else, when they have never made that claim? Nanny CAN’T FLY, and your name is not somehow their magical property.

Both the name and the human named, pre-existed the person created by registration.

When you were a child your name was one thing. Your parents used it, your schools and friends used it. The government used it. Now that you are an adult, those people who once had authority over you, can still use your name, but they can’t claim that because you are using the same name, they have the same level of authority over you. It is ludicrous to claim otherwise. Of course, if you went back to school as a student, AND MAINTAINED YOUR ASSOCIATIONS, they would have that same level of authority. The name itself does not create the association.

Saying “I am not that name!” to avoid duties and responsibilities when there is still an association, is very childish. One can keep their name, and change their associations, thus their duties and obligations.

My name is Robert Arthur Menard. That is what my name was when I was a child of the Province. It is what my name is now that I am a Freeman-on-the-Land. Using my name does not automatically make me one or the other. Although others have the same name as I do, I own mine, and no government agent or operator has ever tried to claim any ownership over it. I have heard others who claim the government owns our names, if they were used for registration, but they have never brought any proof. People in the government have clearly rejected the concept that they own everyone’s names, and do not act as owners of them. But still people ignorantly spread this concept.

The confusion arises because of a basic logical fallacy. The name is used to identify someone, and is one thing, and is used to point to their status or associations. Their person. Which is another thing. Which in most cases identifies a child of the Province. A ward. Use of the name does not establish the association, nor does denying the name break it if it already exists. Denying the name when there is still an association is very childish. It is akin to closing one’s eyes and saying “You can’t see me.”. The goal is to change our associations so that the name (the exact same name) no longer points to a bonded child of the Province, but to a Freeman. You do not accomplish that by abandoning the very thing you were given as an infant by your parents to facilitate that. Just because a name is needed to establish an association, does not mean use of that name establishes one.

If I wanted to disempower the people of the Freedom movement, I would share ideas that are untrue but are seemingly justified on the surface, and cause them to abandon those things which could actually empower them. I would try to get them to abandon their names and persons, as they would then be abandoning their wealth others are holding in trust. I would get them to believe the name itself creates the person and evidences an association, instead of just being an identifier thereof. I would present to them a wholly useless tactic, like denying being ‘the name’, which does not change their status as a child or ward, merely identifies them as a petulant, ignorant and belligerent one. I would not get them looking at the associations created, and how to change those, while keeping their name. No I would ask they abandon that first. Many would fail to distinguish between the person (the rights and duties created by association) and the name (the identifier of the person created with the association) and will try unsuccessfully to avoid the latter by abandoning the former. They will be like travellers on a road, who think they can avoid a distant city by simply taking down the sign which points to it.

If you believe that the government owns your name, and you have NO PROOF that the government has ever made that claim; if you believe you can avoid duties and obligations established by associations merely by abandoning the name but not changing your associations and status as a child of the province; if you do not distinguish between a person and its name, or a thing and its name; then you are not a force of empowerment for the people. The ideas you share are harmful, false and wrong.

When you were registered as an infant the government put you in diapers. Good thing for an infant, but not needed as an adult. You can remove them, but you need to learn to use the toilet and wipe your arse. You need to be able to prove you can do that, and Magical Nanny will stop trying to nanny you. However removing your diaper all by yourself, (abandoning your name and rejecting the person) without learning to use the toilet and wipe your arse, (establish a new person with greater rights and duties as a Free adult) means you will still be seen as a child, and Nanny can and will put you back in a diaper, lest you start smearing your faeces all over the common walls.

There are some absolutely ludicrous arguments floating around, the idea of government owning our names being near the top of the list. It would be so easy to prove. Simply make a public claim that you own your name, and see if ANYONE disputes it, and if they don’t, establish sole ownership as a function of law. You will find no one in the government will dispute that claim. They will not seek to claim ownership, for the simple reason that they do not own it, and they do not need to own it, nor have you accept it, in order to hold you accountable to the person identified by it.

Deny the name all you want. The association which identifies you as a child of the province will still be in existence, and your tactic identifies you as someone worthy of being treated as a child. You will be shooting yourself in your own foot.

Stop making claims that disempower yourself. If the people in the government want to claim they own your name, LET THEM DO IT! Do not do it for them like it is a fait accompli.

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Nice little clip featuring mika, a man that, similar to me, lives on the land outside of the predatory control mechanism.

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Dean Of The Family Kory January 14, 2014

Apply these methods to either U.S., Canadian, Australian, English, New Zealand etc court systems or anywhere else the Romans may have roamed.

When confronted by police in any situation and they ask question respond to police, “I do not understand the nature and cause of your inquiry.” Keep repeating this to all their statements or questions.

If they threaten arrest state, “I do not understand the nature and cause of the charges; I object you lack jurisdiction.”

If in police station or car do not answer questions. Say, “I wish to speak to my counsel.” Do not delay in saying this. Do not say anything no matter how much they threaten or speak to you.

Never sign anything. You do not have to give them fingerprints or anything else. Never give name.

You are not the name on document. The document is commercial paper. They will try anything to get you into contract.

"The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, nor the man who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one indifferent thereto. It is a fighting clause. Its benefits can be retained only by sustained combat. It can not be retained by attorney or solicitor. It is valid only when insisted upon by a belligerent claimant in the flesh.”

“The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or produce documents rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. Once he testifies to part, he has waived his right and must on cross examination or otherwise, testify as to the whole transaction. He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus.”
– United States v. Johnson, 76 F. Supp. 538, 540 (District Court, M.D. PA. 1947)

Once one hires an Attornor, and tell (testifies to) the Attornor (the enemy’s spy and Officer of the Court) what has happened, the Attornor is required by law to share (Discovery) ALL evidence, which he obtains from his Client, with the Prosecutor. “You have the right to remain silent, everything that you say (to any of these devils), CAN and WILL be used against YOU.” Miranda v Arizona, 384 US 436(1966). You would be wise to remain silent! “Open mouth, insert foot!” It is all a game, you are a pawn; and you have been prearranged to be the loser. Here is another good one, learn to answer a question with question. The master asks the question and the slave or servant answers.

Start of proceeding in court, after they call the name of defendant.

You say:

"My presence is special in regards to that matter.

"I am not the defendant, I am the Claimant.

"I do not understand the Nature and Cause of the Charges.

"I take exception, you lack jurisdiction."

The following is for after above statement in court to be used throughout rest of proceeding. This takes a little practice to remember without it written, which should be your goal. More than likely you won't have this written down on you.

I am not the defendant, I am the Claimant. (Whenever anyone calls defendant name or calls you defendant)

I do not understand the Nature and Cause of the Charges. (Remember to say this of all things. Never come into understanding with them unless using acceptance method, which this is not)

I do not wish counsel at this time. (Everytime judge asks if you want lawyer or attempt to assign one, then state #6 also)

My Mother calls me Son/Daughter. (If they ask your name, optional)

I make objection, you lack jurisdiction. (when DA makes motion or request against you)

I take exception, you lack jurisdiction. (when judge accepts motion or makes order against you)

Yes sir, you sure can hold me in contempt, asked and answered, no issue, Demand to move on. (If they threaten to hold you in contempt say this)

If they repeat any question, such as, "what is your name", state "Asked and answered, Demand to move on."

There are additional statements that can be made, but one must learn them. This here are the basics of standing your Square.

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Emily Portelli Herald Sun June 19, 2014 
Malcolm McClure, 41, has been found guilty of engaging in legal practice without being qu
Malcolm McClure, 41, has been found guilty of engaging in legal practice without being qualified to do. Picture: Ellen Smith
TYRE king Bob Jane begged his friend - described by a Federal Court judge as an "incompetent, ignorant charlatan" - to assist him in a court battle despite the fact he was not a lawyer, a court has heard. 
Businessman Bob Jane was represented by his friend Malcolm McClure in his legal battle ag
Businessman Bob Jane was represented by his friend Malcolm McClure in his legal battle against his son Rodney Jane.
Malcolm McClure, 41, was today found guilty of engaging in legal practice without being qualified to do so and fined $10,000.

The self-represented McClure said Mr Jane knew he was not a lawyer, but appealed to his "good Samaritan duty", despite McClure's reluctance to become involved in the case in late 2011.

"He said, 'Malcolm, you've got to help me’," McClure told Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

McClure said he became a director of Mr Jane's company because he believed it entitled him to do certain acts on behalf of Mr Jane.

Magistrate Ann Collins said the substantial involvement of McClure, who legally advised and drafted legal documents and correspondence for Mr Jane, in a Federal Court action against Mr Jane's son, had huge consequences for the well-known businessmen.

She said McClure's advice that Mr Jane did not need to turn up to a court hearing lost him the right to trade in his own name and caused tens of thousands of dollars in extra costs.

The magistrate found that he engaged in legal practice, but said she could not find beyond reasonable doubt that two $3000 donations to the church he is associated with made by Mr Jane around the time of the court case were payments received by McClure for his services.

McClure said he was not aware of the existence of the offence he was charged with and was doing his best to comply with the laws he was aware of.

"It is not our intention to flagrantly disregard laws," he said. He said he was done acting so selflessly in helping others.

"Every time I help the community, I'm the one that is to blame," McClure said.

Rodney Jane leaving the Supreme Court at an earlier hearing. Picture: Jake Nowakowski
Rodney Jane leaving the Supreme Court at an earlier hearing. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

He indicated he would likely appeal the decision of the magistrate, who allowed into evidence an affidavit made by McClure that he claims was made under duress and did not allow him to admit further evidence today after submissions had finished.

Prosecutor Shaun Ginsbourg said McClure, who was part of a "freedom movement" that assisted people in the community in representing themselves, had an alleged testimonial on his website that said he had been "proclaimed a genius by many".

Ms Collins said she accepted McClure's assurances that he would not repeat this conduct and had removed all material on the internet offering assistance to the community that was within his control.

She said the law was not "harsh", as McClure described it, but necessary to protect the community from unqualified and uninsured bogus lawyers who did not owe a duty to their clients or the court.

McClaure said he was "a pauper" and earned only $12,000 a year from his church, but was glad that his prosecution would be an educational lesson to others.

The magistrate convicted him and gave him six months to pay his $10,000 fine, noting that deterring others from similar conduct was of utmost importance.

A decision on costs was deferred to a later date.

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Keith Moor Herald Sun June 04, 2014 
Chief Commisioner Ken Lay knows he will have a battle on his hands to get some of the Blu
Chief Commisioner Ken Lay knows he will have a battle on his hands to get some of the Blue Paper proposals implemented, writes Keith Moor. Picture: Norm Oorloff
POLITICIANS want to sound tough by promising upgraded or new police stations and hundreds more uniform officers for the front line. 

Chief Commissioner Ken Lay actually wants to be tough by putting infrastructure and manpower where they are really needed — which isn’t necessarily in marginal seats.

What Mr Lay doesn’t want to be promised by the Government or the Opposition is 700 or 1000 blue shirts, four new police stations and 20 renovated ones.

What he does want is a change in the way the force is funded so he gets the same cash amount it would take to fund those promises, which he can then spend on modern methods to cut the crime rate and protect the community.

That isn’t just cops on the beat and divvy vans. It is also specialist detectives, forensic accountants, lawyers, computer-savvy analysts and CSI types who can get DNA from a drop of sweat.

There is no doubt political parties in the past have spent millions of dollars on police stations in marginal seats to win votes.

If any party tries to do that in the upcoming state election, there is a good chance Mr Lay will go public and point the finger.

Unlike some previous chief commissioners, he isn’t beholden to any party for having made him top cop.

He didn’t want to be Chief Commissioner in the first place, but was persuaded to take the job to act as a stabilising force after years of conflict in the upper echelons of Victoria Police.

Politicians on both sides have greeted Mr Lay’s bold blueprint for the future with simplistic self-interested shouts of “no police stations will close on our watch” and “we promise more uniform officers, not less”.

Surely they don’t really think Mr Lay is silly enough to ignore frontline policing. There is nothing in his Blue Paper that suggests uniform police and divvy vans will not continue to be available to respond to calls for help.

In fact, there is much in it that would free more sworn officers to get out on the beat — and for longer each shift.

Mr Lay knows he will have a battle on his hands to get some of the Blue Paper proposals implemented. Those who oppose them should not underestimate his quiet but firm resolve to leave the force in much better condition than he found it when he became Chief Commissioner in November 2011.

Mr Lay considers his Blue Paper to be the key to opening up dialogue between him, the Government and Opposition, the Police Association and the community.

He sees it as an opportunity to debate the real problems his force faces, rather than simply offering solutions without discussion.

It is highly likely he will have to offer sweeteners to the Police Association in the next round of enterprise bargaining negotiations if he is to get the rostering and other changes he wants to change the way police work and where they work from.

THERE will also be tough discussions between Mr Lay and political leaders if the force funding model he wants — which is to spend money where he thinks it will be most effective — is to come to fruition.

Mr Lay’s Blue Paper is a vision for how he sees Victoria Police in 2025. He will not be Chief Commissioner then, but he fully intends spending the final two years of his five-year contract negotiating hard-to-instigate change — and possibly for longer if he gets another term. Mr Lay believes the radical reforms suggested in his Blue Paper are needed if the force is to turn around from the situation it is in now — which he describes as “struggling to cope with the unprecedented demands upon it”.

Much of the commentary around the Blue Paper has centred on fears that beat police will be cut and stations will be closed.

Mr Lay makes no apologies for the fact he wants his troops centralised in what he calls “supersites” that would replace the current model of multiple, smaller and less operationally effective stations. He argues that will enable his commanders to move officers to where they are most needed when they are most needed. But he rejects that he is moving away from the need to have the high level of visible police the community expects, describing the men and women who patrol Victorian streets and roads as “the backbone of Victoria Police”.

Mr Lay told the Herald Sun on Wednesday it would be disastrous if the status quo remained, with the Blue Paper recommendations being shelved or watered down by a nervous Government and a change-reluctant Police Association.

He warned starkly that would make it impossible to address the complex organised crime and other problems the force was now facing an uphill battle to solve.

“If we continue to just simply invest in blue shirts and police stations, and not take a broader approach around technology and specialists, we will simply not get on top of this level of offending,” Mr Lay said. 




MICHELLE PAINE Mercury June 23, 2014
The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill has been triggered by forest protests.
The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill has been triggered by forest protests.
PROTESTERS will face mandatory jail time and members of the public could be fined for inciting protests under tough new legislation to be debated in Parliament this week. 

Resources Minister Paul Harriss said the Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill would be the centrepiece as State Parliament resumes tomorrow.

The Bill was triggered by forest protests but Mr Harriss said it could apply to other production sites.
Debate is expected on Thursday, and the laws could take effect by the end of the year if the Legislative Council passes the Bill.

“We support and acknowledge the constitutional right of people to peacefully protest. There’ll be no prohibition — and neither can there be, given the national legislation — but we don’t support this random invasion of workplaces where people are prohibited from going about their legal rights to work,’’ Mr Harriss said.

Penalties include $2000 fines for invading or hindering a business, rising to $5000 if the person has the charge heard in court and is found guilty. Convictions would be automatically recorded.

Second and later offences would carry a minimum three months and up to two years in jail — which would represent Tasmania’s first mandatory imprisonment legislation.

Individuals and organisations would also face heavy fines for inciting others to hinder a business.
Law Society of Tasmania president Anthony Mihal said the society viewed mandatory sentences “with alarm’’.

“It’s a fundamental principle that our democracy is founded on, that the separation of Parliament and the courts be maintained,’’ Mr Mihal said.

Courts should be free to impose penalties taking into account each situation, he said.

“These laws are founded on concerns of courts being too ­lenient. Those concerns are wrong. People do and have been imprisoned.’’

He pointed to a forest protester sentenced in Burnie to jail recently.

Mr Harriss said the legislation was appropriately tough.

“This will send the clear message that Tasmanians have a right to earn a living, whether that be in forestry, mining or any other industry, without having extremist protesters come on to their workplaces,’’ he said. “We say enough is enough – and at the election the Tasmanian people overwhelmingly agreed with us.’’

Protesters could put workers and their own lives in peril, Mr Harriss said.

He also hoped the Upper House would start to roll back the forest peace deal this week.


June 18, 2014 Court reporter for The Age 

Police officer Kieran John Atkin manning a breath-test station. Police officer Kieran John Atkin manning a breath-test station. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Two police officers falsely claimed a man rammed their patrol car and assaulted and detained him, court documents allege.

The two officers, Kieran John Atkin and Brennan Roberts, appeared before Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday to face charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and assault.

Charge sheets tendered to court allege the two officers claimed the man rammed their police car with his car in Hillside, in Melbourne's north-western suburbs, on August 22 last year.

The pair also assaulted and then "injuriously imprisoned" him, the charge sheets allege.

The following day, the officers "knowingly, wilfully and corruptly" signed a police statement knowing its contents were untrue, "wholly or in part", the charge sheets allege.

Mr Roberts, 25, faces three charges, of attempting to pervert the course of justice, assaulting and imprisoning the man and signing a police statement that he knew to be untrue.

Mr Atkin, 32, faces the same charges, along with three extra counts of assault and charges of careless driving and dangerous driving.

The court heard investigators had CCTV footage related to the allegations against the officers.

Magistrate Donna Bakos granted bail to both men to return to court on August 18.

Victoria Police said Mr Atkin and Mr Roberts had been suspended following an investigation by professional standards officers after a police pursuit last year.

A police spokeswoman said Mr Atkin was a senior constable and Mr Roberts was a constable.

It is not known what station the officers are based at, though a charge sheet alleges they signed a police statement they knew to be untrue in Sunshine.


Aleks Devic Herald Sun June 20, 2014 
PSOs who drop out are costing Victorian taxpayers money.
PSOs who drop out are costing Victorian taxpayers money.
VICTORIA’S gun-toting train station cop dropouts have cost taxpayers more than $2.65 million, with some quitting while still in training. 

Internal Victoria Police figures, obtained using Freedom of Information laws, show between 2011 and March 2014, 50 Protective Service Officers pulled the pin at the training academy and a further 20 resigned after getting a posting to man our railway stations.

Each PSO recruit costs $31,500 for their 12-week training course, which includes pay, uniform, operational vests and the gun.

The PSOs have a base wage of $53,641 and then get shift penalties depending on the hours they work.

Victorians will continue to pay for some PSOs who were eligible for the Emergency Service super once they were sworn in.

As part of the Coalition’s 2010 tough-on-crime election platform, it promised to have 940 PSOs at stations by November this year.

The training for transit PSOs started in 2011.

The FOI documents show transit PSOs are leaving the force for reasons including seeking other employment, leaving to work in the private sector and for “personal reasons”.

Victoria Police Acting Commander Mark Porter said 5 per cent of PSOs resigned while at the academy but once they were deployed, the attrition rate was on par with police officers.

“It’s difficult to compare this figure to police recruits undergoing training, as police train for 33 weeks, while the PSO course is 12 weeks,” Insp Porter said.

“While the PSO program is still being rolled out, we are pleased that the attrition rate is low, but it is too early to observe any trends.”

The slow take-up rate for PSOs forced Victoria Police to sideline would-be police recruits at the academy in preference of PSOs.

Force command is confident it will reach the quota with only months to go and 748 PSOs passing through the academy.

More than 11,650 people applied to become PSOs but only 5 per cent passed the exams and many failed the fitness component.

Since transit PSOs were introduced, they are trained at the academy to man train stations and PSU duties.

But those who became PSOs before 2011 need to do a bridging course in order to be placed at railway stations. 


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Columbus, Ohio-based criminal defense attorney Javier Armengau, 52, is on trial for sexual assault on five different women dating back to 1998. One accuser says he raped her and masturbated in front of her when he defended her son several years ago.

BY NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Javier Armengau has spent more than a week in court as he faces five women who accuse him of sexual assault. Javier Armengau has spent more than a week in court as he faces five women who accuse him of sexual assault.
An Ohio lawyer raped a woman in a courtroom conference room after he tried to convince the victim to have sex with a judge to earn a favorable sentence for her son, the attorney's client, the woman testified Monday.
Columbus-based criminal defense attorney Javier Armengau, 52, has been accused by five different women of sexual misconduct and stands trial on charges of rape, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, kidnapping and public indecency.
Monday’s accuser, the third woman to testify in what has thus far been a weeklong trial, said Armengau stripped naked and masturbated in front of her 10 different times in his officer during the time she employed him to defend her son, the Columbus Dispatch reported.
On Aug. 26, 2008, the night before her son was to be sentenced, Armengau and a man he told the woman was Judge Richard A. Frye discussed the idea of sex for a lenient sentence. The woman refused and the next day, Frye sentenced her son to four years in prison, the woman testified, according to the newspaper.

Attorney Javier H. Armengau, left, talks with criminal client John Richard Mayhew Jr. in 2006. Armengau, 52, is now facing charges of his own. TOM DODGE/AP Attorney Javier H. Armengau, left, talks with criminal client John Richard Mayhew Jr. in 2006. Armengau, 52, is now facing charges of his own.
Frye has been subpoenaed to testify in the current trial.
On cross-examination, attorneys for Armengau hammered the woman for not recognizing Frye in Armengau’s office after the judge presided over all of her son’s appearances in court.
After her son’s sentencing, Armengau forced the woman into a conference room outside the courtroom and made her perform oral sex, the Dispatch reported.

Armengau’s attorneys say the women are targeting him in a concerted effort to defame him. Armengau’s attorneys say the women are targeting him in a concerted effort to defame him.
The woman testified she “bawled and screamed” during sexual attack, but no one heard her.
The woman came forward in April 2013 after learning others had accused Armengau of rape.
Attorney’s for Armengau argued that her testimony Monday was different than what she told police last year, when she said in an interview that the alleged rape had happened before her son’s sentencing and that the man threatened her to “do it or your son is going down.”

Javier Armengau, a lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, denied the sex crime allegations to WBNS-TV after being released from jail. Javier Armengau, a lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, denied the sex crime allegations to WBNS-TV after being released from jail.
Armengau’s accusers say the sexual misconduct dates back to 1998.
His attorneys said in opening statements last week that the accusers are motivated by “greed, revenge, envy, jealousy and money,” according to the Dispatch. 

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Bleijie should 'hand his resignation in'

The Attorney-General is more worried about "leaking than listening" and can't do his job if people "won't speak to him".

Academics say it’s unlikely the legal fraternity will “put a sock in it” about the appointment of Tim Carmody as Queensland’s Chief Justice, calling for greater transparency in the process.

Newman government minister Ian Walker, a solicitor and former member of the QLS, said on Sunday commentary about how and why Judge Carmody was elevated to the state’s top judicial job weren’t helpful. Not helpful to whom?

“The war of words that’s out there has got to stop, people have got to put a sock in it, they’ve got to shut up and they’ve got to let Justice Carmody get on with the job,” he said.
The logic of the criminal trying to stop people focusing on their crime.

Tim Carmody has been promoted to chief justice. Tim Carmody has been promoted to chief justice. Photo: Daniel Hurst

Peter Davis QC quit as the president of the Bar Association of Queensland last Friday citing a lack of faith in the appointment process, and claimed that private consultations he’d had with Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie were leaked.
The Bar Association of Australia, Queensland Law Society and Australian Lawyers Alliance have all backed Mr Davis’ stand.

Associate Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Law Anthony Cassimatis said that showed the depth of dissatisfaction.

“I don’t think something as fundamental as the independence of the judiciary is something you can really ‘put a sock in it’ about,” he said.

“I think these issues do need to be ventilated.”

Professor Cassimatis said the main issue was the perceived closeness of Judge Carmody to the LNP government. But also important was Mr Davis’ claim that a member of the Bar Association was told its ability to issue practising certificates could be revoked if the organisation didn’t support Mr Carmody.

“The government’s said that’s not true, but the threat I think was clearly made by someone close to the government, and that’s very distressing and concerning,” he said.

“When you have the issue of confidential communications being leaked, when you have threats to the Bar Association to support a particular candidate, those are all warning signals.”

QUT Justice School Senior Lecturer Mark Lauchs said the government should show its hand to regain public confidence in the appointment of the Chief Justice.

“In a position like this, we don’t know what the qualifications are, we don’t know who else was considered, so we don’t know whether the person was qualified and whether they were the best person for the job,” he said.

“From a point of view of public accountability, we’re taking the word of a whole lot of other people… we’re in no position to make a judgement call of our own.”

Dr Lauchs said other senior public service positions would have facility for review should anyone feel aggrieved by the selection process.

“In this very serious issue that affects everyone in Queensland, governments of all party political persuasions should be ensuring that we have the confidence that the decisions were made correctly,” he said.

Dr Lauchs said if it laid its cards on the table, the government might have more luck with its sock strategy.

“They could say we’ve made our decision, here’s the reason for it, now shut up, but until they do that the rest of us normal people who don’t have the ear of the senior legal profession don’t really know.”

“The public’s still going to disagree when they have that information, but right now we don’t even have the information.”

Thursday, June 19, 2014



A New Zealander who made an online threat to slit Premier Campbell Newman's throat has been sentenced to probation. 
Reece Kyle Casey, 26, admitted in Caboolture Magistrates Court today to using a fake Facebook account to threaten to “slit their throats”, referring to Mr Newman and his wife Lisa.

The message also warned Mr Newman to protect his loved ones, which was taken as a threat against the Premier's two daughters. Casey received a 18-month probation order and an 18-month good-behaviour bond.

An order was also made for the laptop on which the post was written to be returned to its rightful owner.

Security was strengthened around the Premier after the threat was posted to his Facebook page in January.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Stewart McWilliams

June 15, 2014  

A SINGLE mum has lost a legal stoush with the Prime Minister’s daughter after Frances Abbott broke the lease at her Melbourne rental property. 

A personal visit to the Prahran flat by the Prime Minister, as well as an assessment by the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police, led to Frances Abbott withdrawing from the agreement three days after she signed the one-year contract.

Landlady Janine Moussi claimed she was entitled to about $1000 — an additional month’s rent — and compensation to cover the period the property was without tenants.

But the Herald Sun can ­reveal Ms Abbott’s bond was returned and most of the first month’s rent after she claimed she didn’t feel secure in the inner-city flat.

Ms Moussi, who defaulted on her mortgage to cover the rent after Ms Abbott broke the lease, offered to make some ­repairs to the property but Ms Abbott instead opted to leave the flat after discovering security restrictions forbade her from living in a ground-floor flat.

“It’s a lease break, you have to honour it, it’s the law,” Ms Moussi said.

The police assessment identified other potential problems with the property for a prime minister’s daughter, ­including windows that didn’t lock and thick shrubbery.

Ms Abbott cancelled the lease three days after signing for this Prahran property.
Ms Abbott cancelled the lease three days after signing for this Prahran property.
The police also indicated a “criminal environment” around the Prahran apartment and said the ground-floor ­location provided an “insufficient barrier against unlawful physical access to the unit”.

After the assessment, Ms Abbott told the real estate company she wished to break the lease, which had been signed up to March next year.

Ms Moussi, who is in remission from cancer, took the case to VCAT seeking compensation for the lease break after it took eight weeks to find new tenants.

“I don’t have this money lying around,” she told the Herald Sun.

At the hearing, Ms Abbott used a security assessment by the Australian Federal Police, sent to the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin, to explain why she broke the lease.

The first VCAT member to hear the case, Michael ­Sweeney, was forced to declare he had “dealings with the Prime Minister” and Ms Credlin and excused himself from the hearing.

Frances Abbott cited security concerns for pulling out of the agreement.
Frances Abbott cited security concerns for pulling out of the agreement.

The matter was eventually heard by Ms Kylea ­Campana.

Ms Abbott told the hearing she did not feel like the property was “safe and secure” as it was advertised. –Then why enter into a contract?

“I also had my dad and the police check the apartment with me … my dad’s the prime minister,” Ms Abbott told VCAT.  –How is her father's job relevant?

Ms Abbott said she signed the lease because she “felt like being independent”.

“I felt like I should be able to do this on my own, I felt like I didn’t deserve different treatment.”
Yet here she is in VCAT asking for special trteatment.

But Ms Moussi said she didn’t believe it was a “standard VCAT decision”.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Prime Minister, Sally Branson, said Ms Abbott rented the flat that was found to be “unsafe with poor security”.

“She did not move in and instead, tried to resolve the significant security issues with the real estate agent directly,” Ms Branson said.

“This was unsuccessful and the matter then went to an independent tribunal.”

Ms Branson said it was standard practice for the AFP to provide security advice to the Prime Minister and his family. –Is this what Frances meant when she said that she “felt like being independent”? 


Friday, June 13, 2014



Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in News

This last post is to notify everyone that I have decided to totally quit all work and projects for Dean and his website and other related projects and services we had agreed to do together. 

Much thought and consideration was given, and due to all the complications and trauma and drama, I feel it is the right thing to do for my own happiness and safety. There has been too many promises over this time working on various aspects but now my time has come to an end. 

I am absolutely and unequivocally certain I will not return and will not want anything to do with the site or with Dean. It has been way too stressful on my part and it is not possible for me to keep things afloat. its been a nightmare. Dean is not what he portrays himself to be. Dean just uses people and discards them, wanted me to build a perpetual income milking station for him.

Dean is definitely using all their stuff. he has a drivers license, he has license plates, he has a registered company and yes, he files taxes. how does one get all that if he claims to have rescinded the BC over 3 years ago? I couldn’t get a straight answer from him or any of his mob. 

I have become rather disgruntled and impatient with much and there has been much chaos due to coming on board to this. I only came on board in hope to learn about obtaining tax exemption status and fighting parking tickets, somehow the projects grow and the roles and duties grew and no one else was willing to help despite many offers but this always ended in conflicts. 

I’ve had my life threatened, another has threatened to smash my teeth in and a couple have tried to use blackmail and threats also. This is all merely because Dean makes many promises to people to do business with them to sell law courses which many fight over him. It has been absolutely nuts and now I want no part in all this or any of Dean’s buddies or brother either. 

It has been utterly traumatizing and humiliating. I have come to realise Dean protects moochers and scumbags but takes hard working people for granted. This has saddened me greatly due to how much energy and time I’ve spent on this. I am not saying he has nothing to offer because he does, I simply cannot work with him anymore and have had enough. 

As for the forum, media and document service I had built, this will no longer be available. It is best to cut the cord and part ways completely as I do not want to spend any more time helping Dean or be burdened with all this. This was a partnership with Dean in which he gave many promises which he could not keep. His situation currently has been a factor of course but even before much was all dumped on me. 

I was never in support of his land stewardship program either despite him never being able to produce a plan or show how it could benefit me and my situation. This sounds selfish but we all want security and safety. I do not have either in this situation with him.

Dean has not tried to call me at all over 7 months and the messages I’ve gotten through his brother were one way and like a dictator. A PABX was setup and a variety of working numbers was provided but he never cared to get them approved. 

With the projects and other tasks and duties, my time was spread too thin and always having the media, updates to process and reporting, it was hard to get everything I wanted to done. 

As Dean’s situation deteriorated, this also effected new signups as numbers continued to dwindle. Many initially would sign up for $15 per month then quit in disappointment because they were expecting Dean’s involvement. Some may have just joined to watch the few videos that were provided but didn’t want to be a part of the community.

Now in terms of figures as everyone always has money on the mind, many assumed there was up to 1200 or so members. Well as it turns out, at the start there was the option to register for an account without making a payment. It was determined that many of the accounts were fake due to automated bots originating from Russia which somehow managed to get past the CAPTURA code on the registration form. About 600 or more were fake which had no access anyway. Over time, about 300 either quit, stopped paying or had never paid and were given a free account. This left about 300 payment members only and some change. 

I cannot take on such burdens and expect to keep everyone happy and pay off Dean’s private property he bought. This is not my problem and want nothing to do with that either. 

In reality, Dean does not want to work with but dictate. He does not want partners and wants everyone to work for him as slaves and for free. Technology will not make Dean fulfill his promises or stop him from stuffing people about. 

About 3 months ago, due to so many people wanting to quit, complaining, and just fed up with all the issuing of empty promises, losing faith in the whole incarceration saga numbers continue to dwindle. Many of these members had actually signed up for beginner courses also and never got what they paid for. So at an attempt to keep them around until things improve, about 66% of these were cancelled but offered to pay a full year in advance instead. There was concerned that the wrong type of people would join also at an attempt to infiltrate and shit all over the community then leave as there was some shit stirrers and shills that did not join for the right reasons. It did not make sense to allow monthly subs were not working out. There was some new signups that paid yearly but not enough to sustain things at all. Of course, testing to see if people would value being milked and gauged all the time, 99% of the 66% cancelled recurring payments did not resubscribe to the yearly offering. I was glad to do this as in good conscience I did not want to rip people off any further while so many empty promises remain outstanding and more promises being issued. This was doomed for failure from the beginning. 

Now that the forum and any current and future services are no longer available for Dean, all subscriptions have been cancelled so those who joined need not worry about being charged for nothing. I utterly and totally wants nothing to do with Dean Clifford, his brother or any of their buddies ever again. It has turned out to be a complete disaster and so many burdens have been put on me and wishes I never came on board to do anything at all to begin with. 

The web server has been handed over to another which will get in touch with Dean when he gets out. Knowing all the dramas and shit that has gone down outside of Dean’s case and even before then, she wants nothing to do with this mob either and will not talk with them at all also. These people lack integrity and just like to blow smoke up peoples arses most of the time. 

As for the reporting, many lies were fed to him and inaccuracies. Much has come to light since then but it is too time consuming to cover every facet of detail. 

In regards to Dean’s case, his gun and pot charges actually have not been dropped at all. I was misled to believe it was just one gun that was a WWII relic heirloom piece, but in fact Dean has a full arsenal. This is something the team wanted nothing to do with and especially the web admin who originally wrote some of the news posts. He wants nothing to do with guns or drugs and was merely involved to learn about tax issues which he was promised on be shown on how to get all your tax back. This was complete nonsense and just hot air Dean promised which never was going to happen in the first place.
The list of guns entail (Errors & Omissions Expected):

Lee enfield .303 British ( the ww2 rifle),

Sks rifle in 7.62×39,

2 shot guns( Reminton 870 wingmaster 12 gauge shotgun)

Moss erg 500 pump action 12 guage

.25 automatic pistol.

.32 auto… The .25 is also a prohibited weapon (not restricted … Prohibited).

Possibly a double barrel 12 guage as well.

Pretty scary weapon cache there and sounds like something out of a movie. 

In regards to the drug charges, the original news post was misleading and BS was fed there also, the grow op was actually for commercial purposes and not for a sick friend as originally told. Each to their own but being involved in such a thing attracts certain types of people which I want nothing to do with and that is why many cleared off and those who were helping prior to the arrest left and quit within a week or 2. I want nothing to do with such endeavors. Much has been obscured and kept secret. 

Some final words, anyone expecting to make a living out of freedom will have a rude awakening, it is a timeless story and with economies trending downwards and national debts exploding, it’s a given many more commanders and factions will be popping up to make a quick buck. 

A direct message to Dean: I sympathise with your suffering but this is your choice you made and no one else’s. I do not believe everything is a conspiracy though. You have woken so many people up and ignited interest from all over the world, so hats off to you. I just have to say, this is your war I do not care to fight in and I no longer care if you have the golden ticket. Hopefully you can get out soon and start over. I’m sure you will not be in short supply of people to help you hit the reset button.
Goodbye for Good and forever. Admin.
notes from update 11
These notes were taken from the update with the best of my ability, E&OE, Errors and Omissions Expected:

• PPSA commercial liens are being put or soon going to be put on several property titles which includes RCMP stations and courthouses.

• Each one of these have been put on something called a collateral schedule amongst other things.
• Regarding Dean’s trust account, he has served the government and bank of Canada and AG proper notice that they will no longer be their bank on his behalf and Dean is going to act as his own Bank which he will probably explain to everyone more in detail when he gets out.

• Transcripts have been ordered, especially the bail hearing that was on around March 25th and the motions that were heard last week. Appeals have been filed also which should be heard next week.

• In the appeals court, Dean’s common law rights can be heard and acknowledged which will be much harder for them to f*#k him over.

• Got the names of every judge from day one which will be added as debtors to the claims, PPSA’s and commercial liens that are about to be filed.

• As soon as the PPSA’s have been submitted and processed, the output will be attached to commercial liens that are being prepared.

• This will be severed on the bar association, the lawyers, the courts, on the bank of Canada, everybody is getting f*#king lien’ed.

• Someone new has been brought into the fold to assist Dean with writing documents and preparing filings as well as Dean now having access to a computer.

• More has been done over 10 days that has been done over 6 months, things are moving forward nicely.

• But more help is still needed as there isn’t enough people to get everything done that needs to be in order to execute the coming barrage that is planned.

• Dean’s situation with his closed/frozen bank accounts are being sorted out and authority is being handed over to sign and manage that for him which should alleviated some stresses and inconveniences in terms of paying bills and getting things done.

• Dean’s new helper friend could do with laptop and internet switched back on at his home so things can get done.

• Pertinent documents are making their way to the proper parties that are integral to Dean’s future claims which he hasn’t been able to access for a while now. It wasn’t wise to send the originals after a new quality microphone and audio box for Darren being returned to sender last week and at the powers that be intercepting them.

• Copies are or to be certified.

• There was also documents that identify the titles for the legislative building in which Dean plans to lien the f*#k out of also. So much prior research and homework has been done well before him being taken.

• Brandon Correctional Centre is also owned by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN just to let you know.

• The court buildings, all 5 titles, are also owned by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.

• The Winnipeg city police station and public safety building are also owned by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.

• “she” is the debtor in all of these claims. Dean thinks the best way to go after her bonding is to go after the legal entity HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN as represented by, some may disagree.

• Dean is looking to refer to some other sample filings to compare to his drafts to perfect his form with his approach to things before they are executed.

• Darren, Dean’s brother has been speaking to Kevin Annett about a few things in regards to recent happenings with his actions against HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN and the CROWN CORPORATION in regards to crimes against sovereign inhabitants that have been exposed.

• Dean and Kevin hope to compare notes and documents over the coming weeks.

• In a documents / notices that were severed on the register and vital statistics, he notify them when he goes after the Bank of Canada, he will not be relying on the court of Queen’s Bench Supreme Court, It is his will and intend to convene a Grand Jury and find 24 sovereign people of this land and have them appoint a judge of their choosing and we will be holding a common law court and will be convicting HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.

• 24 man Grand Jury is the highest form of law that there is on this planet.

• If they do not give everything back and compensate Dean there is a 24 manned Grand Jury that is going to get convened.

• Be good to clarify if the appointed judge makes the 24th or not as many say there are 23 in a Grand Jury or maybe that is the governments was to mislead people and 24 actually need to form a real Grand Jury are needed.

• And many figure heads are welcomed to be involved from all over. This can be made as an example, organised, template and executed at places all over the world HER MAJESTY has her teeth into.

• Grand jury investigations are secret, and evidence isn’t made public until there is an indictment.

• It is suspected that the powers that be are planning a false flag event. So trends in the news indicate an IMMENIENT FALSE FLAG EVENT could very well be on the cards.

• In the mainstream news, a rifileshooting range has been broken into twice and the RCMP is now being trained in case of a shootout with training videos on what to do. This indicates that they are preparing the public that there is an event going to happen.

• Dean hopes someone is going to be doing a radio show about that so it can be called in advance.

• They had to go to the extent to pulling the plug on this one which was so predictable.

• Dean thinks they intentionally did video so they could make the audio disappear, similar to what they did with his nabbing February 2013 last year with the tussle with the cop in the parking lot who lost the plot.

• There was a property secured last year that was planned for the first instalment of the land stewardship project out in British Colombia. A down payment was made from the funds raised from the seminar but things took a turn since Dean hasn’t been able to work and his situation has made him into the posterboy for the FREEMAN movement. FREEMAN being a term made up by the Government made up to pigeonhole people who just want to learn the law, enforce their rights and who are sick of being raped, oppressed and taken advantage of by their servants.

• Fortunately, the next instalment that was due has been extended. Plans should be written and disclosed soon on this.

• In response to some important documents being filed in the courts, the Notaries’ officers are being harassed from the Crown attorney’s office in Winnipeg.

• Where agents from the Crown attorney’s office are grilling them for information and giving them grief over the phone.

• At least 2 Notaries have affirmed that agents from the Crown attorney’s office have “advised” in an intimidating fashion that they should probably stop notarising Dean’s documents. Both Notaries have told them to f*#k off.

• A law suit was attempted to be served last week at the Crown attorney’s office that entailed obstruction of justice and intimidation but the names of these agents couldn’t be ascertained but the women at the desk flipped out and then refused service.

• Recommendations were relayed of what David Lindsay said the list of charges shouldn’t be too long, keeping them down, Dean pointed out the same charge can be grouped into counts.

• Dean said he is perusing both civil and criminal charges against HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.

• It is the duty of Queens Bench civil court to convert any elements from any civil claim into corresponding criminal charges and order the prosecution of them which there is case law on this according to Dean’s friend Allen.

• Dean is uncertain about the form of laying out these charges though, so he is just using a standard QB criminal application same way he was doing to have his charges discharged.

• The biggest mistake he has made so far is that he already had made an application for a warrant to arrest all those who have committed crimes against him, he actually stood down on those matters because he only wanted to address the discharging of the federal criminal charges and his release that day. The minute he did that, he removed any standing he had in the court for taking out his claim of injury.

• Dean says now he has standing in Queens Bench going forward.

• There was an instance where a hearing Dean was ready with everything in check and instead they patched him through from Brandon CC via video linkup where essentially they wouldn’t let him speak at all. This was in provincial court they did this to him.

• Turns out they were talking over him and even in the room he was patched through on. He ended up telling whom was talking over him while he was trying to read out onto the record an affidavit they refused to accept.

• The judge also kept interrupting him trying to deny him from speaking at all. Dean’s response was “Excuse me, Servant! Keep your mouth shut while I’m reading. I’m speaking, I’m the master here and you’re the servant and you be quiet while I am talking, Do you understand?” in response, the judge said, “Well well… I’m the administrator here.” And Dean replied “I don’t give a f*#king sh^t because I’m the executor and I outrank you. Keep your mouth shut!!!”

• Witnesses in the court room, friends and family of Dean’s were there which Dean was patched through and they saw them all scrambling trying to cut the audio from the feed from Brandon CC. It was f*#king hilarious where a bunch of dumb c*nts were running around saying “How we turn it off, how we turn it off”. All while Dean was reading out some rather profound stuff.

• It took them like 5 minutes to turn the audio off, so it will be good to know if anything of what Dean said made it onto the transcripts.

• Supposably there was like 12 sheriffs in the provincial court room waiting all day for Dean’s hearing in this instance where wasn’t even in the room and it started at like 4pm.

• The judge claimed he didn’t understand anything at all but would not specify exactly what in which Dean was happy to clarify. It was obvious the judge didn’t want to understand even if he could or wanted to.

• This was because in a lower statutory court, the judge could not hear his common law arguments.

• It is expected Dean may get out next Thursday at the applet level court. So a bail review at a upper level at QB will be heard next week so might have some good news them.

• Others have gotten out at appeals court where it was mentioned that the issue of financing and damages for being in jail all the time. It seems a question they do not want to answer.

• Upon Dean’s release, all the PPSA’s will be in place, and the courts, judges, cps attorney’s, rcmp officers, jp, ought to be served and commercial liens in place against them ready to go.

• He hopes to already have the bonds frozen for the crowns, at that point they ought to be a whole lot less excited to go after him any further at that point.

• At another hearing that happened recently where the judge wanted to speak to Dean after a hearing, but the sheriffs disobeyed that order in QB. They wouldn’t even allow Dean to file any paperwork himself also. Turns out, the same sheriff that roughhoused Dean pulling him to the van, was directly sitting behind a friend / witness in the court recently started poking her quite hard in the back quit hard telling her to “GET UP, GET UP” when the judge was asking everyone to rise. Such an action would provoke a verbose reaction in anyone, but knowing what circumstances one was under and the importance of being there, the ideal response was refrained from. Dean has declared “that f*#ker is going down” and saying this sheriff just assaulted her. Which brings to question, are these sheriff’s actual lawfully appointed sheriffs or are they just nothing more than mall cops with an extra shiny talisman and a gun? Something to research into there. Maybe Dean can go put criminal charges on him and lien his house. Might make things difficult with his bank when this sheriff can’t afford the mortgage repayments after losing his job. Might be a good process against agents such as this one to template.

• Anyone going to the next hearing needs to get his badge number and his photo if they can.

• In all the transcripts in the provincial court, even though the lower statutory courts cannot hear common law arguments, things later on can be taken to higher court of inherit jurisdiction and have those convictions over turned in a heartbeat.

• The moment you deny to be the trustee in these lower magistrate statutory kangaroo courts, the card they always play is that “Well Mr. Such’n’Such, I’m issuing a warrant for him”.

• Dean says he would announce himself as the man but not one that acts a class of person that has rights and duties conferred by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN and is not a subject thereof and is not a trustee or anything else within her ranks.

• Being coursed and subdued into submission can be taken as under duress and deal with the damages later on can be a good angle to take things on.

• It would be good to get the Pdf of the David’s book to get to Dean, he has a computer in Brandon CC now.

• We will need to do a fundraiser soon to help those who are helping which one girl spent $1500 of her own money on filings, transcripts, getting copies of titles, driving around and time spent not working due to this.

• Collect call bill to Darren, Dean’s brother was $1200

• Dean’s construction business has completely gone under as a result of this.