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 on Mar 1, 2010
The origin of the concept of the Bills of Exchange is found in HJR-192 the bill that revoked the Gold Standard. In order to make the Federal Reserve scam legal, Congress provided a remedy to get out of debt and commerce and back in-law and ...out of debt. A freeman has no debt or obligations, that is what makes him free. The real law is based on the Common law derived from the Ten Commandments.

The Bill of exchange is a method to get out of debt provided by HJR-192. The government never expected you to find out about HJR-192 and utilize it as a remedy. The Bills of exchange are also tied to the UNCITRAL convention,the conference for developing the International Bills of exchange program.
With a debtor system, there are two sets of books, one that pretends to be money and the other one that is debt. Since there is no money today, only debt it may take a while to wrap your mind around that concept. To understand it a little better, my debit card can be used to take out money, but it also functions as a credit card. Next time someone asks you whether it is debit or credit, say credit, the charge will still go through, but you won't have to use your pin number. How's that for security.
When you were created in 1933, with the creation of the Social Security Act, you say God created you? While that may be true, for the banking system we don't want you, we want the you that the government created known as the "Strawman", if I only had a brain. To learn more about the "Strawman", go pick up a copy of the "Wizard of OZ", the book dummy not the Movie. The Wizard of OZ by Frank Baum is more than just a children's story, it tells the scam of the implementation of the Federal Reserve system and the differences between the use of "real money" and "Debt notes".
The "Strawman" is a fake identity, it is a corporation that poses as you. It allows you to engage in "commerce" and enter the fictional worlds of the banking system and the judicial system. The "Strawman" is an Avatar! The Government Bonds you at the issuance of the SS#. It is an unlimited bond, that allows you to play in their system. Since there is no money and they have no stuff in which to pay their debts to the "Federal Reserve", the hidden creditors behind the fake U.S. Government, they have used you. You are there Donkey, there slave, you are to pay the debt for them. Your labor, your genius, and ultimately your life.
How does the government access this bond? Through an account number in the Department of Treasury. Where can you find this number? If you pull out one of the newer Social Security cards, you will find it on the back of the Social Security cards in Red letters, yes like a lotto ticket. The number can be used on a check to access this Treasury account to pay off all forms of debt, it cannot be accessed to get money, like through and ATM, but pay off credit card debt, mortgage debt and yes, IRS debt.
How do I know? That may be a story for another day, a private chat..
Look on the back of your SS card,you have a red letter and some red numbers,this is your acct,traded on wall street,you can access this account and take control of it and use it to set off all you public debt.go to for all the information.

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