Monday, September 30, 2013


l-r Vivian, Robbie, Mark & Ronald
Hear Mark McMurtrie and Robbie Thorpe discuss Aboriginal Sovereignty and associated matters.
 Audio file 3CR's 'Fire First' Podcast Complete 'Fire First' program
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'Fire First' - A critical analysis of Aboriginal affairs and the political movement for Land Rights, Treaty, Sovereignty, and Genocide presented each Wedneday by Robbie Thorpe and Clare Land. Joining them in the program on 15th February, 2012 is Vivian Moore, Wurundjeri Elder Ronald Terrick and Mark McMurtrie.
Mark McMurtrie has 20 years experience in uncovering the fraud of the Crowns' claim to Sovereignty or dominion over the land and Tribes of this continent. Mark has a broad and in depth knowledge of how the parliaments of the UK and Australia have fraudulently tried to claim ownership over Tribal lands and people and has been instrumental in exposing the actions of the Crown Corporations' enslaving of Australians without Australians even knowing by using legal processes such as Capitus Dominutio Maxima 

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