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Friday, January 24, 2014

The blog corpau (Corporate Australia) has changed the front page illustration from the Australian Flag which has graced the blog since early 2008 to seals of the Commonwealth of Australia in Jan 2014, of which only one is the only true legitimate seal of the Commonwealth of Australia and its people (not citizens) born on the land.

The (geographical) country known to most as Australia, is factually a corporation created by the law makers (faceless men), in effect stripping ALL Australians of their rights as men and women, subjecting them to binding ‘agreements’ with ‘corporations’ and not any true government , in effect leaving Australia technically as a ‘lawless’ country.

 (Illustration: The Criminal Code 1995, seal)

The seal depicting the kangaroo and emu, is the seal of a private corporation that has NO AUTHORITY. 

  • Men and women who are born on the land of Australia (in the geographical sense), are bound only to the laws made by Parliament of the Commonwealth, under the Constitution and not under a corporate seal and enaction manner and form of Parliament Australia enacts.

Note: Any act (in any state) that does not contain the proper seal is invalid.

Many ‘law abiding’ Australians are being incarcerated for not following corporate agreements (from toll way ‘dodgers’, to speeding motorists) to which they never willingly consented to.

Part of this corruption and conspiracy to suppress the information from the general populous are barristers, lawyers, magistrates, judicial clerks, politicians, law makers, the entities that allegedly (Uphold the Right) known as the police, which are all corporations and are immune from the ‘law’, and as a result cannot be sued.

What the ‘media’ is supposed to be and what they really are, is a matter of conflict. From what the lay person should understand is the media should report matters in a non biased way, not aligned to any political party reporting on fact, which is representing the truth.

What many Australians may not be aware of is the there is one document that is the foundation stone for the Australian people, and it is known as the ‘Australian Constitution’ (or in full: Commonwealth of Australia Act. AN ACT TO Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, Cap. 12 [9th July 1900]).

See illustration:

As a recent example illustrates, in December of 2013, in the Australian Capital Territory, same sex couples who hoped their marriages were legitimate (a binding contract with the state), found out that this was not the case. 

The court handed down its findings in the ‘landmark case’ at about 12:15pm on the 12/12/2013, where a statement announcing the decision was accidentally published on the court’s website about 20 minuted earlier, where the document is now not available at the link: 


A Queensland law expert stated that the marriage was not according to the Australian Constitution. The matters of Human Rights / equality have no bearing.

The Australian Constitution (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, bearing the seal with the crowned lion and unicorn) is the only lawful one and NOT the other unlawful variations of it that exist.

  • The Australian Constitution CANNOT (lawfully) be changed without a referendum, where the results are gazetted.

The seal depicting the crowned lion and unicorn, on the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is the only valid seal for any act.

Clause 5 states: 

"This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges and people of every State and every part of the Commonwealth notwithstanding anything the in laws of any State..."

Court documents are struck from public record (as an example, in one case re: the ATO not being a lawful entity to collect taxes), in order to keep perpetuating the fraud against the general populous.

It is doubtful whether the ‘corporate’ media will ever report the grand scale of theft and fraud committed against the people of Australia, by the so called Australian ‘government’.

The ‘citizens’ (corporate slaves) of Australia, are seen as cattle, and are treated as such.
Note: THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is NOT the same as the Commonwealth of Australia.

Under what lawful Act have you been arrested, detained or incarcerated by police or even imprisoned?


  1. You need to find someone that is literate to write your blog, Nothing makes sense because it is so badly written, the grammar is atrocious, hence the point you are trying to make is lost - trust me, I have tried again and again to re-read this gibberish, it just doesn't make any sense! LEARN PROPER ENGLISH!

    1. Disagree. The first paragraph is probably a reference to his own page, but after that, the writer gets his point across clearly enough.

      That said, i'll take your point onboard & see if other readers agree with your assessment.

      Thanks for taking the time to offer a comment.

    2. Hey there veritas , you know I have to say people like you really do make me sick, you are an absolute joke girl,obviously totally braindead,and partially illiterate, its sad really because when real people read this info they go , wow check this dad our government is unlawful what can we do ? but you you cant even make it out what he is trying to say , soon people like you will just be dealt with as useless eaters , go play kiddy.

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