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Sue Hewitt From: Sunday Herald Sun February 26, 2011
Analysed and broken down for public consumption by Michael Byers, Editor-In-Chief The Mikiverse February 27th, 2011.

A BIG booze bus blitz hit Melbourne's inner suburbs last night, catching 69 drink drivers including a learner driver, and one drug using motorist.

Police caught one man in a stolen car who had burglary gear, as well as 17 speeding drivers, 13 unlicensed drivers and 13 suspended drivers among the 6303 motorists breath tested.

This means that 1.09% of inconvenienced motorists were defined as "drink driving", which also means that 98.91% of inconvenienced motorists had their time wasted, AGAIN, by revenue raising police corporate officers.

They were aiming to reduce alcohol related accidents through Operation Norwester with booze buses or breath testing stations in Ascot Vale Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, North Fitzroy, Pascoe Vale and Northcote.

The highest reading was recorded by a man at 0.156 in Sydney Rd, Brunswick, while a learner driver blew 0.119.

Police also nabbed seven motorists for mobile phone offences, another seven for seat belt offences and 13 for disobeying traffic signals and signs.

Road Policing Acting Inspector Ross Burbidge said the operation had one aim - to remove drink drivers from our roads.

If this was anything other than corporate spin to justify the police's outrageous breach of people's civil liberties, there would be no other revenue raising activities taking place. The fact that there are OTHER REVENUE RAISING ACTIVITIES TAKING PLACE SIMULTANEOUSLY illustrates that Ross Burbidge is LYING.

"We placed our booze bus and breath testing sites in targeted areas to catch people as they head out of city, or head off from an inner-suburban pub to their homes in the suburbs,'' he said.

"The risk that drink drivers impose on the wider community can not be tolerated.

Can not be tolerated by whom? Here the Police think that THEY are the decision makers in the wider community. This bloated arrogance is symptomatic of how certain segments of the Australian community feel that they can interfere in other peoples lives. Whether its a carbon tax, a flood tax, an income tax or a road usage tax. Whether its supplying your children to be vaccination guinea pigs, or being force fed uranium, fluoride, GM foods, the will of the few are being imposed on the many.

This is really simple folks. WE, THE COMMUNITY, ARE THE MASTERS. Not the police, the courts, the government, the multi-national companies, the corporate media or the military, but, WE THE PEOPLE.

So, it is actually, about, what WE WILL TOLERATE. Not the police corporate officers.

"We all know the risks yet some people think that it is still okay to drink and drive. We are here to say no it isn't - and we will continue to target those who put innocent road users at risk.''

In that case, they should be targeting themselves for their continual harrasment of innocent road users in their lustful pursuit of revenue.

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