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Government has no jurisdiction under the constitution.
Birth Certificate in Court  Method 1  A few of us figured out (by the grace of God) that they are only wanting to charge some bogus bonds they are hiding, to your federal account and they only need our bond and/or permission to do the discharge. Otherwise you are to pay a fine and go to jail. But they neglected to tell us that the Birth certificate is the bond. And the birth certificate is proof that we are the beneficiary and not the trustee. The state is the trustee. Everything including crime and taxes is already prepaid through that bond / birth certificate. In every case so far, the charges were settled and they let the fellow go without a record of crime by surrendering the birth certificate. Further the birth certificate proves that you are the beneficiary. The prosecution is claiming they represent the beneficiary (the state) when the state is really suppose to be the trustee. So when you bring the birth certificate in, you discharge all of the charges against you. And you prove that you are the beneficiary. And this completely shuts down the prosecutor. The prosecutor now has no standing. You bringing in the birth certificate proves that he has brought fraud into the court by claiming to be the beneficiary. Only the beneficiary (YOU) can be the plaintiff. And only the trustee (the state) can be the defendant. I do not give legal advice, but this is what I would do if I was in your shoes.  THE PROCESS1.     Take a certified copy of your birth certificate (you got from the state) to court with you. DO NOT MAKE A COPY OR IT IS VOID! DO NOT MARK ON IT OR IT IS VOID! 2.     Write down what you are going to say, you will be nervous and forgetful. 3.     When they call your name, you walk up to the bar but do not cross. If it is a court of record, ask them "Are we on the record?" Once you are satisfied you are on the record you can proceed. If they ask your name, ask again, "are we on the record". (If it is a misdemeanor, then a lot of times there is no record, so just proceed.) 4.     Hand the Birth certificate across the bar and say, "Let the record show that the person and birth certificate has been surrendered to the court." If they will not come take the Birth Certificate, then gently toss across the bar into the well of the court. (NOTE: A person is a legal fiction. You are a living soul. A living soul is not a person.)5.     Then turn around and leave. Do not stop, do not answer questions. When they say "hey you stop", or "You have a court date on such and such..." ...keep on going and get out.   DO NOT COME BACK!!!  Do not let them bluff you into coming back.  At the time of this writing, this has worked 100% of the time. However, about 5% of the folks who do this, report that they try to threaten you with letters. The worse that may happen is they send ya a bill for whatever you are accused of, and possibly a threat of an arrest warrant. Sometimes they send a letter with a new court date. And the very latest was a threat letter saying that there was an arrest warrant. And threatened them with arrest, if they did not come down to be arraigned. However, if they could have issued or served a warrant, they would have. So this has all been a bluff 100% of the time. Even in the letter that said there was an arrest warrant, (and there was one on record) it was never processed or served.  Bluff, bluff , bluff. If you receive any of these letters, mail them back with a regular letter stating that you reserve all of your rights UCC 1-308 and do not consent. Do not enter anything into the record or place a court heading at the top of your letter or that will be consent. A regular letter only. Only once has anyone reported being grabbed while leaving the court. And this man was still successful in leaving without prosecution.  Method 2Use to, you could simply tell the court that you reserve all of your rights UCC 1-308 and they would immediately let ya go. But anymore they keep coming against ya and try to trick you into their jurisdiction. Which most folks fall for. Filing documents into the court and motions gives them jurisdiction and so they take the opportunity to deny everything and keep working against you. However, UCC 1-308 is the remedy to the courts, so it was a matter of figuring out how to apply it without give jurisdiction. As it turns out, the method is almost the same as the Birth certificate above. This method has not been tried nearly as many times as method one above, but has been 100% successful thus far.  THE PROCESS1.     Write down what you are going to say, you will be nervous and forgetful. 2.     When they call your name, you walk up to the bar but do not cross. If it is a court of record, ask them "Are we on the record?" Once you are satisfied you are on the record you can proceed. If they ask your name, ask again, "are we on the record". (If it is a misdemeanor, then a lot of times there is no record, so just proceed.) 3.     Then say, "Let the record show that I, (Say your first name only) reserve all of my rights UCC 1-308 and I do not consent." 4.     Then turn around and leave. Do not stop, do not answer questions. When they say "hey you stop", ...keep on going and get out.     The following is a suggested way to handle the situation for the one fellow that may get grabbed. Do not resist if they lay hands on you and force you into the well of the court. If they do, do not answer to any name. If they say "Mr. Whatever your name is" while talking to you, say” I am not that person, I am the beneficiary and I reserve all of my rights UCC 1-308. I have already surrendered the person and birth certificate into the well of the court."The judge may start asking you questions like your who are you, name and address and etc..  This is all a trick to get you into his jurisdiction.  Once ya give them your full name or address, they have ya. Simply say, "That is immaterial, I am the beneficiary and I reserve all of my rights UCC 1-308". If they ask what to call you. simply say you can call me the beneficiary. If the judge threatens you with contempt for not giving your name or answering his questions, simply ask, "can anything I say be used against me?" They usually will not answer you or they may say yes. Then remain silent. If he threatens you over and over, keep asking, "can anything I say be used against me?" Or you can answer, "I do not understand".Sometimes they will take your ID from your wallet and ask you why your picture is on it. Say, "That proves I am the beneficiary." (NOTE: You had to show your birth certificate to get a social security number or drivers license because, the birth certificate proves you are the beneficiary who can receive it. )If the judge tries to find you in contempt for not answering, others reported only being held for a few hours as a scare tactic. Then let go. They cannot do anything to you unless you give your name or address. (NOTE: Always notice that a cop or Dog the bounty hunter yells. "What's your name?” They have to have your name to do anything to you.)Then ask if the matter is settled. They will try to hand the birth certificate back to you, but do not take it until they say the matter is settled, excused or something to that effect.If the judge leaves the court room, he is trying to restart the proceedings because you have won. Then say, "Let the record show that the judge has abandoned the case and now the case is closed with prejudice." And then leave.  The only thing ya may get is a nasty threat for a bench warrant in the mail or an order to pay a fine. But this would only be a trick. If they could do anything at all, there would be an arrest warrant the first day. I would make notes before I go in. So ya do not loose track of what you are doing. Once ya get nervous, its hard to remember everything. I always take my time and do not let them rush me. Talk slow. They only do that to intimidate and to force me to make a mistake. Say. "I do not understand" over an over again regardless of the question.IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND A QUESTION, DO NOT ANSWER IT. Say, "I do not understand." In fact you can say this to any question the judge asks such as what is your name.  Court tricks,,,,They sometimes start offering plea bargains. That's the only way they can get ya is to scare ya into a plea. They have to let ya go. I have seen this work in courts 100% of the time, but there can always be an exception. When you say I do not understand, the judge will ask you leading questions like, "Do you understand English? Can you read English? and etc... If you answer yes, then he can assume you do understand. Simply say, "No, I do not understand." Judge may say, " You answered me in English, you do understand." Say, "I do not understand." "I do not understand." is a great way to answer everything after you tell him you are the beneficiary. And for the nervous types who cannot think under pressure, it is the best way to answer at all times, places and circumstances. Rarely do folks get this hard of time, but do prepare for it just in case. If ya stick to your guns and not take plea bargains and etc.... they have always been dismissed. If you are ever arrested for anything in the future, never give your name. Say you are not that person but the beneficiary and living soul. Used to they would hold you for 72 hours and then let you go if they could not get you to say your name or  to take bail or bond. But now they hold ya up to ten days and then offer you bail, bond or Return of your own Recognizance. This is a trick, if you take it, then you are giving them jurisdiction. They have to let ya go sometime after ten days anyway. "I am not that person and it would be bond fraud for me to accept. Let me go."The judge will sometimes address saying,” Mr. Smith this and Mr. Smith that…” If you answer to the name, then again you are that person. They judge just tricked you into his jurisdiction. Simply say I don’t know who you are talking to. I am not the person Mr. Smith.  I am the beneficiary and I gave you the person the birth certificate. Note: If you ever notice when someone files a lawsuit that the court will dismiss the case saying that it is frivolous. What they are saying is that you cannot be the plaintiff  because you are not the beneficiary. So always attach a copy of your birth certificate to the suit.  
  Without Prejudice UCC 1-308, above your signature, on an instrument will represent the following:
Not a promise to appear and vitiates perjury.
Enforces the Right to contract and the right to compromise an unconscionable contract.
Reserves all applicable Bill of Rights and Article III judicial Power.
"Criminal intent" must be brought forward to proceed.
Separation of Powers.
All Constitutional terms dealing with contracts, judicial and taxes.
Reserves "personam" jurisdictional issues.
Estoppel of subject matter only jurisdiction, and summary Admiralty.
Habeas Corpus.
Activating clause for police power at "probable cause."
Disrupts Penumbra Doctrine.
Confession and avoidance.

Miranda will be given for you to sign, reserve your rights on this instrument by not becoming in personam at Rule 12 (b). Do not give up your personam to "power of attorney" because you waive rights with each admission or tacit response answered by "persons standing in your stead," which makes you in personam for accepting this "benefit." Remain SILENT and the reservation will command you to Justice.
Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 above your signature not only puts a condition on an unconditional contract, but also reserves all your rights under Article III Judicial. Police power is void unless "crime" and probable cause exist.
"An unconstitutional statute, though having the form of law, is in reality, no law and imposed no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power on anyone and justifies no actions performed under it." Am. Jur. 2d Sec. 256.
The graduated income tax, for example,is unconstitutional only, if the citizen abates its "color of law," "without Prejudice" to him.
Without Prejudice serves notice upon any agent, that you are not waiving any of your state Bill of Rights. Beware of agency procedure and sign everything with The reservation to make the instrument "non-assumpsit."
Black's. Non-assumpsit. The general issue in the action of assumpsit; being a plea by which the defendant avers, "he did not partake" or promise as alleged.
"But whenever the Judicial Power is called into play. It is responsible to the fundamental law and no other authority can intervene to force or authorize the judicial body to disregard it." Yakus v. U.S 321 U.S. 414 pg. 468 (1944).
The officer may not know the Law and will probably proceed with whatever "forum" is to be taken per his training instructions. He is a "ministerial" officer of the court and is given very little discretional knowledge. When our Rights are violated by agency, we must cooperate with constitutional recourse and remedy. The agents must sign forms also and these become permanent record of the administrative process that will receive your judicial notice.
Our state citizenship is brought forth along with our personam Rights, which do not mingle well with statute procedure. A court appearance would be to gain jurisdiction over your personam. I would suggest that for study purposes you answer politely, that you do not understand the charges, and "without prejudice" under Uniform Commercial Code 1-308, "due to mistakes in fact and Law, I wish to remain silent."
The magistrate will have to be very constructive in his "color of law" procedure because his boundaries to engage you further are abated. Without contract or tacit admission to the jurisdiction, it is finished. Remember, you are in an Article I "inferior" court, brought by Admiralty and the only power this court has over the sovereign Citizen is to give Remedy or take the issue to the Grand Jury for indictment under Article III if there is criminal intent. The 5th Amendment states; "No person shall be held to answer for a capitol or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment of a Grand Jury." If there is no victim and criminal intent, there is no crime.
"It may however, be considered settled that letters or admissions containing the expression in substance that they are to be "without prejudice" will not be admitted in evidence ... an arrangement stating the letter was without prejudice was held to be inadmissible as evidence ... not only will the letter bearing the words, "without prejudice" but also the answer thereto, which was not so guarded, was inadmissible." Ferry v. Taylor, 33 Mo. 323; Durgin v. Somers, 117 Mass 55, Molyneaux v. Collier, 13 Ga. 406.
When We The People are put in a circumstance of compromise, the only viable solution relies on The Uniform Commercial Code and its direct link to Thee Constitution of these united States of America
Important : UCC 1-207 has been moved to UCC 1-308 to hide it from the public.   
If all goes well, you may be put on a red flag list.
There appears to be 3 lists.
(1) the judges list appears to be a list of people that the judge will not issue a warrent for your arrest unless you cause injury. But they will still let police ticket you or arrest you.
(2) The state list, is a list where not only there will be no arrest warrents, but the police cannot arrest you or ticket you or detain you unless you are causing injury. YOU ARE ONLY PROTECTED IN THE STATE THAT HAS PUT YOU ON THEIR LIST. If you move to another state and change to the new states ID, then you can get tickets or be arrested.
(3) The federal list is just like the state list execept that you are protected in all states and territories. However, you can no longer get on this list by sending a federal judge a letter of your reservation of rights. You have to sue your way onto this list, and possibly appeal.
                                  How the UCC 1-308 works 
. Compare that the constitution for the US establishes for the court’s jurisdiction at common law, equity and admiralty under article 3. As opposed to this, the Federal corporation establishes a similar jurisdiction except as principles under the Uniform commercial code. See...                                                                                                                                                                           UCC § 1-103. Supplementary General Principles of Law Applicable.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unless displaced by the particular provisions of this Act, the principles of law and equity, including the law merchantand the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, Bankruptcy, or other validating or invalidating cause shall supplement its provisions.                       
Anytime ya see law by itself as in the foregoing, it means the common law. Except that they are taking the common law jurisdiction from the contract the UCC. The remedy of course is UCC 1-308.  So the UCC is a deceptive criminal contractual constitution of sorts to those who uses it against us.                                                                                                                                               
UCC 1-308 is the remedy for any legal process under commercial law in the U.S.
UCC § 1-308. Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights.(a) A party that with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as "without prejudice," "under protest," or the like are sufficient. 
Since the Federal Corporation is just that, a corporation. It has no jurisdiction except with those that contract with it. Also see Congressional act of 1871 and USC Title 28, Part VI, chapter 176, sub chapter 176, subsection A, 3002 (15) “United States” means—(A) a Federal corporation;
The states illegally contracted with the federal corporation by passing the Uniform Commercial Code making themselves as well as the unsuspecting people subject to the Federal corporation and also to the states in their new commercial capacities.
·        The Uniform Commercial code creates a corporate State of the United States,the federal corporation. As opposed to one of the dejure several States of the union. See… UCC 1-201. General Definitions.(38) "State" means a State of the United States,…
As opposed to being one of the several states of the union…
USC TITLE 28 > PART VI > CHAPTER 176 > SUBCHAPTER A > § 3002Definitions (14) State” means any of the several States,…
·        Because the states have passed the Uniform Commercial code, it has made its Citizens persons (which are legal entities and articles of commerce) and the State to be vesselsof the United States placing the State and its Citizens under maritime law. See the brilliant word smithing in the following.
USC TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 1 > § 9. Vessel of the United States defined 
The term “vessel of the United States”, as used in this title, means a vessel belonging in whole or in part to the United States, or any citizen thereof, or any corporation created by or under the laws of the United States, or of any State, Territory, District, or possession thereof.
Therefore all of the laws (color of law) are contractual commercial laws and the remedy is UCC 1-308. The Uniform Commercial Code makes all crimes commercial only by contract as per 27 CFR 72.11. The problem is that you have to get into higher courts before they will recognize the remedy. The remedy however should legally and always be give without delay on demand or claim. This of course is the problem. The misdemeanor courts do not have a clue as to where their jurisdiction comes from and neither do magistrates. You have to get in front of a court with a real judge that tries felonies. The courts try to string ya along under duress of threat hoping that you can be scared into a plea. But they in the end have to honor the remedy. 
27 CFR 72.11 PART 72_DISPOSITION OF SEIZED PERSONAL PROPERTY--Table of Contents                         
 Subpart B_Definitions Commercial crimes. Any of the following types of crimes (Federal or State): Offenses against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white slaving, keeping house of ill fame, and like offenses); extortion; swindling and confidence games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the foregoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marihuana will be treated as if such were commercial crime.   
On April 25, 1938, the Supreme Court overturned the standing precedents of the prior 150 years concerning "COMMON LAW" in the federal government. (Because there is no longer silver or gold coin as article one section 10 of the constitution.)
The Common Law is the fountain source of Substantive and Remedial Rights, if not our very Liberties. The members and associates of the Bar thereafter formed committees, granted themselves special privileges, immunities and franchises, and held meetings concerning the Judicial procedures, and further, to amend laws "to conform to a trend of judicial decisions or to accomplish similar objectives", including hodgepodging the jurisdictions of Law and Equity together, which is known today as "One Form of Action." [See: Constitution and By Laws, Article 3, Section 3.3(c), 1990-91 Reference Book, see also Colorado Methods of Practice, West Publishing, Vol. 4, pages 2-3, Authors Comments.]
1939 - ABA gets more involved in approval of uniform law products. Thirty-nine acts are presented to the Board of Governors of the ABA for consideration and approval. During the same year, all acts on aeronautics and motor vehicles are eliminated as well as the Land Registration Act, Child Labor Act of 1930, Uniform Divorce Jurisdiction Act, Firearms Act, Marriage Act and more. Six acts are reclassified as Model acts.
1940 - At start of decade, after deletions, etc., 53 acts out of 93 which had been approved since the group's founding remain on the books. Drafting committee for the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) approved.
1941 - Speaking of the Commercial Code project, the Conference president states: "....this is the most important and the most far reaching project on which the conference has ever embarked." It would take the major part of the next 10 tear period to complete.
1942 - UCC effort begins in earnest with completion of work on the revised Uniform Sales Act.
1943 - Members of the conference participate in drafting committee in Washington, D.C. to work on legislation which the government might desire in connection with the war effort. No new acts.
1944 - Conference receives $150,000 grant from the Falk Foundation of Pittsburgh to support work on the UCC.
1945 - No annual meeting for the first time due to difficulties of civilian transport during the war.
1946 - Falk Foundation increases its support of the UCC with an additional $100,000.
1947 - Uniform Law Conference (ULC) and American Law Institute join in partnership to put all the components together for the UCC. Uniform Divorce Recognition Act approved.
1950 - Approval of the Uniform Marriage License Application Act, Uniform Adoption Act and the Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act (URESA). The latter has been one of the most successful ULC products.
1951 - On May 18, during a joint meeting with the American Law Institute in Washington, D.C., the UCC was approved. Later that year the ABA formally approved the code as well. Considered the outstanding accomplishment of the Conference, the Code remains the ULC's signature product.
One of the Uniform Laws drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the American Law Institute governing commercial transactions (including sales and leasing of goods, transfer of funds, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections, letters of credit, bulk transfers, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities, and secured transactions), The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), has been adopted in whole or substantially by all states. (See: Blacks Law, 6th Ed. pg. 1531) In essence, all court decisions are based on commercial law or business law and has criminal penalties associated with it. Rather than openly calling this new law
Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction, it is called Statutory Jurisdiction.
America as a bankrupt nation is owned completely by its creditors.
The creditors own the Congress, they own the Executive, they own the Judiciary and they own all the State governments. Do you have a Birth Certificate? They own you too.

Last note: The 14th amendment actually creates a lower class of “citizen of the United States” rather than the higher Citizenship of one of the several states of the union. The remedy provided to the 14th amendment, is an act by congress known as 15 United States Statute at Large, July 27, 1868, one day before the 14th Amendment took effect and also known as the "Expatriation Statute." This is your remedy to claim to be a natural Citizen of your state. This makes you a higher Citizen and no longer subject to the Article 4 loophole that also deprives you of your rights.

Uniform Commercial Code is Private International Law and is owned by UNIDROIT
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Teamsters, Chauffeurs& Helpers Local Union, 346 US 485, 495; 98 L Ed 228; 74 S Ct 161[emphasis added]"In the sense of public international law, the several states ofthe Union are neither foreign to the United States nor are theyforeign to each other, but such is not the case in the field ofprivate international law." Robinson v. Norato, 71 RI 256, 43 A2d467, 162 ALR 362. [emphasis added]and the Uniform Commercial Code, by the copyright owner's ownadmission, is Private International Law. To simplify and explain thecourse of events that leads us to the mass confusion of "Public isPrivate" and "Private is Public", I have immediately below includedas follows:The first "connection" from the highest, and most potent, positionis:a. 77 Stat. 630-631, P.L. 88-243 (1963) and P.L. 88-244 (1963)introduces and "makes law" providing the Uniform CommercialCode (UCC) as Private Law enacted for the municipal Districtof Columbia and the United States (federal government). Theselaws/actions were/are expressly in force and effect on citizensof the federal government. PL 88-243, 77 Stat 630 is "AN ACT Toenact the Uniform Commercial Code for the District of Columbia,and for other purposes." [emphasis added] This is where the uniformcommercial code enters as the implied "law of the land" for theFederal Government.For sake of simplicity, a "Public Law", as referenced, P.L. 88-244,is Private Law only meant for private corporate citizens, not"We The People".(i) "A private law is one which is confined to particularindividuals, associations, or corporations": 50 AmJur 12, p.28(ii) A private law can be enforced by a court of competentjurisdiction when statutes for its enforcement are enacted: 20AmJur 33, pgs. 58, 59.(iii) Statutes creating corporations are private acts: 20 AmJur 35,p. 60.(iv) In this connection, the Federal Reserve Act is privatelaw. Federal Reserve banks derive their existence and corporatepower from the Federal Reserve Act: Armano v. Federal Reserve Bank468 F.Supp 674 (1979).(v) The distinction between public and private acts is not alwayssharply defined when published statutes are printed in their finalform: Case v. Kelly 133 U.S. 21 (1890).b. It is all private law and International Law (but, may be referredto as Private International Law), and it is owned by the same peoplethat own public law 88-243 (1968). The UCC was written and is ownedby UNIDROIT. It is in the Vatican (actually, it is only about onehundred yards from the "Holy See"), and(i) To properly address "public law", one must understand that itis "Private Corporate Charter" that owns the "P.L." and it is all"statutory". Public Law was converted to Public Policy in 1938(policy = political = police). All private corporations, includinggovernments, are under "public policy" and are to deal only withother corporations, as exemplified herein.(ii) Private Man is not affected by public law, public policy,private law, or anything else, as long as, Private Man does notharm another Private Man. He is not "statutory", but Lawful.(iii) Public means: of, concerning, or affecting the common unityof the people, the Assemblage of Private Man.(iv) Private means: not available for public use, control, orparticipation, belonging to a particular person or persons, asopposed to the public or the government (remember, as a corporation,the government becomes no more than any other corporate "person"),not holding an official or public position.(v) "The entire taxing and monetary systems are, hereby, placedunder the U.C.C." The Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966. [emphasis added]c. The U.S. pays $260,000 per year to UNIDROIT for the use of thecopyrighted UCC. The International Registry is the private law ofUNIDROIT, and since the United States has signed onto the UNIDROITstatute, (International Institute for the Unification of PrivateLaw), a true copy from the UNIDROIT website is attached hereto,all of which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety,which is all about Private International Law, which is another namefor the Uniform Commercial Code, and on Page 6 it has "LegislativeActivities" and the first item is: "Principles of InternationalCommercial Contracts", and on page 10 it shows; "1955 BeneluxTreaty on Compulsory Insurance against Civil Liability in respectof Motor Vehicles", and "1958 Convention concerning the recognitionand enforcement of decisions relating to maintenance obligationstowards children (Hague Conference on Private International Law)",and UNIDROIT is owned and operated by the Vatican, and they intendto enforce their satanic religious ceremony on Me and millions ofother people on the land of America, and elsewhere, and this isfurther proof that the corporation called United States is owned andoperated by the Vatican to further their satanic agenda, and they areusing their commercial law to enforce their martial law jurisdiction.=============================================No law compels a private-sector non-governmentally-privileged work eligible man or woman to submit a form W-4 or W-9 (or their equivalents), nor to obtain or disclose an SSN as a condition of being hired or keeping one's job.  With the exception of an order from a court of competent jurisdiction issued by a duly qualified judge, no amounts can be lawfully taken from one's pay (for taxes, fees or other charges) without the worker's explicit, intentional, knowing, voluntary, written consent. http://www.preferredservices.org/NonconsensualTaking.html---------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a one-way announcement list. 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“It is the manner of enforcement which gives Title 42 1983 its unique importance, for enforcement is placed in the hands of the people. Each citizen acts as a private attorney general who ‘takes on the mantel of the sovereign,’” guarding for all of us the individual liberties enunciated in the Constitution” (Frankenhauser v. Rizzo, 59 F.R.D. (1973).
SECTION IX.--Assassination.
        148. The law of war does not allow proclaiming either an individual belonging to the hostile army, or a citizen, or a subject of the hostile government an outlaw, who may be slain without trial by any captor, any more than the modern law of peace allows such international outlawry; on the contrary, it abhors such outrage. The sternest retaliation should follow the murder committed in consequence of such proclamation, made by whatever authority. Civilized nations look with horror upon offers of rewards for the assassination of enemies as relapses into barbarism.

"The laws of congress in respect to those matters do not extend into the territorial limits of the states, but have force only in the District of Columbia, and other places that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the national government.''
CAHA v.  U.S. , 152  U.S.  211 (1894)
See the whole decision:

"Fear them not therefore; for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed: and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye on the housetops" (Jesus, in Matthew 10:26, 27)
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Below are some outstanding links to help you understand how we are deprived of our Citizenship and rights. 
Download Landmark Supreme Court cases and other quotes. Great for writing briefs. Click here.


This is a great book for more information about the common law and how the government has secretly put you under a contract. I personally have used this book to beat several branches of the government. If you are going to read any other book other than the Bible, this is the book to read. $20 + shipping.

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Hebrews chapter 13 verse 3  Remember those in prisons if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.


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    2. good way to end up i prison eh?

  2. has anyone tried any of this,,,I'm willing to go all in if it works.. i don't fear government

  3. I personally have shown my passport when being pulled over by an officer and have been let go. The passport is the "Right to Travel" where as the DL is consent to ticket u and put u under their domestic jurisdiction for "Driving". DL are for commercial use but we dont drive..... we TRAVEL. And the BC does work because I have personally used my BC and it does work. WE ARE CREATORS, CREDITORS NOT DEBTORS. FOR WITHOUT US THEIR FINANCIAL GAINS WOULD COLLAPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am very interested in this process. I've studied it for years and I want to commit myself n family... I pray that you can help us...thank you so much

    2. Interesting Elise. I've been looking into passports lately. Notice there are two classes of "citizenship" one is a "U.S. citizen or citizen of the United States" and the other is a "non-resident National". On the application (DS-11 form) I didn't see a box which allows one to choose their status?

      As for police officers letting people go, it's definitely on a "case by case" basis. Some cops will decide not to harass you and other cops might assault you and kidnap you.

      I'm attempting to ascertain who I am and what my political status truly is. As flesh and blood men and women with souls, freedom and liberty granted to us by our Creator, why should we even partake in their system at all? I'm of the belief that as long as I harm no one or their property, or take or damage what doesn't belong to me, and as long as don't lie to people in my dealings and contracts there is absolutely no authority that can lawfully force me to participate in their system of "justice" and "law".


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  5. I would like to see a step by step process to be done to achieve the "diplomatic immunity" and if they (govt/court) is going to grab me and throw me in jail for a period of time at some point while getting this set up? Who out there can straight up tell me they have done this and now have "immunity"?

  6. Aloha everyone,
    I find this very interesting, but I’m not sure if this will help me. I’m a decedent of Hawaiian Nationals that signed a petition ("Ku'e Petition" - 98% of Hawaiian Nationals) against Annexation to the US, but was totally ignored. We never relinquished our Sovereignty & Neutral Country among the international community. I’m not an American were just being occupied by the UNITED STATES!!!! They never taught this in history class, but the lies the USA told the world all these years (123yrs) are catching up with them. Being forced off our family lands thru Quit Title, lands that has been in our Ohana (Family) for over 300yrs…. So UNITED STATES where is the Truth & Justice for Us the Kanaka Maoli of these lands we call Hawaii!!!! We want our Independence, Country, our Lands back and U out!!
    Mahalo (Thank U)
    Laila Kukaniloko-a-Kaihikapu-a-Manuia Rodrigues

  7. Also they are desperately pushing/helping us to a build our nation along the lines of a federal recognition (Akaka Bill-Na'i Aupuni) similar to Native American and Native Alaskan tribes. So by doing it this way, they can legalize all the illegal things they have done to my people & Kingdom Nation. I don't think so!! fool me once, shame on U... fooled me twice shame on me!!! So every time they come up with this Nation building process we say NO!! but they still insist, No is No what part don't the under stand!!! google this or visit https://youtu.be/EIOh5KMqXfA or https://youtu.be/S198WWnq3uo

  8. I only have 1 question, when you become a secured party creditor you have to relinquish your birth certificate, so how can you present the birth certificate to these court houses? I understand that you gave 4 different scenarios but I have heard of a few secured party creditors doing the case where they present the birth certificate and still wondering as to how that is possible without the birth certificate. Thank you for your time and hope to get an answer to this question.

  9. Ok so in court i infromed the judge i was appearing by special appearance and i have reserved my rights per ucc 1-308, i surrendered the person and bond per birth certificate and left. Here 4 days later and i recieved my birth certificate by mail with a letter claiming i am guilty and an order to pay the fine for my speeding ticket.

  10. WW2 had been raging for about 13 months when I was born. many state officials had volintered, or been drafted, so other people took their positions, not to wise in procediures, also Bond paper was in short supply, as it was being used to print war bonds and other instruments to sell to finance the war, Needless to say my birth certificate is a mess, my name was spelled in upper and lower case, as were my parents.
    Not being in all upper case, what are the legal implications,of my trying to use it in legal proceedings ?

  11. You are a very special kind of retarded, an argument for pro-choice.

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