Thursday, November 28, 2013


TRYING to sell your vehicle without a current safety certificate could be a costly mistake, as one Hervey Bay car owner found out.

On November 6, Mitch Gould was pulled over by police for a random breath test which ended in a $550 fine for not displaying a blue safety certificate.
His back window had a sticker that said the vehicle was for sale and shared his phone number. 

But Mr Gould was told he needed to have a safety certificate on show too, as a legal requirement. 

He said he was unaware of the legal requirement and shocked by the harsh fine. 

"I can't understand why," he said. 

"The car has rego and obviously has no problems with it or he would have defected my vehicle. 

"I know not having the certificate would not harm anybody else on the road so why is the fine so much for my first time? 

"I see a lot of cars for sale on the side of the road with no safety certificate." 

A Department of Transport and Main Roads spokesman said anyone selling a registered vehicle would need to obtain and display a Queensland safety certificate from the moment the vehicle was offered for sale. 

"The safety certificate must be displayed on a conspicuous part of the vehicle," he said. 

Selling a car?
  • If you are selling a registered car, you need to display a Queensland safety certificate
  • You are required to display a safety certificate on a registered vehicle when it is being offered for sale, even if you plan on cancelling the registration when the vehicle is sold.

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