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Map of Satanic Pentagram; Great Vatican Jesuit Ley Lines of Evil During World War II, 1944
Dear Frank,
Apparently, we have some misunderstandings between us.

First, I have praised your work with regard to the satanic Pentagram you mapped out connecting the Nazi Death Camps within that Pentagram.  I posted that work and it is still available in my “Archives.”  I recommend it  and it can be viewed here.  Again, I say well done.

Map of the Jewish Pale of Settlement, 1900
Secondly, I have praised your work as to your rightly connecting Stalin and Hitler working together in exterminating the Jews of the geographical area within that Pentagram, the Old Pale of Settlement first established by that pawn of the Jesuits, Catherine II “the Great” of Russia.  That work of yours is also posted in my “Archives.”  I recommend it.  Again, well done.  This is your “meat” which I encourage all to “eat” while on your website.

However, I have never agreed with you on the following points indicated in your missive below:

1.  That Venice or “the Venetians” control anything—Never!  I have always said that the Jesuits control Venice and thus the Venetian leaders in general.  The Order has maintained a death grip over Venice and its blue-blood “Venetians” since no later than 1797.  In that year, the Order’s “Great Avenger,” Napoleon Bonaparte I, destroyed the “liberal,” pro-Reformation, Republic of Venice.  Further, within the Secret Instructions of the Jesuits, it focuses special attention on “the Venetians” as their enemies, enemies submitted to the Black Pope by no later than 1800 and remain so today.  Of the Order’s disdain for the Venetians we read in its Secret Instructions, Chapter XIV, Section VI on pages 129 and 131in Brownlee’s 1857 edition:

“Nor let such [disaffected Jesuits] by any means be retained as either openly oppose their superiors, on, in public or private, make complaints against them to their fellow-members, but especially to strangers; or such as condemn, to their associates, or strangers, the conduct of the Society in the amassing or management of temporal goods, or any other of our methods of proceeding; as for instance, our suppressing, and keeping under all either disaffected to, or expelled from our order, &c. or that admit in conversation, or defend the Venetians, French, or others, who by hindering us from getting a footing among them, have done the Society intolerable damages.”  [Emphasis in bold]

This “Venetian distraction” away from the nexus of world political power now wielded by Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas is a typical Jesuit tactic.  Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Webster Tarpley is given over to this same misinformation, and this same tactic is now employed by you.  Frank, do you really believe that the ubiquitous Jesuit Order now ruling New York City, Washington, DC, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Brussels, Beijing, Tokyo, Lisbon, Istanbul, etc., does not rule Venice via its Masonic agents and Roman Hierarchy, specifically Venetian Patriarch Cardinal Angelo Scola?  Apparently you do believe in “the Venetian Power” and advocate such misinformation.

2.  That the Venetians control the Vatican.  This is tacitly absurd on anyone’s part to believe such Jesuit propaganda especially in light of Napoleon’s Jesuit-ordered destruction of the Republic of Venice, which “liberal” Roman Catholic republic had banned the Order due to Pope Clement XIV’s Bull of Suppression and Extinction promulgated in 1773, which bull was honored in Venice as a matter of obedience to the pope.  This same obedience was rendered by the Roman Catholic nobility of Bavaria (Wittelsbachs) and Austria (Habsburgs) for which reason Napoleon attacked and humbled both Roman Catholic countries.  Further, at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Pope Pius VII, who had just restored the Order in August of 1814, was given back his Papal States, he returning to the title of “King of the Papal States,” and Venice was given to Roman Catholic Austria ruled by Knight of Malta Prince von Metternich, or as the Saxons called him, “Prince Midnight.”  No, the Venetians control Nothing!  They are like us Americans—licking the boots of our resident Jesuits or Roman Hierarchy as they rule from a distance.

Now, as to my claim that you are anti-Jew, basically supporting the Jesuit propaganda that the Jews rule the world, I will retract upon a few clarifications on my part.  First, as per below, you claim the term “Jew” is a “fraud and a hoax.”  You then seek to prove your claim based upon certain “facts” upon which you rely.  They are:

A.  That the southern tribe of Judah (English “J”) or Yehudah (Hebrew “Y”) was not known as “Judah.”  As a matter of semantics, I will cede your claim providing we agree that either term designates the same racial people—in addition to the tribe of Benjamin.  These people are known as “Yehudim,” (Hebrew) or “Y’hudai” (Aramaic) or “Iudaeum” (Latin) or “Jude” (German) or “Judio” (Spanish) or “Jews” as we English-speakers know the term.  Same racial people, same tribal name, but spelled differently as per the language in question.  Further, the book of Jeremiah is clear in that both a “Hebrew” and a “Jew” are identical peoples (Jeremiah 34:9):

“That every man should let his manservant, and every man his maidservant, being an Hebrew or an Hebrewess, go free; that none should serve himself of them, to wit, of a Jew his brother.”

B.  That the people of the Northern Kingdom were never known as “Israelites.”  It is a matter of established biblical and secular history that upon the death of King Solomon and the accession of his son King Rehoboam, the nation of Israel split.  That split resulted in the ten tribes to the north called “Israel” and the two tribes to the south called “Judah.”  This is reflected throughout the writings of the prophets, Jeremiah being one of them.  In Jeremiah 31:31-34, the promise is that God would establish a New Covenant with “the house of Israel” and with “the house of Judah.” Verse 31 reads:

“Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:”

Thus, your claim that the people of the Northern Kingdom were never known as “Israelites” is utterly without historical foundation or biblical merit.

C.  That the people of the Northern Kingdom in general were not known as “Israelites,” but as “Sarmatians.”  This is utter nonsense!  Amidst the 10 tribes of Israel inhabiting the Northern Kingdom its capital being Samaria, there were a people called “Samaritans,” not “Sarmatians” as there was no such place as “Sarmara.”  These Samaritans were racially half-Israelite and half-Assyrian.  They were not “Jews” according to the conversation of Jesus the Messiah with the Samaritan woman at the well in the region of Samaria (John 4:22).  (During the First Century, Samaria was a small region within the land of the Northern Kingdom to which these racially half-Hebrew/Israelites were confined and the racial Hebrew/Israelites had no dealings with them.  They were regarded as racially impure, which impurity was provable through the genealogical records within the Second Temple.)  Now there are such a people as “Sarmatians” connected with the Scythians, but they are of no relation to the topic at hand.  In fact, to use the term Sarmatian in attempting to connect it to people of the Northern Kingdom of Israel without distinguishing the real Sarmatian people as per above, is misleading at best and dishonest at worst.  By this position of yours, you confuse the real identity of the 10 tribes of Israel in the north having in fact descended from the Jew, Abraham.  Yes, Abraham was the physical progenitor of the racial Jews who opposed Christ the Jew (John 8:22, 37).  Thus, in deliberately confusing the identity of the racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites, are you not in fact anti-Jew?  Hitler knew who “the Jews” were, for he called them “Hebrews,” “Israelites” and “Jews” in his speeches and throughout Jesuit-trained Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda, spoken and written.

D.  That the theology and worship of the Northern Kingdom was not the same as the worship of the Southern Kingdom.  For a time, this was true.  The ten northern tribes had given themselves over to the worship of Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, Chemosh the god of the Moabites, and Milcom the god of the children of Ammon (I Kings 11:33).  For this idolatry, Israel was taken captive by Assyria in 723 BC; later Judah would be taken captive by Babylon in 606 BC.  Further, according to Jeremiah 32:32-35 both the children of Israel and the children of Judah sacrificed to Molech (having no relation to an Owl) and to Baal.  Thus, the worship of both kingdoms was Satanic and anti-Jehovah God.

E.  That there were priests of “Yahud” who were called “Cohen Gadol” or “Cohen” while the priests of the “Sarmatians” by the fourth century AD were called “Rabbi.”  This assertion would be laughable if not so diabolical in its ramifications.  First, the priests for the Northern Kingdom were the same family of priests for the Southern Kingdom.  They were called “Levites.”  These Levites were descended from Levi, one of the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel.  The priesthood could only be fulfilled by the racial sons of Levi, just as the High Priest could only be filled by the pure, racial sons of Aaron, Moses’ brother of the tribe of Levi.  The Cohen name is widespread and is connected to the tribe of Levi, but it is a family name and one of the 24 courses of the Levitical priesthood, not a separate priesthood from the Levites.  The term “Rabbi” was applied to the racial Jew, racial Son of David, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself (John 1:49).  Thus “Rabbi” is a biblical term that can be applied to any learned individual of the children of Israel, regardless of the tribe to which he belongs.  Again, this distinction which you espouse is false, is nonexistent and leads to confusion as to the real identity of just who are the real Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites of scripture and antiquity.  Is this not essentially anti-Jewish propaganda?

F.  That it is an “absurdity, a fiction bearing not truth to the past” to combine the people of both the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah under one term.  According to the historical record in the Word of God—the Reformation English Bible translated from the Hebrew Masoretic Text and Greek Textus Receptus, you are dead wrong.  According to the foremost writers of history throughout the 19th century, you again are wrong.  All 12 tribes (13 in fact, as the tribe of Joseph was split into Manasseh and Ephraim) are racially descended from Jacob through four different women.  They are a race of people called the “Hebrews” (Exodus 1:16; 3:18) as Abraham, the father of the nation, was called a “Hebrew” (Genesis 14:13).  They are called “the children of Israel” (Exodus 1:7, 12) as Jacob’s name was also “Israel” (Genesis 49:1).  Jacob’s son Joseph was a “Hebrew” (Genesis 39:14), thus Joseph’s two sons who would father two of the ten Northern tribes were also “Hebrews.”  To this nation was committed the Mosaic Law, the people of that nation of Israel being called “Jews” by the Apostle Paul (Romans 3:1-2).  The Apostle Paul was an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin and a Hebrew (Philippians 3:5; II Corinthians 11:22) yet also a “Jew” (Acts 22:3) speaking in the “Hebrew” language (Acts 22:2).  Indeed, the people of both Northern and Southern kingdoms are racial Hebrews, are racial Israelites and are racial “Jews.”  According to the Bible, to create a difference, other than specific tribal distinctions, is dishonest, misleading and ultimately seeks to remove the conscious reality of the Genesis 12:1-3 curse put upon any nation persecuting these racial people of the unconditional Abrahamic Covenant misidentified by you as not being racial “Jews,” but rather “Yehudim.”

G.  That is impossible to derive the English word “Jew” from the Hebrew “Yehuda.”  Your disdain for the word “Jew” impairs your logic and your ability to be objective.  “Yhuwdah” is merely the Hebrew for “Judah;” “Yhuwdiy” the Hebrew for “Judaite” or in the English, “Jew.”  “Ioudaios” is Greek for “Jew” as attests the work of both Strong’s and Young’s Concordances.    In fact, every concordance, dictionary, lexicon, Greek-English interlinear text and systematic theology that I have ever seen all translate both proper nouns as “Jew.”  Your position cannot stand the test of either biblical and historical scrutiny.  Therefore, why do you propose such a novel theory—the same exact theory that my ex-Jesuit adviser put upon me when I was revising Vatican Assassins I?  Frank, in resisting the use of the English word “Jew” you are falsely propounding a theory that ultimately leads to anti-Jewish fury.  This is the same doctrine taught by the Identity cult, the KKK cult and other hatefully racist, White Supremacist cults.  Frank, I know these people and they have vehemently advocated this exact, same, lying, anti-Bible, anti-”Jew” doctrine.

H.  That the Venetians are the slavemasters of the Jesuits and the Vatican.  Again, this is absurd and refuted above as said position is nothing more than Jesuit casuistry.

But on to the most pressing issue of your attack upon the Apostle Paul of the New Testament.  On your website, you consider this man of God to be one of the most evil men who ever lived.  Now this is quite fascinating, although extremely grievous, as I have addressed this with you privately before.  In attacking the man whom God used to write 14 of the 27 books of the New Testament, you attempt to destroy the very doctrines championed during the Protestant Reformation.  Remembering that the Reformation brought the world out of the Pope’s Dark Ages by 1648, your attack furthers the Jesuit Order’s Counter Reformation by encouraging men to turn away from the true testimony of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and seek another way of salvation or “religion.”  You undermine the very foundation of the predominantly Calvinistic, White Protestant Western Nations.  In so doing, you render my peoples helpless in resisting the Satanic Jesuit Order’s ceaseless attack upon the Protestant Bibles, Protestant Constitutions and Protestant liberties secured by those written Constitutions.  A Jesuit under Extreme Oath of Induction could do no better; your uncle, a powerful Vatican Jesuit, would be proud of you.

In conclusion, I will continue to refer to you as a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor for the following reasons as per above and summarized below:

1.  You twist the meaning of the underlying Hebrew and Greek words translated “Jews” into another meaning that is incorrect and ultimately leads to anti-Jewish fury.

2.  You blame the Venetians as being the real power behind the Jesuit Order and the Vatican Empire, which immense global Empire that Society of Jesus rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

3.  You seek to undermine the Pauline Epistles which provide the theological basis for Luther, Calvin and Knox’s Protestant Reformation, i.e., sola scriptura, sola fidei, etc.

HOWEVER, I will retract and correct my statement alleging that you teach there is a World Jewish Conspiracy. You are however only a heartbeat away from said doctrine once another Jesuit comes along and attempts to prove “the Venetians,” who, according to your theory, rule the world, are in fact “crypto Jews.”  Both Roman Catholics Lyndon LaRouche and Webster Tarpley advocate your Venetian world-rule-theory and they are indeed Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors.

It is good that prayer be made for you Frank, as there is only salvation and forgiveness of sins in the finished work of the risen and reigning Lord Jesus Christ.  I will be praying, that if you be one of God’s elect, He will grant you repentance from your sins and faith in believing the glorious gospel of the grace of God in Christ.  For there is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved, save the name of Jesus Christ in antithesis to Satan’s wicked pope of Rome bolstered by his Praetorian Guard, the Company of Jesus.

I consider this discussion closed and thank you for your correction in measure.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

Dear Eric,

It has been some time since we have conversed. The last time I think was regarding the important insights concerning anecdotal evidence of the Great Jesuit Vatican Pentagram of Evil in WWII- a 300 mile wide satanic Pentagram that is perfectly geometrically formed from the very worst Death Camps – pointing directly North to the North Pole/North Star and symbol of the United Nations.

At the time you praised the importance of this research in revealing the murder of millions in the name of religion – particularly those of the Jewish faith – was an orchestrated religious sacrifice by the Venetian controlled Jesuits and Vatican, not a racist motivated genocide.  Most importantly, you showed deep respect and belief in the truth that this information came directly from dream and vision-  I believe from those who died and now seek the truth to be revealed.

Since you have been in close contact with very senior Venetians and others, I am now saddened to see you now not only repudiate this research done in the memory of those murdered by liars, anti-Semitics and religious fanatics, but now openly accuse me of being the very thing I have been working against.

You are perfectly entitled to repudiate the very things you claim you wish to expose- the Luciferian agenda of Jesuits, their Venetian Controllers, the Vatican and their Knights of Malta.

You are not the first “truth researcher” to want to try and hide and discredit such historic revelations as the 300 mile wide pentagram in Poland that links to form a perfect “square” at the north pole (symbol of UN power) with its smaller satanic pentagon cousin in Washington and founded on September 11, 1941.

How you happily live your life and sleep at night with such contradictions is between you and the Divine.

But to know the source of this information on the Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil and to still print such awful lies, to deliberately want to discredit this background by attacking me as some kind of anti-Semite is quite simply the act of a man without an ounce of integrity, morality or belief in God.

The other possibility is that you have been convinced by “others” to say and write such rubbish. You are perfectly entitled to write, speak or say anything you like – even to conclude whatever criticism you may of me. But not to lie and claim me as anti-Semitic.

I formerly request you retract your most recent assertion that I have ever in my writings blamed the “Jews” or subscribe to the “Great Jewish Conspiracy” as you have written.

If you do not retract such false claims, then I can only assume you are far from what you say you are and indeed are the very reverse of what you claim.

Just as the pamphlet “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” first published in 1903 in Russia is a horrible fraud and hoax, so too is the very word “Jew” itself.

The original inhabitants of the southern Kingdom we now know as the “Kingdom of Judah” were known as the Yahudi of Yahudah, not Judah.  Nor were the people of the northern kingdom known as “Israelites” but Sarmatians of Sarmara.

These groups were poles apart in their outlook on life, theology and ritual.  The Yahudi worshipped a monotheistic supreme being, while the Sarmatians worshipped a pantheon of demons, most notably Ba’al Moloch- the ancient incarnation of Satan/The Devil and Lucifer. The priests of the Yahud were called Cohen Gadol or Cohen, while the priests of the Sarmatians by the 4th Century were called “Rabbi”
Prior to the 16th Century there simply was no “universal word” that combined these two separate groups, with separate religions –because to force these two separate kingdoms and groups of priest kings into one term would have represented an absurdity—a fiction bearing no truth to the past.

The 16th Century term “Jew” is variously claimed said to come from Old French giu, which is supposed to come from an earlier version juieu and then from latin iudeus and Greek Ioudaios. However this is cleverly and deliberately misleading. Ioudaios  is the Greek equivalent of the term Yahudah not Jew. It is impossible to get the word “Jew” from Ioudaios as it is from Yahudah.

Therefore, please do not falsely paint me as “anti-semitic” for I continue to use accurate labels that have nothing to do with the false word “Jew”.

Finally, I will pray for your soul. For no more wicked there be than the deceivers who stand and claim as truth, but curse the name of God.

I pray you will be forgiven for such awful hatred towards the visions and revelations from those murdered by the Jesuits, the Vatican and their Venetian Slavemasters.



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  1. interesting discussion. thank you. i think they are both right. in different ways. the word jew was not mentioned till 1770, and there was trickery and a campaign involved in replacing it in the Bible with the word Yude, Yudahite. On the other hand, I agree with much of what Phelps said as well. He always drives the truth home. But I think O'Collins has a point with the translation of Yude, not Jew. food for thought. I'm a beginner, Ilm just trying to understand, to graps the cancient connection. I'll have to re- read the discusion. Weren't the Venetians descended from the Philistines? So the philistines travelled north from Lebanon to Italy, and the Aryans went west from Iran to Italy. Actually, I believe there were two tribes, according to Rudolf Steiner, the Aryan, who were evolved, and the Turanians, who were the most evil. It msuthave been the latter that became the papal bloodlines., I'm guessing. Because theyi are an evil bloodline and torment the world to this very day, so cruel, satanists. and they cotnrol the commercial system, wich is why the entire world is an uproar and misery, because of this satanic papal bloodline.
    Leuren Moret said that the papal bloodlines are descended drom the Aryan tribes of Iran, and they travelled to Italy and became the popes and that bloodline of the popes. She said it in her youtube on the papal bloodlines.

    I lvoe eric jon phelps, i've learned so much from him, and I have learned about the laws and the knagroo courts from Frank O'Collins. I am so grateful to both of these people.
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