Sunday, March 30, 2014


Got a legal document/bill to deal with? Send it back with this note:

"I fully accept this paperwork upon clarification of the words you are using.

I do not operate on assumption or presumption & I do not speak 'legalese'.

Since every word has multiple meanings, especially 'legal' ones, please define the terms used in this document - eg. 'order, court, summons, person' etc.

Basic contract law requires you to provide full disclosure of your terms & intent before I can speak to this.

1. Please resend this document with each & every word defined, applicable references & a list of dictionaries/sources you used.

2. 3 pieces of identification from you. Maxim of law = you ought to know with whom you deal, and

3. a photocopy of your liability insurance (policy # & holder) to verify you are insured & I have remedy if harmed.

Until I receive these, I graciously refuse your offer to contract based on non-disclosure & possible fraud.

If you can not provide the above within 3 business days, this document shall be deemed null & void.

Any further contact regarding this matter will be invoiced directly to you, principal & agent, according to my fee schedule attached.

Thank you. Have a great day."

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