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Re: OPPT.  My sole complaint of it is that I have yet to see or hear of any successes. Has Mustang Scott obtained his car yet?  Is Dean Clifford still in jail?
To those who dreamt it up, I say, “nice try”, and to those who fell for it, I say, “Did you forget their warning?!  They TOLD us, “We will lead every revolution against us.”  I won’t even be certain about the pope-queen-pm scoop, until I see an actual, non-photo-shopped pic of the three of them sitting on cots, behind bars, in orange suits, asking for some toilet paper. I now suspect everything as propaganda.
So, until then, we MUST learn to say “NO!” to their minions –the ones who think they will still be getting a pension from their evil employers. Here is a great video (½ hour):
and here is a great book (150 pages): Our Universal Journey by George Kavassilas.
Remember that the only reason we hesitate to say, “NO!” is because, when we, as kids, said it, we got smacked for it. So, we have a built-in program to do as we are told. Time to grow up and say, “NO!” to those who do NOT have our best interests at heart.
The opposite of courage is conformity - Rollo May
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. –Anais Nin
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took to blossom. –Anais Nin
Let’s stop paying attention to what is not real. We KNOW the world of the tyrants is fiction. Anything which addresses the world of fiction is a black hole. We get sucked in. We are to remain out of fiction, if we are to prevail. I apply this to both ‘good news’ and ‘bad news’.  It is ALL fiction.  Let’s quit empowering them –quit handing over our time, attention, energy, emotion. Submarine them!  To acknowledge them, in any way, is to keep them alive. Put them out of commission! It is they who must prove they have authority/ jurisdiction over us. We are not bound to prove a thing. THEY are NOT real. We operate in the real world and they are not a part of what is true.
If I see mail addressed to the NAME and I don’t want it, I write:  “Undeliverable as addressed. RTS”. On the back: “Please do not send mail, meant for the Trustee, to this address.”
“I notice your laws apply to legal fictions/‘persons’ and not to Man. So, if you claim otherwise, show me the law which proves I have to ….  or show me the paper I signed proving I agreed to ….   Incidentally, if you’re a public servant, then you work for ME and you are MY employee. I do NOT work for you.”
My son went through a spell of getting speeding tickets. Since his car is in his father’s NAME, the photo-radar (to which, by the way, the people of Michigan said, “Not only NO but also HELL NO!” so there is NO photo-radar in that state) tickets end up with him.  I suggested what to do with them but, as we all know, “we are never a prophet in our own land”, and he insisted upon paying them because, he complained, “I won’t be able to re-register or insure the car, until I do.”  I suggested (read: “ranted”) that all he had to do was ask the servants some questions:  “Are you telling me that I can’t do something that YOU want ME to do, until I pay YOU?!  This isn’t even something I want; it is what YOU want.  That’s extortion!”  Tell them to put it in writing –just something to hand a cop if he asks. Their idiocy is glaring.
This nonsense about our begging them to do that which we have a natural and inherent right to do only proves OUR idiocy.  “May I please have a driver licence so you can fine me and make me pay you with my labour?”  “Will you please let me travel?” “Is it alright with you if I live with my beloved?”  What in hell is going on that any of us have EVER requested permission to do anything which is lawful?!  Insanity!
In order for them to have any clout, at all, we must step into their fiction. If we stay out of their fiction, they have no power. Without paper, they have nothing. Writing anything to them only demonstrates that we believe they exist in reality. They do NOT.  So, if we quit sending, signing, acknowledging their paper, they are out of commission. They come to a screeching halt.  As Glinda, the Good Witch of the North in, The Wizard of Oz, said to the Wicked Witch of the West, “Oh, Rubbish!  You don’t have any power here!  Begone!”

A fellow tells me that, since there is no law requiring one to accept mail, he returned a photo-radar ticket.  Then he was served a summons which he also returned with a note  reading:NO SIGNATURE. NO CONTRACT. WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-207”
His friend checked, two months later, and the case read: DISPOSITION: Dismissed on motion of court or defendant. (Code 43)  JUDGMENTS: There are no judgments on file.
He also refused to contract with the fellows of Border Patrol/Immigration (in the middle of Arizona!!!) who support the illusion of “Authorized Personnel”.
I’ve watched those Arizona Border Patrol videos. I could hear myself respond to their ludicrous questions:  “Are you a US citizen?”  ”Are YOU a US citizen?”  ”Yes”.  ”Well, I’m not and, since a US citizen is a 14th Amendment citizen, that means I have jurisdiction over YOU.”  OR   “I’m ordering you to …”  ”But I don’t work for you.”  OR  “I need you to…”   “I’m not here to placate your needs.”
If we feel as if we must sign –but only in order to get what WE want, e.g.: a CPP cheque– then, as my friend says, print the NAME in upper case, to match the name of the Trust –the fictional entity (but not the last name); e.g.: “MARY”
Remember that their pay-cheques are for ACTING!  NOT for a job well-done.  Our problem is that we participated in their fiction long after we KNEW they were de facto. Mustang Scott has proven, as we all have, by now, that THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT!  It’s all a ruse, a scam, a deception, sleight-of-hand, trick, etc.  Quit participating, complying, consenting, communicating with them!
A fellow went to court and when he was asked for his name by a woman he thought was the clerk, he asked, “What’s YOUR name?”  He was ignored.  Then, she asked and again and he repeated his question. Then she directed him to go and set up a court date. A few days later, he received a notice stating the case had been dismissed. He then knew that the woman was the Crown Prosecutor.
Maybe, when we order a service, such as telephone, we ought to ask why they want the NAME.  Well, WE know why they want it but the one we are asking does not. We could say, “You can have the name or my labour but you can’t have both. Either this service gets paid up front, as no corporation would ever grant service without getting paid first, or you get paid upon my receipt of service, but you don’t get to double-dip using MY trust account.  Pick ONE!”  Do not do this AFTER you have agreed to pay both the advance and the statement (neither of which requires anything from us.  A statement is simply a documentation of the activity of the account. When the bank sends a monthly  statement, do we pay the “balance” at the bottom of the statement?  Wouldn’t that shock the bank, eh?  So, why do we feel compelled to pay the statement from any other corporation, the service of which we have solicited?
A fellow was visited by two CRA agents. He, surreptitiously, managed to find out where they live and told them never to bother him again, because, if they did, he knows where they live. He told them to quit their jobs and never to tell anyone about this. When they asked him, “Are you threatening us?”, he answered, “No; this is an offer of contract. I’ll know, by your actions, if you agree to the terms.” He and his friends monitored their whereabouts for awhile and he has now learned that they did, indeed, resign from their jobs. This is the Golden Rule, in action.
If you are still doing as you are told, you are part of the problem, as you have not grown up. The excuse of most is that they just want to live their lives and not bother with this, but they have yet to see that, soon, they won’t have a life to live. If they’re not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem.
The propaganda, on both TV AND the internet is rampant. We don’t know anything anymore, but we must focus on how to defeat the Archons –NOT the tyrants, who are only victims of the Archons, as we are. The only difference between them and us is that they are stupider than we are. Our focus ought to be on nothing other than defeating the Archons.  I continue to hear that the solution is simple: All we have to do is “stand up to them”.  They cannot tolerate our innate spiritual power, as not only do they lack it but also they do not understand it. We really DO have an edge. Let’s use it.

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