Wednesday, September 25, 2013


While the media has already reported on the 200 protesters who shut down the courtroom in Hawera and the screams which were heard coming from the cells, there is far more to the Kiri Campbell case.
Taranaki Savings Bank appears to have deposited $15,000,000 in Kiri Campbell's account but as a result she is facing charges of fraud and obtaining pecuniary advantage with a document.
Not only has her cases mobilised Maori soverignty activists in her support but she has also teamed up with the mysterious One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT)
OPPT said that "the financial and corporate government systems were committing treason against the people and after testing different approaches at correcting the injustices against humanity they saw being inflicted, they decided that that the only solution was to terminate the entire system through Uniform Commercial Code filings."
Kiri Campbell appears to have used a financial instrument to create $15 million, much like banks do every day, and she has had TSB deposit this into her account.
If OPPT and their New Zealand representative Kiri Campbell are successful, not only will she become a multi millionaire, her case could threaten the very legitimacy of the New Zealand government and pave the way for Maori Sovereignty based on the 1935 Declaration of Independence.

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