Sunday, January 6, 2013


This little gem came from Sir mika-Sovereign, a free-man that isn't an employee of the business that is registered and trades as CANADA. It contains information that most of us already know, but, mika has kindly codified it and posted it on facebook. It is useful to see all of this together, so I'm sharing with all of you (especially those of you who do not facebook) for your benefit. Maybe you can print out some copies and share them round the watercooler so people can become more aware.   
Perception is everything ,
Government words and then the realities they hide,

Legal = man made law created to restrict everything you do
Statute = slave rules that are revised based on necessity
Terrorists = freedom fighters and government watchdogs
Lawful = natural law that the police are not taught
Legal arrest = Unlawful assault without accountability
Legal confiscation = Unlawful theft of registered property
Illegal Possession = unregistered property or plants
application = begging for permission to do lawful things
registration = Informing on yourself /giving legal title to issuer
Legal Taxation = Unlawful extortion enforced by policy enforcement agents
legal vehicle = registered automobile
Resisting arrest = plausible deniability for police assault
Legal courtroom = administrative offices for fine collection and additional charges
Foreign policy = war for profit , theft of resources and murder of innocents
Gun control = disarming slaves
License = unlawful permission enforced by coercion and fraud
Compulsory Insurance = racketeering scheme
apprehend = abduct / kidnap
stake out = Unlawful entrapment / surveillance
Garnishee = state sponsored banking theft
summons = invitation
Government Media = state propaganda
aboriginal = native slave actually “original” people
obstructing justice = No consent to show Identification or answer unlawful questions
Probable cause = anything you might be doing , an excuse to arrest
proceeds of crime = anything the police want to steal from you
Legal acts = A collection of statutory provisions that require consent
lawyers / attorneys = court facilitators paid to translate legalese .
Legal jurisdiction = legalese , language with legal definitions.
Lawful jurisdiction = language of common law , natural language
Person = Legal fiction created by registration contract at birth
Birth certificate = original registration contract of legal personality
Social insurance / SS = consent to allow a tax levy on employment

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