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OK, so you’ve got massive problems and you think you’ve “found the answer”. Maybe, you have been researching and looking for years, finally finding what you hope will be the right remedy? Or maybe, you are new to all this information and simply chose what sounds to you like the best and brightest remedy to your problems?  Or maybe, you haven’t really thought a whole lot about it, but a “friend” recommended you look at a certain site and remedy which sounds credible?

So whatever you choose can’t really make things worse right? WRONG! There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of good honest people who thought they were merely following a true remedy who remain today locked up in federal and state prisons in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and elsewhere who stupidly and naively believed the paperwork they followed from “remedy gurus” could do no harm and might even “work”.

They didn’t shoot someone; they didn’t blow something up; in fact in most cases they were not even convicted of any claim of theft or violence.  Instead, these typically hard working, honorable people started off challenging one council/county rates bill, only to lose their home and eventually go to prison. Others, challenged a relatively minor tax bill to find the same thing happen. Others, tried to defend their home being taken by the banks.  But in all cases, by following what they thought was merely “harmless” remedy, they ended up making matters infinitely worse for themselves and their family.

How did seemingly “meaningless paper” transform a minor issue into a life changing event that caused good people to be thrown into prison? Was this really because of deliberately false claims of remedy and dishonest gurus tricking people or something else (like government corruption)?  Are you well on the way to putting your life at risk to the same fate by following false and extremely dangerous claimed remedies?

The thing about a false preacher is they are the best speakers and defenders. The most corrupt politician or priest is the one nobody expects. So the disinfo agents and sellers of false remedy are perfectly at ease in tricking even the smartest person with a less than full competence of law into believing any concern or negativity is merely “jealousy”, or “false fear” or the “government agents trying to stop you”. The power of cult leaders is evident in the ashes and remains of all those who followed such charismatic movements to the bitter end.

No one can force anyone to wake up and demonstrate some common sense. No one can stop another from doing stupid and self destructive acts. But what can be done from time to time is express, publish and make clear a most basic checklist of facts that if you choose to ignore, then you will absolutely only have yourself and no one else to blame.

Official Forms as the lifeblood of Government

You wouldn’t give a young child a stick of dynamite would you?  If you would, then you’ve proven you are irresponsible and incompetent. As both domestic and foreign terrorists have proven, even the most common household items when mixed together in the right proportions can produce explosives as devastating as any manufactured variety. Similarly, words on their own can be used for entertainment, conversation and formal communication. When used correctly, they can be extremely powerful, but when misused they can have terrible self destructive consequences.

Look at official forms of local, state and federal governments for example.  Official forms are the lifeblood of modern government.  While there are literally thousands of forms, some are more important and potentially more dangerous (if abused) than others. Takes the forms associated with what is known as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) first presented in draft form by the American Law Institute in 1943 with its 1st official publication in 1952:

• The UCC now comprises of eleven articles being 1 General, 2 Sales, 2A Leases, 3 Negotiable Instruments, 4 Bank Deposits, 4A Funds Transfers, 5 Letters of Credit, 6 Bulk Transfers and Bulk Sales, 7 Warehouse Receipts, 8 Investment Securities and 9 Secured Transactions; and

• The UCC has now been enacted in all of the 50 states of the United States as well as the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. As all nations and states are registered in the state of Delaware through the SEC system of 1933, UCC applies to all nations and their "employees" when treated as corporations; and

• While the UCC is now a global system used by corporations and their agencies and now administered by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL), it remains wholly PRIVATE PROPERTY of the American Law Institute and its affiliate members being the various American Bar Associations; and

• The most famous and common form of UCC is known as the UCC-1 Financial Statement, which is used principally to file a formal claim of (1) a legitimate debt against a particular estate or lesser body (corporation, subsidiary trust etc); and (2) certain property against which the claim is made; and (3) the details of the party claiming the interest; and

• Under the PRIVATE RULES of UCC by the American Bar Associations in conjunction with other private bodies, a valid UCC application creates a legitimate debt, held as a liability of the party filing the claim until the application is resolved in court, or the other party agrees to accepting the liability, or the claim is perfected through international public notice (gazette and notice); and

• As a filing under UCC is not only a tacit recognition of the present Western-Roman legal system as well as a conveyance of rights to the associated American Bar Associations and their members to address the matter, any claim that a UCC filing can be used to deduce a superior position is both absurd and lunacy; and

• Because the liability for any UCC filing initially rests with the party making the claim, if the party filing fails to perfect the claim by the methods stated, then the party making the claim and their estate are liable for the amount of the claim; and

• In recent years, there has been several waves of false gurus and disinfo agents promoting UCC remedy either deliberately or stupidly resulting in large claims being lodged through UCC filings, which have then been assigned to court cases and securitized by gaining long convictions against the people who filed such paperwork.

Despite the proven facts, wave after wave of people continue to be “suckered in” to making such filings, often with dire consequences.  No matter how many warnings are provided, people are still conned into shelling out money, giving away their rights and walking to prison for not thinking about the consequences of misusing such official forms.

Private Forms from “Superior Estates” etc

So, it is hoped by the brief summary of UCC above that everyone reading this blog will consider very carefully any dangerous and reckless advice about filling in certain government forms by some remedy gurus, without considering the consequences.

The next issue is what about private forms, such as “superior forms” from one’s own estate or some other trust structure.

Ucadia has been developed over 28 years now in researching and perfecting knowledge of all forms of law, encapsulated within the canons of law on One-Heaven.  Everything discussed has deep purpose and reason:

• Signatures and thumb prints have real significance and purpose and signal different roles.  Ignorance to such purpose or flippant advice that it is a “nice touch” as some remedy guru may claim, heralds extraordinary ignorance and great danger in misuse.

• UPPER CASE, Proper Case and lower case all have deep meaning and function in the style of legal instruments in the Western Legal System, as does color, as does boxes, as does the front of an instrument and its reverse, as does bolding words and underlying words or signatures. To simply, use such elements by mimicking like monkeys without reading Ucadia and the knowledge, is extremely dangerous and proves incompetence; 

• The use of Latin phrases is not some artistic license plucked out of thin air- it has history and provenance to it, from the time of the Carolingians and the first covenants and conveyance documents such as nunc pro tunc, teste me ipso, or praecipe. So to simply accept Jaberwocky like phrases in Latin is sheer lunacy without its historic provenance in Western legal principles being explained; and

• Maxims like notice to principal is notice to agent is a financial and legal term relating to the ancient Venetian banking system.  Unless you are part of it, it means nothing. Unless you are a recognized agent- such phrases mean nothing; and

• Types of forms, whether it be a declaration or affidavit, or charter, or deed, or covenant, or ecclesiastical deed poll have an ancient form and function and purpose in the Western Legal System.  A declaration is by default an admission of jurisdiction – so its use in purporting an instrument to be the catalyst for separation is not only an oxymoron – it is blatantly false or the height of incompetency.

Furthermore, substantial time and effort has been made in explaining the role and function of one’s own estate, the role of trusts and certain key documents.  However, it has been repeated over and over and over again that every single original document produced by your estate from your position is PRIVATE and MUST NOT BE TRANSMITTED to the public of a Western Roman entity, unless it is in the form of a certificate or extract and annexed to a proper form of the Western Roman System.

It has been repeatedly stated that such instruments as your will and testament, your great seal, your Live Born Record and other instruments of your estate should never be transmitted to any Western Roman agency, and never ever included in any legal matter with a private court of the corporations that presently masquerade as legitimate public courts.

Yet, despite this pleading for common sense, for even a basic level of competency, people ignore this information, instead choosing to listen to the many remedy gurus that have taken parts of the free Ucadia knowledge and mixed into their own brand of “remedy for profit”.

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012, we published the blog “The 10 Biggest Errors most people make when facing the Pirates and Privateers of the Private Bar Guilds” which covered Error #3 – Believing that “Magic Bullets” can defeat Pirates and Privateers and Error #8 – Sending/registering original documents with Pirates and Privateers.  Despite, this knowledge people still send private documents that cannot and will not be recognized in the belief they will achieve remedy.

So is there any remedy at all?

To date, there have been now many tens of dozens of people that have provided various feedback as to the fact that they have achieved some form of relief in considering the knowledge of Ucadia, in acting responsibility and competently, in not swallowing the snake oil sold by “remedy gurus” and in demonstrating good character and honor.

This kind of relief has come from all forms of cases from custody, to foreclosures, to imprisonments, to tax issues, to debt issues and a myriad of matters. It is possible, there are many, many more cases of relief through the knowledge of Ucadia, however no feedback has been provided.

Unlike remedy gurus that may do what they do for money, for glory or for some nefarious purpose, Ucadia does not exist as a talent contest. We don’t “keep score”.  When bridge trolls sometime come on to calls to try and sell some spurious claim demanding “how many wins”, we do not spew forth statistics, nor even permit testimonies other than the dozens who have called in as proof on the Q &A audios.

The relief however is simple.  It rests in one’s own character – how one thinks and acts.

If you think you are a victim and are out for revenge, then you will most likely fail; and

If you are sending documents because you think you are entitled to some “payment” or great “windfall” from the great accounts held against your name, then you will almost certainly fail; and

If you think you are perfectly able to breach a promise to a bank or some other institution because they did not tell the truth to you, then you will definitely fail.

But if you stand in virtue, in honor and competence, then you have the greatest chance of mediation and form of relief.  This does not mean lying down and letting a legal “steam roller” stomp all over you, it means recognizing what honor, accountability and responsibility means.

For example, if you make a promise then honor means your word is your bond. So regardless of the other party, if you break your word, you are at fault to some degree.

Under Western-Roman law you cannot possibly own your home, you are at best a "ward tenant".  You are expected to pay the landlord in council taxes.  But if you agree to a sub tenancy with a bank in also paying rent (interest on a loan) and have been upkeep the property, then you are morally obliged to seek compensation from the landlord. 

But if someone comes to you demanding money, then you have the fiduciary obligation to your estate to make sure the claim is legitimate (no matter who they say they are) and that the agreements and details are in place:

If someone demands payment because of the underlying assumption you are an employee, where are the employment records please?

If someone demands payment because of some contract, please show me the wet ink signature? 

If someone demands a penalty be paid, please provide the written document that is connected to the contract specifying penalties and that such agreements for penalties has been made?

If you pay simply because of a demand, then you are participating in fraud against your estate.

No court, no matter how corrupt, ignorant and wretched can stand against unclean hands, bad faith, vexatious suits and prejudice.  But if you refuse to pay, if you behave in dishonor then you allow such implied behavior to stand.


There is much more to discuss on this subject such as the enormous importance of the affidavit and the fact that the defendant/respondent must be afforded the right to speak or lodge a statement– even under the corrupt company policies that exist today as pseudo courts.

For now, please consider very very carefully what you are doing before you jump off the cliff.  Please ask yourself why on the one hand you might complain that learning the law and being competent is too difficult, yet on the other hand are willing to risk your life and future by cutting and pasting documents that someone you might never have met promised will work?

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