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Friday, 21 February 2014  

Fixed road safety –as opposed to speed cameras, which is a dishonest, Orwellian way to communicate propaganda to the public that Victoria Police is actively stealing from on behalf of the registered business called 'THE STATE OF VICTORIA – DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE' cameras designed to reduce road trauma –More police lies & propaganda. Notice that the police article starts off with propaganda & outright lies– at some of Melbourne’s busiest locations –best opportunities to steal/raise revenue– will be soon switched on.

The cameras, aimed at encouraging motorists to slow down to reduce the number of collisions and injuries, –notice the lack of proof with the police claim/lie? Governments lower 'speed limits' purely to raise more money for their own registered business– are located in 40km/h speed zones at the intersections of Flinders and Williams streets and Exhibition and Victoria streets in the CBD, and Fitzroy Street and Lakeside Drive –i happen to know this intersection, and the cameras used to go off randomly, ALL THE TIME. Also worth noting that this intersection has a speed & red camera which doubles the revenue that the government can steal from the public– in St Kilda.

The cameras were deactivated in 2012 when the reduced speed limits were introduced to give motorists time to adjust to the changes.

Variable message signs will be placed at each location today warning drivers that the cameras will be enforcing soon.

The cameras will be activated sometime
–if it was about safety they would say precisely when these cameras are being switched on. This is typical government lies trying to trick people into breaking their arbitrary rules so the government can capitalise on them– in the next fortnight and the messaging will change to “cameras now enforcing.”

The variable messaging signs will stay in place for a fortnight after the activation of the cameras.


Road Policing Superintendent –Trying to use the 'authority' instrument to gain your belief & convince you that this is something other than organised theft and a tax on your movement, as opposed to illustrating independent proof– Kevin Sheridan said this was a reminder to all motorists about the increased risks of speeding in areas where there are large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists. –Notice the lack of quotes when sharing Kev's so-called wisdom. Notice the attempt to try to link safety with revenue raising as if it has a relationship. Notice that their bullshit logic of the dangers "
of speeding in areas where there are large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists" hasn't prevented the government from protecting people or enforcing "safety speeds" @ the Grand Prix. If Kev was telling the truth, we would not be safe watching any type of motorbike, car, truck race at the track. How could we when the speeds are significantly faster than 40 kmph.

“We encourage everyone to be responsible on the roads and to drive within the required speed limits. Now they are quoting Kevvie boy who is trying to paint a connection between responsibility & doing what you are told to do by so-called authority. 


“The 40km/h speed signs are not advisory - they are the law and if you speed, you will get caught.

"But more importantly, we hope they act as a deterrent so that police and the community see a reduction in collisions and injuries involving our most vulnerable road users."

Finally, we get some more lies & marketing to finish. This press release starts with propaganda, ends with propaganda, with the middle being the same. This press release hasn't been prepared to share truth, but, to illustrate authority, and the appearance of fairness. The liars in the corporate media will basically copy/paste this and try to keep you ignorant, poor and under the authority of these public servants. This underpins the importance of independent media outlets such as this one. To that end, thank you for supporting today, we can't look to these criminals for answers, we need to supply them for ourselves.

Belle Nolan
Media Officer

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