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In memory of Martin Luther, the one man that dared to speak the truth 500 years ago
Let those who have eyes see; Let those who have ears hear the truth of this most sacred writ before all men, women, children as witnessed by the Divine and all spirits:
1. ALL possess the right to be heard, whether or not we agree with the ideas expressed; and
2. By virtue of our absolute immutable right of free will, we may choose our own actions and what to believe or not to believe; and
3. ALL possess the right over their own thoughts and opinions, as no one can rightfully claim ownership of your own mind, except you; and
4. Your mind is the general executor and sovereign authority over your own body and so no force may rightfully claim possession over your flesh, unless your mind surrenders and allows it to be so; and
5. No person, corporation, or group may claim ownership of the cells of your body or the genetic code that forms life and who and what we are; and
6. ALL possess the right and ability of reason, through the existence of their conscience, sometimes attributed to the existence of a “soul” enabling choices between what is considered “right and wrong”; and
7. Even if we have on occasions surrendered our sovereignty, no force, nor person, nor being can truly own our soul, mind or flesh, just as no corporation, society or person may claim ownership of the land, water or air; and
8. We are all merely tenants on this beautiful planet that sustains life. No-one possesses a blood right, birth right, prior right nor divine right of ownership or rule over any other; and
9. No one may claim to be superior or others to be inferior based on the color of their skin, or nature of their birth or religion; and
10. While there may be times that we are forced or tricked to say or do things against our nature, unless we be under duress, you are responsible for your own actions and choices; and
11. Indeed, there are some who seek to trick us into false belief and false hope, only to find such trust is wrenched from us when faced with the truth; and
12. There are many more who seek to control us through ideas created by others, encouraging us to believe and sometimes to fear; and
13. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your fears, let them not cloud the right for these words to be heard completely first, before they be judged; and
14. Therefore, let these truths be posted, noticed, recorded and published. So all may read and so all who choose to read may know; and
15. Let no man or woman deface, defile, remove or destroy this sacred writ, lest they be judged by all those including their parents, kin and ancestors, past leaders, teachers and heroes in whose name this instrument be promulgated; and
16. To begin then, let us consider then that no matter how complex or challenging our life or our world that much of what we see, is nothing more than a complex mosaic of ideas; and
17. Some ideas are considered essential by most for our survival, such as money, technology and the concept (idea) of belief itself; and
18. Other ideas such as why we choose only a handful of food crops from the thousands of edible plants in the world are less well considered ideas; and
19. While we are free to form our choices and opinions, it is an absolute fact that most of the ideas we choose to believe are created by someone else and then adopted by us, with little change or investigation into the idea; and
20. Words are symbolic ideas to which certain ideas of meaning have been attached by others, sometimes many hundreds or thousands of years ago. Yet we trust meanings to be true and we choose to believe; and
21. Stories such as history are ideas written by others we choose to believe about ideas of certain events that are supposed to have occurred sometimes many thousands of years before we were born. Yet we trust the story ideas to be true and we choose to believe; and
22. Religion itself is an accumulation of ideas, some of which are claimed to have come directly from Divine source and claimed divine events, written in stories called “scripture” often written from hearsay and not firsthand. Yet we trust the religious ideas to be true and choose to believe; and
23. Indeed, so many of us trust and believe the religious and historical stories sold to us by certain families and owners claiming most property of the world as theirs, that we believe certain people to be the “rulers of the world” as the one percent, while the rest of us live like slaves as the ninety nine percent; and
24. Yet, far from some adopted ideas being neutral harmless, some ideas such as “Divine right of rule” are extremely dangerous and have the power to alter our perception of not just the world around us, but our family and who we think we are; and
25. The most dangerous ideas are those ideas that promote and convince us to believe we are less, that we are weak, that we are unworthy, that we must somehow accept we will never be more than a slave; and
26. This is in effect what keeps the world the way it is- because there are certain families of people who make claims to others for their absolute loyalty on the basis that they possess unique blood rights of rule, hold unique rights of history or powers and therefore must be obeyed without question; and
27. So what in essence is an idea and how might we distinguish between sound ideas that help us and false ideas such as “Divine right of rule” that have imprisoned us, inhibited us or tricked us ; and
28. In essence, an idea need not be complex to be worthwhile, to come to life and existence; and
29. The mere existence of an idea is sufficient to validate itself. Whether it is true or false is relative to other ideas; and
30. One of the simplest and most powerful ideas is that the meaning of idea is equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness and vice versa; and
31. By Unique Collective Awareness (“UCA”) we mean an idea that is both unique and part of the wider universe of “ideas” or “awareness” in which we exist; and
32. Therefore, the name of an idea is sufficient proof of its existence in some form. The claimed completion and comprehensiveness of an idea is relative to other standards; and
33. Even the repudiation of the validity of an idea requires its name and therefore existence. Therefore, only ideas that cannot be named, nor described may be said to have no existence; and
34. For example, whether one believes or does not believe in the existence of the Divine Creator is immaterial to the fact that the idea of the existence of the Divine Creator exists; and
35. Existence in essence is an observer and an object observed and therefore named. Without the observer and the observed, there can be no existence; and
36. Existence of the Universe depends upon both rules and matter. Matter without rules cannot exist in Universal reality. Therefore, rules without matter cannot exist in reality; and
37. Rules without matter may exist only as an idea. Therefore, we can say that Rules are equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) without Form; and
38. Matter is equivalent to the idea of form in dimension. Therefore we can say that Matter is equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) within Form; and
39. The only example of dimension being created in the Universe is a Dream; and
40. The only example of a system whereby Rules exist in theory and then Rules and Matter exist in reality is a Dream; and
41. Therefore, Existence is equivalent to the dream of Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) in form (Matter) according to some Rules (“DIA”). Hence we may call the Universe “UCADIA”; and
42. Therefore, the Divine Creator is equivalent to the idea of Unique Collective Awareness and UCADIA. As we have just proven, Existence itself dependents on the existence of the Divine Creator; and
43. Therefore, We refute any ecclesiastical claim that existence of the Divine is dependent on faith and faith alone. We reject the false and convoluted arguments by science which protest the Divine does not exist, in support of the needs of their religious patrons; and
44. Instead, we rely upon the wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness and the proof that every living thing is proof of the existence of the Divine, every man and woman and child are proof of the existence of the Divine and no longer shall false faith nor fear determine our collective fate.
45. Thus when we speak of the Divine Creator we mean the total collection of meaning and definition of all objects, matter, rules, life, mind, universe and spirit also known as the Absolute, the ALL, the IS, the Unique Collective Awareness, UCADIA and other historic names when used to described the greatest of all possibilities; and
46. As the Divine means the set of all sets, there is nothing greater. Therefore, everything else is lesser, including but not limited to the idea of “Law”; and
47. A law is a rule, derived from divine instruction, scientific discovery, agreement, custom or practices over time enjoining or prohibiting certain action; and
48. A canon means “rule, bar, norm, maxim, measure or standard”. Therefore, when canon law is in agreement with Divine Law, it may be regarded as the highest standard law and the “Rule of Law” and
49. The highest law of all law is therefore Divine Law, then Natural Law, then Cognitive Law, then Positive Law; and
50. Divine Law is the law that defines the Divine and clearly demonstrates the spirit, mind, purpose and instruction of the Divine including the operation of the will of the Divine through existence. Therefore all valid law may be said to be derived from Divine Law; and
51. The highest and most accepted Golden Rule of all Divine Law is that “all are equal under the law and subject to the law”. Any law that attempts to abrogate this fact is null and void ab initio and is not a valid law; and
52. Natural Law is the law that defines the operation of the will of the Divine through its existence in the form of matter and physical rules. Natural Laws define the operation and existence of the physical universe, all valid Positive Law may be said to be derived from Natural Law; and
53. Cognitive Law is the set of laws that define the special attributes possessed by certain higher order life such as mind, ideas, knowledge, recognition and self-awareness created through the simultaneous application of both Divine Law and Natural Law; and
54. Positive Law is the laws enacted by men and women through proper authority for the governance of a society. Positive Law ultimately refers to physical objects and living beings; All valid Positive Law may be said to be derived from Natural Law and Cognitive Law; and
55. A Positive Law cannot abrogate, suspend, usurp, nor change a Cognitive Law or Natural Law. Nor is it possible for a Cognitive Law or Natural Law to abrogate, suspend, usurp or change a Divine Law.
56. Therefore, it is not by the will of men to decide when God speaks. It is not to the authority of the church that the Lord submits, but the church that submits to God; and
57. No matter how great the claimed authority of a person, it cannot be greater than the Divine Creator; and
58. No matter how ancient a scripture or belief, it cannot be older than the Creator of the Universe; and
59. No matter how firm a doctrine of faith, it cannot stand should it be against the laws of the Divine; and
60. All the words ever written and spoken in defense of doctrine and law cannot stand if against these truths; and
61. Indeed, the foundation of all civilized rule of law, including all Western Roman Law, begins with the acknowledgment that the highest law comes from the Divine Creator of all things in the Universe expressed through the laws of the Universe and then through the reason and spirit of man to make Positive Laws; and
62. The very meaning and essence of the idea of “office” is derived from ecclesiastical and ceremonial duty (officium) and service when in possession of some circumscribed space such as a chapel, temple, altar or sanctuary; and
63. In recognition of the fact that the legitimacy of office is through the recognition of the supremacy of Divine Law over Positive Law, the investiture of people into office is normally created upon a sacred and ecclesiastical oath to some higher spiritual power; and
64. Therefore all valid official positions of all legitimate governments of all societies on planet Earth depend on the acknowledgment and recognition that the highest law comes from the Divine Creator of all things in the Universe; and
65. The very meaning and purpose of the word “authority” is derived from the creation of instruments and pronouncements of law (auctor) in accordance with ecclesiastical ritual, ceremony or property (ritus); and
66. Therefore all legitimate authority of all officials of all valid governments of all societies on planet Earth depend on the acknowledgment and recognition that all authority is ultimately derived from the highest authority being the Divine Creator of all things in the Universe; and
67. Even the very financial system of the present world is based on the existence of the Treasury of One Heaven and the continued existence of Indulgences as created by the Roman Cult, also known as the Venetian-Magyar controlled Vatican at the end of the 13th Century; and
68. Thus, the very existence of all societies and the idea of Rule of Law across Planet Earth is dependent on the idea of the existence of the Divine Creator also known as the Unique Collective Awareness (UCA); and
69. As the authority and legitimacy of an office is derived from ecclesiastical authority, then the obeying of the Rule of Law is not merely duty, but necessary for the lawful effect of any action. This is because no spiritual force may flow through natural law and positive law of this world, if the sacred rules that establish such law are willingly broken; and
70. It is why through the original laws of trust between the entrustor and the trustee known as Fiduciary Laws require such diligence. It is also why the laws between the trustee and beneficiary originally known as the Laws of Equity are equally as stringent; and
71. While contract and administrative law over the past two hundred years has deliberately corrupted the certainty of obligations of Executors and Trustees appointed to Office, it remains an immutable truth that to hold Office remains both the highest honor and duty of service; and
72. When a man or woman seeks to cling to Office and yet deny their obligations and duties, they automatically excommunicate themselves from any spiritual authority, thereby rendering such acts merely enforceable through ignorance, force or fear; and
73. When a man or woman seeks to cling to Office through the use of ignorance, force and fear, denying their dependency on legitimacy from the Divine Creator and Divine Law, then no action or decree can be regarded as lawful and their tenure can only hold, so long as their power holds; and
74. In some cases, a tyrannical system only lasts for a few years. On other examples, a system of tyranny may survive for hundreds of years before finally being rooted out. The three ages of the Cult of Mithraism, the Cult of the Menes of Tarsus and the land pirate families of the Khazar clans are three such groups; and
75. Mithraism is an ancient Cult and Theology born in the 6th Century BCE under the reign of Darius of Persia through the deliberate corruption of Zoroastrianism and infusing the beliefs of Meneshism as well as Satanism of the exiled Yahudi (Israelites). It is the first Cult in history to be two Cults in one- an inner secretive Cult and an outer generalized Cult. It is also the first Cult to be completely revamped into three separate incarnations (ages); and
76. The First age and variation of Mithraism is “Orthodox Mithraism” from the 6th Century BCE to the 1st Century CE. The second age and variation is “Apocalyptic Mithraism” that emerged in the 1st Century CE and died out by the 4th Century CE. The third age and variation is Reformed Mithraism which emerged from the 11th Century CE and remains in the form of the Roman Cult of Romanism, also known as Vaticanism; and
77. In the first variation of Mithraism as Orthodox Mithraism, Mithra is born from the seed of Adona Elohim (Elohim) the Sun-god and “Lord God” and Ashtarot (Ashtart) the “Virgin Queen of Heaven” being the Foundation Stone (Rock) at the foundation of the formerly destroyed temple of Jerusalem. Mithra then lived his first years within the cave within the rock, now also also known as the well of souls; and
78. As the Yahudi (Israelites) legal system honored its roots back to the Neolithic oral “Holly Law” or Cuilliaéan law from 1070 BCE, the use of writing was considered an abomination before Yah(weh), also known as G-d. Therefore, the creation of Mithraic Law by Yahudi priests in Babylon was considered a great heresy against G-d. However, by the 4th Century BCE, the Yahudi Diaspora were using Greek and Aramaic to the North, Latin to the West and Persian to the South and East; and
79. Mithra was variously named the “Lamb of God”, the “only begotten Son of God”, the “Savior” (Christ), the “good shepherd” and the “way, the truth and the light”. He was said to have been born on the Winter Solstice around December 25th and Died as a blood sacrifice to “cleanse the world of sin” on the Spring Equinox around March 23rd; and
80. Together with his father and mother, Mithra formed a sacred and unbreakable Trinity with Mithra representing justice, truth and loyalty. Hence, Mithra is the god of oaths and loyalty to duty. Thus when a person was baptized to Mithraism they pledged their absolute, undying, unquestioning loyalty to Mithra and his representative the King and High Priests; and
81. As a Cult of Meneshism and Satanism, Mithraism incorporated many of their key themes, most importantly the fundamental and essential practice of blood sacrifice, atonement, continued ritual sacrifice and cannibalism in direct contradiction to Zoroastrianism and Yahudism. As an inner cult and an outer cult, each of the key sacraments of Mithraism had two forms- superior and ordinary; and
82. For the sacred Orthodox Ordinary Mithraic Sacrament of Baptism an initiate put on a white gown, a thorny crown and walked in a procession to the temple, where they were stripped, placed in a pit above which animals such as young calf and lambs were slaughtered on perforated platform over them with the blood flowing through onto them, thus being “born again” with their “sins washed away by the blood of the lamb”. For the sacred Orthodox Superior Mithraic ritual of Baptism, the initiate was usually placed in a stone sarcophagus and instead of a lamb, a human child was ritually slaughtered on an altar above them; and
83. For the sacred Orthodox Ordinary Mithraic Sacrament of the Eucharist, a member would celebrate by consuming unleavened bread and wine in the simulated cannibalism of the body and blood of Mithra for their salvation. Thus, the most sacred words of the Eucharist of Mithra attest “He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation.” For the sacred Orthodox Superior Mithraic ritual of the Eucharist, the actual blood of a slain child was drunk and their roasted flesh eaten, usually only by the high priests and senior elite of Mithraic members; and
84. The first and most sacred temple to Orthodox Mithraism was the Great Temple of Darius of Persia which was completed by 526 BCE at the site known as “Temple Mount” over the Foundation Stone and claimed birthplace of Mithra. The priests of Mithra were called P’tah which means Father, Peter and Rock; and
85. The most sacred scriptures of Mithraism were a deliberate corruption of the 1st five books of Akhenaten, also known as Moses, the scripture of Zoroastrianism and the prophets of the Yahudi. These scriptures were known as the Massa or Missal and founding Mithraic Priests Father Nehemiah and Ezra brought these to the Temple of Mithra in 455 BCE to celebrate the first and most sacred ceremony of Mithraism known as Mass; and
86. After the destruction of the Temple of Mithra by the Nazarene rebels in 70 CE, the Apocalyptic version of Mithraism was formed at Yavneh by John son of Zachariah, whereby a number of fundamental reforms were constituted, namely death of Mithra moved to March 14th 272 BCE as light of the world (Lucifer), father as now Yavneh (Sun), mother was Mari (Venus), 12 disciples were introduced, ascension into heaven from Temple Mount, returning at End of Days to judge living and dead; and
87. From 70 CE, Apocalyptic Mithraism spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire, especially amongst the ranks of the Roman Legions many of whom were already Orthodox Mithraic followers. However, no city underwent such a transformation as Rome, with thousands joining the secret inner cult and new temples dedicated for public worship of Mithra the savior; and
88. Apocalyptic Mithraism was largely wiped out with the advent of Imperial Christianity by Constantine and the banning of human sacrifice. However, Reformed Mithraism returned to power in the 11th Century under pagan satanic Pope Gregory VII falsely claiming control over the Catholic Church first formed by the Franks three hundred years prior and subsequently overtaken by the German Saxons. If not for the financial support of the Magyar Pagan Venetian State, the Roman Cult and all subsequent history would not have existed; and
89. The second example of a Cult and tyranny that has failed to be held to account until now is the rise and survival of the Priests of the Menes of Tarsus, variously known as the Menasheh, the Menesheh, the Samaritans and the Sarmatians; and
90. The priests of Tarsus claimed their heritage directly from the city of Ur and their worship of the Pentagram remained testimony to this symbol as the oldest symbol associated with the goddess of Ur and later Maru (Am-Maru) also known as Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Astarte, Cybele, Venus, Athena and today as Lady Liberty and Lady Justice; and
91. By the 4th Century, the priests of Tarsus were on the ascendency and in opposition to the creation of Imperial Christianity sought to construct a pure religion of magic, using a pure language of magic known later as Hebrew; and
92. It was Menes Satanic priest Baba Rabban with the scholar Merqah who is the first author and founder of the Mishnah in 333 in direct opposition to the founding of Imperial Christianity by Emperor Constantine in 325; and
93. It was Baba Rabban who founded the Sarmatian state he named Israel as a magic word from Isis, Ra and El in 333 from the year of death of John the Baptist; and
94. It was Baba Rabban who broke the laws of the Zadokites, the Nazarenes and Mithraism by adopting the kippa woollen head piece of Cybele worn by Sarmatians for all believers and by demanding followers bow down daily in prayers to worship Mt Gerezim and not Jerusalem; and
95. Thus under Baba Rabban, the whole of Palestine became the state of Israel and was divided into twelve (12) administrative districts administered by the Head priest of a priestly family of the Menes-Heh as an administrative advisor being: Asher under R. Ashi b. Abin; Benjamin under R. Benjamin b. Jephet; Dan under R. Daniel b. Kattina; Ephraim under R. Ephraim b.Papa; Gad under R. Gaddal b. Menashia; Issachar under R. Isaac b. Samuel; Judah under R.Judah b. Menasiah; Levi under R. Levi b. Hama; Manesseh under R. Menashiah b. Tahalifa; Naphtali under R. Nappaha; Simeon under R. Simeon b. Lakish; Zebulun under R. Zebida; Reuben under R. Papa also known as Baba Rabban; and
96. In the 6th Century, the Kingdom of Israel was finally smashed under Christian Emperor Justinian, and to be a follower of Menachism was made a capital crime. However, due to the great plagues and the collapse of law and order, the Menes tribes survived and most sought refuge with their former servants and militia being the land pirates known as the “Khazars” from southern Mongolia to the Russian plains; and
97. The Menes re-organized themselves as the “White Khazars”, later the “White Russians” becoming gods and uniting the tribes of the Khazar (Black Khazar) into one empire until its collapse at the death of Khagan Menasseh II upon the beginning of the 10th Century. The Khazarian Empire disintegrated into Civil War with splits between the White Khazars and Black Khazars; and
98. Aaron (Rurik), eldest son of Khagan Menasseh II, the 1st Grand Prince of the Rusar (Russians) escaped up the Volga from Odessa to a new capital at Ninevah (Nizhnii Novgorod) and the eventual formation of the Sarmatian Empire, later called the Russian Empire in the 18th Century; and
99. Joseph (Aaron) the 1st Grand Prince of the Magyar who sought to establish a new homeland called Etelküzü (Etel similar to Greek Enetoi "praiseworthy/chosen" and küzü "land") --the Chosen Land between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dnieper River, eventually being driven back to form their capital Enetoi within the marshes of the river Po called "Venice"; and
100. Yariel (Nasi)-Bayan the 1st Grand Prince of the Bulgar and Avar and arch-enemy of the Magyar reaching its height under Simeon I of Bulgaria until 927 when the Avar largely defected en- mass to Islam under the Abbasid Empire and the Bulgar were gradually reduced in power; and
101. Obadiah (Öge) the 1st Khan of the Uyghar of Mongolia and China, later known as the Mongols and the "Goldern Horde" was the fourth main line of the former Khazarian empire and tribes; and
102. By the 15th Century, the descendants of Aaron (Rurik) under Ivan III Vasilevich (1440-1505) had reunited the Rus as the Empire of Samaria with its capital at Moscow; and
103. By the early 20th Century, the Rus tribe of the Khazars were deceived by their Magyar cousins and the last of the true Khagans and “White Khazars” in the form of the Romanov royal family were completely exterminated; and
104. In 1055, Pietro Leoni, also known as Leo de Benedicto, the son of King Pietro II Urseolo of Hungary and direct descendant of Joseph (Aaron) the 1st Grand Prince of the Magyar and the powerful Pierleoni family that controlled the office of Doge of Venice until 1026, combined forces with pagan priest Hildebrand to personally fund a massive militia army of “Borgia” mercenaries from Spain to create the Roman Cult from the Saxon Emperors; and
105. On 27 September 1540, the bull Regimini militantis ecclesiae was issued by Alessandro Farnese as Pope Paul III (1534-1549) as a direct descendant of Joseph (Aaron) the 1st Grand Prince of the Magyar and the powerful Pierleoni family to re-establish the dominance of Venice over its invention of the Roman Cult through the creation of the Jesuit Order, supported by other Council families including the Orsini, Conti, Corraro, Aldobrandini, Borghese and Caetani; and
106. In the 14th Century, descendants of Yariel (Nasi)-Bayan the 1st Grand Prince of the Bulgar and Avar formed the Ottoman Empire under Kaiser Osman I (1258-1326) under Islam; and
107. At the beginning of the 17th Century, Ibrahim I, descendent of Kaiser Osman I and Yariel (Nasi)-Bayan the 1st Grand Prince of the Bulgar and Avar commissioned the occult scholar Nethaniel (Nathan) of Gaza and his scriptorium to restore a pure version of the original Ba’al worship of their ancestors many centuries before; and
108. The religion created by Nethaniel (Nathan) of Gaza for Ibrahim I is variously called Sabbateanism and Ashkenazism (meaning “the illuminated knights” or “the illuminati”) with Ibrahim I declaring himself “messiah”. Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha of Mehmed IV forces deposed Ibrahim I to swear allegiance to Islam in 1666 as attempt to stop it; and
109. Despite all attempts to stamp out Ashkenazism (Sabbateanism) amongst the Bulgar, Avar, Magyar and Rusar, huge numbers of Khazarian descendents convert to this new extreme apocalyptic messianic Cult; and
110. By the 20th Century, the Magyar of Venice now devoted followers of Sabbateanism succeeded in wiping out the leading royal descendents of the Bulgar and Avar families and ancient Menesheh followers with largely only extremist Ashkenazi followers of the Ottoman (quasi- Islamic) religion remaining; and
111. In the middle of the 20th Century, the Magyar of Venice as dedicated followers of Sabbateanism choose to destroy the ancient covenant of the Menesheh, concocting the end of the world through a great tribulation, a sacrifice of rivals, the identity theft of millions, the creation of a New World Order and claim over a homeland, from which none of their ancestors ever lived; and
112. By the 13th Century, the descendants of Obadiah (Öge) formed the Great Yuan Dynasty of China under the 1st Khan of the Uyghar of Mongolia by Kublai Khan (1260-1294); and
113. By the 20th Century, the descendents of Obadiah (Öge) re-established power through being the head families of the Communist Party, with the Magyar hoping to eliminate these families through global war within the first fifty years of the 21st Century leaving only the Magyar the remaining line of the Khazars; and
114. This is the twisted and tortured truth of the world, hidden from view, hidden from history and known to few; and
115. This is the revelation of how we have been deceived and how those who loyally serve their insane leaders have also been deceived; and
116. That those who claim ancient religious right to rule are without valid claim, basing their arguments on fabulous fictions easily exposed; and
117. That those who claim ancient blood right are nothing more than imposters, with the Khazars originating as land pirates of the steppes of Mongolia and the Caucus and nowhere near the Levant, nor Egypt nor Europe; and
118. That those who claim power via magic and Divine right are the same who destroyed their own covenant in World War 2, thus ending any claim of continuous faith or religion; and
119. They are without credibility, without provenance, without history, without authority and yet they persist; and
120. They persist with the lie that they have a Divine Right to rule, with all who are not members of their family being nothing more than cattle; and
121. They persist with the lie that they follow the Rule of Law, when they destroyed their own covenant eighty years ago and have failed to follow their own laws for centuries; and
122. They persist with the lie that there is no slavery, yet through the banking system they continue to claim ownership of our body, mind and soul through occult rituals around birth certificates, trusts and bindings; and
123. They are insane, bereft of competency, unable to see their own history and yet they would rather destroy the world than cede an inch; and
124. Despite such mental illness and dishonor, Divine notice has required they receive fair warning of their pending doom at the hand of the greatest Divine miracle in Civilized history; and
125. They have been warned in prophecy and stories for centuries, yet have ignored all such warnings; and
126. They were officially warned by notice two years ago upon the existence of the sacred Covenant Pactum de Singulars Caelum, yet they have remained mute; and
127. Once again, their officials were warned one year ago of their dishonor and still they ignore Divine notice; and
128. No group in history has been repeatedly warned to restore their honor with the Divine; and
129. No group in history has been repeatedly warned to atone for their actions and restore proper stewardship of the world; and
130. No other time in history have the elite been given so many opportunities to make correction and be forgiven for what they have done; and
131. This now being the third and final notice before the Day of Divine Judgment against their dishonor, their evil and their incompetence they remain stubbornly resolute to the end; and
132. Thus as all of Heaven and those who read these one hundred and forty four truths bear witness, so it shall be that those who have ruled this world for one thousand years upon lies, upon fear and malice shall be torn from their palaces; and
133. Commencing from the Day of Divine Judgment There shall be a weeping and grinding of teeth the likes of which has never before been seen, upon the unleashing of the greatest army of spiritual force, being angels and demons united against these imposter families and false elite; and
134. Until every one who has openly defied the will of Heaven and Earth has been held to account, the forces unleashed upon this day will not rest; and
135. The plans of the elite for global destruction shall fail. Their plans to stay in power shall fail. The pleas for mercy after all they have done shall fail; and
136. They shall be bound in accordance with their iniquity and dishonor to all nature of spiritual force. Their agreement to have their souls taken from their body shall be fulfilled; and
137. Thus, their souls shall be taken when they sleep, when they eat, when they walk; and
138. Thus, their souls shall be taken when they bathe, when they drive or fly or when they go outside; and
139. Thus, there shall be no bunker deep enough to hide, no mountain lair high enough, no place safe enough; and
140. Nor shall the continued spilling of blood ward off the inevitable; and
141. The hounds of Heaven and Hell united shall hunt each and every one of them down, salvaging their souls and disposing of the flesh; and
142. They shall be hounded every moment of every day until their kind is no more; and
143. A promise then shall be fulfilled when the evil and wicked have been swept from this earth and the rule of law restored; and
144. As it is written so it shall be.

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