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*This was emailed to me today from an excellent source and researcher who points out that these are unverified claims. This was originally posted on the controversial site, but has been removed almost simultaneously, from what i understand, in very strange circumstances. It is also worth noting that an email has been circulated by a member of UPMART denying the claims in this article. In the interests of openness and transparency, i share it with you, and you can make of it what you will.
By Andrew McGregor

Upmart is an Intelligence front ... Malcolm McClure an agent provocateur ... they collect names to identify possible resistance against a totalitarian government. 

Other ASIO - fronts - spooks – agents-provocateurs
Adrian Barnett  Malcolm McDougall  Jeremy Lee League of Right’s HASCO Queensland  Leonard W Clampett  Rural Action Movement (RAM) Western Australia
Senator Len Harris One Nation Party
Inverell Forum  an ASIO front to entrap independent thinkers
Running this operation were at least two ASIO officers, Robert Balgarnie and Denis Stephenson.
Balgarnie was also the ‘proof reader’ of the alternative newspaper, ‘The Strategy’ another ASIO operation run by operative Ray Platt,
Other ASIO operatives associated with the ‘Inverell Forum’ Tony Pitt Queensland, Leslie Feather Victoria ‘The Pastor’, Neville Andrews from Victoria
A history of Malcolm McClure and Upmart
by Andrew MacGregor ex Policeman-Investigative writer
In about May/June of 2002, I received a telephone call from Bronwyn Hancock of the anti-vaccination group in Sydney who informed me of a very interesting person called Malcolm McClure who had made a presentation in regard to motor car registration and driver’s licences. 
I made enquiries and was informed that Malcolm’s next presentation was to be at Kensington, an inner Melbourne suburb at 7.30 pm on the following Tuesday.
Malcolm McClure started off his presentation talking about ‘God’s Law’, which he claimed was ‘supreme law’.  There is no basis for such presumptions other than religion, and I never heard of these things when I went to church, and my belief is that most Christian Churches do not push such dogma.
Malcolm McClure then touched on the GST and the number of petitions that had been collected, and cited the efforts of ‘Leonard William Clampett’ from Queensland who had collected over 500,000 names on his petition, which had been passed onto Senator Len Harris of the ‘One Nation Party’.  This was not an error, as this information was on a slide as part of Malcolm’s presentation
Now this was very interesting as I personally knew Senator Len Harris, and was well aware of Leonard Clampett, who is a spook and at that time was residing in Cavite, a city near Manila in the Philippines.
Malcolm McClure then hit the main topic of motor vehicle registrations and ‘driver’s licences’.  In this topic, Malcolm only referred to the Federal Constitution and a book used to explain this constitution called, ‘Quick and Garran’, and offered to arrange the purchase of this book for any member of the audience who so desired to have this knowledge.
Now the problem here is that when I went through police training in the St. Kilda Road Depot in 1968, the law we were taught all emanated from the ‘State Law’ as per the Victorian Constitution.  There was virtually no Federal Law on our agenda, and the ‘Commonwealth’ police were the ‘enforcers’ of federal law.
So whichever State a person resides, the power to issue driver’s licences, motor vehicle registration plates, and similar issues come under that State’s constitution, not the Federal Constitution.  Malcolm McClure’s argument was extremely flawed and dangerous to any person who believed him.
Malcolm McClure also had with him, some of his ‘driver’s licences’ and motor vehicle ‘registration number plates’ to ‘sell’ which he was offering for ‘half price’, for those who were prepared to pay for them.  I saw one of the sets of ‘number plates’ which was numbered, ‘RAM-000’.  Now this was interesting.
‘RAM’ actually stood for a movement that had emerged in Western Australia, the ‘Rural Action Movement’
But the real clue was that the number plates were identical to the plates manufactured for the Victorian government. 
Now in the 1990’s when the Victorian government had problems re-issuing a large number of new registration number plates, they contracted part of the order to the Queensland government, and the Queensland produced plates were quite distinct from the Victorian produced plates. 
In other words, Malcolm McClure’s number plates had been manufactured by the same source that manufactures the Victorian government’s number plates.
I spoke with Malcolm McClure and he was aware of who I was and had seen me at one of my Port Arthur presentations.  I was also introduced to Margaret Main, a little grey-haired lady who was Malcolm’s ‘manager’.
I also met Adrian Barnett who was another member of Upmart.  Adrian is at present involved in the 911 movement.
I paid fees of about $20 and obtained various forms from Upmart to fill in, and noted that most of the people working in this area of Upmart were young females.
After most of the audience had left the hall, I left and checked out the remaining motor vehicles.
All of these vehicles had government registration number plates.  No vehicle was fitted with the ‘Upmart’ number plates.  There was though one vehicle that had a large ‘plane tree’ leaf covering both the front and rear number plates.
The following morning I rang Senator Len Harris and spoke to him in regard to the information that I had received from Malcolm McClure. 
The senator stated that in regard to the petitions, the figures were incorrect as he had only received 264,000 signatures and they were still being checked out at time. 
Len Harris also stated that Leonard Clampett had nothing to do with the petition, as the petition had been collected by a group called HASCO in Queensland, but it was still the largest petition ever mounted in Australia.
Senator Len Harris also told me that he had decided to have nothing to do with ‘Upmart’ as he was uncertain as to the legitimacy of their moves in regard to licences and registrations of motor cars.
The next meeting that I was aware that Malcolm McClure and ‘Upmart’ were having was at Clayton RSL.  This was the meeting place for a group called ‘Nexus’ and an anti-banks campaigner,
Hungarian born Les Banki.  I had previously known Les Banki, and at the meeting Les Banki introduced me to another Hungarian, and to Malcolm McDougall from Geelong who had a similar agenda to Malcolm McClure.
While the three of us, the two Hungarians and I chatted we were joined by a young female who listened and asked a couple of questions, and when we took our seats, she sat in front of me.
We listened to Malcolm McClure’s presentation which was virtually identical to the presentation at Kensington, and at the end of the presentation, at question time I raised my hand, but Malcolm always looked the other way.  Now this went on for twenty minutes and at the end I simply lowered my hand.
At the end of the presentation and question time, Les Banki, his Hungarian friend and I started to discuss the presentation and what we thought of it.
I pointed out to Les and his friend where Malcolm was wrong, and then the young female attacked me.  ‘How dare I pick on Malcolm McClure!  If I had problems or needed an explanation, why didn’t I ask him?’
She was going to report me to Malcolm, and with that the young female went directly to Margaret Main, and spoke to her.  Les Banki, his friend and I were totally amazed.
What the three of us had just experienced was a major form of intimidation, and on later occasions I was informed that if any male had problems with Malcolm McClure then they would be intimidated by the women, who just loved Malcolm.  These women would also claim that the men didn’t like Malcolm because he was a ‘homosexual’.
Malcolm McClure and Adrian Barnett are both homosexual
As Malcolm McDougall pointed out to me, McClure was penniless when Upmart picked him out of the gutter. 
Malcolm McDougall has also pushed the same agenda as McClure, but McDougall is not a homosexual.  In other words, the homosexuality is being used as a weapon.
At this stage, I believed I had sufficient evidence of criminal behaviour to report Malcolm McClure to the police.  The crimes included fraud and sedition, and are felonies within the Crimes Act, so with the various forms I had from ‘Upmart’ I went to the Geelong Police Station and made my report. 
Now I didn’t just go to the front counter, I asked to see the Chief Superintendent.  The Chief Superintendent promised to get back to me.  He never did.
In other words, Upmart could only be a government run operation.
You see the only opposition that the people believing Upmart’s scam are the police who catch them driving.  Then with the confrontation between the two ideologies, there is a huge possibility of violence, and no matter whatever the outcome, it is the reputation of the police that suffers.
It is this area that the Chief Superintendent should have been concerned about, but he did nothing, which means that Upmart came from a higher authority than the police.
Now most Victorians know the morning ABC presenter Jon Faine.  Jon went to university and studied law, and then did his first practise with the Fitzroy Legal Aid, so Jon knows and understands law issues. 
To my surprise, one morning Malcolm McClure was actually interviewed by Jon Faine in regard to Upmart and Malcolm’s stance on the issue of licences and motor vehicle registrations. 
There was the mention of Quick and Garran, and as Jon Faine pointed out, Quick and Garran is not a ‘legal’ book but rather an interpretation of the Federal constitution. 
What was interesting was that Jon Faine never picked up the issue of the proper constitution in regard to motor vehicles, and he should have. 
So Malcolm McClure got thirty minutes of fame debating with Jon Faine. 
But that was not the end of the matter.  The next day Malcolm McClure was able to get back on air for another 5 minutes to ‘rectify’ a couple of small matters
In other words, the ABC was legitimising Malcolm McClure’s position.
So that was 2002.  In 2004 I was invited back to the ‘Inverell Forum’ to update just how far we had got in investigating the Port Arthur Massacre. 
Malcolm McClure was also to be a speaker both on the Friday night and on the Sunday morning.  Both McClure and I were booked into the same motel, and I noticed the expensive Toyota Land Cruiser with a special paint job with the word ‘Surf’ on both sides of the vehicle and with personalised ‘Upmart’ numberplates reading “SURF”.
I missed the Friday evening presentation by Malcolm McClure, but was able to be present for the Sunday edition.  I arrived at the hall early and moved in to an out of the way spot near the back of the hall, but I was shortly joined by another male who told me he was a member of ‘Upmart’.
Now the next part told me that ‘Upmart’ had made a good job of studying me.
This particular member of ‘Upmart’ told me that he was a former member of the New South Wales police, and that he was in full acceptance of what ‘Upmart’ was ‘preaching’. 
Now for any trained policeman to state that, then you know you are listening to a load of rubbish.  But the next bit was a real ripper. 
This former policeman was also of Greek extraction, and so we spoke Greek to each other, just to prove it.  Somebody had done a very good check on me, to know that my first wife was from Corinth in Greece, and that I spoke a smattering of Greek.
So I had my ‘minder’.  We sat and listened as Malcolm McClure told of his adventure in attending a Magistrates Court on the Atherton Tablelands for one of his clients who was being charged with offences relevant to using ‘Upmart’s’ number plates.
Malcolm told how he parried with the ‘judge’ (actually a magistrate) and how he was arrested for ‘contempt of Court’ and how he had been locked up but then later released and permitted to return to the courthouse. 
Malcolm told how he had been caught with a tape-recorder and had thrown it to one of his supporters and then Malcolm told of his ‘client’ being convicted on all charges. 
The women loved Malcolm’s chevalier attitude, in fighting these ‘injustices’, but it was Malcolm’s last words that really told the story.
Malcolm McClure stated, “But it didn’t matter, as we won it on appeal.”  That was a lie. 
McClure’s client, James Hubner, never appealed the conviction.  He just paid the fine and wore the defeat. 
However, if we look at what even Malcolm McClure tells us, we must be aware that something extremely strange has happened.
Malcolm McClure tells us that he treated the courtroom as though it was his little circus.  Such behaviour is not normally tolerated.  Malcolm McClure tells us that he was charged with contempt. 
When arrested, Malcolm McClure was found to have a recorder in his pocket, which Malcolm then tossed to one of his supporters. 
I’m still wondering why Malcolm McClure didn’t get six months in gaol for his continuous contempt of the court and of the Magistrate.
And then Malcolm McClure and ‘some of his supporters’ were then permitted to leave town in an unregistered motor vehicle.  And the police did nothing???????? 
The only plausible explanation is that Malcolm McClure is a government spook.  Nobody would get away from committing the offences that Malcolm had unless he was working for a government Intelligence body.
My amazement was not yet complete.  At the end of Malcolm’s adventures, that most right-wing conservative body, the League of Right’s spokesman, Jeremy Lee got up and congratulated Malcolm on his persistence and courage, and stated that perhaps Malcolm could take over HASCO and let Himself (Jeremy Lee) retire.
Not to be outdone, Senator Len Harris, got up and applauded Malcolm’s resolve and stated that he, Senator Len Harris had been a member of ‘Upmart’ since 2001. 
Thus when Senator Len Harris told me in 2002 that he wasn’t certain of the legality of ‘Upmart’s’ stance on motor vehicle registration and licences, Senator Harris was being more than coy.
To test out my belief, I again went to the Geelong Police Station, and this time reported the matter to a ‘Duty Officer’, a policeman with the rank of Inspector. 
We had a good chat together, as we both knew some of the same former police members. 
The Inspector told me of similar problems they had with Malcolm McDougall, and that every complaint made by such people was automatically forwarded to the DPP’s office where the complaint was filed in the waste paper bin. 
The inspector also assured me that he would forward my complaint to the Geelong ‘Intelligence Unit’.
Two days later I received a telephone call from the Inspector implying that he had indeed spoken to the Geelong Police Intelligence Unit. 
The Inspector was very agitated.  He informed me that Malcolm McClure had done nothing wrong, and that it was perfectly normal for people to drive around in cars with their own personalised plates attached.  The Inspector couldn’t finish the conversation quickly enough.
In other words, even though Malcolm McClure’s vehicle appeared to have ‘Upmart’ registration plates on, those plates had to have been manufactured by ‘Vic Roads’ and both the plates and the vehicle were registered with ‘Vic Roads’. 
Thus Malcolm McClure was an ‘Agent Provocateur’ and ‘Upmart’ is an Intelligence body.
Now Geelong has been resisting government designs to fluoride our water system for over five years.  The anti-fluoride movement was quite vocal in its resistance to the State government. 
I would believe the movement was being more than successful when one day as I was walking past Market Square in Little Malop Street, I saw a tent pitched on the sidewalk for the purpose of collecting a petition against fluoridation.
I entered the tent and was spoken to by a very wooden though professional ‘gentleman’ who called himself an ‘Electoral Officer’. 
We went through the motions of ‘proper’ identification, and it was only when we were half way through filling out the forms that I saw the ‘Upmart’ name printed on the forms.  I realised then that I had been conned.
What I believe ‘Upmart’ is about is the identification of possible resistance against a ‘totalitarian government’.  That is why they ‘collect’ names. 
People who were caught in the registration scam had their belief system totally denigrated, just like a sheep bolting from a flock would have been targeted by a sheepdog, and guided back to the fold. 
Thus I guess to our ‘government we are simply sheep, to ‘Upmart’ we definitely are sheep.
Andrew S. MacGregor
Leonard William Clampett, as mentioned by both Malcolm McClure and Senator Len Harris is definitely ASIO
When Joe Vialls left Australia to play the role of Ari Ben Menashe in Zimbabwe, Joe had started a ‘Save Martin Bryant’ campaign, and it was Leonard Clampett who filled in for Joe. 
Leonard had also spoken a couple of times at the “Inverell Forum” an ASIO front for ‘independent thinkers’
Running this operation were at least two ASIO officers, Robert Balgarnie and Denis Stephenson
Balgarnie was also the ‘proof reader’ of the alternative newspaper, ‘The Strategy’ run by Ray Platt, another ASIO operation
Other ASIO operatives associated with the ‘Inverell Forum’ were Tony Pitt from Queensland, Leslie Feather from Toorak in Victoria and ‘The Pastor’, Neville Andrews from Moonee Ponds.
Malcolm McDougall; had a small office off Moorabool Street in Geelong.  It was frequently staffed by a ‘retired’ tram conductress from Corio. 
I attended there one day and speaking about the Port Arthur Massacre, along with other massacres that had been perpetrated on the Australian people by our governments, I raised the issue of bringing on a revolution, and putting some of these people against a brick wall.
A short time later when there was only myself and a ‘farmer’ from the Western District, the farmer spoke to me, and said he liked my speech, except for the part of bringing on the revolution. 
Now Malcolm McDougall had always looked the part of a radical, with his long black untidy hair, and his dishevelled appearance, but the ‘farmer was of a different style. 
He was a big man, in his thirties, with a very neat appearance and with short haircut, much like the military or police, and he caused me to stop and think.  I never went back to Malcolm’s “Office”.  I didn’t trust him anymore, not with a spook in the corner.


  1. Hmmm,

    I have met this bloke McClure and he seems to possess some extraordinary hypnotic powers and is in the business controlling people much the way the scientologists do. There seems to be an overabundance of psychic energy up Glenburn/Kinglake way that he has tapped in to. Strange as it sounds, psychic/telepathic phenomena is very real and my experience not just of him, but of others he does not even know is that mind control of groups and individuals is completely possible and Malcolm certainly appears drunk on that energy. There is another fellow who resides in Singleton, NSW that possess the gift of "remote viewing". I remember one time I was opening a bottle of Perrier just taken from the fridge and this fellow calls me up to ask me what mineral water I was about to drink.

  2. Ehh.. A spook as far as one knows or can tell.. What ever that guy is..He is not needed to sell fake licenses to us..
    Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act . Chapter IV. Finance And Trade. 92. On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, (shall be absolutely free.)

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  5. Andrew McGregor says there are a lot of young women in Upmart. When I have been to Upmart events, I found young women to be conspicuous in their near-absence, but maybe what he was saying was before my time.
    I never had that impression that Malcolm was homosexual. As for his offsider Zen, though, I wouldn't be one bit surprised.
    To cut a long story short, I am an Upmart member but I can't say I'm a fan of either Malcolm or Zen and I doubt I will be going to any Upmart events in the future.
    I didn't like the way Malcolm would get up in front of everyone and sing his own praises, or much worse, gratuitously run down his audience at times. If he'd achieved half as much as he has claimed to do, he wouldn't be acting like that.
    Brian Shaw, Wayne Glew and Malcolm all share the same predilection for celebrating the sacrifices Australians made in the First World War, as if there was some real point to our involvement with that conflict. It was a war to advance one-world government by the banksters and it seems strange these people should have the attitude they do.
    I was prepared to give Malcolm and Upmart the benefit of the doubt despite these and other misgivings, but something happened which really did it for me.
    I contacted Zen about how to deal with warrantless police searches and he told me to do more research, as if it wasn't a topic Malcolm purported to give a thorough grounding in and as if it wasn't something quite central to what Upmart is supposed to be all about.
    Zen wished me good luck. I'm not $#@%^ing stupid. He was washing his hands of me. Somehow, Upmart is prepared to help certain people and not others.
    I sent a letter to Malcolm and Zen, about this issue as well as something else I noticed.
    In early Upmart workshops and courses I attended, there was quite a bit of emphasis on strawman theory-things like letters rogatory and copywriting your own name. They were actually dissing strawman theory at the common law course I attended in 2013. I wanted to know why there was this apparent change, but I never received a reply from either of them. Zen claimed not to know what letters rogatory were when I spoke to him by telephone about them on another occasion, even though he has been at every single Upmart event I have attended, including the one in which Malcolm explained letters rogatory.
    It may be that whoever's pulling the strings has told them to stop teaching strawman theory. Why? Maybe it's actually effective if done right. I'm now co0ncinced that Upmart is a light to draw "fireflies" so the government can identify them.
    Andrew McGregor believes Margaret Main was Malcolm's handler. Perhaps. Then again, maybe Jill Brown merits a bit more scrutiny than she normally receives. It's always the one you least suspect. Surely it couldn't be Zen.
    I've had it with Upmart. I was very patient and they still let me down.
    I have identified myself to Malcolm et al by the details I have provided here. I don't care.
    Malcolm McClure-arrogant pr*ck.
    Zenaan Harkness-jumped-up little pansy.

  6. Malcolm is a cult hypnotist and Zen i s under his spell. Malcolm was caught out ripping off Bob Jane the tyre magnate and the magistrate described Malcolm as an ignorant charlatan who shakes the voodoo chain. Google Bob Jane McClure Voodoo and the article comes up. Zen is a straight man that Malcolm sucks the life from. Zen has children to 2 different ladies, Malcolm has none. Malcolm hypnotises women to sleep with him and sends them off to the abortion clinic if they get pregnant. Malcolm messes around with astral hypnosis witchcraft and knows how to shift sub-conscious memories between people including his own so he does not generate guilty energy and get caught. He has doen this to Zen over and over. His knowledge of the black arts extends to MK Ultra Type mind/body control. If he tells you to beware something he is saying it to see if he can get a fear reaction from you so he can use it against you telepathically.