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Hopefully you all know that with the establishment of www.mikipedia.com.au to house all of my various mikiverse pages, this page ceased to be a working function approximately 15 months ago.

The aim was to redress the inability of people to grab particular pieces of info and posts quickly, as well as to have my own site for the work that i have devoted the past six or seven years to on top of the research that i have been doing for years before that. 

i also felt that the nature of my work is such,  that coupled with the 'global darkening' that is taking place, pressure may be placed on blogger/blogspot to remove my posts in their entirety.

Best of all, i was able to post pdf's of the thousands of law books that in the past, i had to go to great lengths just to share a portion thereof.

As i learn and develop my coding skills, i am building my mikipedia site to better reflect my vision and shall, forthwith, be renaming Mikiverse Law, Mikipedia Law Blog, and (as you probably imagine) shall be using this space as a blog that will feature on the new site that i am building. 

This should, give a good balance between info on particular topics of relevance, as well as coverage and analysis of the day to happenings in our world.

For those of you that don't know, i left the cistern in 2009 and have lived 'on the streets' ever since, originally in a 1992 Mazda 121 'bubble car', followed by a 1983 Holden Commodore Station Wagon, and presently, a 1992 Mitsubishi Starwagon that i lovingly dub my vansion. 

i have never received payment for my work as i see it as the duty of those that know something valuable to assist those that know less, or are still sleeping in their pods.

That said, one day, i would like to leave these streets and be able to buy a farm in order to provide for myself and the family that i still dream of one day being a part of. It may never come to be, so in that instance, i simply trust that i can make a small contribution to helping us to understand the problem and implementing a cure whilst respecting free will. To that end, i am building a school that will in the future serve this purpose alongside the new website.

Humbly, and sincerely i thank all of you for your support, especially if you were able to gain a nugget that has helped you on your journey.

With the greatest honour, respect and love


PS. Facebook has recently censored and closed my mikipedia (formerly mikiverse) page down until i submit ID which i don't possess. This happened once before, last november, and upon sending a meme in lieu of ID, it was restored, and they approved the change to mikipedia.
This is the meme that i sent farcical book in lieu of ID last November
If you were connected with me and haven't reconnected yet, you can connect with me @



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