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Rob: Menard published a letter to the 'Idle No More' group in facebook. Idle No More is a 'First Nations' group in Canada dedicated to illustrating the nefarious actions of the Harper government towards 'first nation' people. At any rate, i liked Rob's letter so much here at Mikiverse Law that i decided to share it with you all. 
TO: Idle NO More
FROM: Divided NO More

Hello and Good day! I am Robert-Arthur: Menard, a Freeman-on-the-Land, and I extend my heartiest hello and warmest regards. I am, according to some members of the Canadian Judicial System, a Freedom Guru, and outspoken advocate for the Freeman movement. The Freemen, although labeled as 'anti-government' are in fact 'pro-good government' and we wish we had it. Having come to the conclusion that the present crop of politicians are not serving the interest of the People of the Country, be they 'indigenous' or some 'non', we have revoked consent to be governed like children and question the fiction which is 'The Crown'.

We do not see a 'Crown', nor much of a difference between people. After all, are we not all people, responsible for our own actions? Are we not all equally here for such a very brief time, and loved equally by the Creator? Are we not all stardust rendered aware, and capable of love?

Concepts and philosophies I have shared have been successfully used by indigenous people in New Zealand, and have resulted in them being deeply empowered against the 'Crown' there. Much of the deception the people who point to The Crown rely upon is identical in all former British Colonies, and I believe there is significant remedy of which you are likely unaware. You also face many challenges and hurdles, and if your ideas are not properly presented to the population of Canada, it will result in a rejection of your actions, with more division enabling those who use 'The Crown' to further subjugate us all.

There must be a way for all people, regardless of who their grandparents were, or what they did to each other, to work together to find a path of peace and abundance for all. The Canadian people are not your enemy, and it would seem that those who claim to be acting as representatives, are enemies to us all, save their own political agendas.

There are so many Canadians who are deeply upset with the treachery, deceit and corporate toadyism of the various governments, that maybe the time is right for dialogue between the people, with those who claim to be acting for the Crown shut out. The plain and simple truth is, the government seems to be against all the people in the land, and apparently seek to pit us against each other. Perhaps our forefathers were stupid enough to fall for their tactics; I am hopeful we can do better. If we are to divide ourselves for things we can't control, such as who our parents were, then we might as well divide ourselves based on what we can control, such as the colour of our socks. In my mind, doing either are equally ludicrous.

This is not to mean I reject your heritage, or that of anyone else. For one, if not for the various heritages and cultures, we would not enjoy the variety of dishes available. I believe that all heritages form important parts of the majestic tapestry which is humanity, with no thread more important than another. Certainly I do not want to see those colourful threads bleached white by homogenous profit seeking corporations, though sadly that seems to be the present trend. To me assimilation is the process employed by the Borg. I want a rich tapestry, but without the previous division and fear and judgment which afflicted our forefathers.

I must tell you, I do not believe the people who hide behind the concept of the Crown will ever provide you the remedy you seek. They are addicted to their fictions, rely heavily upon deceit and lies, and only the truth will bring healing and peace. They create division where unity is needed, and seed ignorance where wisdom is called for. Their purpose is to extract as much wealth from this country as possible and as long as we argue amongst ourselves about our dwindling shares, they take more. They are the only ones who benefit when people divide themselves.

For the people of Canada however, I believe it is a different story. I believe the average Canadian to be fair and just, when not being led by their fears, and that there is a growing sense of unity and spiritual consciousness. It is perhaps the case that what we are witnessing is in fact the the long awaited acceptance of a more spiritual outlook, one practiced instinctively so long ago by your ancestors. Certainly for our planet to survive, a more traditional outlook and awareness of our place within the environment as stewards of the land is required.

Your ancestors knew something that many now apparently forget. That is the right to engage in The Process of Treaty. You do not have to waste your time demanding that old Treaties, made between those now long dead, be enforced, renegotiated or honoured. There is no need to complain about how they were dishonoured by those who rely on fictions. You are dealing with politicians who will lie and cheat to ensure their corporate friends find profit. They cannot be trusted and do not represent the will of the majority of Canadians.

Since those old Treaties have been apparently abandoned by those now in office, why not claim the right to Treaty again, and this time, seek agreement not with 'The Crown', as it is simply an imaginary fiction which many Canadians are starting to reject, but with the people of Canada, as equals? As Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers what is stopping us from finding our peace, without empowering the liars in the government by acknowledging their fictions or asking them to do it for us? Are we but children who need their guidance and oversight? Or are we adults, with common goals and shared desires? Do we not all want to watch our children grow and inherit a nation where all are encouraged to find their passions, and enjoy peace and abundance in a spirit of unity and friendship, recognizing equality within the human family?

It will be a difficult path at first I imagine. It will require forgiveness on the part of one, and an abandonment of judgment on the other. Likely the latter will be the more difficult, as often with the abandonment of judgment of others, how we have been acting becomes more apparent, and a burden of shame can result. It is at that point the forgiveness becomes so important.

I would like to address your group. I would like to share with you all a vision I have had for this country, and explain the perspective of the Freemen. I would like to help you develop a comprehensive message to present to the people of Canada, and initiate a New Treaty Process with them directly, which does not rely upon the corporate puppets masquerading as representatives. I would like to help you create a historic Treaty not with the fictional 'Crown', but with The People. I would like to do so with an eye to creating a proper body politic called “The People of Canada', which includes all people, with divisional statuses eschewed.

I want to throw a party, and not invite 'The Crown'.

I think it is the only way the people of Canada will find the peace and abundance which is our birthright, as Startdust. Truthfully, I think we have an opportunity to show the entire world a better way, and I think with that opportunity, comes a corresponding duty.

Humbly and hopefully, I await your response.

Robert-Arthur: Menard

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