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AUGUST 21 1997


I have just spent the past four months in a Victorian prison.
The penalty was as a result of my blowing the whistle on Police and other corruption in this state. Because being a whistleblower is not a jailable offence under Victorian statutes, other charges had to be falsified in order to obtain my illegal and improper incarceration.

I was charged with forging a fax by Vicroads (transport) officials and Police. Those same officials have themselves been found guilty two years ago (March 1995) with doing the same thing. In the case finalised then they had forged a court document and then accused me of doing so (as they did in this case), by charging me with several jailable offences.

During the course of that trial, the perjury by the Police and Vicroads officials was obvious and proven and the charges against me were dismissed. As an indictment of the Victorian judiciary, the presiding Judge in that case (Duggan), admitted that the Police, Vicroads (and court) officials lied on oath, but refused to take the matter further. (See the book, The Hoser Files - The Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption, for further details about that case).

This latest case was heard in front of a known corrupt Judge Thomas Neesham. Neesham is on the public record as having made false statements and himself lying in court cases. Neesham had form for corruption prior to this case including in an earlier case involving myself.

The case should never have made it to Court and it is significant that before it got that far, the DPP itself made statements to the effect that there was never any case against me. The case was only pursued against me in order to attempt to financially destroy me and discredit me so that my documenting of corruption would not be taken seriously.

The tactics used against me in this regard are not unique and have been engaged in this state and elsewhere for many years. For example as far back as 1970, John Winneke, (now head judge at the Supreme Court of Appeal), made statements in a hearing against Dr. Bertram Wainer. Presiding Judge, Kaye found against Wainer in favour of corrupt Police, going on to say that Wainer was fantasising. That Wainer had been correct and that as a result Winneke and Kaye were actively protecting Police corruption, was proven some years later by Barry Beach QC and others in later corruption inquiries.

During my recent trial, not only was my innocence proven, but also the guilt of the Vicroads and Police officials, in an identical manner to the case of two years ago.

The Police/Vicroads officials repeatedly committed perjury and this was again easily proven by cross checking prior statements by the key Police and Vicroads witnesses.

It was also the above Judge Winneke who refused to allow an appeal to the above conviction. His father, Henry Christian Winneke was also the person who unsuccessfully sued Frank Hardy for criminal defamation over his corruption exposing book, "Power Without Glory" in the 1950's. Henry Winneke was appointed by the corrupt Bolte/Rylah government as Chief Justice in 1964-74 and aided and abetted massive Police corruption in that period. (Rylah was allowed bycorrupt Police to apparantly get away with murdering his wife, in return for covering up other corruption in the Police force).

Returning to the trial involving myself, there are too many serious faults in the trial to document here in this brief explanatory letter. Suffice to say that the whole trial was a farce. For example during the trial, Police attacked and bashed innocent members of the public who had done nothing more than come to court to observe the case. Those people had no direct interest in the matter, other than that they too were police corruption whistleblowers. Police unlawfully dragged people from the court room and carted them off to cells where they were bashed, and to make things worse, this was done as a result of the direction of the Judge (Neesham). This is the same Judge Neesham who let Janine Vasiliadis of West Footscray walk free from Court after she pled guilty to attempting to rob an 83 year old grandmother at knife-point at her own home in order to support her heroin habit. Neesham's decision to allow Vasiliadis to walk free from court without even paying a cent in fines, typifies his active aiding and abetting of crime and corruption in Victoria.

In my case, Neesham made a number of dishonest and misleading statements to the jury and in violation of established court procedures refused to give them access to exhibits, transcript and other materials. At the end of the case, Neesham directed the jury to ignore the proven perjury by key Police and Vicroads witnesses and then handed each member of the jury a sheet of paper effectively directing them to convict me.

I was convicted of the allegation of tendering a document I knew to be forged in an earlier case involving a malfunctioning traffic signal that Police and Vicroads had both acknowledged was not working. The standard penalty for such an alleged offence is at most a fine of no more than a few hundred dollars, but by the time this case was concluded, a number of important politicians had become involved including Jeff Kennett (State Premier) and Victor Perton. Both men have a substantial record for corrupt, illegal and dishonest behaviour which is on the public record. However as I may be sued for stating Kennett (or Perton) is corrupt, I may be better off stating that all their well-documented illegal activities result from stupidity and bad judgement instead. Recall Kennett got an estimated $400,000 defamation payout for a story in the Packer media that no one seems to be able to remember anyway!

The head of the DPP Geoff Flatman who is a Kennett government appointee was also intimately involved in this case and it is on the public record that he directed Neesham to have me jailed, which he did. Although the matter is still under appeal,
I was forced to spend the four months in jail. That of course is yet another travesty of justice. That sentence has now been completed.

I can assure you that spending 4 months in a hell hole with rapists, murderers, drug pushers, thieves, and other hardened criminals is not my idea of a holiday!

There are several avenues of appeal still open to me and it may take up to ten years for me to overturn this improper conviction. However due to the overwhelming and indisputable proof of my innocence (and the guilt of the other side) that is already in the public domain (including the transcript of this most recent hearing), it is effectively certain that the conviction will be overturned eventually. I remind readers that on 22 December 1988 I was similarly convicted on three charges and sentenced to jail. That conviction was overturned some years later

AFTER the Police informant Ross Allen Bingley admitted that he had gained the conviction solely by bribing Magistrate Hugh Francis Adams.

Like in the present case, proof of my innocence was overwhelming, but useless against the corruption I was up against. Also many readers of this letter will be aware of the fact that Adams resigned as a magistrate suddenly and within a month of public disclosure that he'd been illegally bribed by Bingley (June 1995).

("No ordinary Australian or group of Australians could have withstood this incredible juggernaught of Vindictiveness" - Jeffrey Gibb Kennett, Premier of Victoria).

In relation to this most recent case, the conduct of the Police side in nobbling the jury is perhaps most disturbing. On no fewer than five occasions jurors have (without any form of encouragement) voluntarily come foreword to state that they had been illegally directed to return a guilty verdict.

Since the case was completed two jurors have openly complained that they were FORCED to return a guilty verdict against me, even though they knew I was innocent. During the trial, Neesham stated he was aware of the illegal nobbling of the jury, but as this suited his aims against me, he did nothing about it.

The names and details of the relevant jurors are not printed here due to legal restrictions against my publication of them. To publish a juror's name in Victoria can lead to imprisonment, and I do not fancy a return trip! However I am investigating loopholes in laws, such as via parliamentary privilege in order to make these facts known so that 1/ The conviction can be overturned, 2/ The guilty Police and Vicroads officials as well as Thomas Neesham themselves get incarcerated for their multiple crimes, 3/ I am compensated financially for the substantial losses in income and reputation.

Due to my unplanned incarceration my finances and personal life are presently in a bit of a mess. I was forced to cancel 1997 lecture tours to the UK, USA, Canada, Queensland and NSW (all were to talk on reptiles or wildlife trafficking). It will probably take a full 12 months for things to return to 'normal', although I should be able to keep to engagements and so on almost immediately. For those who may deal with me on any matter, I ask for patience over the coming months while my life gets back to something resembling normality. At the time of release (13th August 1997) I returned home to find several thousand unanswered items of mail, all of which have now been answered, except for 2,000 unread internet e-mails, which should be cleared by Sunday August 25th 1997.

In relation to the case that led to my recent incarceration, a summary will be posted on the internet within 6 months. Likewise for the case transcript so that I can circumvent any potential criticisms by the enemy for quoting out of context, etc.

The case will also be incorporated into a forthcoming book called Hoser Files 3 which will also have details of other cases and corruption. That book is already 1/2 written and is expected to be published some time in 1998, although as with almost all publishing projects, that date cannot be certain.

Other publishing projects planned for the period 1997-2000 include the following titles:-

    Hoser Files 2 (Different to Hoser Files 1 and 3) Smuggled-3

    2 reptile books, one on snakes, one on Death Adders.

This letter has been printed as a brief explanation for recent events and in order to counter any false, defamatory and misleading statements that may have emanated from the dishonest officials and their allies on the other side including several people with fertile imaginations who have been posting false and defamatory rubbish about myself and this case on the internet via their websites and list-servers.

The enemy side has long run on the theory that if enough mud is thrown, some will stick. However in this case, it shouldn't be too long before it is totally wiped off and than their own side will probably look decidedly smelly. I draw readers attention to the fact that over the last 20 years I've been charged with many serious criminal offences, all of which have been provably fabricated and at a cost to taxpayers of many millions of dollars.

A dishonest member of parliament Victor Perton, was in 1996 in contempt of Court in relation to a case his side lost against me in NSW. He was also subject of a defamation claim by myself and a separate claim for $447,000 prior to this most recent incarceration event. Notable is how prior to my incarceration Perton had foreshadowed it at a Liberal party gathering citing it as the 'final nail' in my coffin.

Perton's interest in the matter is strong as he is actively trying to avoid having to be responsible for paying the $447,000 he'd committed as a damages settlement to me in 1992. Perton, himself a lawyer, was also instrumental in making sure I was not legally represented during the five week trial. His activities in this regard were in contempt of Victorian and federal courts. Perton routinely accuses myself of defaming him, conviniently ignoring the fact that TRUTH IS NOT DEFAMATORY in terms of suing for it. In other words it is Perton who is guilty of defamation, not myself.

He has taken this a step further by unlawfully making sure that I am not given legal aid funding for a defamtion case against him, while at the same time relying on government funding to finance his proposed defence.

Since my release from prison he has again attempted to have my websites wiped from the internet forcing them to be moved to a USA server out of the reach of his corrupt and grubby influences and censorship methods.

Note: The transcript of the case that had me sent to jail has been put on the www so interested persons can download it in full. Hard copies can be supplied FREE OF CHARGE (IN FULL) by the Victorian Government Reporting Service, 167 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Phone: Australia (03) 9603-2403. If they fail to supply a requested transcript, which they are LEGALLY OBLIGED TO DO, then it is suggested you contact the Hon Jeff Kennett, Premier or The Hon. Jan Wade, Attorney General, both C/O Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia.
Yours Sincerely - Raymond Hoser. 


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