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Nathan Klein The Daily Telegraph November 01, 2012 
Mobile phone cop
A police officer takes a picture of the Lamborghini taxi on his mobile phone while sitting at the lights on New South Head Rd at Rushcutters Bay / Pic: Nathan Klein Source: The Daily Telegraph
THIS photograph is proof there are road rules for some and not for others. As new mobile phone laws come into effect today in NSW, banning motorists from touching their phones, this police officer was photographed using his phone to take a photo of the Lamborghini beside him.The police car's ignition was on but was stopped at a red light.Under the state's new laws, a mobile phone can only be used if it is secured in a mounting fixed to the vehicle or can be operated by the driver without touching any part of the phone.Motorists are banned from resting the phone between their legs or holding it between their shoulder and ear.

When asked about the changes yesterday, the police officer taking the photo replied: "We're exempt from that rule, mate."
A NSW Police spokeswoman confirmed police officers were legally allowed to operate their mobile phones as long as it was to assist them in the job.
"Police officers are exempt from the laws. Nothing has changed for them," the spokeswoman said." The guidelines are that they are only operating their phones for work-related purposes and that can be checked."
The officer was caught ogling the promotional Lamborghini, which was advertising the release of a new video game, Need For Speed Most Wanted, on New South Head Rd at Rushcutters Bay.
Sportscar World Rentals Joe Touma, who owns the high-performance supercar, said police officers and taxi drivers had been taking photos of it all week, with one policeman even pulling the car over to take a better look.
"The reaction has been unbelievable," he said. "Everyone is reaching for their phones to take photos, even police officers."
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