Sunday, September 4, 2011


On the 22nd April 2010 I received a notice from the corporation “Magistrates’ Court Victorian” A.B.N. 32 790 228 959 alleging I am required to attend a hearing for an infringement offence. The corporation “Magistrates’ Court Victorian” is operating unlawfully as a Star chamber (without a jury), as defined in the Imperial Acts Applications Act 1980 (Vic) Division 2 – Habeas Corpus. I clearly communicated and gave lawful notice to the co-ordinator of the Magistrates’ Court Victoria via a telephone call, one week prior the scheduled trial, that as an Australian subject I would only consent to having this matter heard in an Chapter III Commonwealth Constitutional Court and this was not lawfully refuted. Never the less, the hearing was held on the 11th of May 2010, without my consent, without my presence and with the presumption I had made a plea of NOT GUILTY.
I gave notice to the Magistrates’ court requesting a certified Court Order with a public seal to verify that I was indeed guilty of a commonwealth offence. The registrar attempted to charge me $47.90 for certified verification which under the law is a form of extortion. On my second request the registrar sent me the following extract below which clearly does not show any public seal, thus by default I am not guilty of any offence nor am I required to pay any fines.
The Magistrates’ Court Victoria does not comply with:
  • Commonwealth Constitution 1901 – Section 79 Number of Judges
  • Commonwealth Constitution 1901 – Section 80 Trial by Jury
  • Imperial Act Application 1980 – Part II, Section 8, Division 2 Habeas Corpus (Jury)
  • Judiciary Act 1903 – Section 39B 1A(B) Jurisdiction of Federal Court
  • Judiciary Act 1903 – Section 80 Common Law to Govern
  • Evidence Act 1958 (Vic) – Section 76 Acts of Parliament of the United Kingdom to be judicially noticed
  • Evidence Act 1958 (Vic) – Section 78 Public seals of States
The Magistrates’ Court Victoria is in breach of all these Acts/sections and have No lawful excuse.
Court Order With No Public Seal
Court Order With No Public Seal

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