Saturday, February 15, 2014



  1. One of the most important questions that no one seems to be discussing is "Who are we registering our children, and ourselves too"??? It is becoming clear that all Governments in the world are "Corporate Entities", (CORPORATIONS-PERSONS) and a corporation must be the property of someone, and if the UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE is the banking system for the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, being the entity that all Governments of the World are registered too, then does that mean that we have registered our estates (dominion) to the FEDERAL RESERVE Banking Institution?

    Can the US FEDERAL RESERVE be trusted to act as the Equitable Title Holder of the people of the World?

    Is the UNITED STATES American Owned or is it owned by the CITY OF LONDON? being a PRIVATE INSTITUTION?

    Who is behind the CITY OF LONDON? and why have all of the World Equity held in the hands of such a few unidentified private persons?

    Could this have to potential to create a HITLER and STALIN Corporate Governing situation on a WORLD SCALE where we will have no place to turn for remedy when the criminal element pirates such a high office of a one world CORPORATE GOVERNING SYSTEM?

    This is leading to a One World Slave System never seen before in recorded history I would assume.

  2. Wow...that last line is correct and so is the second last paragraph. World Corporate governance is here.