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Southeast District,Traffic Services and Michael Byers, Editor-In-Chief; Mikiverse Law.

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Traffic ServicesA 57 yr old Penticton man spent two nights in jail this week, by his own volition and is facing obstruction charges for refusing to identify himself to police at roadside. The man who sought to exercise his rights under the “Freeman’s Society” got a reminder that although well within his rights to exercise his personal beliefs, those beliefs did not exempt him from the law under the BC Motor Vehicle Act nor the Canadian Criminal Code.

According to this logic, an Act of Parliament is a law. It is not. An Act of Parliament is a statutory law that has the full force -or energy- of a law, but isn't a law. An Act of Parliament requires your consent. In Australia, a law gains it's force from the combined weight of the majority of Australian's in a majority of states granting its mandate to the proposed law.

On February 14th 2011, the RCMP South Okanagan Traffic Services -Orwellian language- were conducting a stepped up enforcement day in Penticton focusing on distracted drivers using handheld devices while driving. Two points. 1. Orwellian language; How do you focus on "distracted drivers"? This is the R.C.M.P's attempt to gain a legitimate excuse for stopping and harrassing people. 2. This is a common tactic used by police corporations the world over -who share information with each other- to attempt to raise revenue from innocent people. During the daylong campaign, Lawrence Earl Sukow of Penticton, was stopped for displaying a fake licence plate on his vehicle -presumptive logic that his plate was fake and that he was controlling a vehicle- . Sukow refused to identify himself when the officer began dealing with him. THIS REFUSAL DREW HIM INTO CONFLICT, WHICH GAVE THE CORPORATE POLICY OFFICER AN OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE WITH HIM IN CONFLICT.

The officer was left with little choice -more Orwellian Language- other then to arrest Sukow, who was then returned to the Penticton detachment where the investigating officer twice attempted to release Sukow by way of a Promise to Appear. Sukow did have a valid BC drivers licence however denied being the person identified on the licence and refused to be served with the process. Sukow then declined being heard by a Justice of the Peace for a proper bail release hearing. This left the investigator with his last option and that was to hold Sukow in order for him to physically appear before a judge in court. We do not know, if this account is accurate or a propaganda exercise. Maybe, Sukow offered to perform acts upon presentation of proof that he was his name in all caps. Maybe not.

“Mr Sukow spent Valentines Day evening in the care and company of the Penticton RCMP and appeared in court before Judge Cartwright in Penticton on Tuesday morning February 15th, where he again refused to identify himself stating he was “No Name” -it is dangerous to testify in court, it raises the appearance of consent. It is much better to ask the claimant to prove their claim that he is his corporation. A lawful hearing can't begin until jurisdiction to hear is agreed upon and consent is granted. In addition, adjudication cannot commence in a civil matter until discussion takes place to find a remedy. . Mr Sukow was remanded into custody for a second night and appeared in court on the 16th, at which time he conceded to the fact -more Orwellian language; it isn't a fact, it is an opinion- that in order to be released from custody that he would need to identify himself. Mr Sukow was then released and is set to appear before the courts in the near future to face the obstruction charge along with his receiving the violation ticket for driving without insurance. Here is the rub. He WASN'T charged with being a distracted driver, nor with using a handset whilst driving so the reason for interacting with him is a clear violation of the R.C.M.P's stated reason for interacting with the public. There a claim of a fake plate, yet no charge for it. This is all about trying to extort him for money and to bully and harrass good people. We were getting a little concerned for him, as he had refused to eat since his arrest. There are a number of cases where we have come across individuals who have laid claim to exercising their rights as part of the “Freeman Society”, but this one in my recollection is the first one where the individual tested the system to the point of standing before a provincial court judge” stated Cpl Dan Moskaluk.

Released by:
Cpl Dan Moskaluk
"E" Division Strategic Communications Section
Senior Media Relations Officer
Southeast/North Districts
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Released by

Cpl. Dan Moskaluk
"E" Division Strategic Communications Section - Senior Media Relations Officer
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