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June 18, 2011
Two Magistrates in NSW have been directed to show cause to the NSW Parliament why they should not be sacked as Judicial Officers.
The magistrates in question are Magistrate Jennifer Betts and Magistrate Brian Maloney and it was based on the findings of the NSW Judicial Commission enquiry in relation to complaints of misconduct which led to them to being required to show up to the NSW Parliament and argue why they should not be sacked.
Both magistrates have claimed they suffer from mental illnesses which led to them behaving the way they did and resulted in the complaints being made against them. They both say the problem has been fixed with medication they are now taking. It is covered well in an article by Richard Ackland in his weekly Friday report in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Some of the things he says are: “‘Shut up please, ma’am. I’m going to talk to you now and you listen hard . . . That’s a disgusting response . . . Your explanations are pitiful . . . And you think you’re god’s gift, do you? . . . Shut your mouth, because I don’t think it’s going to do you any good.” That was the magistrate Jennifer Betts in full cry at Ryde Local Court in June 2009.” “Judges and magistrates are supposed to look as though they are dispassionately deciding people’s cases and giving them fair hearings, even though in their heart of hearts they might have made up their mind, or they can’t stand the sight of the person appearing before them.”
“Most journalists are quite insane and as for politicians, well, the peculiar state of their mental hygiene is visible for all to see.” 
“Having politicians judging judicial officers is a bit like having one branch of the asylum acting as caretakers for another. It seems to be one tiny corner where judges failed to properly nail down their ”independence”.”
It is an extremely good article and well worth a read.
People might have the impression that there is oversight of Judges and Magistrates in Australia. But the reality is that only NSW has a Judicial Commission to investigate complaints against judicial officers. Federally there is nothing and none of the other states have an independent body to investigate complaints, as such complaints about judges and magistrates are pissed down the toilet by the politicians, police and Chief Justices of those courts where the complaints are made.
Just for the record the NSW Judicial Commission is nothing but a bad joke and corrupt as hell. It is judges who control it. Why they recommended possible action against the two magistrates I suspect is just a case of the NSW Judicial Commission making it look like they are doing their job. Knowing full well that nothing will happen to the two magistrates as know one will kick a person while they are down with the two magistrates playing the mental illness defence. While the real criminal and corrupt conduct by Judges and Magistrates is swept under the carpet.
At the time of writing this Magistrate Jennifer Betts has been cleared by Parliament and will continue as a Magistrate with Magistrate Brian Maloney to go before parliament next week to defend himself. 
This article comes from a website called KANGAROO COURT OF AUSTRALIA. The url is below, and Mikiverse Law urges you to go there and take a look. The only way we are going to rescue this sick nation, is to bandy together peacefully and build our community properly. I did not create Mikiverse Law in an attempt at being the only pathway, or the highest authority. It is one pathway, created from one mind, one heart. We need many minds, and many hearts. We need you to play your part.

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