Sunday, April 28, 2013


SELL-OFF: Cars being sold under anti-hooning legislation
TWENTY-four cars impounded by police under anti-hooning laws were auctioned off yesterday as part of a police crackdown on Townsville hoons.
The public auction attracted about 50 bidders interested in picking up a bargain with vehicles going for anything between $75 and $1900.
Townsville Inspector Ian Haughton said vehicles up for auction had either been ordered by a magistrate to become property of the state, had not been collected or had voluntarily been handed over to the state.
"It is one strategy we have in place directed to improve road safety and reduce the road toll," he said.
"By targeting the repeat offenders it demonstrates our commitment to effectively deal with people who continually disobey the law."
While most vehicles remained unroadworthy most were picked up for parts or for personal projects to be done up.
Inspector Haughton said the vehicles had been seized from repeat offenders who were driving an unregistered or uninsured car or driving unlicensed or while disqualified.
"There were some that would be able to be registered and driven and there were some that might take a bit more work," he said.
Bidder Peter O'Connor picked up the most expensive vehicle of the day, a white Pajero for $1900, at his fourth hoon auction.
"I have about 90 guitars so I want a car that can transport my instruments around," he said.
"I have always been interested in hoon auctions and been to plenty but I have never bought one."
Charmaine Koroi and her family bought two cars for around $250 with the aim it would become a first car for her 17-year-old nephew.
"It is a good idea and a great way to pick up a cheap car," she said.
"There should be more of them."
The auctions were introduced to stamp out dangerous driving, drag racing, speed trials and burn-outs as part of the anti-hooning legislation brought in by the State Government in 2008.
The public are urged to call 13HOON (or 134 666) to report any hooning activity to police.

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